Android 2.2 release 1.1
dream-sapphire:  update kernel/wifi prebuilts

6544e06788f9146eab485ec701cf663bfd96ea86 [ARM] msm: sapphire: give 3MB back to the system (with radio update)
b71b3d1081e0315ab1f873be0bdb2a82d9a45c37 [ARM] msm: mahimahi: Debounce power key.
9be5c9fa5f8bbb424a0fe3a63e80576a701f7d65 Allow CONFIG_STACKTRACE to be enabled by itself.
248970b7c69bad5196377e783b5d3196d60cfc76 Revert "network: wireless: bcm4329: Add "HANG" event and console monitoring"
b81ce00c75ec0966af1022c5878bbed440045736 network: wireless: bcm4329: Add "HANG" event and console monitoring
0a455c0127b46f24da99914310cb6a085ed7c9ac net: wireless: bcm4329: Add "getpower" support

Change-Id: I51db99fbb31df0735821b3572271de5f0232745f
Signed-off-by: Iliyan Malchev <>
2 files changed