hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel

Merge 1033A drop from Qualcomm:
    0162b60 msm: vidc: Lower priority of log message
    51ddc08 gpu: ion: Add page pooling to the iommu heap
    53fa998 defconfig: enable panic on data corruption for hammerhead
    09da6bb defconfig: enable panic on data corruption for 8974/8610/8226
    99625ba kernel/lib: add additional debug capabilites for data corruption
    672c827 msm: restart: Add support for emergency download mode.
    4c5dc18 net: flow: Prevent bringing up new CPUs during per-CPU initialization
    888262b msm: vidc: Fix memory leak in msm_vidc_open
    9429573 hwmon: qpnp-current: fix converting offset and gain to voltage
    de0abbe msm: clock-debug: Update fmax_rates to print uV/uA values for each level
    54a7270 msm: Add support for multiple memory holes
    e0cb6f1 ARM: dt: msm: Update msm8974v2 SMMU reg. settings
    ed5789d ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: Add session specific control for slowtalk
    7e17229 ASoC: msm: Implement soft volume control
    ca69868 ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: Add session specific volume and mute control
    b34a132 diag: Change maximum size of error response
    8724a1c1 qseecom: enable ce1 clock when sending RPMB service response to tz
    5f93583 platform: qpnp-power-on: Log the PMIC power-on reason
    e7c85eb msm: cpufreq: Only apply driver limits for scaling_min/max_freq writes
    5750097 msm: msm_watchdog_v2: Dump watchdog registers in bark handler
    99a97da msm: mdss: Reset hardware cursor flag on suspend
    50a16f7 msm: cpufreq: Ensure cpufreq change happens on corresponding CPU
    ceece43 msm: mdss: fix smp calculation for yuv frames
    402a29a msm: vidc: fix dangling pointer problem
    bbb8c8615 power: qpnp-bms: initialize mutexes earlier
    a7706b3 msm: ADSPRPC: Allow mapping of IOMMU heap buffers
    95f815b power: qpnp-charger: change max reported current from mA to uA
    fb9c7db power: qpnp-charger: move 100p duty cycle to hwinit
    57d9031 msm: mdss: Add support for BGRX format
    261825c mdss: display: add edp aux channel support toward link training
    87c3aba msm: wfd: Don't enforce FIFO ordering when buffers are returned
    c9b00b3 power: qpnp-charger: configure battery presence irq as shared
    0da820f msm: mpm-of: Remove explicit freeing managed resources
    6662db4 msm: mdss: Always allocate SMP during pipe programming
    8799146 mmc: core: dont send PON during suspend
    0276afe hwmon: epm_adc: Add init/de-init support
    99eb803a hwmon: epm_adc: Add Marker support
    ffacde0 mdss: hdmi: Dynamic Audio re-configuration
    1e8ea67 USB: msm_otg: Fix a bug in charger detection procedure
    68766dd msm: thermal: Update vdd restriction regulator name
    51380fa arm: mm: Add export symbol for set_memory_* functions
    0357efe msm: ocmem: Handle shrinking of memory after passive evictions
    9f9d3fe msm: clock-rpm: Remove the factor field from struct rpm_clk
    0e74fca usb: usb_bam: start usb low power mode only when otg state machine in lpm
    29953e7 msm: ipa: change release producer RM API to always return success
    50937c2 ASoC: msm: Add voice volume boost support
    e364eeb diag: Skip checking diag bridge for SMUX when it is not enabled
    5f34bf4 msm: vidc: write venus firmware version to smem
    0ce7ecc msm: vidc: Fix for fuzz issues in firmware
    38a3183 msm: vidc: Set buffer types properly in prepare_buf for encoder
    d346065 power: pm8921-charger: Fix delay in USB wall-charger removal
    47bea1d hwmon: qpnp-adc: Fix potential errors
    03b969f msm: kgsl: Option to not stall IOMMU V1 on pagefault based on FT policy
    743ea9e mmc: sdhci-msm: Ignore AHB bus transfer stop request
    b745d81 USB: gadget: diag: Free USB requests during composition switch
    b0c1ab4 block: Add URGENT request notification support to CFQ scheduler
    8320c5b power: pm8921-bms: Fix SOC fluctuations at 100%
    a90a771 usb: ehci-msm: Fix LOW Speed device enumeration issue
    6772183 usb: gadget: ci13xxx: cancel prime timer after disconnect also for ep0
    2938e93 tracing/sched: Add trace events to track cpu hotplug.
