bullhead: update kernel prebuilt

85c45e86 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Check for NULL in revalidate
e659eb9e ANDROID: ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: Fix memset argument order.
69ff3a22 Merge July 2017 security patches
0c2fbaa2 Merge July 2017 security updates.
35ac2733 BACKPORT: UPSTREAM: dccp: fix freeing skb too early for IPV6_RECVPKTINFO
d68d3d4b UPSTREAM: char: Drop bogus dependency of DEVPORT on !M68K
0680be94 arm64: bullhead_defconfig: Unsetting DEVPORT from bullhead configurations.
3ff47dee Fixing an issue that caused DEVPORT to always be set.
bbbe795c msm: kgsl: Fix kgsl memory allocation and free race condition
b93b39c0 msm: mdss: fix race condition during mdp debugfs release
7b490924 msm: mdss: fix race condition in mdp debugfs
ebd904e0 BACKPORT: udf: Check path length when reading symlink
2c2206a9 ashmem: remove cache maintenance support
7fe8350e Revert "proc: smaps: Allow smaps access for CAP_SYS_RESOURCE"
2ca85ce0 ipv4: keep skb->dst around in presence of IP options
ad680914 msm: vidc: Allocate bus vote data during initialization
14cb5129 msm: camera: Add regulator enable and disable independent of CSID
af70f73f BACKPORT: UPSTREAM: sg_start_req(): make sure that there's not too many elements in iovec
7fae3792 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Move top to its own struct
23d0b005 ANDROID: sdcardfs: fix sdcardfs_destroy_inode for the inode RCU approach
f66049c4 UPSTREAM: net/packet: fix overflow in check for priv area size
94c12b06 BACKPORT: UPSTREAM: HID: hiddev: validate num_values for HIDIOCGUSAGES, HIDIOCSUSAGES commands
644ff453 qcacld-2.0: Race condition while using pkt log buffer
9ac4d21a msm: camera2: cpp: Fix out-of-bounds frame or command buffer access
d3fd80f9 msm: camera: don't cut to 8bits for validating enum variable
66869221 soc: qcom: pil: Avoid possible buffer overflow during Modem boot
ad5552c9 msm: camera: sensor: Add boundary check for cci master
c3c82313 qcacld-2.0: Add bounday check for multicastAddr array
49943c4f ANDROID: make PF_KEY SHA256 use RFC-compliant truncation.
4cba2629 qcacld-2.0: wlan host driver upgrade to
879da0fc qcacld-2.0: Correct/Increase len size of oem data request
0155e7c1 ANDROID: Add untag hacks to inet_release function
49075b06 FROMLIST: msm: qdsp6v2: set pointer to NULL after free

Linux version 3.10.73-g85c45e86cb1b (android-
    build@wphr5.hot.corp.google.com) (gcc version 4.9.x-google
    20140827 (prerelease) (GCC) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT Tue May 23 22:07:31
    UTC 2017

Bug: 32341313
Bug: 32938443
Bug: 33299365
Bug: 33301618
Bug: 33863407
Bug: 34112490
Bug: 34114242
Bug: 34126808
Bug: 34173755
Bug: 34203176
Bug: 34620535
Bug: 34624155
Bug: 34951864
Bug: 35400552
Bug: 35468665
Bug: 35784697
Bug: 35805460
Bug: 35841292
Bug: 35841297
Bug: 36251182
Bug: 36374484
Bug: 36468447
Bug: 36604779
Bug: 36725304
Bug: 37210310
Bug: 37275839
Bug: 37948902
Bug: 38045152
Bug: 38137577
Bug: 38177011
Bug: 38182308
Bug: 38500815
Bug: 38502532
Change-Id: I9ce03ad9b5fe842bffc523ba140f18fe3fa10350
Source-Branch: android-msm-bullhead-3.10
Signed-off-by: Daniel Rosenberg <drosen@google.com>
1 file changed
tree: acd00652f0fd1352abbf8d17e3d286060e45d8a7
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