hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel

cf323ed qpnp: pwm: Amend the LPG enable sequence
8a7f4e0 msm: ipc: Load default subsystem under appropriate scenario
94f9faa arm/dt: hammerhead: Enable the vote for core clock
d73b3e9 msm: mdss: Fix the state check on mdss_dsi_cont_splash_on
b730b96 hammerhead_defconfig: Enable SND_SOC_MSM_HDMI_CODEC_RX
c90f885 arm/dt: hammerhead: Remove redundant i2c definitions
a965c1c mmc: core: null check on shutdown
57e2403 arm/dt: hammerhead: Use pm8941_boost as parent power supply for mvs1
143253d Merge branch 'q3.4/android-msm-3.4' into android-msm-hammerhead-3.4
c191923 ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: Handle subsystem restart event
bdf6e08 msm: mdss: free smp reservations when rotator session is idle
9a5a2e7 msm: mdss: fix SMP allocation size when using BWC
ccc5c68 crypto: msm: Add support to register BAM in satellite mode.
e02cfbd msm: ipc: Do not load any subsystem by default
b5447f0 msm: ipc: Detect integer overflow before it happens
263c89c ASoC: msm: Add PCM loopback volume control
1434f93 Merge branch 'core-3.4' into android-msm-3.4
53f3771 msm: clock-pll: Compute PLL rate during handoff
dc6a9a5 ALSA: PCM: volume API implementation
8c4f9c2 defconfig: msm8960: enable wallclk kernel module
2917816 msm: Wall clock kernel module
ce9cfcb8 wcnss: Prevent access to WCNSS driver after a failure
03221b0 Revert "board: 8610: fix the suspended mode panel reset GPIO pin configuration"
36b458b spmi: Remove redundant controller list
ac6c073 msm: camera: kconfig: Add support for csi2.2 header
2c8b7c6 defconfig: Enable TUN driver for 8x10
a31be58 msm: mdss: Initial calibration mode API
64c288d msm: mdss: Clear assertive display state when disabling
3dbf548c msm: mdss: Add assertive display backlight linearity LUT
75e462c msm: mdss: Prevent VSYNC enable when assertive display stopped
6a35c0a msm: mdss: Fix potential race condition in assertive display
6c7a490 msm: mdss: Limit assertive display BL updates to certain modes
4e47118 msm: camera: Set QOS & VBIF values for 8x26 hw
619884e power: qpnp-charger: fix battery always present issue due to bpd
a1e9383 ASoC: msm: Add support for EC reference path
19703cc Merge branch 'core-3.4' into android-msm-3.4
65a3ee4 drivers/staging: msm8610: Reduce android log buffer sizes
9da2a0e msm8974: mhl_sii8334: disable intrs in low-pwr
90f3b3c msm: pm-8x60: Remove timeout waiting for cpu to power collapse
8035975 v4l: Remove vendor specific extension for performance mode
bec6fe1 msm: bcl: Enable BCL on msm8226
9f331e8 crypto: msm: Add support_hw_key flag
c86f512 msm/dt: 8974: Correct PNOC BUS voting ID for BLSP1 UART2
2d3f84f1 msm: socinfo: Add board macros for CDP, MTP, and QRD device tree boards
f6bf5c9 arm/dt: msm8226: enable SMBBP boost regulator
cc45aad mtd: msm_qpic_nand: Add NAND details for ONFI device with version check
8627a91 arm/dt: msm8226: Fix micbias settings for audio
19592d1 msm: camera: Move vdd-cx to optional property
4e50b46 ASoC: msm8226: Add support for MIC-GND swap switch
062adfe arm/dt: msm8226: Add headset type switch gpio
4a7a938 msm: Makefile: add DT build support for msm8926
02e36de msm: 8226: add board file support for msm8926
