flounder: update kernel prebuilt

8e80004 arm: tegra12: fix PTSA registers save/restore
533ec22 Revert "WAR: flounder: remove 204Mhz emc dvfs entry"
7a6b1bb flounder: turn off /dev/mem
76f89a6 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
1534204 media: video: nvavp: Add ioctl NVAVP_IOCTL_VPR_FLOOR_SIZE for setting VPR base size
970eb35 base: dma-coherent: defer resizable heap shrink
237d261 arch:arm64:flounder: enable ASTG
4c2459e flounder: add parameters for ASTG
0edd1c4 Thermal: Add Adaptive Skin Thermal Governor
f654efe flounder: cmdline: add hardware info
7a67e40 WAR: flounder: remove 204Mhz emc dvfs entry
9a4b332 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
9f8b40a misc:qcom-mdm-9k: Add modem reset check to avoid triggering modem reset during modem reset procedure.
257bf15 xt_qtaguid: Use sk_callback_lock read locks before reading sk->sk_socket
065442a i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: light instrumentation
db90c6d media: tegra: nvavp: Restore keyslots in resume
b411ed5 security: tlk_driver: Add restore keyslot event smc
bf032dc Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10 (selinux)
7dddffd flounder: pstore: enable pmsg
f81d991 flounder: fix defconfig order for CONFIG_ANDROID_BINDER_IPC
8936a13 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10 (add pstore)
a698aae net: wireless: bcmdhd: Adjust get_wake_irq position
a5cf1ea net: wireless: bcmdhd: Add DHD_WAKE_STATUS support for PCIe
036eee1 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Make DHD_WAKE_STATUS feature more generic
5e367c1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/android-tegra-3.10' into HEAD
5ba745c ipv6: clean up anycast when an interface is destroyed
388cdce Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
3d87f15 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix low MCC throughput
3f2ba71 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Improve p2p low throughput
9844b1c net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix watchdog bark issue
c8c2ca2 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Add WIFI_FEATURE_LINKSTAT support
e1e9484 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Gscan improvement changes
4f8c144 Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
f31a16f net: wireless: bcmdhd: clear DISCONNECTING status on timeout
1671006 net: wirelss:bcmdhd revert roaming patch
983efdd0 video: tegra: nvmap: Use MSR instruction for cache flush
38912ba Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
87466a9 net: wireless: bcmdhd abort ongoing-scan for disconnection
2db4c39 net: wirelss: bcmdhd fix roaming bug
1d08445 ASoC: dpcm: Fix race between FE/BE updates and trigger
4d2e23a ASoC: Tegra: Disable fifo only when it was enabled
2c31b59 Revert "mm/vmscan.c: refactor loop in shrink_page_list function"
fd64516 Revert "arm64: mm: batch rmap tlb invadates per shrink_page_list call"
31b9c8c Revert "Use tlb invalidate batching in shrink_active_list."
cb3e62e Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
ab5cda2 net: wirelss: bcmdhd  fixed disconnect issue for connecting status
59b45ea net: wireless: bcmdhd  reduce kernel logging
7b43456 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/android-tegra-3.10' into HEAD
ef42ba0 ARM: tegra: flounder: modify pwm frequency as 18kHz
93caa78 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Report pending META when FW exceptions
0d52a7b ARM64: tegra: flounder: enable CONFIG_JUMP_LABEL
3c5a28a ASoC: Tegra: Use sample rate value instead of the ALSA enum
082259c Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
3b8c897 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/android-tegra-3.10' into HEAD
e6f1f43 video: tegra: host: Initialize actmon in poweron
eceeda0 Merge remote-tracking branch 'partner/android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
57f434d gpu: nvgpu: implement mapping for sparse allocation
0bf2cd8 Merge branch 'bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
c8f1f5d net: wireless: bcmdhd enable debug log for connection failure
e8ba650 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Allow preallocation for WLFC_INFO
5e8ace5 Use tlb invalidate batching in shrink_active_list.
c207803 arm64: mm: batch rmap tlb invadates per shrink_page_list call
7f0c549 mm/vmscan.c: refactor loop in shrink_page_list function
1250768 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
eb5fd69f Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
075d119 arm64: configs: flounder: Enable Tegra Profiler
f68f690 misc: tegra-profiler: fix broken call chains
31dc2e8 misc: tegra-profiler: support dwarf unwinding
c10598d misc: tegra-profiler: fix copy_to_user fails
16835e9 misc: tegra-profiler: fix Coverity issue of NULL dereference
10efb1d misc: tegra-profiler: rd_alloc
95477f4 f2fs: Add missing call to trace_f2fs_write_begin.
d864357 ARM: imx219: fixed pink strip show at the bottom
690815c Merge branch 'bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
6f6bd29 net: wirelss: bcmdhd fixed pcie suspend/resume issue
e7ad3f1 net: wireless: bcmdhd enable STATIC MEMORY ALLOCATION
3114d81 Revert "net: wirelss: bcmdhd more verbose debug for connection events"
4bf01b6 extcon: palmas: hold wakeup source till usb cable detection completes
6c1d034 media: tegra: nvavp: Add reference debugging
03d6ddf Revert "usb: gadget: mtp: increase MTP buffers"
3eea2c7 Merge remote-tracking branch 'public-tegra/android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
c8fa3cf net: wirelss: bcmdhd more verbose debug for connection events
f49f998 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Enable dongle_isolation for PCIe/built-in type driver
ebf9970 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Refine polling work read FIFO
a36b57f tegra: video: host: use correct index to suspend a channel
b8736d1 Turn off memory cgroups.
abee848 sound: soc: codec: rt5677: Add AMIC/DMIC switch mechanism for VAD feature
cdd6e7c net: wireless: bcmdhd: Add wake source dump for SDIO driver
6f38c5c Merge branch 'bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
96e8c52 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Increase wakelock timeout for DHCP session twofold
8587fdc i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: use vmalloc for kfifo
e4ebd5d iio: add INDIO_KFIFO_USE_VMALLOC
3aba6c2 kfifo: add __kfifo_valloc
b22f6e9 Flounder: Touch: Fix double enable of irq
98135da flounder: dt: optimize emc dvfs table for 924Mhz
2c505b9 usb: gadget: tegra_udc: power on/off phy during suspend
434572d asoc: tegra: sync regcache across suspend-resume
38a8316c Make builds for denver discourage unaligned 64 bit accesses
d942fd1 power: reset: palmas: clear VANA short status before PMIC switch-off
4200711 sound: soc: tegra: Fix freeing gpio skip if it was not allocated
7693b3c Replace dev_info with dev_printk level 5
11ca4f5 video: tegra: host: do not use a not-allocated-yet channel
6284a09 net: wirelss: bcmdhd fix the corner case of PCIe linkdown
7bf0ff1 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix race condition during flow ring creation and deletion
26e03fe Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
eef0027 mmc: tegra: disable card clk before setting tap
a2add35 Merge 'origin/android-tegra-flounder-3.10-f2fs' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
09295fa flounder: powergate: reset module before unpowergate
52aa245 sound: soc: codec: rt5677: Notify firmware to go to sleep or not
ec3c3ad net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix assert condition for WLFC_PSQ_PREC_COUNT
c2b50d6 sound: soc: tegra: Skip freeing gpio if it was not allocated
30f6fd4 media: tegra: i2c frame interrupt callback for drv201
f8f1ff2 fs:f2fs: only remount ro if panic was not invoked
2336979 Merge branch 'android-tegra-flounder-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10-f2fs
3054e0c mmc: sdhci: check remaining len when creating ADMA descriptor
2d6c951 mmc: sdhci: check remaining len when creating ADMA descriptor
ba5de20 fs:f2fs: only remount ro if panic was not invoked
7a2afae flounder: power: Add pwrdet_hv to save idlepower
b965c3e sound: soc: codecs: rt5677: Skip unnecessary memory allocation
e998feb Revert "gpu: nvgpu: send ELPG init cmd after GR is ready"
645bf63 Revert "flounder: powergate: reset module before unpowergate"
f31490b flounder: optimize current monitor sampling rate
8e297ee flounder: powergate: reset module before unpowergate
38de139 Revert "HACK: flounder: Skip first vi mc flush to avoid mcerr"
deae393 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
3646791 arch:arm64:flounder: enable seccomp
60b6587 Merge android-tegra-3.10 into android-tegra-flounder-3.10 (seccomp, usb, trusty)
16edb1b Revert "usb: gadget: tegra: Notify if HOST PC is connected"
6de5862 gpu: nvgpu: send ELPG init cmd after GR is ready
08547c6 HACK: flounder: Skip first vi mc flush to avoid mcerr
0ee1118 Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
4041ab3 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Extend beacon miss time from 4 sec to 5
2602b58 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Send DISASSOC to FW if status of wlan is connecting
729d8f1 ARM: tegra: flounder: Update wlan country code
54d9562 Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
a979430 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix compilation for non PCIE_FULL_DONGLE case
ee759f2 net: wireless: bcmdhd: change the turn off/on sequence of WLAN
ef5ff55 net: wireless: bcmdhd: reduced the MAX_CNTL_TX_TIMEOUT to 1
c761231 flounder: update tskin trip temp to 45C
bcaedf3 misc: headset: htc: Export MIC status function for audio
9a802fb i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Fix Oops for IIO when clear FIFO
8c90d1b misc:qcom-mdm-9k: Add control to trigger modem reset with/without ramdump
ed8d33f mmc_core: Implement mmc user space control framework.
f6735ee flounder: reduce CMA size to 100MB as before
6a0d267 ARM: tegra: flounder: Update wlan country code
4efa316 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fixed failure to enter PS mode while roaming in suspend
440659c net: wireless: bcmdhd: add recovery logic for resumed on timeout
f09f017 power: bq2419x: Change to use vbus drop difference in AICL detection for 1A charger
83fd360 power: flounder: limit charger input current to max 1.5A
3ac8169 usb: misc: Atomic test and set of SUSPENDED status bit
f44a5ff ARM: tegra: flounder: lower trip temp for cpu-balanced trip type
4783b95 usb:misc: Prevent submit inturb more than once time.
936ecc1 Revert "HACK: mdm_ctrl: Debug msgs to track inturb status"
714660e Revert "mdm_ctrl_bridge: debug patch"
5c91893 Revert "usb:misc: Prevent submit inturb more than once time."
