wahoo: update kernel prebuilt [ DO NOT MERGE ]

62af034e001a Merge branch 'android-msm-wahoo-4.4-qt' into android-msm-wahoo-4.4-qt-qpr1
36c093ec2ff7 qcacld-3.0: Fix buffer overflow in htt_t2h_msg_handler_fast
13bbfd2acaff qcacld-3.0: Fix possible OOB in wma_unified_radio_tx_mem_free()
132c995fa299 Merge branch 'android-msm-wahoo-4.4-qt-security-next' into android-msm-wahoo-4.4-qt
e401cbdc0225 diag: dci: Validate dci client entries prior read
0885f9fa1f03 msm: camera_v2: handle the error value returned during get clock
3cec04152e58 msm: kgsl: Fix race condition while making page as dirty
56bf0a1cdcd0 lsm: check payload size validity before using it as array index
ba07aeceb481 qcacld-3.0: Remove off-by-one write condition in sch_beacon_process
b5747b04714f dsp: asm: validate payload size before access
03a9e44f2440 drivers: soc: qcom: Added check to avoid opening multiple instance
4c3598af8990 drivers: soc: Synchronize apr callback and voice svc release
1abdbcc85976 UPSTREAM: binder: check for overflow when alloc for security context
33e32f950a64 msm: adsprpc: use same CPU address during DMA allocation and free
ae1369347be9 msm: ADSPRPC: Update correct VA to user space
b44412bf04f6 msm: kgsl: Prevent race condition when freeing memory
46d8ba9a1ad6 LTS: Merge android-4.4 (4.4.180) into android-msm-wahoo-4.4-qt-qpr1
5c7e3ac862dc Merge android-4.4 (4.4.180) into android-msm-wahoo-4.4-qt-lts
4b83924d66b1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'partner/android-msm-wahoo-4.4-qt-qpr1' into android-msm-wahoo-4.4-qt-lts
d1cecd465e6a Revert "msm: kgsl: Offload mementry destroy work to separate thread"
7e1acf11db61 msm: adsprpc: allocate all remote memory in kernel
71cb827c0249 Merge 4.4.180 into android-4.4
ce469a70f3bc ANDROID: cuttlefish_defconfig: Disable DEVTMPFS
fe15f47306a1 ANDROID: Move from clang r349610 to r353983c.
8cb9bdaac97a Merge upstream-f2fs-stable-linux-4.4.y into android-4.4
0cba1d4c1422 f2fs: fix to avoid accessing xattr across the boundary
ee588a7f2329 f2fs: fix to avoid potential race on sbi->unusable_block_count access/update
993543bcbad2 f2fs: add tracepoint for f2fs_filemap_fault()
b60ff4b3605c f2fs: introduce DATA_GENERIC_ENHANCE
43c33bc93b79 f2fs: fix to handle error in f2fs_disable_checkpoint()
9ca2000e9d76 f2fs: remove redundant check in f2fs_file_write_iter()
b6bb1574fce6 f2fs: fix to be aware of readonly device in write_checkpoint()
04139be9047a f2fs: fix to skip recovery on readonly device
25f68cbbdb86 f2fs: fix to consider multiple device for readonly check
a90ff12b2ff5 f2fs: relocate chksum_offset for large_nat_bitmap feature
ad199c5f600f f2fs: allow unfixed f2fs_checkpoint.checksum_offset
a3df88564441 f2fs: Replace spaces with tab
12a9d38a0b11 f2fs: insert space before the open parenthesis '('
e3057056de10 f2fs: allow address pointer number of dnode aligning to specified size
c351f529e220 f2fs: introduce f2fs_read_single_page() for cleanup
8ac217148510 f2fs: mark is_extension_exist() inline
2c8359eee2ad f2fs: fix to set FI_UPDATE_WRITE correctly
5f2085bab2e2 f2fs: fix to avoid panic in f2fs_inplace_write_data()
d6fe88aef4c1 f2fs: fix to do sanity check on valid block count of segment
1c3e295f67d0 f2fs: fix to do sanity check on valid node/block count
4ffbe8fee8a4 f2fs: fix to avoid panic in do_recover_data()
65f109d717d4 f2fs: fix to do sanity check on free nid
c60f9c6ced33 f2fs: fix to do checksum even if inode page is uptodate
9a080abdc30b f2fs: fix to avoid panic in f2fs_remove_inode_page()
c0bcbe425670 f2fs: fix to clear dirty inode in error path of f2fs_iget()
299dea1adf40 f2fs: remove new blank line of f2fs kernel message
9b4fc7359ca2 f2fs: fix wrong __is_meta_io() macro
02fb7afdd5f0 f2fs: fix to avoid panic in dec_valid_node_count()
5caebe607e13 f2fs: fix to avoid panic in dec_valid_block_count()
b5bc76046b10 f2fs: fix to use inline space only if inline_xattr is enable
9bc578bf83ee f2fs: fix to retrieve inline xattr space
0d7333632d79 f2fs: fix error path of recovery
b9973998d9df f2fs: fix to avoid deadloop in foreground GC
5047402dec0e f2fs: data: fix warning Using plain integer as NULL pointer
5bed19fbbba0 f2fs: add tracepoint for f2fs_file_write_iter()
7e37cc9d7161 f2fs: add comment for conditional compilation statement
00e77f15eb1d f2fs: fix potential recursive call when enabling data_flush
6b25d4ac2e7d f2fs: improve discard handling with multi-device volumes
c4c54093c71d f2fs: Reduce zoned block device memory usage
2c124ddd98a9 f2fs: Fix use of number of devices
152bacdd85c4 ANDROID: Communicates LMK events to userland where they can be logged
aab9adb4b81b Merge 4.4.179 into android-4.4
74f9ab0d3ed3 Make arm64 serial port config compatible with crosvm
07797f0ce789 Fix merge issue with 4.4.178
abe4979abd87 Fix merge issue with 4.4.177
aa922bed25d4 ANDROID: cuttlefish_defconfig: Enable CONFIG_OVERLAY_FS
7af10f2966c2 Merge 4.4.178 into android-4.4
b20fa86720f8 ANDROID: drop CONFIG_INPUT_KEYCHORD from cuttlefish and ranchu
643dbe00f480 UPSTREAM: virt_wifi: Remove REGULATORY_WIPHY_SELF_MANAGED
1c25c9cc4ab7 Merge upstream-f2fs-stable-linux-4.4.y into android-4.4
9e6526c9a143 UPSTREAM: net: socket: set sock->sk to NULL after calling proto_ops::release()
0c3b8c486664 Merge 4.4.177 into android-4.4
a71fc927e552 Revert "ANDROID: arm: process: Add display of memory around registers when displaying regs."