59b2ce3 arm/dt: add device tree files for msm8926
781f10f ASoC: wcd9306: Fix the ANC disable sequence
7f40176 arm/dt: msm8226: Increase the MM region size
011e127 diag: Add separation of cmd/rsp
c1a44d1 msm: footswitch-8x60: Allow specification of per-fs reset delays
5706618 msm: clock-8960: Add 1.8MHz rate to 8064's gfx3d_clk plan
2a95af9 msm: fsm9900: Add dummy clocks
f286ae2 msm: clock-8226: Move set_rate call after handoff
1476dd5 msm: clock-8226: Use divider for cpu rates under 400 MHZ
0498a98 msm: ipc: Define locking hierarchy and use read/write semaphores
0b15997 defconfig: msm8610: Enable CONFIG_BATTERY_BCL
f7c0b8e msm: mdss: reset overlay state when display is off
2dd9df9 defconfig: msm8226: Enable CONFIG_BATTERY_BCL
ce30c94 ASoC: msm8x10-wcd: Remove CP out of reset state
c5070ea ASoC: msm8x10-wcd: Update Class G settings for audio codec
2849023 arm/dt: msm8610: Add correct mode for leds
482889e ASoC: msm8x10: Register headset jack
595adb7 msm: mdm: add support for multiple external modems
9da890e msm: audio: qdsp6v2: Add NULL check for mmap APR handle
749d930 msm: camera: Change WRITE CMD type for CCI READ
481b2e9 msm: vidc: Support VUI timing info in VFR mode as well
e1f742e power: pm8921-bms: Update the FCC learning algorithm
e38805d msm: kgsl: set active pwrlevel to init pwrlevel after power collapse
753a8ad power: qpnp-bms: do not adjust OCV during charging
8af28e0 power: qpnp-bms: always reschedule recalculation work
76594de msm: thermal: Initialize voltage rails pointers to NULL
da53fdf USB: ci13xxx_udc: Retire pending requests while flushing an endpoint
6876b97 arm/dt: msm9625: Modify GPIO IRQ to MPM pin mapping
e119121 board: samarium: Add dummy clock support for SDCC
c17e711 board: samarium: Add msm_sdcc auxdata mapping
a8a3c1c ASoC: mdm9625: Avoid setting DAI mode multiple times
4354c6a ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: append new paths for back-end loopback purpose
85ba648 msm: ipa: Fix bug in IPA RM delete dependency API
f2b84a0 msm: ipa: add API to configure holb
0717f30 Merge branch 'core-3.4' into android-msm-3.4
b612c30 USB: dwc3: core.c: Add SW workaround for DRD device buffer overflow issue
ba9b169 mmc: sdhci-msm: Vote for MSM bus clocks before enabling iface_clk
edf16d2 arm/dt: msm8974: add audio driver machine for APQ8074
f25a73b Asoc:APQ8074 Add audio machine driver for DB8074
929ead7 USB: smd_ctrl: Fix array index out of bounds issue
4c3c3c3 USB: sdio: Fix a NULL pointer dereference
d6f7e45 USB: android: Fix a NULL pointer dereference
7719c8c msm: clock-8226: Switch to the new DSI PLL implementation
6a44897 msm: clock-8974: Switch to the new DSI PLL implementation
52a2028 msm: clock-8974: Add support for the correctly modelled DSI PLLs
3e7d97a msm: clock-mdss-8974: Implement dynamic PLL configuration
6f67a3e msm: Makefile: Clean up rules for nand_partitions.o
0191288 msm: vidc: Dump venus firmware on sys error or timeout
716a063 msm: smem: check if shared memory has been initialized
a36889b arm: Prevent memory aliasing on non-LPAE kernels
6650b01 Merge branch 'core-3.4' into android-msm-3.4
01d6c66 arm/dt: msm8974: limit current and voltage for dragonboard panel
95efa90 crypto: msm: ota: multiple ota devices support.
