bullhead: update kernel prebuilt

dc40906c kgsl: convert some workqueues to use kthreads
1735e86b ANDROID: hid: uhid: implement refcount for open and close
dd81fa62 ANDROID: arm64: add HWCAP2 flags to compat /proc/cpuinfo
e57ff665 BACKPORT: arm64: Fix up /proc/cpuinfo
6427e828 mdss: move to a kthread for vsync_retire_work_handler
7331369c qcacld-2.0: wlan host driver upgrade to
845f1f65 qcacld-2.0: Make OEM response events wakeable

Linux version 3.10.73-gdc40906c97ae (android-
    build@wphr6.hot.corp.google.com) (gcc version 4.9.x-google
    20140827 (prerelease) (GCC) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Jun 16 00:04:10
    UTC 2017

Bug: 27982275
Bug: 30115868
Bug: 30342017
Bug: 37948902
Bug: 38448648
Bug: 62616267
Change-Id: I4905c18f6a067055c39718badf3a4b7e197ca14e
Source-Branch: android-msm-bullhead-3.10
Signed-off-by: Tim Murray <timmurray@google.com>
(cherry picked from commit dd4194e928c9a58c7ff0f87b24bc3f162dd7dac6)
1 file changed
tree: a789f233811cf43e458ec0421e76e1dd4e2e12e6
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