22c197243aee f2fs: set pin_file under CAP_SYS_ADMIN
557dadbd8114 f2fs: fix to avoid deadlock in f2fs_read_inline_dir()
413e1f1994f2 f2fs: fix to adapt small inline xattr space in __find_inline_xattr()
1f4e6f41cc90 f2fs: fix to do sanity check with inode.i_inline_xattr_size
6fda31ae4bd9 f2fs: give some messages for inline_xattr_size
52b876811ab7 f2fs: don't trigger read IO for beyond EOF page
6831f03b94ec f2fs: fix to add refcount once page is tagged PG_private
a103284fe8e8 f2fs: remove wrong comment in f2fs_invalidate_page()
f261d5b43f93 f2fs: fix to use kvfree instead of kzfree
ce14043aae02 f2fs: print more parameters in trace_f2fs_map_blocks
0b5f8cceb850 f2fs: trace f2fs_ioc_shutdown
528a7e781c07 f2fs: fix to avoid deadlock of atomic file operations
09554b63c705 f2fs: fix to dirty inode for i_mode recovery
2d7bc3f94305 f2fs: give random value to i_generation
0d150640d185 f2fs: no need to take page lock in readdir
2e7ee431e4c3 f2fs: fix to update iostat correctly in IPU path
ac589b083d73 f2fs: fix encrypted page memory leak
40c364049511 f2fs: make fault injection covering __submit_flush_wait()
9878080f02d6 f2fs: fix to retry fill_super only if recovery failed
7307334f4368 f2fs: silence VM_WARN_ON_ONCE in mempool_alloc
66ebc2e50a52 f2fs: correct spelling mistake
79c3cf3d3b5a f2fs: fix wrong #endif
b88b75de8305 f2fs: don't clear CP_QUOTA_NEED_FSCK_FLAG
6a19f801501c f2fs: don't allow negative ->write_io_size_bits
52bff3f6ce0f f2fs: fix to check inline_xattr_size boundary correctly
49293dce7b72 ANDROID: mnt: Propagate remount correctly
bf53364cba2f ANDROID: cuttlefish_defconfig: Add support for AC97 audio
f44df02cd202 ANDROID: overlayfs: override_creds=off option bypass creator_cred
0272cd402b73 FROMGIT: binder: create node flag to request sender's security context
2599cc3d728c Revert "f2fs: fix to avoid deadlock of atomic file operations"
d5aa6ed6b68f Revert "f2fs: fix to check inline_xattr_size boundary correctly"
cf84cdc1d2b5 Merge 4.4.176 into android-4.4
08d58678a972 Merge 4.4.175 into android-4.4
aaf863165e09 BACKPORT: userfaultfd: shmem/hugetlbfs: only allow to register VM_MAYWRITE vmas
74b50ba2ec23 ANDROID: cuttlefish_defconfig: Enable DEBUG_SET_MODULE_RONX
4d417f9d93ff ANDROID: Move from clang r346389b to r349610.
