hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel

f630ba1 msm: vidc: send extradata size in ftb for dynamic buffer mode
3a52248 gpu: ion: Secure buffers at allocation time
dd91137 msm: vidc: query tz for dynamic buffer feature support
5caccbd msm: vidc: add debugfs support for dynamic buffer mode
8716ee7 msm: vidc: flush dynamic buffers held in driver
99abe6d msm: vidc: support for dynamic buffer mode
abb1336 msm: vidc: dynamic buffer mode changes
d8d24f4 msm: vidc: cleanup vidc function to register o/p buf
b332eff msm: vidc: move buffer handling inside msm_vidc
d0ff83d msm: vidc: add set ctrl for dynamic buffer mode
6a28f2c msm: vidc: read dynamic buffer mode capabilities
c08f147 msm: vidc: Add support for Constrained High Profile
3991ead msm: vidc: Set proper verbosity in EBD function logs
18f66fd msm: vidc: add check for bus scaling
f4fd194 msm: vidc: Handle SSR event in q6 hfi
26b709a vidc: move platform resource parsing out of v4l2
bb6e7c5 msm: vidc: Add control to preserve text quality
63fd761 msm: vidc: Add a control to disable the bit stream restrict flag
4ae6947 msm: vidc: Add support for V4L2_CID_MPEG_VIDEO_CYCLIC_INTRA_REFRESH_MB
8d545ed msm: vidc: Refactor packetization of NAL format packet
0f023c6 Revert "msm: vidc: Decrease the size of decoder compressed buffer"
1806473 msm: vidc: Return min buffer count in VIDIOC_REQBUFS.
754e168 msm: vidc: Add mutex for FW load calculation
d399d43 msm: vidc: Add support for ring buffer and frame assembly
c3d4216 msm: vidc: Increase maximum buffer count limit
009849c msm: vidc: Add support for dumping packets
c638b0c msm: vidc: add check for supported video session
0f12d93 USB: android: Handle error conditions if usb_add_config fails
607afad usb: dwc3: reduce the charger detection dcd poll time to 1.5s
60149c9 mdss: Fix merge conflict
5a742d1 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fixed Coverity issue.
2db67d4 hammerhead_defconfig: Support for some usb devices

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