hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel

c13389f power: max17048: remove possible error on i2c by use of pm notifier
34bc348 power: bq24192: trigger recharge if charge done happen under 100%
4d41f1d mmc: sdhci: fix issue with auto cmd err detection
d55012f mmc: sdhci: add auto command error interrupt support
510455d input: touch_synaptics_ds5: adjust delay for power off

Bug: 10429487
Bug: 10303791
Change-Id: I5aded96b82126d1d5c9c59d59144ad615f7f6a73
2 files changed
tree: 7417a64111522a59b97a47655b0dea3837edcdc6
  1. vmlinux
  2. zImage-dtb