78ce6ab msm: mdss: enable misr block
f07a14c usb: gadget: android: Add NCM function to android composition
2b4b816 usb: gadget: mbim: prefix common variables with mbim
aad331c msm: arm: make nohlt readable
b41d3ae mdss: display: wait for ping pong done before update registers
090ba93 spi_qsd: Add runtime PM support to SPI QSD driver
660c583 msm: gdsc: Enable GDSC regulator driver for MPQ8092
e2fd051 arm/dt: msm-gdsc: remove vfe gsdc for MPQ8092
3932fc6 media: dvb: Add initialization of PES error indicators
9f9b953 defconfig: Enable TUN driver for 8x26
d1f4706 usb: gadget: Add remote wakeup support to f_qc_ecm
9cb3c3c mmc: Add long power off notification support
ee0929b mmc: msm_sdcc: fix clock gating handling using pwrsave control bit
018b916 mmc: core: export mmc_host_may_gate_card function
f45724e Merge branch 'core-3.4' into android-msm-3.4
10b27e5 mmc: msm_sdcc: enable asynchronous interrupt support in 4-bit mode
e8e369a mmc: sdio: enable asynchronous interrupt support in 4-bit mode
71c0d21 msm_serial_hs: Add check to validate wakeup irq in UART clock on request
5666186 hwmon: qpnp-adc-current: Fix external rsense value
bd75543 msm: camera: add i2c API with slave address
3ec60c1 defconfig: msm8226: Enable CONFIG_THERMAL_QPNP
93b7393 ARM: msm: Add temperature alarm device for targets using PMIC PM8226
7cef380 subsystem_restart: Log an error message when error ready times out
6a8a7c8 ASoC: wcd9320: Add routes from slimbus ports to IIR
f66a383 arm/dt: msm8974: update Taiko codec's interrupt property
1299ef4 arm/dt: apq8074: use soc as a root node
93e5848 msm: memory: Add memblock_reserve bindings to dt reserve code
8260808 msm: Add bindings for memblock_reserve memory
015ece4 msm: kgsl: Switch to using the dmabuf APIs
b6d61e1 ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: Handle call end properly
c3e0d44 msm: pm: add failed stats
4e991bf Revert "msm: vidc: Report sufficient resources event as sufficient resources"
a9b5f44 msm: kgsl: Use the correct length when looking for address collision
f618560 msm: kgsl: Fix checking of remote iommu spin lock initialization
70622ca msm: kgsl: Check pagetable pointer before dereferencing it
c904f49 msm: kgsl: Log CFF fault opcode on a fault
b26b98a msm: vidc: Queue buffers to vidc in a different thread
3983b24 msm: pm-8x60: Add PNOC request to prevent PNOC clk gating
e59e2ab arm/dt: msm8974: add support for Dragonboard camera sensors
bea31ed u_ether: Handle memory allocation failure case on tx path
5705291 msm: mdss: Add support to calibrate MDP5.x registers
cef46d6 rtc: alarm: Add power-on alarm feature
b11433f MDSS: Fix resume/suspend issue
ff10240 USB: gadget: rndis: Add module parameter for DL max packets per xfer
07a676b msm: rotator: Add BGRX_8888 format support
8b1734e imem: mpq8092: setup static map for imem from dt
9c54a36 arm/dt: mpq8092: add msm watchdog device node
f345b70 msm: smsm: correct SMSM Processor ID definitions
426f31e arm/dt: 8974: Rename WCNSS properties
994c800 arm/dt: msm8610: Specify WLAN RX buffer count
81a5ebc wcnss: Add API to read WLAN RX buffer count
d426007 mmc: core: remove the polling for BKOPS completion
d179819 arm/dt: apq8074: drop chg prefix for qcom,chg devices
7de7e44 arm/dt: msm: add interrupts for secure IOMMU context banks
48217a5 iommu: msm: add page fault handler for secure context banks
1f68fc6 msm: mdss: Bound check for the config length used in IGC test
b7c4584 ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: Fix for handling timeouts
22bba69 arm/dt: msm8974: Add bus bandwidth and regulator vote for AR6004
989775c msm: ocmem: Create ocmem_region when memory is available.
