Allow ims ioctl commands for SIOCDEVPRIVATE_D

The imsdatadaemon has been blocked from doing
ioctl commands by SELinux. This has been causing Angler
to have IMS issues, such as being unable to
register for VoLTE and other IMS capabilities.

Test: Build and toggle 4G LTE off->on
Bug: 35957889
Merged-In: Ibb6ac1b10473e8e101b8c398d633e2fbbcfee6c6
Change-Id: Ibb6ac1b10473e8e101b8c398d633e2fbbcfee6c6
diff --git a/sepolicy/ims.te b/sepolicy/ims.te
index 4b20d87..2fe22a6 100644
--- a/sepolicy/ims.te
+++ b/sepolicy/ims.te
@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@
 set_prop(ims, qcom_ims_prop)
 unix_socket_connect(ims, cnd, cnd)
+allowxperm ims self:udp_socket ioctl SIOCDEVPRIVATE_D;
 allow ims ims_service:service_manager add;