hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]

370231c Revert "net: wireless: bcmdhd: Gscan v3 and bug fixes"
4971312 Revert "net: wireless: bcmdhd: fix hang in wifi_get_cached_gscan_results "
96394eb msm: thermal: Update thermal subsystem
364a3bf ARM: dts: msm: Enable emergency frequency mitigation for MSM8974
f839ac0 ARM: dts: msm: Add KTM hotplug feature for msm8974
1c5264c sched: Fix migration thread runtime bogosity
0b15359 net: wireless: bcmdhd: fix hang in wifi_get_cached_gscan_results
44e9ae4 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Gscan v3 and bug fixes
e66d93c futex: Make lookup_pi_state more robust
6ae2050 futex: Always cleanup owner tid in unlock_pi
1684cd1 futex: Validate atomic acquisition in futex_lock_pi_atomic()
5b5b685 futex-prevent-requeue-pi-on-same-futex.patch futex: Forbid uaddr == uaddr2 in futex_requeue(..., requeue_pi=1)
307da73 ASoC: wcd9320: remove hard coded mad mic bias
0f03734 video: slimport: Do not access the sp registers after power down
dced8284 msm: mdss: hdmi: Ensure the audio has completed its processing
3785df0 video: slimport: Set/clear sp_tx_pd_mode in the power control function
aa81dea video: slimport: Fix unblanced IRQ enable
bdf20545 video: slimport: Fix the case of TV power off
a133cb7 ARM: hammerhead: turn off android logger
929fecf tcp: fix FIONREAD/SIOCINQ
fcde075 arm/dt: msm8974: Enable Microphone Activity Detection

Bug: 14139855
1 file changed
tree: 8c4ade2b2eaeed8606d6cfe955efb8ab5a3801c0
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