363f6f40b1e2 UPSTREAM: virt_wifi: fix error return code in virt_wifi_newlink()
983e064bcbe0 ion: Disable ION_HEAP_TYPE_SYSTEM_CONTIG
62872f952d6b Merge 4.4.174 into android-4.4
64b564428faa Merge 4.4.173 into android-4.4
6d1e42fb1a28 UPSTREAM: binder: filter out nodes when showing binder procs
011f2e498d94 f2fs: do not use mutex lock in atomic context
ecf753b3701d f2fs: fix potential data inconsistence of checkpoint
8ef83050d5c1 f2fs: fix to avoid deadlock of atomic file operations
be2a96a3badc f2fs: fix to check inline_xattr_size boundary correctly
b8fe720a614e f2fs: jump to label 'free_node_inode' when failing from d_make_root()
843809bad274 f2fs: fix to document inline_xattr_size option
b339a10ec62d f2fs: fix to data block override node segment by mistake
04c71ef5d9f7 f2fs: fix typos in code comments
9eb897a05082 f2fs: sync filesystem after roll-forward recovery
6df501312cd5 fs: export evict_inodes
22cb0dec0ee2 f2fs: flush quota blocks after turnning it off
909e1f05afb5 f2fs: avoid null pointer exception in dcc_info
0335a980d238 f2fs: don't wake up too frequently, if there is lots of IOs
c21ea75cece2 f2fs: try to keep CP_TRIMMED_FLAG after successful umount
3907a1e3993a f2fs: add quick mode of checkpoint=disable for QA
35f7e2f6b1b3 f2fs: run discard jobs when put_super
c90a357aee5f f2fs: fix to set sbi dirty correctly
1b64f91923d0 f2fs: UBSAN: set boolean value iostat_enable correctly
b8243df07b58 f2fs: add brackets for macros
9ca1182a3c21 f2fs: check if file namelen exceeds max value
82e2ea275314 f2fs: fix to trigger fsck if dirent.name_len is zero
1ba66eab9c23 f2fs: no need to check return value of debugfs_create functions
b9aad0e3d072 f2fs: export FS_NOCOW_FL flag to user
b5897a1fad59 f2fs: check inject_rate validity during configuring
f3a0a4ad1ea4 f2fs: remove set but not used variable 'err'
746a1117c57a f2fs: fix compile warnings: 'struct *' declared inside parameter list
b224ba20b4d4 f2fs: change error code to -ENOMEM from -EINVAL
f38b204f76a9 ANDROID: cuttlefish_defconfig: Enable CONFIG_RTC_HCTOSYS
b3e9e81ee068 Merge 4.4.172 into android-4.4
d0c3914ffbe4 UPSTREAM: dm: do not allow readahead to limit IO size
f2d65ea603e2 UPSTREAM: readahead: stricter check for bdi io_pages
e7c8b35e4867 UPSTREAM: mm: don't cap request size based on read-ahead setting
24189101975d ANDROID: Fix cuttlefish redundant vsock connection.
3fcfb1ac6699 UPSTREAM: loop: drop caches if offset or block_size are changed
b355d4f7ce55 Merge 4.4.171 into android-4.4
e137948e4b11 UPSTREAM: virtio: new feature to detect IOMMU device quirk
7389e826abae UPSTREAM: vring: Use the DMA API on Xen
6bb68f96a00a UPSTREAM: virtio_ring: Support DMA APIs
dbe5b486ca9a UPSTREAM: vring: Introduce vring_use_dma_api()
5ec66a676736 ANDROID: cuttlefish_defconfig: Enable vsock options
06477f7ef8c1 UPSTREAM: vhost/vsock: fix reset orphans race with close timeout
e633b6d8e0df UPSTREAM: vhost/vsock: fix use-after-free in network stack callers
eb2ca3c19653 UPSTREAM: vhost: correctly check the iova range when waking virtqueue
732e0b13c5d1 UPSTREAM: vhost: synchronize IOTLB message with dev cleanup
f46187d14af3 UPSTREAM: vhost: fix info leak due to uninitialized memory
6619733eab40 UPSTREAM: vhost: fix vhost_vq_access_ok() log check
167925fc0eff UPSTREAM: vhost: validate log when IOTLB is enabled
579cd6fe1e70 UPSTREAM: vhost_net: add missing lock nesting notation
b2696b4a37bd UPSTREAM: vhost: use mutex_lock_nested() in vhost_dev_lock_vqs()
b53fc49147e2 UPSTREAM: vhost/vsock: fix uninitialized vhost_vsock->guest_cid
ea183988dee1 UPSTREAM: vhost_net: correctly check tx avail during rx busy polling
d6c52dda2c08 UPSTREAM: vsock: use new wait API for vsock_stream_sendmsg()
821984ea0cac UPSTREAM: vsock: cancel packets when failing to connect
8d30307c8dc9 UPSTREAM: vhost-vsock: add pkt cancel capability
2b8dd4215e44 UPSTREAM: vsock: track pkt owner vsock
982b533c5d2b UPSTREAM: vhost: fix initialization for vq->is_le
7f320a93701c UPSTREAM: vhost/vsock: handle vhost_vq_init_access() error
d8e26f878c35 UPSTREAM: vsock: lookup and setup guest_cid inside vhost_vsock_lock
f95e936b327d UPSTREAM: vhost-vsock: fix orphan connection reset
de7a923e3093 UPSTREAM: vsock/virtio: fix src/dst cid format
704b8c6108c0 UPSTREAM: VSOCK: Don't dec ack backlog twice for rejected connections
ddabe560202a UPSTREAM: vhost/vsock: drop space available check for TX vq
72e3ee7594c8 UPSTREAM: virtio-vsock: fix include guard typo
613ffe183896 UPSTREAM: vhost/vsock: fix vhost virtio_vsock_pkt use-after-free
b09cc234f36b UPSTREAM: VSOCK: Use kvfree()
80090036d471 BACKPORT: vhost: split out vringh Kconfig
ec5d426be248 UPSTREAM: vhost: drop vringh dependency
7fcee9753439 UPSTREAM: vhost: drop vringh dependency
a2a85e6807dc UPSTREAM: vhost: detect 32 bit integer wrap around
e177c82ed1fa UPSTREAM: VSOCK: Add Makefile and Kconfig
01a1cf6063b4 UPSTREAM: VSOCK: Introduce vhost_vsock.ko
60c196454277 UPSTREAM: VSOCK: Introduce virtio_transport.ko
