hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel

3e28545 arm/dt: hammerhead: Fix the uart alias of ttyHS99
59417cd hammerhaed_defconfig: Enable NET_KEY
4da91fa arm/dt: hammerhead: adjust charger parameters
b2f1495 arm/dt: hammerhead: disable hs_phy_irq for wireless charger suspend
913c12e arm/dt: hammerhead: change the thresholds for usb_id detection
9f15080 usb: dwc3-msm: skip current setting in case of DCP charger type

Bug: 9110565
Change-Id: Ie039a6340d47acd3a0808a9e114479a22d11a5e4
1 file changed
tree: fd03e5bd4dec19e6a72a267e03d8bf5ec4804934
  1. zImage-dtb