7188a5c net: wireless: bcmdhd add RECOVERY mechanism of PCIe LinkDown
49ea6d2 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Fix potential Oops for IIO
c7d275b f2fs: support 3.10
7b4e5ba f2fs: potential shift wrapping buf in f2fs_trim_fs()
ecebebc f2fs: call f2fs_unlock_op after error was handled
6ac1c53 f2fs: clean up f2fs_ioctl functions
a5acb01 f2fs: support atomic_write feature for database
27b6e78 f2fs: check the use of macros on block counts and addresses
a4446aa f2fs: refactor flush_nat_entries to remove costly reorganizing ops
c438bb3 f2fs: introduce FITRIM in f2fs_ioctl
064157e4 f2fs: introduce cp_control structure
d7eb79d f2fs: use more free segments until SSR is activated
69f1912 f2fs: change the ipu_policy option to enable combinations
6177e00 f2fs: fix to search whole dirty segmap when get_victim
160bb9b f2fs: fix to clean previous mount option when remount_fs
a2da913 f2fs: skip punching hole in special condition
a8b1f98 f2fs: support large sector size
6abd9dc f2fs: fix to truncate blocks past EOF in ->setattr
66146c8 f2fs: update i_size when __allocate_data_block
5eb18b3 f2fs: use MAX_BIO_BLOCKS(sbi)
ad9494c f2fs: remove redundant operation during roll-forward recovery
1060c20 f2fs: do not skip latest inode information
6e34371 f2fs: fix roll-forward missing scenarios
1850edd f2fs: fix conditions to remain recovery information in f2fs_sync_file
8471a91 f2fs: introduce a flag to represent each nat entry information
8d50022 f2fs: use meta_inode cache to improve roll-forward speed
0ff7381 f2fs: fix double lock for inode page during roll-foward recovery
3de828a f2fs: fix a race condition in next_free_nid
c38046b f2fs: use nm_i->next_scan_nid as default for next_free_nid
a197031 f2fs: give an option to enable in-place-updates during fsync to users
71e9955 f2fs: expand counting dirty pages in the inode page cache
35688f4 mm: change invalidatepage prototype to accept length
f4a27a4 f2fs: remove lengthy inode->i_ino
7ff1e45 f2fs: fix negative value for lseek offset
b02a533 f2fs: avoid node page to be written twice in gc_node_segment
0f0a357 f2fs: use lock-less list(llist) to simplify the flush cmd management
cc1bcef backport llist_for_each_entry_safe from 3.14 to 3.10
1460e16 llists: move llist_reverse_order from raid5 to llist.c
df443fd f2fs: refactor flush_sit_entries codes for reducing SIT writes
7e1bff1 f2fs: remove unneeded sit_i in macro SIT_BLOCK_OFFSET/START_SEGNO
b342d82 f2fs: need fsck.f2fs if the recovery was failed
ea616fd f2fs: handle bug cases by letting fsck.f2fs initiate
b3f66f3 f2fs: add BUG cases to initiate fsck.f2fs
705422c f2fs: need fsck.f2fs when f2fs_bug_on is triggered
e0fe95c f2fs: retain inconsistency information to initiate fsck.f2fs
148e569 f2fs: introduce F2FS_I_SB, F2FS_M_SB, and F2FS_P_SB
408efc9 f2fs: reposition unlock_new_inode to prevent accessing invalid inode
3067755 f2fs: fix wrong casting for dentry name
f5d84a2 f2fs: simplify by using a literal
bce1050 f2fs: truncate stale block for inline_data
cf90a52 f2fs: use macro for code readability
6fdc40a f2fs: introduce need_do_checkpoint for readability
344f830 f2fs: fix incorrect calculation with total/free inode num
158c3d7 f2fs: skip if inline_data was converted already
37de2b4 f2fs: remove rewrite_node_page
21a7583 f2fs: avoid double lock in truncate_blocks
b38d0fb f2fs: prevent checkpoint during roll-forward
cd6bdcc f2fs: add WARN_ON in f2fs_bug_on
0011ac2 f2fs: handle EIO not to break fs consistency
af53911 f2fs: check s_dirty under cp_mutex
b90e7e2 f2fs: unlock_page when node page is redirtied out
49a8f8a f2fs: introduce f2fs_cp_error for readability
1d4e11b f2fs: give a chance to mount again when encountering errors
ae10340 f2fs: trigger release_dirty_inode in f2fs_put_super
f3b417f f2fs: don't skip checkpoint if there is no dirty node pages
b273be9 f2fs: avoid bug_on when error is occurred
4e4be5f f2fs: fix to recover inline_xattr/data and blocks
6359b14 f2fs: should clear the inline_xattr flag
9bce1ac f2fs: clear FI_INC_LINK during the recovery
d825f70 f2fs: fix the initial inode page for recovery
ec3be71 f2fs: make clear on test condition and return types
1c84b37 f2fs: should convert inline_data during the mkwrite
efb7e61 f2fs: use for_each_set_bit to simplify the code
ed3a4be f2fs: add f2fs_balance_fs for expand_inode_data
cd73b36 f2fs: invalidate xattr node page when evict inode
cd49733 f2fs: avoid skipping recover_inline_xattr after recover_inline_data
1c55313 f2fs: add tracepoint for f2fs_direct_IO
25d02aa f2fs: reduce competition among node page writes
e741162 f2fs: fix coding style
fede49a f2fs: remove redundant lines in allocate_data_block
57395be f2fs: add tracepoint for f2fs_issue_flush
a600292 f2fs: avoid retrying wrong recovery routine when error was occurred
71da862 f2fs: test before set/clear bits
c5da7cd f2fs: fix wrong condition for unlikely
b83b4af f2fs: enable in-place-update for fdatasync
7a59547 f2fs: skip unnecessary data writes during fsync
375b5bf f2fs: add info of appended or updated data writes
12c194d f2fs: use radix_tree for ino management
14282b3 f2fs: add infra for ino management
6e24708 f2fs: punch the core function for inode management
5de5a4172 f2fs: add nobarrier mount option
2870ad5 f2fs: fix to put root inode in error path of fill_super
b00e9d8 f2fs: avoid use invalid mapping of node_inode when evict meta inode
5391353 f2fs: add f2fs_balance_fs for direct IO
77abd34 f2fs: reduce searching region of segmap when free section
c82a240 f2fs: remove the unused stat_lock
38f9258 f2fs: cleanup the needless return of f2fs_create_root_stats
83157a1 f2fs: check name_len of dir entry to prevent from deadloop
29d4485 f2fs: use inner macro and function to clean up codes
34caf6a f2fs: introduce f2fs_write_failed to handle error case when write
d8cf701 f2fs: arguments cleanup of finding file flow functions
9bd3875 f2fs: remove the needless point-cast
eea9d11 f2fs: remove the redundant validation check of acl
ad7bc65 f2fs: reduce region of f2fs_lock_op covered for better concurrency
29c3649 f2fs: replace count*size kzalloc by kcalloc
0b7b438 f2fs: refactor flush_nat_entries codes for reducing NAT writes
c9cf8b2 f2fs: clean up an unused parameter and assignment
7c04bef f2fs: introduce f2fs_do_tmpfile for code consistency
1991ae0 f2fs: support ->tmpfile()
681466b [O_TMPFILE] it's still short a few helpers, but infrastructure should be OK now...
fcbf49c f2fs: avoid to truncate non-updated page partially
54bd266 f2fs: avoid unneeded SetPageUptodate in f2fs_write_end
e6949c3 f2fs: avoid to access NULL pointer in issue_flush_thread
6cd4dbd f2fs: check bdi->dirty_exceeded when trying to skip data writes
ff81220 f2fs: do checkpoint for the renamed inode
28b0058 f2fs: release new entry page correctly in error path of f2fs_rename
a2bb33d f2fs: fix error path in init_inode_metadata
6d80329 f2fs: check lower bound nid value in check_nid_range
22a6d22 f2fs: remove unused variables in f2fs_sm_info
4771a26 f2fs: fix not to allocate unnecessary blocks during fallocate
6be2842 f2fs: recover fallocated data and its i_size together
99a4e20 f2fs: fix to report newly allocate region as extent
089988b f2fs: support f2fs_fiemap
077f1d9 f2fs: avoid not to call remove_dirty_inode
d9664b35 f2fs: recover fallocated space
a906a3f f2fs: fix to recover data written by dio
c8a14b0 f2fs: large volume support
4ba25a3 f2fs: avoid crash when trace f2fs_submit_page_mbio event in ra_sum_pages
7b7739f f2fs: avoid overflow when large directory feathure is enabled
b40d963 f2fs: fix recursive lock by f2fs_setxattr
9f8657f f2fs: use inode_init_owner() to simplify codes
2e8732c f2fs: avoid to use slab memory in f2fs_issue_flush for efficiency
187da7b f2fs: add a tracepoint for f2fs_read_data_page
f8807a2 sync: don't block the flusher thread waiting on IO
20bdc88 f2fs: add a tracepoint for f2fs_write_{meta,node,data}_pages
3bd43db f2fs: add a tracepoint for f2fs_write_{meta,node,data}_page
4d34252 f2fs: add a tracepoint for f2fs_write_end
7eeff83 Revert "f2fs: Add f2fs write tracing points."
f6934e9 f2fs: add a tracepoint for f2fs_write_begin
a77d032 f2fs: fix checkpatch warning
bb9a0e7 f2fs: deactivate inode page if the inode is evicted
28459c4 f2fs: decrease the lock granularity during write_begin
f8ecddf f2fs: no need to wait on page writebck to meta pages
fc569e0 f2fs: avoid grab_cache_page_write_begin for data pages
dd8a7d6 f2fs: split grab_cache_page and wait_on_page_writeback for node pages
6a4f02c f2fs: fix to truncate inline data in inode page when setattr
9dde18c f2fs: readahead multi pages of directory for performance
9bd5a53 f2fs: set errno when f2fs_iget failed in recover_dentry
f672fb51 f2fs: consider fallocated space for SEEK_DATA
a820c90 f2fs: return i_size if the hole is outside of i_size
f44b0ca usb:misc: Prevent submit inturb more than once time.
fd71f15 Revert "ARM64: tegra: flounder: disable panic on hard lockup"
3b12a9c Revert "video: tegra: nvmap: add BUG in GET_ID/FROM_ID IOCTLs"
2374758 flounder: touch: Update Synaptics touch config
ba56b7c f2fs: introduce f2fs_seek_block to support SEEK_{DATA, HOLE} in llseek
962f804 f2fs: introduce help function {create,destroy}_flush_cmd_control
c3fee02 f2fs: introduce struct flush_cmd_control to wrap the flush_merge fields
f61c125 f2fs: introduce help macro ADDRS_PER_PAGE()
06b9afe f2fs: submit bio at the reclaim path
313fa1f f2fs: return errors right after checking them
2892314 f2fs: pass flags field to setxattr functions
cb7187f f2fs: clean up long variable names
a684a8c f2fs: handle inline data independently in f2fs_bmap
fc11f97 f2fs: adjust free mem size to flush dentry blocks
d79664d sound: soc: codec: rt5677: Tweak VAD to deal with new gain
d58d959 ARM: ov9760: initialize the minimum coarse time as default
dc7a18d Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/android-tegra-flounder-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10-f2fs
a9938e2 ARM64: tegra: flounder: disable CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC
9f68204 Merge branch 'bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
6a21408 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix parameter to set wifi tx back off for SAR
fa8264d Flounder: SAR sensor: notify modem for power consumption improvement
77b6c0d base: dma-contiguous: Set CMA page prot to page_kernel_exec
66430ff arm: tegra12: mc: disable vpr dec error interrupts
cd59b22 [ARM] trigger HPI command when device met santitize timeout
5df3032 Temporary workaround for bug 16902147.
3a83a86 ARM: tegra: dvfs: disable regulator vdd_gpu in offmode
d4ec5d4 Revert "Flounder: SAR sensor: notify modem for power consumption improvement"
aa89e36 Flounder: SAR sensor: notify modem for power consumption improvement
508ee4e arm:tegra:flounder: Remove AP2MDM_IPC2 usage in MDM driver
d159325 sound: soc: codec: rt5677: Stop vad function when HP playback
63dbb3a lowmemorykiller: dont' take CMA into lowmem condition
94f09fd fs: inode: don't use movable allocations
19eaf84 dma:coherent: manage resizable memory with single device
8494b08 flounder: panel board file update for VPR resize
064bcf8 ARM64: tegra: flounder: Enable CMA for flounder
07dcff1 flounder: Initialize VPR for flounder.
f269714 mm: cma: migrate cma pages during __get_user_pages
3313a18 arm: tegra: enable VPR resizing
2606291 base: dma-contiguous: retry on alloc failure
3f87cfb fs: jbd: flush journal during CMA allcoation
e95bdd7 mm: avoid allocating CMA memory for stack
d63ed12 mm: compaction: don't restrict page isolation during CMA page migration
c8cb342 arm: tegra: retry on vpr update config failure
cde4459 Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
c837ea4 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix country update on dhd_stop()
0328a57 flounder: add vdd_hv_3v rail for nct72
d567f4c ARM: imx219: implement group hold by interleave mode
d13e552 power: max17050: Fix charge count ext calculation
31ea8b0 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Allow vendor OUI customization for SoftAP
ca98eff video: tegra: nvmap: add BUG in GET_ID/FROM_ID IOCTLs
922b5e1 video: tegra: nvmap: remove support for Deprecated GET_ID/FROM_ID ioctl's
248d9d5 ASoC: Tegra: Remove obsolete tegra_power_work call
7ffaf00 misc:qcom-mdm-9k: Remove unnecessary delay for modem ramdump
a573b2d ARM: ov9760: fix readed fuseid failed at boot time
a3a1a38 sound: soc: codec: rt5677: Correctly cache result of MBIST test
a15e61e ARM: tegra: flounder: modify PVT GPIO PI1 status
fb758c5 ARM: tegra: flounder: modify the definition of hw revision
2293508 ARM: imx219: change 1640x1232 to 1640x1230
5dc7653 Flounder: touch: Update Synaptics touch config
8ba7925 ARM: tegra: flounder: Add missing non-DFS locales
ddea41e mdm_ctrl_bridge: debug patch
cc74aa3 sound: soc: tegra: tegra_rt5677: Depop of headphone path
0b4d061 video: tegra: nvmap: fix use-after-free race condition
2d40f83 video: tegra: nvmap: cleanup redundant functions
7c648c9 mmc: tegra: remove 1ms delay after tuning cmd
afe89b5 USB: gadget: rndis: Add module parameter for DL max packets per xfer
112f0a0 video: tegra: host: Fix debug dump
e8c7481 video: tegra: host: Fix channel refcount issues
3db7f97 video: tegra: host: revise channel refcnt API's
9e5a5f5 video: tegra: host: simplify channel map usage
a66d0fc Revert "sound: soc: tegra: tegra_rt5677: Depop of headphone path"
e9230d5 power: bq2419x: Notify charger status changes to power_supply_core
d3d43d7 sound: soc: tegra: tegra_rt5677: Depop of headphone path
13de346 misc: htc_headset: log at appropriate log levels
4c8d997 misc: htc_headset: change fourth button to KEY_VOICECOMMAND
e35574a i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Make firmware update more robust
d20fbb9 ARM: tegra: flounder: add lte pvt device tree
abe1c04 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Change SW_CAMERA_LENS_COVER to state
859f8b1 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
a3fb8bc Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
8f218a0 Merge branch 'bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
8bbc471 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Reduce scan dwell time to reduce power
592dc5f ASoC: Tegra: Remove obsolete tegra_power_work call
a824f91 ASoC: Tegra: Reduce delay in codec power off.