    21e1f14 msm: vidc: disable h/w load calculation for thumbnail
    20166cf msm: clock: Fix list rate to handle rate > LONG_MAX
    179bc39 crypto: msm: set ce_shared flag as zero when using BAM HW
    e4943ad ARM: vfpmodule: Move bounce stats file to seq_file and friends
    8a1c8a8 cache_erp: Use seq_printf and modernize procfs code
    cb2b7eb tty: n_smux: After receiving OPEN_ACK flush tx_queue
    b4dd3b6 ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: defer probe if memory allocation fails
    a7bbc59 msm: smcmod: Remove the driver dependancy to FSM9xxx
    9765cde msm: smcmod: Added ioctl to decrypt PIL segment images
    7e20a66 blkpm: avoid sleep when holding queue lock
    0411e6e radio-iris: Fix in the AF_LIST event handling
    6ee3e02 msm: camera: Fix zero bytes alloc issue in cpp driver
    7dfd133 msm: camera2: Enable processed divert logic
    dcf3b15 msm: camera_v2: Add state machine in the JPEG encoder driver
    c8d4899 msm: camera: Fix AXI HALT issue
    389f3f7 msm: camera: Handle wake_up with spin locks
    67d0bef msm: camera: Add fix to avoid array index out of bound in cpp
    8927690 ARM: dts: msm: set the pm8941 charging resume SoC to 99%
    56b9461 power: qpnp-charger: resume charging based on BMS SoC
    cb55d81a power: qpnp-charger: only monitor bat_therm when bat_if present
    9a6a7eb power: qpnp-charger: remove revision check for temperature reads
    c2c3c97 power: qpnp-charger: enable IR drop compensation
    83eef38 power: qpnp-charger: move vadc_is_ready()
    49513dc power: qpnp-charger: enable vbatdet-lo-irq falling edge
    81d003c ASoC: wcd9xxx: don't change clock frequency while bandgap/clock are on
    5018977 mdss: hdmi: Disabling software DDC requests
    5869ae1 mdss: hdmi: Clear pending h/w DDC data before HDCP disable
    acd6b4d ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: Ignore unexpected events from dsp
    fd9f04c msm: kgsl: Use the kmalloc/vmalloc trick for the sharedmem page array
    a7c4cda msm: vidc: Hardcode the timescale for VUI
    9a33eb3 msm: vidc: Change encoder default fps to 15
    b7e4f36 mmc: sdhci: Fix race between runtime suspend and detect work
    8a1faf9 msm: mdss: support uneven framebuffer split
    3d303b7 ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: fix the crash issues due to NULL pointer
    0561a1d ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: don't assume playback started
    eb8bbb2 ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: kill wrong error check
    6fbfc5f ARM: 7527/1: uaccess: explicitly check __user pointer when !CPU_USE_DOMAINS
    58ae3d2 USB: dwc3: msm: Read pmic_id_irq line status with interrupts disabled
    94b8ed7 qpnp: pwm: Remove LUT mode dependency of PWM driver
    8eace9e qpnp: pwm: Add Keypad Backlight Lookup Table support
    29fa6b3 qpnp: pwm: Add support for additional pwm sizes
    796e7de arm/dt: msm-pm8110: Add PMIC PM8110 PWM device
    8e337b2 msm: mdss: cancel or wait for the clock work to finish
    3e99710 qseecom: Fix issues in the return path of load external elf
    dfb5c46 qseecom: Fix return path of qseecom load app if app exists
    06b96aa msm: qpnp-power-on: Add finer control of PMIC power off type
    67a3de5 msm_fb: mdss: register mdss devices for system shutdown
    2bde8df power: qpnp-bms: Remove the FCC sysfs files and module parameters
    6a96574 power: qpnp-bms: Store FCC learnt data in BMS registers
    1ea715c arm/dt: 8974: Configure FCC learning parameters
    80e456d power: qpnp-bms: request interrupts at the end of probe
    ac47d19 power: qpnp-bms: Support POWER_SUPPLY_PROP_CHARGE_FULL property
    3dd5005 power: qpnp-bms: use a separate flag to indicate registration
    36128b0 power: qpnp-bms: wake up when SoC changes while battery is full
    12a246f power: qpnp-bms: improve coulomb counter shadow performance