d5590af888cb BACKPORT: VSOCK: Introduce virtio_vsock_common.ko
716adf173f7f UPSTREAM: VSOCK: defer sock removal to transports
3fc44c12b2c4 UPSTREAM: VSOCK: transport-specific vsock_transport functions
a598d93c2a3a UPSTREAM: vsock: make listener child lock ordering explicit
0f0ec3accb21 UPSTREAM: vhost: new device IOTLB API
2fb5f444a82f BACKPORT: vhost: convert pre sorted vhost memory array to interval tree
ec8d83a0748a UPSTREAM: vhost: introduce vhost memory accessors
6b9b4adc1feb UPSTREAM: vhost_net: stop polling socket during rx processing
708df0e257da UPSTREAM: VSOCK: constify vsock_transport structure
e6fdb474765f UPSTREAM: vhost: lockless enqueuing
773bac0e1f14 UPSTREAM: vhost: simplify work flushing
7103ea77d35b UPSTREAM: VSOCK: Only check error on skb_recv_datagram when skb is NULL
4c634053305d BACKPORT: AF_VSOCK: Shrink the area influenced by prepare_to_wait
6c81476a7cbc UPSTREAM: vhost_net: basic polling support
29181c5bfa69 UPSTREAM: vhost: introduce vhost_vq_avail_empty()
2dd59f910bfd UPSTREAM: vhost: introduce vhost_has_work()
a5de7503e90d UPSTREAM: vhost: rename vhost_init_used()
2ab0816efdda UPSTREAM: vhost: rename cross-endian helpers
6ef11fba4c33 UPSTREAM: vhost: fix error path in vhost_init_used()
c7c7d1506cb8 UPSTREAM: virtio: make find_vqs() checkpatch.pl-friendly
3576d75c8de3 UPSTREAM: net: move napi_hash[] into read mostly section
acb5ff1905fd ANDROID: cuttlefish_defconfig: remove DM_VERITY_HASH_PREFETCH_MIN_SIZE
ec8fcb232d83 Revert "ANDROID: dm verity: add minimum prefetch size"
c69bfa0ff38e ANDROID: f2fs: Complement "android_fs" tracepoint of read path
241f76b17c36 Merge 4.4.170 into android-4.4
a956c6a16374 Merge upstream-f2fs-stable-linux-4.4.y into android-4.4
4cb399ef78be f2fs: don't access node/meta inode mapping after iput
45afbd380596 f2fs: wait on atomic writes to count F2FS_CP_WB_DATA
91aae9fd9242 f2fs: sanity check of xattr entry size
652f47425fe0 f2fs: fix use-after-free issue when accessing sbi->stat_info
c0d46fe1b7cf f2fs: check PageWriteback flag for ordered case
7d78945c83a1 f2fs: fix validation of the block count in sanity_check_raw_super
ed5b0cbccc1d f2fs: fix missing unlock(sbi->gc_mutex)
0f9dc70b5f85 f2fs: clean up structure extent_node
491624d7ea08 f2fs: fix block address for __check_sit_bitmap
ac9f979f2ed9 f2fs: fix sbi->extent_list corruption issue
51aeb0d993c4 f2fs: clean up checkpoint flow
7beec23358c4 f2fs: flush stale issued discard candidates
6f3ef9d3c43c f2fs: correct wrong spelling, issing_*
c7495fa80698 f2fs: use kvmalloc, if kmalloc is failed
26c5b3d76851 f2fs: remove redundant comment of unused wio_mutex
b7b4be291325 f2fs: fix to reorder set_page_dirty and wait_on_page_writeback
7c3f76cff3c4 f2fs: clear PG_writeback if IPU failed
d8e56f5fbbe4 f2fs: add an ioctl() to explicitly trigger fsck later
a390614ee535 f2fs: avoid frequent costly fsck triggers
1bfbe019b4f1 f2fs: fix m_may_create to make OPU DIO write correctly
b16b66345db6 f2fs: fix to update new block address correctly for OPU
7117d4877f22 f2fs: adjust trace print in f2fs_get_victim() to cover all paths
89ff71065347 f2fs: fix to allow node segment for GC by ioctl path
90a67fc7b5ea f2fs: make "f2fs_fault_name[]" const char *
3747e9b23618 f2fs: read page index before freeing
f0d3a002d4d7 f2fs: fix wrong return value of f2fs_acl_create
8baea90490c0 f2fs: avoid build warn of fall_through
e4f63bec5edb f2fs: fix race between write_checkpoint and write_begin
bec98df4142c f2fs: check memory boundary by insane namelen
c461cc70cf27 f2fs: only flush the single temp bio cache which owns the target page
43ee8d651fce f2fs: fix out-place-update DIO write
437725968fed f2fs: fix to be aware discard/preflush/dio command in is_idle()
e7e527cd3767 f2fs: add to account direct IO
225132593f4b f2fs: move dir data flush to write checkpoint process
81f26294b698 f2fs: change segment to section in f2fs_ioc_gc_range
9b82e292ff18 f2fs: export migration_granularity sysfs entry
923e976f34cb f2fs: support subsectional garbage collection
eccae7fc76cc f2fs: introduce __is_large_section() for cleanup
1f28ee17778d f2fs: clean up f2fs_sb_has_##feature_name
c7210a4c2a37 f2fs: remove codes of unused wio_mutex
73c1fdf1d7fd f2fs: fix count of seg_freed to make sec_freed correct
4040022b1c06 f2fs: fix to account preflush command for noflush_merge mode
c3f6fda5cbee f2fs: avoid GC causing encrypted file corrupted
d08574b6f0ae ANDROID: cuttlefish_defconfig: Enable VIRTIO_INPUT
dfca92bab267 Merge 4.4.169 into android-4.4
34a4d7ffc21b ANDROID: Revert fs/squashfs back to linux-4.4.y
66a37fc02dff Merge 4.4.168 into android-4.4
b95a8c048a28 ANDROID: uid_sys_stats: Copy task_struct comm field to bigger buffer
ad9ce19da996 Merge 4.4.167 into android-4.4
c680c9a47272 ANDROID: cuttlefish_defconfig: Enable VIRT_WIFI
d0e75fe52e16 FROMGIT, BACKPORT: mac80211-next: rtnetlink wifi simulation device
0d71150b2638 ANDROID: Move from clang r328903 to r346389b.