9aef0cf flounder: disable OD on i2c busses
9260926 ARM: tegra: flounder: Set proper wlan RU locale: RU/13
f9d4435 Merge branch 'bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
aa665fb net: wireless: bcmdhd Remove misleading bcmdhd driver message
770b7bc HACK: mdm_ctrl: Debug msgs to track inturb status
26b0495 ARM: tegra: flounder: turn off HV3V3 when susupend
0ceefdb Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
c2a3d8f video: tegra: host: pod: Tune vic scaling param
00595ed Revert "wakeup: change formatting alignement"
bbcf9a8 Revert "base: power: reduce the default logs with wakeup_sources"
6588904 f2fs: avoid BUG_ON when mouting corrupted image having garbage blocks
ee78167 f2fs: add available_nids to fix handling max_nid correctly
2beee56 f2fs: add static to get_max_meta_blks
5493dd9 f2fs: introduce raw_nat_from_node_info() to simplfy codes
9ff55ee f2fs: add the flush_merge handle in the remount flow
cbf92ea f2fs: atomically set inode->i_flags in f2fs_set_inode_flags()
29c50ee f2fs: make recover_inline_xattr() static
c96e8c6 f2fs: remove costly dirty_dir_inode operations
99531427 f2fs: fix to unlock f2fs_lock at the omitted error case
593530a f2fs: call redirty_page_for_writepage
d9e07c7 f2fs: avoid to conduct roll-forward due to the remained garbage blocks
ccdc338 f2fs: enable flush_merge only in f2fs is not read-only
6df13fa f2fs: use __GFP_ZERO to avoid appending set-NULL
02c5524 f2fs: put the bio when issue_flush completed
d39b94c f2fs: fix wrong statistics of inline data
acdc0d1 f2fs: check the acl's validity before setting
1f89cae f2fs: introduce f2fs_issue_flush to avoid redundant flush issue
9c13a3c f2fs: fix to cover io->bio with io_rwsem
d001cd6 f2fs: fix error path when fail to read inline data
b67685a f2fs: use list_for_each_entry{_safe} for simplyfying code
99865f3 f2fs: avoid free slab cache under spinlock
7f2f08c ASoC: Tegra: Prevent headset pop noise during stream close
db234dc f2fs: avoid unneeded lookup when xattr name length is too long
ad17f24 f2fs: avoid unnecessary bio submit when wait page writeback
6e2e590 f2fs: return -EIO when node id is not matched
add8790 f2fs: avoid RECLAIM_FS-ON-W warning
c5ea12d f2fs: skip unnecessary node writes during fsync
ff03128 f2fs: introduce fi->i_sem to protect fi's info
5344789 f2fs: change reclaim rate in percentage
60e7415 f2fs: remove unnecessary threshold
5e17f11 f2fs: throttle the memory footprint with a sysfs entry
aa19dfd f2fs: avoid to drop nat entries due to the negative nr_shrink
7588f4c f2fs: call f2fs_wait_on_page_writeback instead of native function
e3abf7e f2fs: introduce nr_pages_to_write for segment alignment
b57cb10 f2fs: increase pages_skipped when skipping writepages
4a4ab31 f2fs: avoid small data writes by skipping writepages
473bad9 f2fs: introduce get_dirty_dents for readability
5141a1a f2fs: fix incorrect parsing with option string
6f9c3e0 f2fs: avoid to return incorrect errno of read_normal_summaries
5d88098 f2fs: introduce f2fs_has_xattr_block for better readability
194d4d4 f2fs: print type for each segment in segment_info's show
f9cf281 fs: push sync_filesystem() down to the file system's remount_fs()
4eae0a4 Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
440cc84 net: wireless : bcmdhd use dedicated wake queue for D3 ACK
575e42a net: wireless: bcmdhd: Reduce scan dwell time only in power-save mode
8196768 net: wireless: bcmdhd clears up flowrings when roaming completed
ad41859 ARM: tegra: flounder: Enable zram
1c2f19f Sound: SOC: Tegra: MBIST function
bf056c2 f2fs: check upper bound of ino value in f2fs_nfs_get_inode
a914e72 f2fs: introduce f2fs_has_inline_xattr for better readability
b187e39 f2fs: recover inline xattr data in roll-forward process
a165539 f2fs: optimize restore_node_summary slightly
fcf53b8 f2fs: format segment_info's show for better legibility
b9d686c0 f2fs: remove the unused ctor argument of f2fs_kmem_cache_create()
ddff99e f2fs: update start nid only once each circle
0ac1c00 f2fs: fix wrong kernel coding style
f937d8a f2fs: fix to write node pages with WRITE_SYNC
0783246 f2fs: fix dirty page accounting when redirty
2bef82b f2fs: use existing macro to clean up some codes
4b5fea1 f2fs: readahead contiguous SSA blocks for f2fs_gc
1d6255e f2fs: add an sysfs entry to control the directory level
b0a8a2d f2fs: introduce large directory support
3f31817 f2fs: remove costly bit operations for f2fs_find_entry
18b66a2 f2fs: implement a lock-free stat_show
7d9ed86 f2fs: introduce a radix_tree for the free_nid list
7d6dd830 f2fs: introduce help macro on_build_free_nids()
0857f37 f2fs: fix to mark the checkpointed nat entry correctly
128c03e Merge branch 'bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
511c217 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Start with NODFS flag ON
54a314d htc_debug: stability: reboot_params: Add "KP" prefix to reboot reason message for all panics
e29942a flounder: separate tskin table to wifi/lte sku
f90ee9c ARM: tegra: flounder: Set CONFIG_DHD_USE_SCHED_SCAN for bcmdhd
d1711c2 flounder: update sysedp tuning parameters
27a4edb f2fs: fix to do build_stat prior to the recovery procedure
7279e44 f2fs: fix not to write data pages on the page reclaiming path
a68a300 f2fs: fix the calculation of max_nids
36f9a4a f2fs: show counts of checkpoint in status
97063fb f2fs: introduce ra_meta_pages to readahead CP/NAT/SIT pages
4888538 f2fs: use inode mutex to keep atomicity of f2fs_falloc
036e04cc f2fs: clean up redundant function call
a66baeb f2fs: fix f2fs_write_meta_page at no checkpoint status
07420a7 f2fs: fix to truncate dentry pages in the error case
cb58bfa f2fs: fix a build warning
dd90a4c f2fs: clean up with a macro
4e9877b f2fs: fix the potential mismatch between dir's i_size and i_blocks
81405d7 f2fs: remove the ugly pointer conversion
88b3904 f2fs: fix to recover xattr node block
dbba4b7 f2fs: handle dirty segments inside refresh_sit_entry
4815067 f2fs: update_inode_page should be done all the time
33a7dc2 f2fs: drop obsolete node page when it is truncated
08b2853 f2fs: introduce NODE_MAPPING for code consistency
ba2176c f2fs: remove the orphan block page array
92f11d0 f2fs: add help function META_MAPPING
57fc66a f2fs: move a branch for code redability
56925dd f2fs: call mark_inode_dirty to flush dirty pages
8991bf3 f2fs: clean checkpatch warnings
e8ff81b f2fs: missing REQ_META and REQ_PRIO when sync_meta_pages(META_FLUSH)
0f69fa0 f2fs: avoid f2fs_balance_fs call during pageout
151b07b f2fs: add delimiter to seperate name and value in debug phrase
9f51f81 f2fs: use spinlock rather than mutex for better speed
b752302 f2fs: move alloc new orphan node out of lock protection region
457d8a7 f2fs: move grabing orphan pages out of protection region
fec2ca7 f2fs: remove the needless parameter of f2fs_wait_on_page_writeback
83f20f4 f2fs: add a sysfs entry to control max_victim_search
3211a11 f2fs: improve write performance under frequent fsync calls
eebf5d4 f2fs: avoid to read inline data except first page
3578891 f2fs: avoid to left uninitialized data in page when read inline data
078c76c f2fs: fix truncate_partial_nodes bug
646d49a f2fs: handle errors correctly during f2fs_reserve_block
b8b6f98 f2fs: add inline_data recovery routine
0b39afb sound: soc: tegra: tegra_rt5677: Boost CPU speed while processing hotword.
1164b47 ASoC: tegra: Skip writing model from ELF if model specified.
3850e10 ARM64: tegra: flounder: Enable Crypto engine
723d0ab power: max17050: add low temperature parameter change by battery id
1756fad staging: iio: adc: move init stage to fs_init
e97375e f2fs: add the number of inline_data files to status info
614c5af f2fs: refactor f2fs_convert_inline_data
501c75f f2fs: call f2fs_put_page at the error case
16f85e7 f2fs: convert inline_data for punch_hole
abb7dc3 f2fs: don't need to get f2fs_lock_op for the inline_data test
2f60916 f2fs: handle inline data operations
29a6ff5 Flounder: Camera: export factory calibration to /sys/firmware
b5484aa f2fs: key functions to handle inline data
4f8b1f3 f2fs: convert max_orphans to a field of f2fs_sb_info
9da042a f2fs: check the blocksize before calling generic_direct_IO path
bb87187 f2fs: should put the dnode when NEW_ADDR is detected
7d8f309 f2fs: introduce F2FS_INODE macro to get f2fs_inode
128a908 f2fs: check filename length in recover_dentry
8cd9bdf f2fs: avoid to set wrong pino of inode when rename dir
c353aa9 f2fs: update several comments
34d7491 f2fs: remove the rw_flag domain from f2fs_io_info
18e2e49 f2fs: move all the bio initialization into __bio_alloc
5e40fe9 f2fs: write dirty meta pages collectively
d95b019 f2fs: introduce a new direct_IO write path
8f816ed f2fs: introduce sysfs entry to control in-place-update policy
d7395b2 f2fs: missing kmem_cache_destroy for discard_entry
84e0492 f2fs: fix the location of tracepoint
7dd0007 f2fs: refactor bio->rw handling
a90ecbc f2fs: merge pages with the same sync_mode flag
32b8a83 f2fs: add unlikely() macro for compiler more aggressively
a0fc4fb f2fs: add unlikely() macro for compiler optimization
2f6cbd2 f2fs: avoid unneeded page release for correct _count of page
d7b23ee f2fs: use inner macro GFP_F2FS_ZERO for simplification
fbc66c8 f2fs: replace the debugfs_root with f2fs_debugfs_root
c79e459 f2fs: remove debufs dir if debugfs_create_file() failed
5c58cae f2fs: readahead contiguous pages for restore_node_summary
4193d50 f2fs: refactor bio-related operations
466f1aa f2fs: remove the own bi_private allocation
4f90546 f2fs: convert recover_orphan_inodes to void
fcdefa4 f2fs: check return value of f2fs_readpage in find_data_page
9b76b89 f2fs: use true and false for boolean variable
1288ee7 f2fs: correct type of wait in struct bio_private
fc4f18d f2fs: avoid to calculate incorrect max orphan number
cf57446 f2fs: remove unneeded code in punch_hole
50e1694 f2fs: remove unnecessary condition checks
cb9a384 f2fs: bug fix on bit overflow from 32bits to 64bits
021220a f2fs: fix a potential out of range issue
2580ab33 f2fs: remove unnecessary return value
7df7d9c f2fs: add a new mount option: inline_data
91452dd Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
eef1239 f2fs: add flags and helpers to support inline data
60e0770 f2fs: send REQ_META or REQ_PRIO when reading meta area
992516a f2fs: add detailed information of bio types in the tracepoints
03c0352 f2fs: add a new function: f2fs_reserve_block()
40e1bb2 f2fs: avoid lock debugging overhead
06965d3 Revert "f2fs: support 3.4"
8234d77 f2fs: read contiguous sit entry pages by merging for mount performance
d4d8be7 f2fs: adds a tracepoint for f2fs_submit_read_bio
eaf371c f2fs: adds a tracepoint for submit_read_page
2b584c4 f2fs: simplify IS_DATASEG and IS_NODESEG macro
d0b91e5 f2fs: merge read IOs at ra_nat_pages()
f2d2e0a f2fs: add a new function to support for merging contiguous read
09e877e f2fs: move the list_head initialization into the lock protection region
98489d3 f2fs: simplify write_orphan_inodes for better readable
3ba2d7b f2fs: convert inc/dec_valid_node_count to inc/dec one count
d046c76 f2fs: convert dev_valid_block_count to void
9530eb3 f2fs: convert remove_inode_page to void
f074117 f2fs: introduce a bio array for per-page write bios
493b1ce f2fs: disable the extent cache ops on high fragmented files
7a46a48 f2fs: use sbi->write_mutex for write bios
53dea5f f2fs: clean up the do_submit_bio flow
dd0e676 f2fs: use f2fs_put_page to release page for uniform style
32dd611 f2fs: add a tracepoint for f2fs_issue_discard
d274fe0 f2fs: introduce f2fs_issue_discard() to clean up
95428e1 f2fs: add a sysfs entry to control max_discards
d57df5a f2fs: add key functions for small discards
d8044bd f2fs: add a slab cache entry for small discards
09f62fa f2fs: improve searching speed of __next_free_blkoff
eb7339a f2fs: introduce __find_rev_next(_zero)_bit
5e12682 f2fs: fix readdir incorrectness
0dc8a11 [readdir] switch dcache_readdir() users to ->iterate()
6745e8e [readdir] introduce ->iterate(), ctx->pos, dir_emit()
659f964 [readdir] introduce iterate_dir() and dir_context
2e25051 Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
b24fefa ARM: tegra: flounder: Add Non-DFS locales table
5c86c470 net: wireless: bcmdhd: NULL checking for SOFTAP
4fa16e3 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix NODFS flag processing
9539d91 REF: tegra: flounder: Fix sensors' power sequence
75ba06c imx219: ov9760: modify power to support dual cam
14f8370 Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
695dff0 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Ignore obsolete SAR update
03ce05b [readdir] convert f2fs
dacb628 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/android-tegra-flounder-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10-f2fs
934f1c03 ASoC: tegra: Respect the length of the userspace buffer in IOCTL.
2aa4d44 net: wireless: bcmdhd set random mac for SOFTAP
b92b182 net: wireless: bcmdhd DHCP frame with lowest rates
ca048b3 regmap: cache: Don't attempt to sync non-writeable registers
ab8de8a regmap: cache: Step by stride in default sync
dd07b22 regmap: core: Cache all registers by default when cache is enabled
addff86 ARM: tegra: flounder:Fix a race condition that can lead to null pointer dereference while the MMC transfers are going on.
ca8094b ARM64: tegra: flounder: enable XFRM TUNNEL (VPN stuff)
216a3e2 video: tegra: Wait PMU finishes booting
4f77d80 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
882f2c0 usb: gadget: tegra_udc: Fix charger mode and bootup cannot enter LP0
61ce288 Revert "usb: gadget: tegra_udc: Fix charger mode and bootup cannot enter LP0"
fa16a22e Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
60e48e1 Revert "ARM64: tegra: flounder: Disable ARM v8 AES to avoid simd reg corruption"
68911eb Revert "Revert NEON + FPSIMD manipulations introduced with the AES CE support"
ecfb276 Revert NEON + FPSIMD manipulations introduced with the AES CE support
c56aef9 ARM64: tegra: flounder: Disable ARM v8 AES to avoid simd reg corruption
cd597e2 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Pass correct timestamp
ac27540 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
0da8809 cpufreq: Enables Performance cpufreq governor.
efc8bbe power: bq2419x: Reduce dev_info noisy log
f4d4a14 power: max17050: Remove battery temperature re-read
8f6d347 Merge branch 'bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
77e7e7b ARM: DRV201: correct the EFL from module spec.
d7bf32f net: wireless: bcmdhd: changed SAR control
56c026d i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: iio flow on enable w/o rate change
187d916 rtc: palmas: change log level to avoid the noisy logs on ship devices
e13b912 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: MAGIC COVER in kernel messages
cb90f17 Revert "Revert "ARM64: tegra: flounder: enable ARM v8 crypto-goodness""
6f73bf8 arm64: pull in <asm/simd.h> from asm-generic
a12c67d ARM: tegra: flounder: Remove USB id palmas-extcon detection
4ed298a Revert "ARM64: tegra: flounder: enable ARM v8 crypto-goodness"
fe174f9 ARM64: tegra: flounder: enable ARM v8 crypto-goodness
2469288 Mergedown for ARM v8 crypto-goodness (upstream>common>tegra>...)
cadb332 arm: fixup NR_syscalls to accommodate the new seccomp syscall
6890b63 ASoC: tegra: Correctly use return code of SPI read in IOCTL.