b25806c power: qpnp-charger: Unregister regulators during probe failure
c2c13b3 msm: camera: Free sensor setting for ERROR scenario
bc858f5 wcnss: Fix memory leak in cal response function
eb0ce32 msm: cpr-regulator: Add support to write to RBCPR CLK select register
5b05c40 arm/dt: msm8226: refactor device tree into SOC and board specific files
9118f42 perf-defconfig: msm8610: Remove Wifi display and dynamic debugging
10b78a1 defconfig: msm8226: Add 8226 perf config
813761e ASoC: wcd9xxx: Pass running RC oscillator clock rate to mbhc init
ce41063 ASoC: wcd9xxx: maintain micbias for headsets have threshold on mic
f3a3d4b ASoC: wcd9xxx: recalibrate microphone ground voltage
c686093 ASoC: wcd9xxx: Wait enough time during mbhc calibration
6fa19b9 ASoC: wcd9xxx: Switch to proper micbias source
4fd2e0c mdss: Display: Send panel OFF commands for first frame update
23d46bd ASoC: wcd9xxx: Change Supply Switch Control to automatic
e75effd ASoC: msm: Update headset detection threshold for 2.7 V mic bias
f874eb1 arm/dt: msm8226: Increase Tapan codec's mic bias2 voltage to 2.7 Volts
0498ba7 msm: pil-q6v5-lpass: Enable the axi clock in the secure ops
e337784 qseecom: Clear modified data after processing command
540ef50 msm: mdss: probe failure error handling for 8x10 display
94b2b67 board: 8610: fix the suspended mode panel reset GPIO pin configuration
f993fd3 Merge branch 'core-3.4' into android-msm-3.4
81e5274 sched: remove migration notification from RT class
a60d017 msm: camera: Free stop setting during normal camera close
fac91b0 Merge branch 'qandroid-3.4' into android-msm-3.4
73b4b84 msm: ipa: remove packet dropping from HSIC pipes
81c24ac USB: gadget: mtp: Add module parameters for Tx transfer length
4b9e655 arm/dt: 9625: Enable AHB async bridge bypass
54deb51 usb: ehci-msm-hsic: Allow AHB async bridge bypass
ede0646 iommu: msm: make context bank register dumping more generic
9cbda19 msm: ipa: teth_bridge: Bug fix in set_aggr_params ioctl
4c284e6 usb: usb_bam: Prevent double access to finish suspend
73c2bf4 msm: mdss: Do not time out for vsync reads
2328f7e msm: kgsl: flush the entire cache when the bulk batch is large
7da3c8a msm: kgsl: Add support for bulk cache operations
faaf149 usb: usb_bam: vote for hsic lpm only after consumer release
132e10d usb: usb_bam: Decrease the timeout time for cons request
7000b95 arm/dt: 9625: add tpiu to sd connector info to dt
1420c14 power: qpnp-bms: report charge_counter as a power supply property
d1df97d power: qpnp-bms: scale SoC more smoothly during CV charging
35c17a0 power: qpnp-bms: report resistance immediately
b0a5fa7 power: qpnp-bms: Fix 100% SoC reporting
7ca26d6 Documentation: devicetree: Add DT bindings for UFS host controller
ac28a80 Merge branch 'core-3.4' into android-msm-3.4
61a8b75 scsi: ufs: remove redundant check
5daf296 mmc: sdhci: Fix sdhci_led_control() path
7a54395 mmc: sdhci: initialize sdhci_host lock in sdhci_alloc_host()
d73f989 msm: qpnp-pon: Add API to configure the PON trigger source
089c400 ci13xxx_udc: Acquire spinlock before calling ep_nuke()
783d9e0 ASoC: msm: 8974: Fix HDMI audio enable criteria
6c2a6db arm/dt: msmsamarium: Add SDC1 and SDC2 devices
50745d6 ASoC: msm: Fix wrong wait_event_timeout timeout checks
b9f5326 crypto: Kconfig: 8610: Add Hardware crypto module.
