flounder: update pre-built kernel

* a3cb217 flounder: touch: synaptics_dsx: enable firmware rollback
* 381c67b Flounder: Touch: Fix mt_slot finger number changed fail.
* c39f912 Revert "Flounder: Touch: tegra: Update Synaptics touch config"
* bcec7f1 driver: video: dc: bandwidth renegotiation may crash
* 095a21d arm:tegra:flounder: Correct modem related GPIO initial settings
* 408a800 Usb_padctrl: Tegra: Update HSDISCON_LEVEL
* 125e48e ARM64: tegra: flounder: lte device tree leverage from xc to xd
* 54ee32f sensor_hub: use KEY_CAMERA instead of SW_CAMERA_LENS_COVER
* b2010e0 arm64: flounder: change Vret to .55V
* d05a8d8 arm: tegra: flounder: enable emc derating
* f459a72 Flounder: Touch: Change notification of interactive mode.
* 8b4fd71 sound: soc: codecs: rt5677: Adjust DSP reading frequency
* 0e73705 ARM64: tegra: Change the SAR sensor status to notify the wifi driver.
* ba4f711 power: reset: palmas: Add reset by RTC timer if power off with VBUS existing
* 5a49f5a arm: tegra: reduce power consumption of display
* 996d79c sound: soc: codecs: rt5677: Fix model loading address
* 928da29 hwmon: Adds userspace access to the Palmas Voltage monitor device.
* 1776a15 Flounder: Touch: tegra: Update Synaptics touch config
*   3d68691 Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
| * 13b9696 net: wireless: bcmdhd: link level statistics support
| * 4294037 net: wireless: bcmdhd: fix bug for RTT
| * 5d3a9e7 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix size_t debug print warnings
| * 92d7faf net: wireless: bcmdhd: add RTT change
* | 6eb8966 sound: soc: codecs: add STREAM_PLAYBACK check for speaker amp control
* | 688d9ff ARM64: tegra: update the new ADC table for avoiding to trigger L2 function.
* | a9fed83 arm: tegra: disable smartdimmer by default
* | 7c04551 sound: soc: codecs: rt5677: Fix read/write compat ioctl
* | 6e1a7bc sound: soc: codecs: rt5677: Allow mic ring buffer reading
* | 9396317 ARM64: tegra: flounder: turn off MCU debug messages
* | 2dfc047 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Stop printing warning messages
* | ac9bf0b ARM: tegra: flounder: Init PBB7 correctly
* | c570669 ARM64: tegra: Remove a redundant bring-up command of gpio_keys driver
* | 2876639 arm64: tegra: flounder: load EMC table from DT
* | f7bbcc7 misc:qcom-mdm-9k: Fix mutex deadlock when device suspend
* | 3bfaaef flounder: enable ina230 current monitor and OC4 throttling
* | 1828341 flounder: initial system EDP porting on flounder

Change-Id: I75fd3a9929a3c04af3e76a7425df248ffcb0a574
Signed-off-by: Sasha Levitskiy <sanek@google.com>
diff --git a/Image.gz-dtb b/Image.gz-dtb
index 0702352..557e40b 100644
--- a/Image.gz-dtb
+++ b/Image.gz-dtb
Binary files differ