0b39fd4 ARM: tegra: flounder: Fix wlan country translation table
f3b8313 Flounder: SAR sensor: fix SAR sensor update failure
07f3609 Merge remote-tracking branch 'tegra/android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
ac9ec2a flounder: enable unaligned dma buf support on hsic
e017bda Merge branch tegra-3.10 into tegra-flounder-3.10
2658e52 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Make Step Counter accumulate from boot
25b692a ARM: imx219: fix the incorrect REG setting
f78a99b power: bq2419x: add input check disable to charger module
07c38f3 misc:qcom-mdm-9k: Correct MDM USB PID/VID for boot device.
4dc2e87 regulator: palmas: add optional property for disabling SMPS10 in suspend
f0f2034 gpio: palmas: Control V_BOOST_BYPASS power rail when system sleep/active
ebee6e1 power: bq2149x: disable AICL and add input adjust
9545ad1 ARM64: tegra: flounder: disable unused XMM6260 modem driver
643611d flounder: max17050: correct negative temperature
7b77eb3 arm: flounder: panel: don't populate disp1 sd_settings
2f2ae64 Flounder: touch: Update Synaptics touch config
73a7739 Flounder: Touch: report ABS_MT_TOUCH_MAJOR, ABS_MT_TOUCH_MINOR in surface units
f24d9be Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
4f42dc2 ASoC: Tegra: Enable ahub clock before accessing its registers
b2f936b char: diag: Implement nonblock timeout ioctl
48f42e2 ASoC: tegra: Increase SPI read speed to 12.228MHz
634e729 ASoC: tegra: Support streaming audio through ioctl
21c2178 ASoC: tegra: Correctly compute bytes to read using SPI burst
0803bad Merge branch 'bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
0000580 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
f302922 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Add ability to pass flags to get_country_code
62ba7d4 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
d9b0812 usb: gadget: tegra_udc: Fix charger mode and bootup cannot enter LP0
4458b9e2 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Support Non-wake up FIFO
be1a0d2 ARM: tegra: EMC floor to prevent lower EMC freqs
55ca89a sound: soc: honour the return value from ioctl_common
38b0b6c Flounder: SAR: remove sar_sleep_func failures spam logs if SAR sensor is present but dysfunctional.
6a73aff iommu/tegra: smmu: flush only updated ptes
192b78a misc:qcom-mdm-9k: Add SYSEDP feature
edf92a7 flounder: add qcom-mdm-9k sysedp consumer
3452dbc net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix CUSTOM_COUNTRY_CODE option
a9c0e0d usb: gadget: tegra: Fix race for setting charger current
35d3fc4 Revert "video: tegra: The tuning of prism and cmu"
0be51f1 video: tegra: dc: Fix and refactor FRAME_END_INT
565a2fc Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
bb5bd48 Merge branch 'bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
af8a27f net: wireless: bcmdhd: Changed sync mechanism for batch get
60dd5fc ARM64: tegra: Read calibration data in emmc
e58127c ARM: tps61310: fix ae blinks during with flash ON
075f409 video: tegra: The tuning of prism and cmu
7ef82ee sound: soc: tegra: tegra_rt5677: Set MCLK and bias_level to OFF when rt5677 power off
893a6b4 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
5a1c904 Revert "sensor_hub: use KEY_CAMERA instead of SW_CAMERA_LENS_COVER"
f3ccb47 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
ed40dac ARM64: tegra: flounder: disable panic on hard lockup
a04a44b ARM64: tegra: flounder: re-run make savedefconfig on flounder_defconfig
a441f2f Flounder: touch: Update Synaptics touch config
4ddcbc7 flounder: sync soctherm tables from reference
1d22102 flounder: Update XE tskin parameters
6bc3149 touch: synaptics: mute debug messages.
ac2a6d3 sound: soc: Refine log information to reduce noisy loggers
9d45348 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
fb8e788 ARM: tegra: dvfs: Remove SiMon Vmin offsets
720b1ea ARM: T132: update CPU min to 800mV for all temp
244734b Revert "ARM: tegra: flounder: fix camera Aperture"
a133a86 Merge branch 'bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
ed3bf8c net: wireless: bcmdhd: fix buffer overrun in link statistics
0936da6 Revert "Revert "net: wireless: bcmdhd Added link statistics support""
752e308 video: tegra: dsi: DSI init time optimization
2cf1363 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
779c627 Revert "Revert "firmware: Avoid deadlock of usermodehelper lock at shutdown""
969454e net: wireless : bcmdhd fix the type of bssidx of P2P
5f57c22 Revert "net: wireless: bcmdhd Added link statistics support"
62566f6 ARM: tegra: flounder: Modify the USB drive strength
36ea1e1 gpu: nvgpu: Increase PBDMA timeout
120a08e Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
d34ff69 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
9d7be51 Merge branch 'bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
28b8829 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix Batch scan get bug
e52910a Revert "firmware: Avoid deadlock of usermodehelper lock at shutdown"
67578f9 arm: tegra: convert spi3_cs0 to gpio before suspend
19b119e ARM: tegra: flounder: add pvt device tree
ee0666c Merge branch 'bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
2ea7488 net: bcmdhd: wireless: Fix batch scan timing out
f260f9e usb:misc: Fix modem crash due to user space process late to response modem.
355df48 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix pkt filter for 64-bit host
2fc45d3 flounder: update vdd_cpu/vdd_gpu edp current limit
a95f752 Merge branch 'bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
b99d67f net: wireless: bcmdhd: Check evt data length before processing
a6a8a9b net: wireless: bcmdhd Added link statistics support
5179218 Flounder: Touch: use KEY_WAKEUP instead of KEY_POWER to wake up the devcie
c79a53f Flounder: Touch: remove BTN_TOOL_FINGER & BTN_TOUCH events
a7b0bd2 Flounder: Touch: report ABS_MT_PRESSURE pressure vlaue
84ebb3e ASoC: tegra: Avoid headset turning off when its in use
1e93a71 Merge branch 'bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
3d5604c net: wireless: bcmdhd: change the policy of TCPACKSUPPRESS
d509996 net: wireless: bcmdhd fixed regression of SOFTAP throughput
dc68914 net: wireless: bcmdhd Cancel ongoing scan before make connection
b4741a3 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Support 25Hz and 10Hz sampling rate
acf901e i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Properly deal with the iio
fd841ab i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Ease recover firmware
22fa705 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
2eb536f HACK: net: wireless: bcmdhd: Disable GPIO03
a9053a6 Flounder: SAR: update irq to consistent name.
a6c0b22 Merge branch 'bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
72e0169 net: wireless: bcmdhd: additional RTT and scan fixes
0f55822 net: wireless: bcmdhd: PNO MAC address rotation
5b6ba3e i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Remove SENSOR_TYPE_WAKE_GESTURE
e717f15 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Twice falling edges
02f43cd Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
5c00936 Merge branch 'bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
f6c5697 net: wireless: replace unsafe instances of bcopy
874bfd2 net: wireless: bcmdhd fixed pcie suspend issue
316a8c5 net: wireless: bcmdhd fixed RTT bugs
0492964 net: wireless: bcmdhd fix RTT capability
6792d8a net: wireless: bcmdhd fix P2P connection issue
c82e805 net: wireless: bcmdhd fixed p2p_find
c20de3d net: wireless: bcmdhd disable async suspend mode
70415a8 net : wireless: bcmdhd remove skb_orphan due to side effect
f81c517 net: wireless: bcmdhd tune the max assoc cnt for GO and SOFTAP
a3b5bff net: wireless: bcmdhd fix RTT issue
5837970 net: wireless: bcmdhd Reduce connection time
7fb539b sound: soc: tegra: tegra30_i2s: Add protection to check NULL pointer
0ccef46 char: diag: keep system wakeup when diag read data
878b4e3 net:usb: Fix lost receving data packets when rmnet network interface driver resume
b8507ef ARM: tegra: flounder: Add tegra_pcm_device
84d16b0 ASoC: Tegra: Enable low latency path
6d18f93 ASoC: Add trigger cmd type to parameter
b2ac8ce sound: soc: tegra: tegra_rt5677: Fix HP_EN pulls high when VAD mode
a2e8f9b ASoC: Allow pcm start in DPCM pause state
4d8de67 Flounder: Headset: Disable one-wire headset
6705c9e Flounder: Headset: Add debounce time if one-wire headset is not supported
c9700f0 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: sensor flow stops
1a14c1f ARM: tegra: imx219: fix ae hunting
49d01ae ARM: tegra: flounder: fix camera Aperture
de793e1 Revert "ARM64: tegra: flounder: disable ARMV7_COMPAT_CPUINFO"
5aa5111 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
1f1cac2 ASoC: tegra: Change the wakelock for the sound trigger to 1.5s
3aa49b4 ARM64: tegra: flounder: enable dynamic minors option for sound
d51c697 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
b3e5e4a i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Fix irq/475-CwMcuSe overhead
4c10a16 ARM64: config: flounder: disable HDA driver
eb807ac ARM: tegra: flounder: remove unused tegra30-hda
e0a9b7b i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Report initial Step Counter event
6b7729b tegra: flounder: panel: Replace msleep with usleep_range for shorter delay
5e15cd8 ARM64: tegra: flounder: Make USERSPACE default governor
5dff5fe power: flounder: let system enter suspend when wall charger attached
66a4baf Flounder: touch: Update Synaptics touch config
385d084 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Fix Pressure sampling rate issue
db8d214 misc:qcom-mdm-9k: Reset system suspend flag to false when modem fatal occurs.
cccf1f3 misc:qcom-mdm-9k: Check ramdump enable to wait ramdump delay.
15b619d Flounder: SAR sensor FW update use the __i2c_transfer to avoid update fail.
1896eaf flounder: tskin initial porting and calibration
f2f3551 flounder: update tskin governor and capping table
df5e5a9 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Merge work queues
d3e5709 arm:tegra:flounder: Disable short auto suspend feature.
e766fff Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
c739089 arm: tegra: flounder: JDI timing optimization
5a2aebc misc:qcom-mdm-9k: Get hsic phy interface when resuming by remote wakeup
93c4178 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Lift To Wake dmesg
135816b flounder: replace pmic reset with cpu reset
9923a25 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
d630200 ARM: drv210: tps51310: support 64 bit user code
461a154 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
b4e553c security: tlk_driver: Actually pin pages
46dae7a i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Fix batch mode enable/disable issue
0e272d8 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
34cb1f8 ARM: tps61310: set the strobe pin to correct state
436f630 ARM64: tegra: linux coding standard compliance
eb96950 ARM64: tegra:implement the SAR sensor FW update in OS mode.
71a5733 ARM: tegra: flounder: add geofence wakeup driver
b59b0b5 arm:tegra:flounder: Correct modem AP2MDM_PON_RESET_N pin to PBB5
8813c52 power: bq2419x: map battery status to power_supply status
2f23079 net: wireless: bcmdhd Allow to get driver and FW
06ef6f6 net: wireless: bcmdhd disable 11H for SOFTAP
64ed50e ARM64: tegra: Changed custom combo for reset to standard combo
ec26802 usb: otg: tegra: remove suspend peripheral mode
3046c9f i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: remove resume_work
c43502d ASoC: Tegra: Fix compress volume control
8f939f8 ASoC: Tegra: Fix race for dma start/stop
40d6d8d ASoC: Tegra: Add support for effects capture
3302365 Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
59ac98c i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Correct log level when active_scan_mask = NULL
bc97d8a i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Enable IRQ when resume
4a77807 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Make sure no i2c access after suspend
be1eb05 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Re-flash firmware when necessary
1655811 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
6471641 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix PCIe suspend
2bb615a net:wireless:bcmdhd disable watchdog thread
c737946 net: wireless: bcmdhd fixed mismatched PCIe status
815f667 power: flounder: change charging battery info reading by power_supply
a1a14ba power: max17050: change power_supply name to battery
587da1c net: wireless: bcmdhd: Suppress tcpdata info debug messages
d4d104c net: wireless: bcmdhd fix p2p issue
bfebbb4 ARM: tegra: flounder: correct i2s gpio for recovery mode
a76fbe3 Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
c953d3b net: wireless: bcmdhd:  add RTT changes
5a47139 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Add Gscan changes to latest driver
cbb804d ARM: tegra: imx219: change 1080p to 3280x1846
0bd7c2a ASoC: Tegra: Add support for effects capture node
99ced7f ARM: tegra: flounder: correct GPIO PN4 to GPI
49516b2 ARM: tegra: flounder: Correct GPIO setting for GPS_HOST_WAKE pin
d51572b flounder: marked GPIO_PS7 as unused pin
0339b02 sound: soc: codecs: rt5677: Use request_firmware instead direct file access
ebd91c1 power: bq2419x: Registers the charger as a power supply
8d0ce33 power: Removes policy functionality to be moved to the healthdHAL.
