bullhead: update kernel prebuilt

935bb5c2 Merge branch 'android-msm-bullhead-3.10-oc' into android-msm-bullhead-3.10
2a6401ae Merge branch 'android-msm-bullhead-3.10-nyc-mr2' into android-msm-bullhead-3.10-oc
0406b382 Merge branch 'android-msm-bullhead-3.10-nyc-mr2-security-next' into android-msm-bullhead-3.10-nyc-mr2
8fb26b62 BACKPORT: ANDROID: Use sk_uid to replace uid get from socket file
bb3c16f2 qcacld-2.0: Skip an IE if found more its max times in a frame
1ed090bc net: usb: rmnet_usb_ctrl:Make sure list_head operate atomically
5ba94b6f ASoC: msm: qdspv2: add mutex to prevent access same memory simultaneously
a50ca3ce qcacld-2.0: Update SIR_MAC_AUTH_CHALLENGE_LENGTH as per IEEE spec
d7285900 qcacld-2.0: Update limComputeCrc32 to pass uint16_t
adb96af5 qcacld-2.0: Add bound check before writing to channel list
a37be93b msm: mdss: hdmi: check up-bound of CEC frame size
0a893142 msm: camera2: cpp: Fix iommu_attach/detach compat_ioctl issue
0d0fdf2b qcacld-2.0: Add check for set_ft_ies buffer length
d9b19534 UPSTREAM: brcmfmac: fix possible buffer overflow in brcmf_cfg80211_mgmt_tx()
8f5bc497 SoC: msm: audio-effects: return directly to avoid integer overflow
d78717de msm: kgsl: Protect the event->handle with spinlock
757f0b6b diag: Add proper synchronization checks to msg mask table
120d28ba qcacld-2.0: Remove code related to mmap functionality for pktlog
e1e0e57c BACKPORT: perf/core: Fix concurrent sys_perf_event_open() vs. 'move_group' race
a30bdf22 cfg80211: Define nla_policy for NL80211_ATTR_LOCAL_MESH_POWER_MODE
98f7c17d cfg80211: Check if PMKID attribute is of expected size
baebf455 msm: sensor: Fix crash when ioctl VIDIOC_MSM_SENSOR_INIT_CFG
fb88a914 msm: camera: Bound check for num_of_stream.
3ee7145e ALSA: pcm: prevent UAF in snd_pcm_info
47166c8e ANDROID: input: keychord: fix race condition bug
c674dd6a ANDROID: Sdcardfs: Move gid derivation under flag
851220a0 ANDROID: mnt: Fix freeing of mount data
88741ba4 firmware_class: Tie exporting caching routines with CONFIG_CACHE_FW
f50dbabc BACKPORT: arm64: cpuinfo: Missing NULL terminator in compat_hwcap_str
aca1f2ce BACKPORT: FROMLIST: pids: make task_tgid_nr_ns() safe
42e7fb17 Merge branch 'android-msm-bullhead-3.10-nyc-mr2' into android-msm-bullhead-3.10-nyc-mr2-security-next

Linux version 3.10.73-g935bb5c2ec09 (android-
    build@xpce3.ams.corp.google.com) (gcc version 4.9.x-google
    20140827 (prerelease) (GCC) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT Tue Sep 12 19:28:56
    UTC 2017

Bug: 31495866
Bug: 36006779
Bug: 36006981
Bug: 36232584
Bug: 36492827
Bug: 36818836
Bug: 36819059
Bug: 37430238
Bug: 37524657
Bug: 37901413
Bug: 38289596
Bug: 62084791
Bug: 62378962
Bug: 62949902
Bug: 62952032
Bug: 63245673
Bug: 64258073
Bug: 64431968
Bug: 64433362
Bug: 64438726
Bug: 64438727
Bug: 64438728
Bug: 64440043
Bug: 64441352
Bug: 64453535
Bug: 65386954
Bug: 65558923
Change-Id: I6229fda963f219f18a7aac8f51ac2f6b794f8420
Source-Branch: android-msm-bullhead-3.10
Signed-off-by: Andrew Lehmer <alehmer@google.com>
1 file changed
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