hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel

6f243ac msm: mdss: Set mdss byte clock for JDI ORISE command mode panel
3c6b3e7 msm: mdss: Set mdss byte clock for JDI Novatek command mode panel
6772844 display: mdss: Update DSI physical layer configurations
10b307d arm/dt: hammerhead: Change touch power
63b1270 input: touch_synaptics: Do not set the regulator voltage
f60c5f3 msm: mdss: modified the LCD poweroff sequence timing
a1f10de arm/dt: hammerhead: Set the default gamma setting for ORISE LCD
5dc5fdb arm/dt: hammerhead: Add JDI ORISE panel support
eeed0d5 msm: mdss: wait for initialization of the DSI CMD LCD panel
8643272 backlight: lm3630: register fb notifier when off-mode charge only
c3140b5 arm/dt: hammerhead: Add JDI Novatek command mode panel
1ca4435 msm: mdss: Disable dynamic mdss clock setting
22f889e msm: mdss: Set send_vsync only if it is NULL
0551117 msm: mdss: Implement splash done function for dsi command mode
c7a3b42 msm: mdss: Do not call pp_dspp_setup function in command mode
ab1c9ec msm: mdss: Fix the bug that clear wrong interrupt number

Bug: 8987223
Bug: 9055395
Bug: 9069513
Change-Id: I2e080be7170d679819cd30bfa238692294ae9fd2
1 file changed
tree: de004e66b5c8f8616e415ced4c6947be627fb5c4
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