hammerhead: Update prebuilt kernel

023219f msm: restart: always do warm reset when reboot
ee80857 arm/dt: hammerhead: adjust fuel gauge's full/empty SOC
4f93dcf power: max17048: trigger recharge when SOC drop to 99% from 100%
5e8b8ee power: bq24192: add recharge triggering to CHARGING_ENABLED property
c41583c power: bq24192: restrict chg current set when battery overheating
135636c hammerhead_defconfig: enable battery temperature control
3fc00ce arm/dt: hammerhead: add battery temperature control device
e0708a1 power: batt_therm: introduce battery temperature control
5fdff62 power: bq24192: add interface of some power supply properties
651d432 hammerhead_defconfig: Enable USB_ANNOUNCE_NEW_DEVICE

Bug: 10072860
Bug: 9954218
Change-Id: Ie216868a71d386ce61823cef71510e9bd533e3eb
2 files changed
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