0097d18 cpufreq: Use dedicated high-priority workqueues
dc80555 ASoC: wcd9320: Expose clip registers via debugfs
196a6b4 qseecom: Fix race condition when loading app
3b02fca arm/dt: msm8226: Change the Master BUS ID
bcb54dc defconfig: fsm9900: Add initial defconfig file
45f7e17 msm: sdio: Fix memory leak
2776b8a msm: sdio: Add support for sdio download restarts
11b15ae 8092: spmi: Remove extraneous aux-data entry
8f67f3e msm: kgsl: Provide a sysfs interface to force GPU clocks/bus on
b70901d msm: socinfo: add support for msm8226 variants
1267bcb arm/dt: msm8974: Disable Venus core logic collapse via its GDSC
deebd29 msm: gdsc: Replace 'retain-logic' property with 'skip-logic-collapse'
8039910 usb: usb_bam: Fix concurrency between disconnect and suspend
b5bc01f msm: ipa: various IPA data path optimizations
10c7667 ASoC: msm: Use spin lock to protect the shared data
bdb4728 media: dvb: Fix debug-fs statistics for SDMX
b2fb56ce media: dvb: Fix support for maximum TSPP buffer size
92b00d1 arm/dt: 8226: Set swfi_latency to prevent idle standalone PC
59f6ae9 msm: msm8610: camera: Add device tree files for 8610 camera
ad54307 USB: ci13xxx_udc: Reduce busywait time from 100msec to 25msec
fe253a0 arm/dt: msm9625: Tune fifo sizes for BAM pipes
9594460 arm/dt: msm8226: Enable red and green leds
b61aea8 leds: leds-qpnp: Add support for PWM for all LED types
8c44313 arm/dt: fsm9900: Add initial device tree for FSM9900
e51c44c msm: Kconfig: Enable QMI libraries on APQ8084
b7e4ecd defconfig: apq8084: Enable QMI libraries
c5eddc4 ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: Free afe command buffers
1cf1204 ASoC: wcd9xxx: Fix issue for headset when detected as lineout
bec2af8 arm/dt: mpq8092: add/fix the regulator nodes
daa142d3 msm: ocmem: Add a separate Kconfig for keeping clocks enabled.
15f735b arm/dt: msm8974: Remove unused MPP configuration entries
3448d52 thermal: tsens8974: Use a dedicated tsense high-priority workqueue
3d29400 board: 8974: Add SDCC3 gpio mux information for APQ8074 devices
e3df338 rndis: usb: set ul aggregation support to 3 rndis packets
0c36d2c usb: rndis: Fix zero length skbs in up-link
b879b10 ASoC: msm: Fix ADM RTAC
3a50da1 ASoC: msm: Disable dolby init for Low latency playback
51a39a1 ASoC: msm8x10-wcd: Fix back-to-back audio playback mute issue
075b398 msm: kgsl: Correctly check if kobj has been initialized
b40cee9 msm: smd: remove incorrect use of smd_private.h
b39b5e4 usb: gadget: mbim: Set wMaxSegmentSize to 2048 for IPA
a77b74d msm: clock-local2: Fix rcg_clk_set_rate race condition
3f06f24 arm/dt: 8610: reduce the memory reservation for display to 3MB
70fa2d1 tty: n_smux: Rename SSR unit tests
38ec1ea tty: n_smux: Add wakeup test case
585b2fb tty: n_smux: fix test pattern validation
fcdeba1 tty: n_smux: Add throughput metrics to unit tests
2a5ec24 tty: n_smux: Make test functions static
2f0cb75 ASoC: msm: Support multi channel volume in compressed driver
aa05555 msm: ipc: Cleanup unused elements
eb80ab8 crypto:msm: Remove hardware sharing check.
0fb19cc qseecom: Return failure if TZ version is incorrect
17d4a97 arm/dt: msm8974: qup_i2c: Add support for clock path voting
c5b9ffc qup_i2c: Add vote for clock path
e24b8c8 msm: iomap: cleanup unified iomap
875f71a msm: clock: Add a flag to disable rate caching
c580b29 power: workaround USB disconnect while flash enabled
03a11d5 arm/dt: msm8974: enable SMBB otg and boost regulators
a37d828 power: qpnp-charger: add OTG and boost regulator support
da166e2 power: qpnp-charger: add support to enable 100% duty cycle
e789fe3 arm/dt: msm8974: use batt_thm for battery presence detection
234c64e sched: Set MC (multi-core) sched domain's busy_factor attribute to 1
19bd9bd Merge branch 'core-3.4' into android-msm-3.4
392a453 msm: ipa: add support to request/release BAM DMA clock
dae6365 msm: sps: turn off BAM DMA clock after initial config