d40633ce0827 UPSTREAM: binder: fix race that allows malicious free of live buffer
4c4bedf5b3fd Merge 4.4.166 into android-4.4
eec98fb4b06d ANDROID: arm64 defconfig / build config for cuttlefish
c04915fd6939 ANDROID: Kbuild, LLVMLinux: allow overriding clang target triple
e3d1cdc82d3f Revert "ANDROID: Kbuild, LLVMLinux: allow overriding clang target triple"
bc1cf2226ce5 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Add option to not link obb
fa9640e5dd6d ANDROID: sdcardfs: Add sandbox
a26c91b6d2b9 UPSTREAM: seccomp: Fix tracer exit notifications during fatal signals
68fd1017db7c UPSTREAM: arm64/ptrace: run seccomp after ptrace
d5ea505d8bc7 UPSTREAM: arm/ptrace: run seccomp after ptrace
7f891268d5b8 BACKPORT: x86/ptrace: run seccomp after ptrace
0aa0a57dc4d7 UPSTREAM: seccomp: recheck the syscall after RET_TRACE
c1e7c222ce2c UPSTREAM: seccomp: remove 2-phase API
ca192232dc26 BACKPORT: x86/entry: Get rid of two-phase syscall entry work
351181cfa0b3 BACKPORT: seccomp: Add a seccomp_data parameter secure_computing()
850872d95fcc BACKPORT: x86/entry/64: Always run ptregs-using syscalls on the slow path
6ae795154fbf UPSTREAM: x86/syscalls: Add syscall entry qualifiers
a4f217a4a947 UPSTREAM: x86/syscalls: Move compat syscall entry handling into syscalltbl.sh
fe2539e175b6 UPSTREAM: x86/syscalls: Remove __SYSCALL_COMMON and __SYSCALL_X32
6595657a9436 UPSTREAM: x86/syscalls: Refactor syscalltbl.sh
b532ba9c2647 Makefile: Tidy up 4.4.165 merge
f34ff9e87b05 Merge 4.4.165 into android-4.4
564ce1b48436 Merge 4.4.164 into android-4.4
498bf61266f1 ANDROID: zram: set comp_len to PAGE_SIZE when page is huge
0ca3fcabdc05 Merge 4.4.163 into android-4.4
64102d341c13 BACKPORT: xfrm: Allow Output Mark to be Updated Using UPDSA
1bdb20fcd457 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Add option to drop unused dentries
3411c22ecc5a Merge 4.20-rc1-4.4 into android-4.4
0eea3276eebc f2fs: guarantee journalled quota data by checkpoint
ba406b630883 f2fs: cleanup dirty pages if recover failed
f8a7408381a4 f2fs: fix data corruption issue with hardware encryption
797d94b07ea0 f2fs: fix to recover inode->i_flags of inode block during POR
6a23a8558100 f2fs: spread f2fs_set_inode_flags()
fbfc2e102ca7 f2fs: fix to spread clear_cold_data()
0246fe9d2e9a Revert "f2fs: fix to clear PG_checked flag in set_page_dirty()"
003e915c0196 f2fs: account read IOs and use IO counts for is_idle
9204be8a482b f2fs: fix to account IO correctly for cgroup writeback
fb363c5db420 f2fs: fix to account IO correctly
c4b87d0c1ca2 f2fs: remove request_list check in is_idle()
05d4dcf63d56 f2fs: allow to mount, if quota is failed
fe2b3bc0fc9f f2fs: update REQ_TIME in f2fs_cross_rename()
4aa5ef7fb109 f2fs: do not update REQ_TIME in case of error conditions
2dc22029a7e5 f2fs: remove unneeded disable_nat_bits()
3dd704fff948 f2fs: remove unused sbi->trigger_ssr_threshold
9f2917f2bb5d f2fs: shrink sbi->sb_lock coverage in set_file_temperature()
329676473320 f2fs: fix to recover cold bit of inode block during POR
4bb9f775d5ec f2fs: submit cached bio to avoid endless PageWriteback
99efe50ef6cf f2fs: checkpoint disabling
bb423cfd60a4 f2fs: clear PageError on the read path
511f52d02f05 f2fs: allow out-place-update for direct IO in LFS mode
a84324083292 f2fs: refactor ->page_mkwrite() flow
dbb428fbbb59 Revert: "f2fs: check last page index in cached bio to decide submission"
f6a7a0346c35 f2fs: support superblock checksum
c95f10ed9fe0 f2fs: add to account skip count of background GC
fb32c954b6a9 f2fs: add to account meta IO
092a13da9c4e f2fs: keep lazytime on remount
129674a584f4 f2fs: fix missing up_read
a3b89f58fc86 f2fs: return correct errno in f2fs_gc
614fe66d2715 f2fs: avoid f2fs_bug_on if f2fs_get_meta_page_nofail got EIO
4b4f4610ed66 f2fs: mark inode dirty explicitly in recover_inode()
2238c3783157 f2fs: fix to recover inode's crtime during POR
9dd0bfb44344 f2fs: fix to recover inode's i_gc_failures during POR
a19aff4b0517 f2fs: fix to recover inode's i_flags during POR
01ca8a368ff7 f2fs: fix to recover inode's project id during POR
202de66f20d1 f2fs: update i_size after DIO completion
80b258f2a6c5 f2fs: report ENOENT correctly in f2fs_rename