7c14e0b power: max17050: Adds the power_supply properties related to max17050 fuel gauge.
f1129c0 ARM64: tegra: flounder: enable kernel low memory killer
85f2ba7 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
dfc850f Flounder: Touch: Fix the error log of touch SPI driver
a21148f sound: soc: codecs: rt5677: Fix memory leak in FW loading
d4c8b5a sound: soc: codecs: rt5677: Fix DSP FW path
0495c07 ARM64: tegra: flounder: Fix wlan FW path
90f38fa max17050: Corrects the calibration for the 64-bit extended charge property.
cb6ce37 ARM64: tegra: flounder: Prepare for common bcm4354/bcm4356 driver
3c22809 Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
89dfe43 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Support any Broadcom SDIO chip
1a26209 USB: android gadget: Add interrupt ep and modem support in f_serial
74a981c ASoC: Tegra: Fix compress offload issues
36dae08 net: wireless: bcmdhd: remove carriage return from log message
ea93f26 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Cleanup codes for maintainability
05bf5d5 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: reduce log chatter again
8979fbe arm64: flounder: panel: adjust default and minimum backlight brightness
a8af08f i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Fix report rate when sensor already enabled
4191042 power: flounder: Modify bq2419x charger driver into chip and policy
cd85fb4 misc: tegra-fuse: Add nodes for chip version check
6e50f43 arm: flounder: fix drvier loading for tegra-fuse
ca0ed79 hwmon: add cable VBUS latch monitor
0e81248 ARM64: tegra: flounder: disable ARMV7_COMPAT_CPUINFO
2fd7ecb ARM64: flounder: Enable ARMV7_COMPAT
a02e140 ARM64: tegra: flounder: regenerate minimal defconfig
9699350 ARM: tegra13: dvfs: restore vmin to original value
f967d46 flounder: update dfll and vdd-cpu dts setting
ccca22b ARM: tegra13: dvfs: raise cpu vmin to 0.8v on ES sample
0010a39 net: wireless: bcmdhd: one driver(1.201.31) for SDIO and PCIe
000f667 sound: soc: codecs: rt5677: Add ability to write to specific DSP address
01641e9 sound: soc: tegra: tegra_rt5677: Fine tune power sequence for power saving
8409f34 sound: soc: codecs: rt5677: Fine tune codec register and amic depop
08ce4be ASoC: Tegra: Add BE dai link for speaker
c3c7142 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: logspam
6ce62b6 Revert "net: wireless: bcmdhd: Disable SAR notification handling"
f0bc7d3 Flounder: Touch: Move request_thread_irq to probe
bd035de sound: soc: codecs: rt5677: fix mic capture unusual frequency response above 15 kHz
ba14909 sound: soc: codecs: flounder: fix kernel panic due to mutex not init.
672030b ARM: tegra: flounder: don't reserve fb2 on single-display devices
2d76c5b Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
3477fcd ARM: tegra: flounder: imx219: read AF from OTP
fb024bd Flounder: Touch: Add disable_irq in suspend and enable_irq in resume
2be1c87 Flounder: touch: Update Synaptics touch config
262b2ab i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Enhance timestamp accuracy
58e53b2 Revert "Revert "Flounder: Touch: tegra: Update Synaptics touch config""
69c0d58 Revert "flounder: touch: synaptics_dsx: enable firmware rollback"
3fc6373 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
12f2448 flounder : correct the status of gpio PI.07
371d011 ARM: tegra: flounder: imx219: enable digital gain
f7f5258 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
b7c97f6 flounder : correct the status of gpio ph.04.
a3cb217 flounder: touch: synaptics_dsx: enable firmware rollback
381c67b Flounder: Touch: Fix mt_slot finger number changed fail.
c39f912 Revert "Flounder: Touch: tegra: Update Synaptics touch config"
bcec7f1 driver: video: dc: bandwidth renegotiation may crash
095a21d arm:tegra:flounder: Correct modem related GPIO initial settings
408a800 Usb_padctrl: Tegra: Update HSDISCON_LEVEL
125e48e ARM64: tegra: flounder: lte device tree leverage from xc to xd
54ee32f sensor_hub: use KEY_CAMERA instead of SW_CAMERA_LENS_COVER
b2010e0 arm64: flounder: change Vret to .55V
d05a8d8 arm: tegra: flounder: enable emc derating
f459a72 Flounder: Touch: Change notification of interactive mode.
8b4fd71 sound: soc: codecs: rt5677: Adjust DSP reading frequency
0e73705 ARM64: tegra: Change the SAR sensor status to notify the wifi driver.
ba4f711 power: reset: palmas: Add reset by RTC timer if power off with VBUS existing
5a49f5a arm: tegra: reduce power consumption of display
996d79c sound: soc: codecs: rt5677: Fix model loading address
928da29 hwmon: Adds userspace access to the Palmas Voltage monitor device.
1776a154 Flounder: Touch: tegra: Update Synaptics touch config
3d68691 Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
13b9696 net: wireless: bcmdhd: link level statistics support
6eb8966 sound: soc: codecs: add STREAM_PLAYBACK check for speaker amp control
688d9ff ARM64: tegra: update the new ADC table for avoiding to trigger L2 function.
4294037 net: wireless: bcmdhd: fix bug for RTT
a9fed83 arm: tegra: disable smartdimmer by default
7c04551 sound: soc: codecs: rt5677: Fix read/write compat ioctl
6e1a7bc sound: soc: codecs: rt5677: Allow mic ring buffer reading
9396317 ARM64: tegra: flounder: turn off MCU debug messages
2dfc047 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Stop printing warning messages
ac9bf0b ARM: tegra: flounder: Init PBB7 correctly
c570669 ARM64: tegra: Remove a redundant bring-up command of gpio_keys driver
2876639 arm64: tegra: flounder: load EMC table from DT
f7bbcc7 misc:qcom-mdm-9k: Fix mutex deadlock when device suspend
3bfaaef flounder: enable ina230 current monitor and OC4 throttling
1828341 flounder: initial system EDP porting on flounder
aa143da Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
311cdb56 net:usb: Fix rmnet usb data driver resume fail
1e5e021 ARM: tegra: flounder: Update wlan country code
6554974 flounder: bluetooth: Change the GPIO table for UART setting
5d3a9e7 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix size_t debug print warnings
92d7faf net: wireless: bcmdhd: add RTT change
d9d363a Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
c4da107 Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
a20d6bb net: wireless: bcmdhd: Add Gscan changes
4131c10 misc:qcom-mdm-9k: Fix calling msleep function during kernel panic.
b087f3c Flounder: Touch: Add wakelock to prevent system sleep during firmware update
bcd945c Flounder: Touch: Change Interrupt status and remove redundant pm function
a52ffdf usb: phy: tegra: disable usb_vbus regulator while enter suspend
8db4e19 sound: soc: codecs: rt5677: Add DSP read/write ioctl support
5838217 usb: gadget: f_serial: Implement gser_mdm_disable
6c89205 sound: soc: codecs: Obey compat mode in rt_codec ioctl
58c6d65 power: max17050: make debugfs dump world-readable
2c6010b ARM: tegra: flounder: Enable 204MHz freq for SDIO1
0aa6d7d net: wireless: bcmdhd: add sysedp consumer support
34f7903 sound: soc: tegra: rt5677: Take wakelock for 500 ms after VAD event
58e4a39 flounder: enable seamless display transition
bbd3d82 flounder: don't set display gpio as low for seamless display
a86a416 video: backlight: tegra-dsi-backlight: remove unnecessary late_initcall
33d9671 ARM64: tegra: reduce SAR sensor status logspam
76f26cd Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
e75ede7 media: tegra: tps61310: restore gpio status
f63c3c0 flounder: jdi 8.9" panel code clean-up
b73f4f8 media: platform: tegra: imx219: add sysedp consumer support
e49eebb media: platform: tegra: ov9760: add sysedp consumer support
312e712 media: platform: tegra: tps61310: add sysedp consumer support
fe5f835 ARM64: flounder: remove sdmmc3 cell
3c0f62f Revert "flounder: Correct PMIC gpio0 setting to pull down"
22e2da7 Merge remote-tracking branch 'tegra/android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
c7d1d3f misc:qcom-mdm-9k: Remove mutex to lock unnecessary protection scope
629f6ba ARM64: tegra: Adjust Synaptics 7504 firmware update function
3c9e452 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: clean up sysfs file creation
32cec44 Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
e78ec13 sound: soc: tegra: rt5677: add sysedp consumer support
484834a i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: export facedown_enabled sysfs
dc2df52 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: use request_firmware_nowait
465bebb flounder: Correct PMIC gpio0 setting to pull down
4ec2bbe Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
44c8040 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: remove useless code
13f743f sound: soc: codecs: rt5677: Remove obsolete write function
b4896523 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: move to threaded irq
ca37e72 sound: soc: codecs: rt5677: Add read functionality
6f6a41d sound: soc: codecs: add tfa9895 amp control
2de7ca4 ARM64: tegra: flounder: enable CONFIG_PM_ADVANCED_DEBUG
83495f4 usb: gadget: tegra: Set charger type while D+ pull up
1af73e7 usb: gadget: rmnet: Add Qualcomm USB rmnet driver
9701a15 usb: phy: tegra: Add property to tune USB drive strength
16f75b4 ARM: tegra: remove GPIO_PX0, GPIO_PX2 setting
7b86c6d flounder: reduce vdd-rtc power by setting 0.95V
1f35346 arm64: flounder: change Vret to 0.6v
04eb5fa i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: fix memset call
566b0c3 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
d9ce1d2 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
4b87eda i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Shorten latch i2c retry times
01fc8e9 ARM64: tegra: flounder: disable PCIE
02592f8 power: max17050: Correct the units for charge accumulated.
9acc409 ARM: tegra: flounder: set dma_dev devices for carveouts
afe18da ARM64: tegra: flounder: device tree leverage from xd to xe
20e8560 arm: tegra: correct GPIO_PA7 setting as input pull down
6859e1e sound: soc: tegra: rt5677: Make IRQ wakeable
469f773 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Add support for custom initial country code
08dda9e power: max17050: Adds debugfs register dump
8cd8f84 power: max17050: corrects the units for charge_counter.
70290a9 media: platform: tegra: imx219: change resolution
31d96c4 net: wireless: bcmdhd: support PMF for 11ac certification
838df3a power: max17050: Add current_avg, charge_counter and charge_counter_ext sysfs file.
5c1bf9c Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
942e06a misc: anx78xx: delete anx7808 and anx7816 drivers
a917109 arch: arm: tegra: remove GPIO setting that related to Slimport and HDMI
c5967c4 arch: arm: tegra: disable Slimport and hdmi
f2c8df3 arch: arm: tegra: use SLIMPORT_ANX flag to cover SLIMPORT/HDMI init
3736cdf ARM64: tegra: flounder: disable HDMI for all SKUs
476da64 ARM64: tegra: flounder: regenerate flounder_defconfig
54a4a77 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
9e314ac ARM64: tegra: Update TP_SPI_MISO pin sleep state
2cf5572 ARM64: tegra: Update Synaptics 7504 fw update mechanism
4e6ff71 xhci: tegra: Add hvdd_usb regulator to power management
04c558d sound: soc: codecs: flounder: config gpio suspend setting for I2S1/I2S2
c36da25 sound: soc: codecs: config gpio suspend setting for rt5677 spi
1f245cd usb: udc: tegra: Queue non_std_charger_work when SDP charger recognized
245b69a misc:qcom-mdm-9k: Keep modem reset status for qcks power down modem to retry its bring-up.
72b1b49 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Report initial lightsensor value
f3a4943 flounder: bluetooth: Fix sleep gpio setting
de8d24c net: wireless: bcmdhd: handle roam indication
7c0a8e8 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Set KSO enable sleep to 5ms
099a791 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Disable SAR notification handling
6bdd051 misc:qcom-mdm-9k: use IPC3 for CNV switch mechanism
3e8ffa2 sound: soc: tegra: fix rt5506 hp enable gpio didn't turn-off after boot
63d134d Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
9104faa Revert "net: wireless: bcmdhd: handle roam indication"
9eb1be4 Revert "net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix card detection race condition"
afea9dc net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix set lpc/ampdu_hostreorder failure
e8e4c87 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
61614b1 flounder: fix build error on lte-xaxbxc dts
2a9b34b arm: flounder: update DVFS tables for flounder
36cee43 ARM64: tegra: flounder: disable hdmi on dvt boards
b505e29 sound: soc: tegra: tegra_rt5677: config mclk and I2S0 d-in gpio suspend setting
48bdb16 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Fix stop mode GPIO handling
5e853c7 flounder: add a gpio_config struct to put gpio config
ca6fb51 usb: gadget: tegra: Set charging current while connect with CDP charger
b55103a Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
8077755 ARM: tegra: flounder: silence noisy sar reset messages
76c4ba8 input: touchscreen: cy8c_sar: silence unnecessary messages
92faa94 power: max17050: seperate driver into policy module and chip driver
eef0882 power: flounder: add battery voltage monitor alarm
bcf8bad power: max17050: add battery critical low soc adjust
e3c22f8 ARM64: tegra: flounder: disable tegra dtv
6bc5d57 ARM: tegra: flounder: modem: replace mdelay with msleep
5262e4f flounder: remove led driver
8463dac Merge 'tegra/android-tegra-3.10' (futex fix, fwmark)
562a69d misc:qcom-mdm-9k: Fix using mutex lock in interrupt context bug warning.