3efc6c4 msm: sps: enable BAM DMA client to control BAM DMA clock
a6cdf5e msm: clock-8974: Don't clear the sleep enable voting register
9329efe msm: Fix compile error due to incorrect include path
1813189 ASoC: msm8x10: Add support for Voice2
955f74c ASoC: msm: q6: Handle underrun in compressed driver
bb2a75f msm: clock-8610: Add clocks for qcrypto/qcedev driver
649dc35 ASoC: msm: fix the mmap to have proper audio buffer
17ddc4e msm: Update meminfo to reflect consecutive memory holes
dced894 defconfig: 9625: Add CONFIG_MTD_CHAR to the config list
fcc56a6 ASoC: msm: q6: move ocmem enable request from trigger to open
0a9f5fa msm: clock-local2: Remove warning when clk_reset() is not supported
e1a1b0e ASoC: wcd9320: Fix the ANC disable sequence
8492695 usb: gadget: bam: config endpoint before enable
2d37302 arm/dt: msm8974: Add /cpus node
597e769 arm/dt: dragonboard: enable i2c_1 node
1bf6023 msm: qpnp-power-on: Support PON major revision 1 reset sequence
486dfb2 defconfig: 8610: add eMMC4.5 unit-tests capabilities
3840fdc radio: tavarua: Use proper length to read the data
cf5a673 arm/dt: msm8974-leds: Update flash LED default settings
8c18292 msm: clock-8974: Add reset support for venus0_vcodec_clk
7b94a47 crypto: msm: Add failure logs
feae4c5 arm/dt: msm8974-v2: Disable Venus VBIF clock gating
ed4bf54 radio: tavarua: Handle search list event properly
981ba30 wcnss: Enable Iris XO auto detection for 8x26 platforms
110417f wcnss: Add support to auto detect Iris XO
84aeab9 arm/dt: msm8610: Adjust lpm settings for SDHC1 & SDHC2 devices
98cec32 mmc: sdhci-msm: fix issue with power irq
503f86f scsi: ufs: fix null pointer access issue
ca82f41 Merge branch 'core-3.4' into android-msm-3.4
ca0b170 crypto: msm: Check for invalid byte offset field
173f1ed msm: vidc: set max output buffers to 32 in slice delivery mode
323dabf msm: ocmem: Improve error handling during allocation of ocmem memory
f022482 usb: gadget: storage: Prevent race condition from stalling thread
32186ae Merge branch 'core-3.4' into android-msm-3.4
fac58f1 mdss: dsi: Control MDSS bus clocks from within DSI driver
58b60f6 ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: Remove FENS and WideVoice Kcontrol
ac473c7 arm/dt: msm8610: Add crypto driver
b1ce569 msm: ipc: Refactor the code that processes control messages
5d47693 msm: ipc: Post a packet to a local port using a common routine
9990082 defconfig: Enable Bluetooth HID for Bluedroid
e9b939d power: qpnp-charger: use is_usb/dc_chg_plugged in
4dfe5a3 msm: sps: remove the address checking for descriptors
50942da arm/dt: apq8084: Add SMP2P devices
88cae4f defconfig: apq8084: Enable SMP2P
f54ae7a arm/dt: apq8084: add smem entry
9ba6c3c arm/dt: apq8084: add ipc-spinlock entry
c97c994 msm: 8084: fix boot dependencies
942c555 msm: camera: Fix memory leak in camera close op
e8d50fb msm: spm-regulator: Switch to PWM mode before increasing voltage
ed3476b defconfig: Enable Bluetooth HID for Bluedroid
f17964b msm: clock-8092: Add dummy clock support for mpq8092
46af4ae arm/dt: apq8074: Add device tree for apq8074 v1
fa2f838 mdss: mhl: Fix MHL peer status register handling.
c68113f msm: ipc_logging: Replace spinlock_t with rwlock_t
a5a46c8 diag: Fix writing of error message for mode command
f50f8f3 msm: kgsl: Add support for coresight
79256cd msm: clock-8610: Delete unused pnoc_qseecom_clk
4ff86a2 msm: clock-8610: Change MMSSNOC AXI FSM clock dependency
8c676d1 qpnp: pwm: Amend the GPLED LPG channel boundary check
9c7be5c block: Remove "requeuing urgent req" error messages
0f18799 msm: clock-8084: Add clock support for ocmem
b528496 arm/dt: msm9625: consider ipa handshake with hsic host
b467327 ehci: hsic: add suspend/resume handshake with ipa resource manager
ced2a48 msm: ASoC: Implement local call hold

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