bf3a5ea5c868 f2fs: fix remount problem of option io_bits
6502c983b93d f2fs: fix to recover inode's uid/gid during POR
fa0b97992797 f2fs: avoid infinite loop in f2fs_alloc_nid
47c4cfebd60f f2fs: add new idle interval timing for discard and gc paths
f1aab15eb340 f2fs: split IO error injection according to RW
5d020af76e6d f2fs: add SPDX license identifiers
c4503a88fedd f2fs: surround fault_injection related option parsing using CONFIG_F2FS_FAULT_INJECTION
3a365d71681a f2fs: avoid sleeping under spin_lock
cdbab19b219f f2fs: plug readahead IO in readdir()
99255f120022 f2fs: fix to do sanity check with current segment number
9c051754e9ea f2fs: fix memory leak of percpu counter in fill_super()
e95ef46b0d13 f2fs: fix memory leak of write_io in fill_super()
41e7c940b30d f2fs: cache NULL when both default_acl and acl are NULL
4f36be46ade6 f2fs: fix to flush all dirty inodes recovered in readonly fs
5ad8ed96fd82 f2fs: report error if quota off error during umount
0da4a7250d0d f2fs: submit bio after shutdown
9175c6044f01 f2fs: avoid wrong decrypted data from disk
09206dd9ac2a Revert "f2fs: use printk_ratelimited for f2fs_msg"
810579fccebf f2fs: fix unnecessary periodic wakeup of discard thread when dev is busy
ea8914978000 f2fs: fix to avoid NULL pointer dereference on se->discard_map
4518c70d5a42 f2fs: add additional sanity check in f2fs_acl_from_disk()
c4b00eb70496 Revert "BACKPORT, FROMLIST: fscrypt: add Speck128/256 support"
fd73fe985329 Build fix for 076c36fce1ea0.
ced713fdd6a3 Revert "BACKPORT, FROMGIT: crypto: speck - add support for the Speck block cipher"
96976f956db7 Revert "FROMGIT: crypto: speck - export common helpers"
e6a822e8dd79 Revert "BACKPORT, FROMGIT: crypto: arm/speck - add NEON-accelerated implementation of Speck-XTS"
559e4a2616af Revert "BACKPORT, FROMGIT: crypto: speck - add test vectors for Speck128-XTS"
ea2ad7b41105 Revert "BACKPORT, FROMGIT: crypto: speck - add test vectors for Speck64-XTS"
08400aec8d4a Revert "BACKPORT, FROMLIST: crypto: arm64/speck - add NEON-accelerated implementation of Speck-XTS"
076c36fce1ea Revert "fscrypt: add Speck128/256 support"
c82807c7dd9f UPSTREAM: loop: Add LOOP_SET_BLOCK_SIZE in compat ioctl
8567ea359cab BACKPORT: block/loop: set hw_sectors
6edf1ad77320 UPSTREAM: loop: add ioctl for changing logical block size
3eb8e7351955 Merge 4.4.162 into android-4.4
34e65b671bc7 ANDROID: usb: gadget: f_mtp: Return error if count is negative
7a95540418be ANDROID: x86_64_cuttlefish_defconfig: disable CONFIG_MEMORY_STATE_TIME
8e7f196597f3 Merge 4.4.161 into android-4.4
a94efb1c27c4 Merge 4.4.160 into android-4.4
ea3a6005d280 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Change current->fs under lock
8915582fd450 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Don't use OVERRIDE_CRED macro
8dad7ed2d767 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/upstream-f2fs-stable-linux-4.4.y' into android-4.4
78291ae15aaa Revert "f2fs: use timespec64 for inode timestamps"
624c09594792 Merge 4.4.159 into android-4.4
85b352c44756 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/upstream-f2fs-stable-linux-4.4.y' into android-4.4
8d6b2dd946c6 ANDROID: restrict store of prefer_idle as boolean
f9e413438f6a Merge 4.4.158 into android-4.4
a8368c981502 BACKPORT: arm/syscalls: Optimize address limit check
1a0df285e476 UPSTREAM: syscalls: Use CHECK_DATA_CORRUPTION for addr_limit_user_check
67e53dac92e7 BACKPORT: arm64/syscalls: Check address limit on user-mode return
2191e07a73b2 BACKPORT: x86/syscalls: Check address limit on user-mode return
4bc04315211c BACKPORT: lkdtm: add bad USER_DS test
a3772a806a04 UPSTREAM: bug: switch data corruption check to __must_check
3c318e77d1e4 BACKPORT: lkdtm: Add tests for struct list corruption
7514f97280fd UPSTREAM: bug: Provide toggle for BUG on data corruption
10c8c8a765f1 UPSTREAM: list: Split list_del() debug checking into separate function
f0b68d746af4 UPSTREAM: rculist: Consolidate DEBUG_LIST for list_add_rcu()
68e051d4a782 BACKPORT: list: Split list_add() debug checking into separate function
cb28adba1a09 FROMLIST: ANDROID: binder: Add BINDER_GET_NODE_INFO_FOR_REF ioctl.
