init.recovery.flounder.rc: increase VM low water mark

system_server increases the low water mark by 36 MB during normal
Android userspace.  Match that in recovery mode.

volantis has a bad combination of large OTAs leading to a huge number of
active-file pages in flight, and an IOMMU driver that does page-sized
allocations in an atomic context.  This can lead to brief visual
glitches if the failed allocations cause us to drop a display flip.
Increasing the low-water mark greatly decreases the chances of this

Bug: 28025945
Bug: 28279077

Change-Id: I5a2d6a56b923ba3f3b45fbbcaf7d18f226b29c74
Signed-off-by: Greg Hackmann <>
diff --git a/init.recovery.flounder.rc b/init.recovery.flounder.rc
index 293cd13..ee09568 100644
--- a/init.recovery.flounder.rc
+++ b/init.recovery.flounder.rc
@@ -1,5 +1,6 @@
 on init
     start watchdogd
+    write /proc/sys/vm/extra_free_kbytes 36864
 # Set watchdog timer to 30 seconds and pet it every 10 seconds to get a 20 second margin
 service watchdogd /sbin/watchdogd 10 20