1f110e5 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
5b5c3e0 ARM64: tegra: enable Synaptics 7504 double-tap feature
f7383fd i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Support Facedown Detection
d5708e8 ARM64: tegra: flounder: LTE device tree leverage from xa to xb & xc
7b8d3d8 ARM64: tegra: Update Synaptics 7504 config for double-tap feature
6ca9b67 ARM64: tegra: Update Synaptics driver supporting double-tap feature
093670d flounder: partial REVERT: ARM: tegra13: dvfs: Add CPU Vmin data
455a10d i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Support Magic Cover
1e884bf misc: headset: Remove warnings
5f47a3b misc: headset: Add ASSIST key to input events
d1b427b ARM64: tegra: Set up custom combo for reset
72a0103 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Use Kconfig to enable debug mechanism
1516931 sound: soc: codec: rt5677 - Fix disabling MCLK and 1v2 issue
6f7fcf0 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
fe76e21 flounder: turn-on backlight for seamless display
672221f i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Add Stop mode for SensorHUB
d33c94c Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/android-tegra-flounder-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10-f2fs
83c81e3 ARM64: flounder: gpio: Correct the sleep status of unused gpio pin PK.06 on flounder board
5c3519d2 ARM64: tegra: gpio: correct gpio setting for external modem MDM9x25
1e3bb36 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Do not reset nvram_path if it was set
45fb9b2 ARM64: tegra: Update Synaptics touch controller config
a4e81cd i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Add debug mechanism for Sensor HUB firmware
e44b66f Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
bffb2be ARM: tegra: flounder: Set wlan country code from command line
37420e0 ARM: tegra: flounder: Correct GPIO setting for WLAN_HOST_WAKE
60bcd7f ARM64: tegra: flounder: Enable TLK/OTE
454c64c ARM64: tegra: flounder: Add OTE to Trusty dts
f75f681 ARM64: tegra: flounder: disable bq2419x auto-recharge when power off
36a4978 power: flounder: cancel charging full if level < 96
e6f0fd7 power: bq2419x: no reset watchdog if watchdog timeout is set as 0
594306a Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
d33ce84 power: bq2419x: configure resume and power-ON time on suspend/shutdown
3cf09bf power: bq2419x: read fault status register two times
dc6c409 power: bq2419x: correctly check for thermal profile data
e146757 power: bq2419x: reconfigure BQ on the safety timer expire
b2d4476 power: bq2419x: toggle CE bit when safety timer expire
bb97391 power: bq2419x: rewrite suspend callback as per flow diagram
3c8fa6d power: bq2419x: remove duplication of code for safty timer handling
f902c62 power: bq2419x: configure PWR ON REG when safety timer expires
564bdd5 ARM64: tegra: Update PWR_MISTOUCH pin state
fff2d83 arm: tegra: correct GPIO_PJ2 initial setting as input no pull
1de526f ARM: tegra: Correct GPIO PR4 for MCU2CPU INT to Input No Pull
47bf5f1 ARM64: tegra: Update Flash_en gpio sleep state.
9623f33 power: bq2419x: do not configure power-on from USB if no battery on shutdown
d9b6fe7 power: bq2419x: rewrite shutdown callback as per flow diagram
af0c051 power: bq2419x: add different time for power on after charge complete shutdown
3517648 power: bq2419x: handle charge termination on powerup
5ca72f7 ARM: tegra: flounder: remove GPIO_PX2, follow alternative function pin setting in bootloader
dcf9d9a ARM64: tegra: gpio: Correct sleep status of gpio on flounder board.
67fcc0e char: diag: Remove hdlc check on UART diag
5576f17 ARM: tegra: flounder: Modify GPIO PW2 status
216fa20 ARM64: tegra: Update SAR1_INT and SAR0_INT sleep gpio pin state.
e3947af ARM: tegra: flounder: enable clock gating for sdmmc1
c8ff257 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Add SAR support
3c93bf1 ARM64: tegra: enable Synaptics 7504 Touch driver
d1eaeef ARM64: tegra: implement Synaptics 7504 Touch driver
1e9fb7c i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Adapt input to enable/disable LED
0f7376a ARM64: tegra: flounder: regenerate flounder_defconfig
4fcaf9b ARM64: tegra: flounder: set no_console_suspend=1
1c8c41f htc_headset_pmic: disable wake irq when disabling headset detect
c313240 cy8c_sar: don't take a wake lock in suspend function
7f857e4 ARM64: tegra: update the new ADC table for support ASSIT_TRIGGER KEY.
7429b3d arm:tegra:flounder: Change check SKU rule
d5cfd6c ARM: tegra: flounder: fix camera Focal Lenght
1d5f44a ARM: tegra: flounder: imx219: add 720p 120fps
ea07c00 sound: soc: tegra: rt5677: Send uevent only on active level high
f867a9f Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
a0c480f misc:qcom-mdm-9k: Change mdelay to msleep
6cc6914 misc:qcom-mdm-9k: Correct getting enable modem ramdump flag.
501f747 usb: gadget: f_serial: disconnect hsic while usb2modem set alt
a6ea33f sound: soc: tegra: rt5677: Add VAD event
d220ebb i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Fine tune the type declaration
49de111 Merge 'origin/android-tegra-3.10' (fwmark)
e74e18a sound: soc: rt5677: Modify regcache_cache to apply proper register settings
957364f Merge 4th (last?) set of F2FS patches to make it look more like 3.13
066d067 IKVPREL1KK-837: f2fs: validate segment numbers during recovery
dc2d257 IKXREL1KK-3500: f2fs: improve handling of failed truncations
a6a4c7c f2fs: support 3.4
93ef220 f2fs: fix memory leak after kobject init failed in fill_super
18af434 f2fs: cleanup waiting routine for writeback pages in cp
cf49387 f2fs: check all ones or zeros bitmap with bitops for better mount performance
fdcad8a f2fs: fix calculating incorrect free size when update xattr in __f2fs_setxattr
7494adb f2fs: add an option to avoid unnecessary BUG_ONs
834bf90 f2fs: add tracepoint for vm_page_mkwrite
f8eefe1 f2fs: add tracepoint for set_page_dirty
a44f6c2 f2fs: add reclaiming control by sysfs
b4d98b6 f2fs: introduce f2fs_balance_fs_bg for some background jobs
3268af2 f2fs: reclaim prefree segments periodically
894fb86 f2fs: use bool for booleans
fea3078 f2fs: clean up several status-related operations
8a6a4c9 f2fs: introduce f2fs_kmem_cache_alloc to hide the unfailed, kmem cache allocation
66a8a6d f2fs: avoid wait if IO end up when do_checkpoint for better performance
4a263f5 f2fs: introduce function read_raw_super_block()
c5dcc2a f2fs: fix the starvation problem on cp_rwsem
a28c28a f2fs: fix to store and retrieve i_rdev correctly
cc6080d f2fs: fix writing incorrect orphan blocks
1c152e6 f2fs: handle remount options correctly
b1e373c f2fs: use rw_sem instead of fs_lock(locks mutex)
455ade9 f2fs: account for orphan inodes during recovery
9da4af7 f2fs: remove unneeded write checkpoint in recover_fsync_data
96e38f7 f2fs: optimize the victim searching loop slightly
805cea2 f2fs: optimize gc for better performance
c75a96a7 IKJBMR2-6004: f2fs: don't GC or take an fs_lock from f2fs_initxattrs()
17dde4f IKJBMR2-6004: revert IKJBMR2-2258 in favor of better fix
f4da997 IKJBMR2-2258: f2fs: dont take an fs_lock in f2fs_setxattr()
68358b8 f2fs: support the inline xattrs
000dca8 f2fs: reserve the xattr space dynamically
f83fd59 f2fs: add flags for inline xattrs
d2da522 f2fs: fix error return code in init_f2fs_fs()
ee16dae f2fs: fix memory leak when init f2fs filesystem fail
6338ba5 f2fs: fix a compound statement label error
0e38736 f2fs: clean up the needless end 'return' of void function
824e5ed f2fs: introduce cur_cp_version function to reduce code size
20036d8 f2fs: fix inconsistency between xattr node blocks and its inode
eb583bb f2fs: fix a build failure due to missing the kobject header
a0489e1 f2fs: fix a deadlock in fsync
c9be580 f2fs: add sysfs entries to select the gc policy
787c5a3 f2fs: add sysfs support for controlling the gc_thread
2a703b4 ARM: tegra: flounder: fix imx219 DT
cccf7f6 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Add Wake Gesture support
adb3814 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
4d44817 ARM: tegra: flounder: enable EDP config options in flounder_defconfig
be5b4cb ARM: tegra: flounder: copy thermal settings from norrin
4d56674 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Fix warning messages when enable Sensors
8cc8b1b sound: soc: tegra: don't power up rt5677 when probe fail.
01bbcd9 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
1f6fa88 Merge tegra/android-tegra-3.10 (tty fix)
250447c  Merge branch 'android-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
ea18770 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
d6f8c54 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
3b192e3 sound: soc: tegra: add offload support
adba03e ARM: tegra: flounder: add offload and avp device
120a83c ARM64: tegra: enable the SAR sensor driver.
c166df9 ARM64: tegra: implement the SAR sensor driver.
96273c0 usb: udc: tegra: Start charging while android charger mode
28e098e HACK: video: tegra: adf: don't post framebuffer on first fbdev open
f178376 HACK: arch: arm64: configs: flounder: enable ADF fbdev helper
9428a43 arch: arm64: configs: flounder: enable ADF
f10b769 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
1c3a4f5 arch: arm64: configs: flounder: regenerate defconfig
ac35415 Merge 3rd set of F2FS patches to make 3.10 look more like 3.13
778c95c power: flounder64: add charging input adjust for quick charge
5e3b87e ARM: tegra: flounder: fix the flash light not sync
f7c9cfd ARM: tegra: flounder: fix camera Aperture
8ad9076 driver: video: backlight: use brightness mapping function
bf3b0c7 f2fs: fix i_name during f2fs_sync_file
c7061ac f2fs: introduce help function F2FS_NODE()
891b745 f2fs: add proc entry to monitor current usage of segments
bce3fb0 f2fs: recover date requested by fdatasync
90d2ff1 f2fs: add remount_fs callback support
4f7c44d f2fs: remove the unused argument "sbi" of func destroy_fsync_dnodes()
7f76560 f2fs: fix an endian conversion bug detected by sparse
d3e17a5 f2fs: recover wrong pino after checkpoint during fsync
361391a f2fs: sync dir->i_size with its block allocation
1a098a6 f2fs: set sb->s_fs_info before calling parse_options()
bb36b2c f2fs: fix iget/iput of dir during recovery
82d3a87 IKJBXLINE-12306 f2fs: f2fs catchup, debug fixup
cde7ff2 f2fs: fix incorrect iputs during the dentry recovery
bd6a31f f2fs: fix dentry recovery routine
76b8076 f2fs: iput only if whole data blocks are flushed
ab61958 f2fs: push some variables to debug part
0d5d8ad f2fs: dereferencing an ERR_PTR
6785833 f2fs: add f2fs_readonly()
fced9c4 f2fs: don't do checkpoint if error is occurred
8ef55b3 f2fs: fix to unlock page before exit
6eddfd8 f2fs: remove unnecessary kmap/kunmap operations
f94df4f f2fs: reorganize f2fs_vm_page_mkwrite
06f2005 f2fs: add debug msgs in the recovery routine
5d48b82 f2fs: fix BUG_ON during f2fs_evict_inode(dir)
ee33bf1 f2fs: fix por_doing variable coverage
c95f5eb Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/android-tegra-flounder-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10-f2fs
0efb326 drivers: media: tegra: camera: modify camera DT
7f626ed i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Use IIO instead of input subsystem
5c6f463 ARM64: tegra: flounder: Enable fiq watchdog
a1e718f ARM: tegra: flounder: Move watchdog device to device tree where it can depend on trusty-fiq
b92bb14 ARM64: tegra: flounder: Enable trusty
813bae5 ARM64: tegra: flounder: Add trusty dts info
9e84431 ARM: tegra: flounder: Don't initialize serial debugger if CONFIG_TRUSTY_FIQ is set
2b9eaca Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
86d3891 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix bcm4356 SDIO support
dfb6043 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Recognize bcm4356 SDIO mode
0742cd3 ARM: tegra: flounder: rename most of flounder64 to flounder
ae60fb0 wireless: bcmdhd: revert changes from nVidia
1898e9f ARM: tegra: flounder: rename structure to tegra_thermtrip_pmic_data
442af36 ARM: tegra: flounder: update utmi hsslew_msb value after nvidia merge
3613a73 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
4586380 ARM64: tegra: flounder: Skip ldoen control and remove PU02 control to avoid device reboot
4e990d6 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Support BCM4356 SDIO
48b77cd ARM: tegra: flounder: Modify the USB drive strength
b162ab5 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
136443d Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/android-tegra-flounder-3.10-f2fs' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
45d41c3 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/android-tegra-flounder-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10-f2fs
378dd3c Merge remote-tracking branch 'tegra/android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
bd43073 ARM: tegra: flounder: sdhci: replace mdelay with with msleep
752e937 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Report dummy META event for flush input system
baff88c arm: tegra: flounder: improve suspend/resume latency
db3aa6b video: tegra: dsi: improve VBLANK command latency
23c1f5d f2fs: Add f2fs write tracing points.