c139ea660bac Merge 4.4.157 into android-4.4
e6105542d5e0 f2fs: readahead encrypted block during GC
163bbf811962 f2fs: avoid fi->i_gc_rwsem[WRITE] lock in f2fs_gc
1e1ba6365e04 f2fs: fix performance issue observed with multi-thread sequential read
da42f15a5503 f2fs: fix to skip verifying block address for non-regular inode
cd9641d9dda4 f2fs: rework fault injection handling to avoid a warning
ef6fc75e9a36 f2fs: support fault_type mount option
4d1c79084199 f2fs: fix to return success when trimming meta area
06962ff3351a f2fs: fix use-after-free of dicard command entry
783a75765aad f2fs: support discard submission error injection
7f67de2a4cdd f2fs: split discard command in prior to block layer
46998a9ad699 f2fs: wake up gc thread immediately when gc_urgent is set
3fbe7eea3365 f2fs: fix incorrect range->len in f2fs_trim_fs()
a307972a12dd f2fs: refresh recent accessed nat entry in lru list
4e76883a94da f2fs: fix avoid race between truncate and background GC
e356f6e4e509 f2fs: avoid race between zero_range and background GC
bee931f3f2ed f2fs: fix to do sanity check with block address in main area v2
ad792eda0e99 f2fs: fix to do sanity check with inline flags
d94f27f04014 f2fs: fix to reset i_gc_failures correctly
a08bdb50e2a4 f2fs: fix invalid memory access
46ce4b0af909 f2fs: fix to avoid broken of dnode block list
2e68719a0852 f2fs: use true and false for boolean values
65db828dbd31 f2fs: fix to do sanity check with cp_pack_start_sum
fc320c924c06 f2fs: avoid f2fs_bug_on() in cp_error case
45cd1d9d075f f2fs: fix to clear PG_checked flag in set_page_dirty()
7b4d1de67b1d f2fs: fix to active page in lru list for read path
ed523c069502 f2fs: don't keep meta pages used for block migration
1597eac83470 f2fs: fix to restrict mount condition when without CONFIG_QUOTA
bab53a178a57 f2fs: quota: do not mount as RDWR without QUOTA if quota feature enabled
3675f13c6283 f2fs: quota: fix incorrect comments
bd293daff1f3 f2fs: add proc entry to show victim_secmap bitmap
b404b3cbb80a f2fs: let checkpoint flush dnode page of regular
819d915b47b0 f2fs: issue discard align to section in LFS mode
06da8b3d9ba5 f2fs: don't allow any writes on aborted atomic writes
a2ee1be2b06a f2fs: restrict setting up inode.i_advise
bc9e6f1a0f50 f2fs: fix wrong kernel message when recover fsync data on ro fs
af6d504a3d3d f2fs: clean up ioctl interface naming
29cad83d3347 f2fs: clean up with f2fs_is_{atomic,volatile}_file()
a4160d79ece6 f2fs: clean up with f2fs_encrypted_inode()
207f081d6a1b f2fs: clean up with get_current_nat_page
836f5b31414e f2fs: kill EXT_TREE_VEC_SIZE
ca5241674a6a f2fs: avoid duplicated permission check for "trusted." xattrs
7fcfa4fe9b47 f2fs: fix to propagate error from __get_meta_page()
fab2fbb28099 f2fs: fix to do sanity check with i_extra_isize
a6eb50d252c4 f2fs: blk_finish_plug of submit_bio in lfs mode
f04165877663 f2fs: do not set free of current section
5e39f1496f8e f2fs: Keep alloc_valid_block_count in sync
7b1c7d07d000 f2fs: issue small discard by LBA order
8e37f3a2aad3 f2fs: stop issuing discard immediately if there is queued IO
a992c9d81549 f2fs: clean up with IS_INODE()
c13d31759335 f2fs: detect bug_on in f2fs_wait_discard_bios
648f2564d47a f2fs: fix defined but not used build warnings
58d8acc92028 f2fs: enable real-time discard by default
b30479ee9e2f f2fs: fix to detect looped node chain correctly
af9f4e6d590d f2fs: fix to do sanity check with block address in main area
43abf6c39227 f2fs: fix to skip GC if type in SSA and SIT is inconsistent
e25e77eec111 f2fs: try grabbing node page lock aggressively in sync scenario
4b0b25270d5d f2fs: show the fsync_mode=nobarrier mount option
271b5b05e1de f2fs: check the right return value of memory alloc function
76e16a4d6e69 f2fs: Replace strncpy with memcpy
e6f326a93627 f2fs: avoid the global name 'fault_name'
062c37efc329 f2fs: fix to do sanity check with reserved blkaddr of inline inode
0c700609b7d8 f2fs: fix to do sanity check with node footer and iblocks
0588ef4a0942 f2fs: Allocate and stat mem used by free nid bitmap more accurately
af4137733f9c f2fs: fix to do sanity check with user_block_count
922a1f96e684 f2fs: fix to do sanity check with extra_attr feature
