Allow Passion hardware SKU with MicroP version 0c15

Version: 0c15

To support TFT LCD, HTC has a small change in micro-P side.
The only change between 0c15 and 0b15 is the pin definition
of 'virtual key backlight' and 'some color of keylight under
jogball' is swapped in micro-P.  The change will not impact
the linux driver side and is totally controlled by micro-P
firmware. The diff between 0b15 and 0c15 is (per HTC) solely
this backlight PWM control (jogball and virtual key) change.

Please note that 0c15 micro-p firmware cannot be updated to
passion devices have AMOLED display, or the behavior of
virtual key backlight and key led under jog ball will be wrong.

Change-Id: Ib45a17c499f998f72306250d42974d34def62d03
diff --git a/board-info.txt b/board-info.txt
index 49fc4f9..4c8433d 100644
--- a/board-info.txt
+++ b/board-info.txt
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
 require mid=P*
 require board=mahimahi|nexusone
 require version-bootloader=0.33.2012|0.33.0012|0.35.2017|0.35.0017
-require version-microp=0b15
+require version-microp=0b15|0c15
 require version-baseband=|