1101724 ARM/ARM64: tegra: flounder: Remove unnecessary config flag
b9a4904 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: reduce log chatter
d74c428 Sound: Soc: Add depop control when rt5506 start to play.
b070d2d power: bq2419x: add charging safety timer reset disable
3815896 power: flounder64: add unknown battery check
b887aec ARM64: tegra: flounder: sync battery dts into generic dtsi for all board
2cc08df ARM64: tegra: flounder: Register rt5506 by device tree
ec57534 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Do not polling sensor data before probe successes
56ee05d Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
36a927c ARM: tegra: flounder: remove 32-bit defconfig
afaf81b ARM/ARM64: tegra: flounder: Correct the file attribute
622e3cc ARM/ARM64: tegra: flounder: Enable Qualcomm USB diag support
c2c5f9d usb: diag: modem: Remove redundant code
1a28c13 Sound: Soc: Add depop timing control for rt5677
012b392 Merge 2nd set of F2FS patches to make 3.10 look more like 3.13
f1ec206 fs: f2fs: fix %llu printk of config-dependent type per printk-format.txt
5c2b1ff IKJBXLINE-11813: f2fs: revert to last checkpoint if recovery fails.
f00dc73 IKJBXLINE-10477: f2fs: fix log typos and formatting
6a93c4b IKJBXLINE-5233: f2fs: remount read-only support
0d7af18 IKJBXLINE-8339 f2fs: recovery breadcrumbs
2e2bd40 IKJBXLINE-7047: f2fs: mask off 0007 on inodes marked as root
33c39e7 IKJBXLINE-7198 f2fs: Fix bounds check in strncasecmp
2a63cf5 IKJBXLINE-3829: f2fs: add Android sdcard emulation
2951d9a IKJBXLINE-3742 Add logs to f2fs during mount
d69a54d usb: diag: modem: Add Qualcomm USB diag driver
266669a char: diag: Add Qualcomm diag driver
9fbe260 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
3f5aa45 flounder: light up panel on different projects
ae7f956 ARM64: tegra: flounder: enable watchdog on boot
86dae10 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
498f4ea net: usb: Add support for embedded rmnet usb host driver
16b2892 ARM/ARM64:tegra:flounder: Enable Qualcomm MDM9K support
8a7e40e ARM64: tegra: flounder: Correct xd G-Sensor placement settings
6b41de1 ARM64: tegra: flounder: Create tegra132-flounder64-xd.dts
1319851 ARM: tegra: flounder: match fb carveout size to panel resolution
87d3f84 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Enable batch mode
8478f28 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Add attribute file for testing LED
63df80c i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Support sensor hub firmware update
0fb62a9 ARM:tegra:flounder: add Qualcomm mdm9k common header files
171d9f6 ARM:tegra:flounder: add Qualcomm MDM9k support
78ec674 ARM: tegra: flounder: move camera data to device tree
50b7dd1 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
b50510c f2fs: fix to handle do_recover_data errors
84f49ee ARM: tegra: flounder: add gps poweron node
cd066e2 ARM64: tegra: flounder: add board-flounder-bootparams to get device information
49bf6a0 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
5abc049 Revert "HACK: ARM: tegra: flounder: Enable aud_1v8_en = 1 on boot from EVT1-2"
39b6a0f Sound: Soc: Update tegra-rt5677 and rt5677 drivers
eb54b99 ARM64: tegra: flounder: enable watchdog
eb4862c htc_headset_mgr: fix race condition
86cc579 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
405a391 power: flounder64: change charging full criteria and level adjust
6a858c9 net: usb: Add protocol and RAWIP define for embedded mdm device
a16e1b7 misc:qcom-mdm-9k: Add Qualcomm MDM9K power management driver.
e10fdca Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
55fcbf0 Revert "HACK: set TEXT_OFFSET to 0x00a80000"
6adfe68 ARM64: tegra: flounder: separate dtb by SKU and revision
74cdac8 ARM64: tegra: flounder: parse engineer id from kernel command line
4a58f66 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
a9baef7 net: Add rmnet data map driver for Qualcomm MDM9K modem.
e47d2e4 ARM64: tegra: flounder: disable ZSMALLOC
c649259 ARM64: tegra: flounder: save defconfig
ccb896a USB:misc: Add mdm bridge driver to support Qualcomm MDM9K modem DUN funciton.
da2e9cf ARM64: tegra: flounder: enable fiq debugger
582e3c7 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
81c6413 USB:misc: Add diag bridge driver to support Qualcomm MDM9K modem diagnostic function.
519f3ee htc_debug: stability: reboot_params: ARM64 support
5cf62ce Revert "Usb_padctrl: Tegra: Update HSSQUELCH_LEVEL"
7ff0c7b Usb_padctrl: Tegra: Update HSSQUELCH_LEVEL
7621e79 USB:misc: add kickstart bridge driver to support Qualcomm MDM9k modem.
de92f3e net: usb: Add support for embedded rmnet usb host driver to Qualcomm MDM9k modem
08dd29c drivers: leds: lp5521: don't recreate platform data on enable/disable
3433a60 ARM: tegra: flounder: Add NV tps61310 driver
81e14fd ARM: tegra: flounder: fix imx219 ae hunting
0c115d5 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
10b42ca i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Fix barometer calibration fails
7dc44d3 Merge 1st set of F2FS patches to make 3.10 look more like 3.13
2872d2b ARM: tegra: flounder: update defconfig (+extra F2FS flags)
7631675 Revert "f2fs: add tracepoint for set_page_dirty"
35e9ba8 f2fs: add error handling mode mount ption
b2334702 IKXREL1KK-3500: f2fs: abort recovery on recursive nodes
4373f88 f2fs: issue more large discard command
b2aaf6a f2fs: avoid to use a NULL point in destroy_segment_manager
f83b4a4 f2fs: remove unnecessary TestClearPageError when wait pages writeback
fccf160 f2fs: avoid to wait all the node blocks during fsync
ad83084 f2fs: change the method of calculating the number summary blocks
410c0c1b f2fs: introduce CONFIG_F2FS_CHECK_FS for BUG_ON control
d4556da f2fs: fix a deadlock during init_acl procedure
149129c f2fs: clean up acl flow for better readability
108bc49 f2fs: remove unnecessary segment bitmap updates
1fa2b6a f2fs: add tracepoint for set_page_dirty
2530087 f2fs: remove redundant set_page_dirty from write_compacted_summaries
fd1976e f2fs: no need to check other dirty_segmap when the seg has been found
6e2a663 f2fs: use true and false for boolean value
20fb754 f2fs: avoid to write during the recovery
74c5c63 f2fs: avoid unnecessary checkpoints
19b5386 f2fs: avoid allocating failure in bio_alloc
c4bbcca f2fs: optimize fs_lock for better performance
df79d77 f2fs: merge more bios of node block writes
1819975 f2fs: avoid an overflow during utilization calculation
0ce6404 f2fs: trigger GC when there are prefree segments
f9d2a28 IKXREL1KK-399: f2fs: don't bug-out while truncating empty nodes
afd3be6 IKJBMR2-4400: f2fs: don't let the orphan go negative in release_orphan_inode
ea72f16 IKJBMR2X-646: f2fs: check the segment number during invalidate
f4e7cdf IKJBMR2-4397: f2fs: don't let the orphan counter go negative
8550cbc IKJBMR2-2649: f2fs: call f2fs_put_page for new_page in f2fs_rename
ca750c2 IKJBMR2-2381: f2fs: don't bug-out while recovering corrupt orphans
9136006 f2fs: use strncasecmp() simplify the string comparison
8c6070e f2fs: fix omitting to update inode page
5ce540d f2fs: add the truncate_xattr_node function
d2a1489 f2fs: introduce __find_xattr for readability
ae2b990 f2fs: fix wrong BUG_ON condition
dc99f55 f2fs: avoid writing inode redundantly when creating a file
ef04a66 f2fs: alloc_page() doesn't return an ERR_PTR
94ff959 f2fs: should cover i_xattr_nid with its xattr node page lock
1eb56bc f2fs: check the free space first in new_node_page
fe25779 f2fs: fix the use of XATTR_NODE_OFFSET
eb6485d f2fs: remove redundant code from f2fs_write_begin
c9df5e8 f2fs: remove an unneeded kfree(NULL)
0515bc8 f2fs: fix handling orphan inodes
a7dbec1 f2fs: move bio_private allocation out of f2fs_bio_alloc()
7eacec1 f2fs: use list_for_each rather than list_for_each_safe, in remove_orphan_inode()
bef5491 f2fs: use seq_puts()/seq_putc() rather than seq_printf() where possible
4e3a8fe f2fs: update file name in the inode block during f2fs_rename
69f84ce8 f2fs: add a help func F2FS_STAT() to get the f2fs_stat_info
f9c2ef5 f2fs: fix to recover i_size from roll-forward
62db0da f2fs: remove reusing any prefree segments
6fe3a66 f2fs: code cleanup and simplify in func {find/add}_gc_inode
6ad6b3e f2fs: optimize the init_dirty_segmap function
292c1d3 f2fs: fix crc endian conversion
132c7a9 f2fs: optimize do_write_data_page()
a3fdab2 f2fs: make locate_dirty_segment() as static
0dc3f98 f2fs: remove unnecessary parameter "offset" from __add_sum_entry()
6a83369 f2fs: avoid freqeunt write_inode calls
90b5db1 f2fs: optimise the truncate_data_blocks_range() range
8c7a77d f2fs: use the F2FS sepcifice flags in f2fs_ioctl()
3b44f39 f2fs: fix i_blocks translation on various types of files
412aef4 f2fs: support xattr security labels
e02a41a f2fs: reorganise the function get_victim_by_default
5cc64d1 IKJBXLINE-12306 f2fs: Don't panic in dec_valid_block_count
5ac5d71 f2fs: cover cp_file information with ilock
c49192b f2fs: return proper error from start_gc_thread
f764302 f2fs: optimize several routines in node.h
e563c47 f2fs: remove unneeded initializations in f2fs_parent_dir
5e8760d f2fs: align data types between on-disk and in-memory block addresses
f51812f f2fs: use ihold
bc945de f2fs: should not make_bad_inode on f2fs_link failure
a4a2acd f2fs: reuse the locked dnode page and its inode
6113b70 f2fs: fix wrong condition check
6e778fb f2fs: avoid RECLAIM_FS-ON-W: deadlock
a781cb6 f2fs: use list_for_each_entry rather than list_for_each_entry_safe
ee07e16 f2fs: remove unecessary variable and code
fc02a46 f2fs, lockdep: annotate mutex_lock_all()
cc1d7c3 f2fs: update inode page after creation
eb5f629 f2fs: change get_new_data_page to pass a locked node page
42d2add f2fs: skip get_node_page if locked node page is passed
2758ef2 f2fs: remove unnecessary por_doing check
3450496 f2fs: remove redundant assignment
41f6a43 IKJBXLINE-10477: revert dec_valid_node_count accounting fix
e39061e f2fs: fix the inconsistent state of data pages
ca7e0ba f2fs: fix inconsistency of block count during recovery
5146fe9 f2fs: Remove BUG_ON in dec_valid_node_count
b81ada4 IKJBXLINE-6968: f2fs: check segment map accounting on bitmap errors
9875bc5 IKJBXLINE-8397: f2fs: ignore already-invalidated blocks
3be379b IKJBXLINE-7219 f2fs: handle errors from get_node_page calls
1d88562 video: tegra: dsi: correct VBLANK command sequence
c1b484f regmap: Implemented default cache sync operation
7fa3cce ARM64: flounder: Turn on kernel command line
1cae2ea ARM: tegra: flounder: update defconfig
0577aaf CwMcuSensor: fix memory corruption
75266f0 ARM: tegra: flounder: support 5.0 eMMC component
b20bdc0 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
a54b2c3 net: wireless: bcmdhd: add code for CONFIG_COMPAT
0407012 ARM64: tegra: flounder: enable CONFIG_HEADSET_DEBUG_UART
bbc233e ARM64: tegra: Add debug UART Detection when Serial Jack insert
765f247 ARM: tegra: flounder: update board-flounder-power.c to match ardbeg
bdde1c3 flounder: enable cpu hw thermal throttling
1f2a1a6 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
4eb1d014 flounder: enable PID thermal throttling governor
7d6b40b arm64: flounder config: enable F2FS++
9e6a9f4 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
6dc0865 ARM: tegra: flounder: set charging_supported=true
bc5cf4d ARM: tegra: flounder: UDC: Add vbus_extcon_dev_name
aef0589 sound: soc: codecs: rt5677: Change DSP FW path to /system/vendor/firmware
a586a32 ARM64: tegra: flounder: Correct motion sensor placement settings
ad6ac17 arm64: flounder config: + DM_VERITY, ignore some settings
8d9f0aa Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
362ed0b Revert "Turn off sensor hub"
c0b2140 ARM: tegra: flounder: Modify emmc driving strength
c569874 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Add resilient ability to failures of Sensor HUB
88223fe ARM: tegra: flounder: Set default cpufreq governor interactive
96659fd HACK: ARM: tegra: flounder: Enable aud_1v8_en = 1 on boot from EVT1-2
3ad37ef sound: soc: tegra: Add new dai link for MI2S dummy play
7581482 flounder: switch backlight driver to tegra-dsi-backlight
f1c6655 Revert "ARM: tegra: switch backlight path to tegra-pwm-bl"
42cbe40 video: backlight: add tegra-dsi-backlight driver
ec49235 ARM64: tegra: flounder: support EVT1-2 LCD reset gpio
4c12d3d ARM64: tegra: flounder: update board file to match ardbeg
7ceafe7 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
a2701a2 Revert "HACK: Revert "arm: tegra: use ARM's DEN0028 v0.9 and PSCI specs to define SMCs""
e8a7a32 sound: soc: codecs: Fix rt5506 ioctl and copy_from_user bug
83271d7 HACK: fs: partitions: efi: Skip reading GPT from last lba
002ddf7 ARM64: tegra: enable the 1-wire headset function.