    72ca277 power: qpnp-bms: export shadow coulomb counter value
    1c40632b power_supply: Add CHARGE_COUNTER_SHADOW property to power supply
    dfd9c87 power: qpnp-bms: Clear fcc_count if battery removal is detected
    9724691 power: qpnp-bms: Improve SoC response time while charging
    6c4d312 power: qpnp-bms: Avoid deadlock in reset_vbat_monitoring
    02e7161 power: qpnp-bms: Expose the learnt FCC values to userspace
    7ae6447 power: qpnp-bms: Add FCC learning support
    0cf5ed3 msm: wfd: Flush encoder after stopping VSG
    02a90ab ARM: dts: msm: Increase size of memory hole in memory map
    37bf55b iommu: msm: Cache whether the soc supports v0 IOMMUs
    dc8f058 PM / Sleep: Clean up remnants of workqueue-based sync
    3ab8cf3 msm: camera: Fix improper subdev find functionality
    e7f4a91 msm: vidc: Add support to process EBD flags
    55520ae mms: rng: Add bus bandwidth support to PRNG
    c301b30 arm/dt: msm: Add bus bandwidth support to PRNG
    30fae28 msm: vidc: Handle FBD's with ARF flag
    d25c0e5 msm: clock-8974: Add BCR registers for GDSC-collapsible cores
    f8480b8 arm/dt: msm8974: spi_qsd: Add support for clock path voting
    400929a mmc: core: hpi in TRAN state error handling
    0219cba mmc: core: handle flush requests timeout
    8a7eefc mmc: sdhci: ignore the hardware timeout when requested
    9b512dd mmc: core: remove bkops_busy flag from the mmc_command structure
    64cf13e mmc: msm_sdcc: change the bkops_busy flag check to ignore_timeout
    71dbdb4 mmc: core: expose HPI capability to SWITCH commands
    a94dad4 msm: acpuclock-8974: Modify L2 and DDR mapping
    2dd47f1 msm: clock-8974: Add PNOC request to prevent PNOC clk gating
    4057fac arm/dt: 8974: Add enabled interrupts to bypass list
    babc8ae msm: ipc: Make the kernel-space read operation as non-blocking
    4af74d9 dtc: fix for_each_*() to skip first object if deleted
    8a6b945 dtc: import latest upstream dtc
    5930d0b script: dtc: clean generated files
    905ce79 ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: Remove unused PCM OSR clock code
    821697c ASoC: qdsp6v2: Avoid closing AFE port when it is in use
    cf3dc5c tspp: Fix voting for CX rail when TSIF interface is not active
    117564c power: qpnp-charger: add current_max property for DC supply
    6a91748 power: qpnp-charger: check if dc is present after probe
    b225267 ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: amend AUXPCM DAI Driver device tree definition
    31c5d9b ASoC: wcd9xxx: don't acquire BCL from codec driver
    5e02b28 ASoC: wcd9xxx: don't clear pending mbhc interrupt
    14fa49e ASoC: wcd9xxx: Reset Tapan codec post adsp subsystem restart
    478b42e ASoC: wcd9xxx: use separate mutex for bandgap and clock get/put
    83c69e4 msm: camera: Define meta data stream marker bit
    2eabf0c msm: camera: Increase maximum number of writemasters
    20e8483 msm: camera: Add support to VFE version of 8x26v2 target
    d86818d msm: camera: Add support for actuator on 8x10
    01beda8 msm: camera: Disable gdsc_vfe regulator during cpp release
    ee67cd0 msm: camera: Add ISP support for 8974 Pro
    cfaba53 msm:camera: Add support for camera mux clock
    59e8fed msm: camera: Clear VFE composite mask
    491a833 msm: camera: Update sensor probe routines for imx179 and mt9m114b
    a181ebe msm: camera: msm8610: Add camera pipeline support for 8610
    afeae36 msm: camera: Avoid unbalanced VFE clock request
    92b19d9 msm: camera: 8610: Add support to new version of vfe32 hardware
    4dcf687 msm: camera: Fix the virtual channel calculation bug in ISPIF
    037fb70 camera_v2: jpeg: Avoid double freeing

Bug: 9924568
Change-Id: I2e2ce7480cf2d46230fa8dfbd30cc907d3b72e87
diff --git a/zImage-dtb b/zImage-dtb
index 8a460aa..b930312 100644
--- a/zImage-dtb
+++ b/zImage-dtb
Binary files differ