angler: update prebuilt kernel

f85637f arm64: dts: angler: modify behavior and action when power button was long pressed
aaf5972 angler: LCD: fix crash when device reboot
e55073b wakeup_reason: use vsnprintf instead of snprintf for vargs.
b1c9631 uid_cputime: Iterates over all the threads instead of processes.

Bug: 22832732
Bug: 22983248
Bug: 22368519
Bug: 22833116

Linux version 3.10.73-gf85637f (
(gcc version 4.9.x-google 20140827 (prerelease) (GCC) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT
Thu Aug 6 22:24:16 UTC 2015

Change-Id: I96be75f4af8edf3daaea68a1c7fd91f84037af2d
Signed-off-by: Ed Tam <>
diff --git a/Image.gz-dtb b/Image.gz-dtb
index 1f93d17..dbc4c81 100644
--- a/Image.gz-dtb
+++ b/Image.gz-dtb
Binary files differ