bullhead: fix nanoapp_cmd permission denieds on uninstall

avc: denied { dac_override } for capability=1 scontext=u:r:nanoapp_cmd:s0 tc
ontext=u:r:nanoapp_cmd:s0 tclass=capability permissive=0
nanoapp_cmd: Failed to open /dev/nanohub: err=13 [Permission denied]

nanoapp_cmd runs as root:system, so needs group write access

Bug: 63404254
Test: boot and check permissions on /dev/nanohub are crw-rw---- and
      that uninstall succeeds
Signed-off-by: Ben Fennema <fennema@google.com>

Change-Id: I1d18e6c3908679e083056899413d464921b33fb8
diff --git a/ueventd.bullhead.rc b/ueventd.bullhead.rc
index 31613db..3138659 100644
--- a/ueventd.bullhead.rc
+++ b/ueventd.bullhead.rc
@@ -79,5 +79,5 @@
 /dev/block/platform/soc.0/f9824900.sdhci/by-name/persistent 0600 system system
 # sensor HUB
 /dev/spich                0640   system     system
-/dev/nanohub              0640   system     system
-/dev/nanohub_comms        0640   system     system
+/dev/nanohub              0660   system     system
+/dev/nanohub_comms        0660   system     system