7146209 ARM: tegra: Correct GPIO for OTG and Slim port coexist
1e0b127 ARM64: tegra: flounder: parse hw_revision from kernel command line
1212b7d arm: flounder: implement brightness mapping function
86d879e sound: soc: codecs: rt5677: Add ELF format DSP FW loading
5b80871 sound: soc: codecs: rt5677: Allow unaligned address data transfer
6b437a3 Turn off sensor hub
caac48d flounder: touch: fix "no touch after fp35_idle"
3a4699c arm: flounder: update sdhci parameters of HS200/SDR104
cc72cf6 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
729af1a ARM: tegra: flounder: Enable OTG Host mode
b97ab69 i2c: chip: CwMcuSensor: Request from Optical, modify lightsensor GADC value Signed-off-by: Andy Chuang <andy_chuang@htc.com>
cf06689 ARM: tegra: flounder: defconfig: Bring up Sensor HUB
a0c33bd ARM64: flounder: configure default dtb build
22e9bee Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
fa2feee arm: flounder: disable CMU since no correct table for current panel
bf4eeb1 ARM64: tegra: Correct GPIO_PU2 WarmReset pin as O(H)
92ff3fe ARM64: tegra: flounder: update defconfig
f41f88c Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
3e19df5 Revert "Revert "input: touch: maxim: Enable double tap wakeup""
1cd152b Revert "HACK: ARM64: tegra: flounder: disable HS200 mode"
610ea7a arm64: flounder: enable emc dvfs
3313585 arm: flounder: add emc dvfs table
14fca37 power: flounder64: add charging over temperature protection
af9e207 ARM: tegra: flounder: change charger dts for no charging suspend
96f6f8f ARM: tegra: flounder: Remove GPIO configuration for the SPI SFIO pins used by audio codec DSP
88ffc70 Merge branch 'bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
bb1557d net: wireless: bcmdhd: Add GET_CUSTOM_MAC_ENABLE option
2121439 ARM64: flounder: turn off android logger
e9e894c ARM64: tegra: flounder: enable thermal throttling
68bad97 media: video: tegra: camera can't be detected on XC devices. 1. Configure camera MCLK as SFIO in kernel side. 2. Correct VCM PWDN gpio definition. 3. Fine tune imx219/ov9760/drv201 power off sequence.
f00b4c1 media: video: tegra: fix ov9760 incorrect program.
e267430 ARM: tegra: flounder: Remove obsolete flounder_wifi_prepower()
a870e9f ARM: tegra: flounder: Remove obsolete CONFIG_TEGRA_PREPOWER_WIFI
a82b914 Modify led attribute function to match the definition in led hal
d1a3e2a ARM64: tegra: flounder: Fix memory layout in dts
a176e6c Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
f17c7cc ARM: tegra: update JDI panel to match nvidia changes
93cc0ce Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
67a045e ARM: tegra: flounder: enable slimport (anx7812) for flounder64
2cc0560 driver: misc: slimport: add slimport anx7816 driver
616677b ARM: tegra: flounder: slimport: modify the naming for different slimport transmittor chip
c742fd2 configs: flounder 64bit: cannoicalize defconfig. No changes.
9382965 configs: flounder: cannoicalize defconfig. No changes.
534460f ARM64: tegra: flounder: Pull down NFC IRQ line.
61070d9 NFC: Broadcom: Fix format (possble stack corruption in printf call)
475e255 ARM64: tegra: flounder: BCM20795 NFC support.
39b0512 media: video: tegra: Add camera sensor driver.
2e247b0 ARM64: tegra: flounder: remove incorrect gpio settings
3739c0d Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
6b6a8e0 htc_debug: stability: reboot_params: 64bit support
df11dd1 ARM64: tegra: flounder: Update device tree for charger bq2419x
0eb3e66 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
b54eca3 ARM64: tegra: flounder: fix dtb dependency
4d2b16a Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
8e7d270 flounder64: generate defconfig using android fragments
7e6f62e ARM: tegra: flounder: Remove obsolete CONFIG_BT
74d5c6c Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
368a2cf ARM64: tegra: flounder: fix bluetooth address exporting
f288026 Headset porting enable function
55ee62a ARM: tegra: flounder64: add bt address node.
a958790 Revert "input: touch: maxim: Enable double tap wakeup"
7b1cc8c Revert "Revert "HACK: video: tegra: dsi: disable putting ds in lp mode after commands""
28c5213 Revert "video: tegra: dsi: Fix lane state during VBLANK"
b0665da HACK: ARM64: tegra: flounder: disable HS200 mode
12b2742 ARM64: tegra: flounder: add initial flounder files for t132
fd66b90 ARM: tegra: flounder: update flounder files to match ardbeg
a4737ed Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
adefcd4 Revert "ARM: tegra: flounder: Set random MAC address is not passed from command line"
2d90fc6 [TOE][HS]Change headset driver code location to driver/
6e4a7bc ARM: tegra: flounder: Remove GPIO configuration for the audio SFIO pins
5b01392 Adjust headset ADC range
2db042c media: video: tegra: Add camera sensor drivers
4660f70 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Remove 64-bit compilation warnings
ec2b5ef Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
4b96fae net: wireless: bcmdhd: support for CONFIG_NL80211_TESTMODE
0b836f7 Revert "HACK: input: touchscreen: maxim_sti: manually set Y range"
cda6b60 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Add CONFIG_64BIT support
b9eee98 ARM: tegra: flounder: change power rail setting
ffbf78b Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
f0dc7a8 ARM: tegra: flounder: change wlan drive strength for stabilizing SDIO clock singal
e58e6e0 Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
eb97b70 ARM: tegra: flounder: Prepare to new bcmdhd driver release
ef99a49 Merge remote-tracking branch 'tegra/android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
001fca8 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix arm64 support
767fb5f Merge remote-tracking branch 'tegra/android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
f893bd6 ARM: tegra: flounder: Remove unused variable
e2abd9c sound: soc: codec: Add tfa9895 ops
27d3cc5 ARM: tegra: flounder: remove extra emc table value
31f8fe5 ARM: tegra: flounder: Remove CONFIG_MACH_LOKI
af9d505 drivers: leds: tps61310: fix storage class warning
19b5ad5 drivers: leds: tps61310: fix max_current and flash permissions
e9d5d90 ARM: tegra: htc_headset: fix pmic_adc_debug permissions
7b90347 ARM: tegra: flounder: Initialize disp1_rate in flounder_display_init
f1660bd sound: soc: codec: flounder: Dump HS AMP register
c99d108 flounder: generate defconfig using android fragments
f549296 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Update to Version 1.141.31
506b504 Merge remote-tracking branch 'tegra/android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
d13b0be Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
40bbfec video: tegra: dsi: Fix lane state during VBLANK
f83df8b Revert "HACK: video: tegra: dsi: disable putting ds in lp mode after commands"
fd029a5 usb: gadget: android: Enable serial driver
c55affd Revert "HACK: video: tegra: dc: skip enable for JDI panel"
f64969f ARM: tegra: switch backlight path to tegra-pwm-bl
0ccced6 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
f49becc ARM: tegra: flounder: enable INPUT_KEYCHORD
eaf6212 ARM: tegra: update JDI panel refresh rate to 60Hz
faa5b5d Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
160cac6 ARM: tegra: flounder: enable TI TPS61310 LED driver in defconfig
fe37d5c ARM: tegra: flounder: Add tps61310 device as flashlight driver in dts.
5470abe drivers: leds: Add TI TPS61310 led/flashlight driver.
b254e1e ARM: tegra: flounder: change power rail setting
dac8895 ARM: tegra: flounder: Enable vibrator on flounder.
bd710db ARM: tegra: flounder: fix gpio warnings in headset manager
1104f83 flounder: lp5521 led driver porting and remove double config i2c clk
71b55af ARM: tegra: flounder: update defconfig
db9155a flounder: enable htc lp5521 driver
2b152ec add htc lp5521 led driver
3cd117d HACK: video: tegra: dsi: disable putting ds in lp mode after commands
c544963 HACK: Revert "arm: tegra: use ARM's DEN0028 v0.9 and PSCI specs to define SMCs"
fdd9cd3 ARM: tegra: flounder: update flounder files to match ardbeg
b630842 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
bf64428 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Remove noisy message
d97c223 power: max17050: add max17050 fuel gauge driver
ffaca9c ARM: tegra: flounder: Implementation for BT MAC address
f52ed6e sound: soc: tegra: update tegra-rt5677 driver
061b16f sound: soc: codec: Update RT5677 for VAD mode
e8f74d8 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
792b413 HACK: input: touchscreen: maxim_sti: manually set Y range
d7ac6bc ARM: tegra: flounder: fix file permissions
b7c05b4 ARM: tegra: flounder: enable max11936 touch controller driver
33f9d78 ARM: tegra: flounder: configure max11936 touch controller
2c06958 ARM: tegra: flounder: enable SPI3
4a19b9d [USB] Set USB drive strength to MAX value
00b63ff headset porting configuration
163d982 sound: soc: tegra: flounder: Do correct power control in rt5677 codec.
c3360a6 sound: soc: codec: flounder: Enable headset detect
c72807a headset porting enable function
c50013f headset porting
0df2c24 sound: soc: codec:set GPIO vad_clock_en default value
779a1a8 sound: soc: codec: flounder: Add gain control for rt5506 HS AMP
59477b7 sound: soc: tegra: flounder: Add tfa9895 disable
2ef26be ARM: tegra: fix JDI panel suspend/resume issue
5ff8066 Video: tegra: dsi: implement send host command in vblank
70288df Revert "HACK: ARM: tegra: flounder: disable HDMI"
9d58dd9 ARM: tegra: flounder: slimport: enable slimport for flounder
2ba6155 ARM: tegra: Enable slimport anx7808
5b8c616 slimport: add slimport anx7808 driver
d9b87b5 i2c: modify clk to 400k
6ac3a91 ARM: tegra: flounder: add SPI5 settings
c835cbe ARM: tegra: flounder: enable KB_ROW12(PS4) pull down
e583291c ARM: tegra: flounder: switch to userspace low memory killer
b92c505 ARM: tegra: flounder: config the PWR_MISTOUCH pin
cc487ad ARM: tegra: flounder: defconfig: Remove Invensense modules which we do not use
1967634 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
62ade60 flounder: sync ardbeg lpddr3_emc_table, tegra124-tn8-generic.dtsi.
7be711b arm: tegra: update emc dvfs sequence to v12413
78f360c ARM: tegra: flounder: change power rail setting
c49a94b HACK: video: tegra: dc: skip enable for JDI panel
21ee41f ARCH: ARM: tegra: display bringup patch, suspend/resume still fail
8b04c0c HACK: ARM: tegra: flounder: disable HDMI
f92a040 ARM: tegra: flounder: change touchscreen driver to max1183x in defconfig
8ed62d2 ARM: tegra: flounder: add max11836 driver to board file
d8dd6df ARM: tegra: flounder: add audio to defconfig
a78bda6 ARM: tegra: flounder: Update board file for audio
0d536df ARM: tegra: flounder: remove sdhci_tegra.2
3505e69 input: touchscreen: add max1187x driver
84e81eb sound: soc: tegra: flounder: Add tfa9895, update 5506/5677 drivers
dddc424 ARM: tegra: flounder: update power device tree to match EVT
4c9bb6e ARM: tegra: flounder: update pinmux for EVT
b3f41ca ARM: tegra: flounder: update device tree for EVT
0810a5c ARM: tegra: flounder: switch debug uart from D to A
14c4abb ARM: tegra: flounder: remove unused board file entries
2013ac4 ARM: tegra: defconfig: update using savedefconfig
e8c3691 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
a9b7e88 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
02fcbc7 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
7260470 Merge branch 'bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
28e6142 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Add bcm4354 id support
859cab1 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
4c3d868 ARM: tegra: flounder: remove card detect gpio from sdhci2
561fdf3 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
fc3c215 ARM: tegra: flounder kbc: key
04ad301 htc_debug: stability: reboot_params: Add module
c4ce969 htc_debug: stability: Create skeleton
bb32265 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
199a37d flounder: defconfig: add pstore / ramoops console
608c28f flounder: call new tegra ram console init method
545aa89 ARM: tegra: flounder: update flounder_defconfig
a5516fd ARM: tegra: flounder: update board files to match ardbeg
4c6dd33 ARM: tegra: flounder: update tegra124-flounder.dts to match ardbeg
2f7a88f Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
8e5c8f4 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
93de45a Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
ca51ec3 ARM: tegra: flounder: defconfig: set default cpufreq governor to interactive
963cd20 soc: codecs: rt5677: Fix WARNING: at sound/soc/soc-core.c:1114
00328ba ARM: tegra: flounder: Rt5677 support
6cc532a Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
c1ec980 ARM: tegra: flounder: enable TLK in defconfig
301cc66 ARM: tegra: flounder: update defconfig to match tegra12_android
4364396 ARM: tegra: flounder: update flounder board files to match ardbeg
9e0f56b Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
4b9bc11 ARM: tegra: flounder: fix board device tree compatible checks
7e138dc ARM: tegra: flounder: Remove unnecessary gpio request
80e22e6 ARM: tegra: flounder: Create complete board files
5118757 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
2d33df2 Revert "net: wireless: bcmdhd: HACK: Remove p2p stuff from scan"
88ff2fa ARM: tegra: flounder: Add CONFIG_MACH_FLOUNDER to flounder defconfig
5ce0861 ARM: tegra: flounder: add board files for flounder
0f2cb77 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
0156e3f ARM: tegra: flounder: enable FIQ debugger in defconfig
947f3e5 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
998c225 ARM: tegra: flounder: Set random MAC address is not passed from command line
d448088 net: wireless: bcmdhd: HACK: Remove p2p stuff from scan
a57c0d9 ARM: tegra: flounder: disable appended DTB in defconfig
2c4d554 ARM: nvidia: flounder: Set bcmddh wlan as built-in
a2951d6 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Kconfig minor fixes
a4329cf Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/bcmdhd-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
eecdd03 net: wireless: delete bcmdhd
97c88d7 ARM: tegra: flounder: update defconfig
f3b5477 Merge branch 'android-tegra-3.10' into android-tegra-flounder-3.10
dc34b2c net: wireless: bcmdhd: Initial revision 1.88.0
740434d net: wireless: delete bcm43241 and bcm43341
ae4775e ARM: tegra: flounder: build appended DTBs by default
9c634ee ARM: tegra: flounder: add initial device tree and defconfig
32312f4 Revert "UPSTREAM Revert Android "ARM: convert build of appended dtb zImage to list of dtbs""

Bug: 18158174
Bug: 19549480
Change-Id: I50652e23a6093b3d1a024c67c10f5510b8676091
diff --git a/Image.gz-dtb b/Image.gz-dtb
index bc1b106..7ec771a 100644
--- a/Image.gz-dtb
+++ b/Image.gz-dtb
Binary files differ