f983081fe45f f2fs: fix to correct return value of f2fs_trim_fs
748d56c1f4fa f2fs: fix to do sanity check with {sit,nat}_ver_bitmap_bytesize
b8c037ce5b2f f2fs: fix to do sanity check with secs_per_zone
5e5f3dc3ce50 f2fs: disable f2fs_check_rb_tree_consistence
c69d5a7c6fb2 f2fs: introduce and spread verify_blkaddr
e7406233c15f f2fs: use timespec64 for inode timestamps
b4957b928c84 f2fs: fix to wait on page writeback before updating page
8371163afd3c f2fs: assign REQ_RAHEAD to bio for ->readpages
b90a91b0cbf6 f2fs: fix a hungtask problem caused by congestion_wait
bb36dbbd962f f2fs: Fix uninitialized return in f2fs_ioc_shutdown()
01fc47dc05a3 f2fs: don't issue discard commands in online discard is on
6e728636192f f2fs: fix to propagate return value of scan_nat_page()
25e0980d84de f2fs: support in-memory inode checksum when checking consistency
8e900c803dcd f2fs: fix error path of fill_super
09271307a2e7 f2fs: relocate readdir_ra configure initialization
f94a264ef4a1 f2fs: move s_res{u,g}id initialization to default_options()
1e77f24e1b45 f2fs: don't acquire orphan ino during recovery
0c12cf984c2b f2fs: avoid potential deadlock in f2fs_sbi_store
bbe8bea7fd28 f2fs: indicate shutdown f2fs to allow unmount successfully
d4aa07fef609 f2fs: keep meta pages in cp_error state
306b69b0edeb f2fs: do checkpoint in kill_sb
67a51cab20f7 f2fs: allow wrong configured dio to buffered write
a975831e398b f2fs: flush journal nat entries for nat_bits during unmount
7eb7037bb3fd Merge 4.4.156 into android-4.4
b3f777efd917 Merge 4.4.155 into android-4.4
b68e78cfbd1d BACKPORT: arm64/vdso: Fix nsec handling for CLOCK_MONOTONIC_RAW
b2cf10ee86d7 ANDROID: arm64: mm: fix 4.4.154 merge
d762e28031e9 Merge 4.4.154 into android-4.4
05cccc3367f4 BACKPORT: zram: drop max_zpage_size and use zs_huge_class_size()
4d1ddb8d3b84 BACKPORT: zsmalloc: introduce zs_huge_class_size()
7e85a4b796e8 ANDROID: tracing: fix race condition reading saved tgids
5e24b4e4d372 Merge 4.4.153 into android-4.4
e5c5f1fae55d ANDROID: x86_64_cuttlefish_defconfig: Enable lz4 compression for zram
09598cf98780 UPSTREAM: drivers/block/zram/zram_drv.c: fix bug storing backing_dev
a900f9a050d7 BACKPORT: zram: introduce zram memory tracking
e761bead9cc6 BACKPORT: zram: record accessed second
6b6c4b9e56e9 BACKPORT: zram: mark incompressible page as ZRAM_HUGE
404db8c7976b UPSTREAM: zram: correct flag name of ZRAM_ACCESS
5a1553d80202 UPSTREAM: zram: Delete gendisk before cleaning up the request queue
983cc4588ded UPSTREAM: drivers/block/zram/zram_drv.c: make zram_page_end_io() static
a9392b72e143 BACKPORT: zram: set BDI_CAP_STABLE_WRITES once
edf99a4a6eba UPSTREAM: zram: fix null dereference of handle
8a610b438dbd UPSTREAM: zram: add config and doc file for writeback feature
c771cc464309 BACKPORT: zram: read page from backing device
5116f2cd6b5c BACKPORT: zram: write incompressible pages to backing device
a1156cbb71f4 BACKPORT: zram: identify asynchronous IO's return value
b865cfdbdc4a BACKPORT: zram: add free space management in backing device
6b584e46ec50 UPSTREAM: zram: add interface to specif backing device
611815ed3a6a UPSTREAM: zram: rename zram_decompress_page to __zram_bvec_read
7d6933f6bf7a UPSTREAM: zram: inline zram_compress
f588554b4ab4 UPSTREAM: zram: clean up duplicated codes in __zram_bvec_write
e15716b49f04 Merge 4.4.152 into android-4.4
fc0013d7824b ANDROID: x86_64_cuttlefish_defconfig: Enable zram and zstd
637615b60e96 BACKPORT: crypto: zstd - Add zstd support
78ceb3d0fbe9 UPSTREAM: zram: add zstd to the supported algorithms list
460c0d10de2f UPSTREAM: lib: Add zstd modules
490b2f1f67f4 UPSTREAM: lib: Add xxhash module
b95c1171bdda UPSTREAM: zram: rework copy of compressor name in comp_algorithm_store()
0dfe38f677ab UPSTREAM: zram: constify attribute_group structures.
c30307c479f2 UPSTREAM: zram: count same page write as page_stored
69aa01aaee7c UPSTREAM: zram: reduce load operation in page_same_filled
866e69985296 UPSTREAM: zram: use zram_free_page instead of open-coded
70756ad7673b UPSTREAM: zram: introduce zram data accessor
c25a938eb9c5 UPSTREAM: zram: remove zram_meta structure
5a9106094ba9 UPSTREAM: zram: use zram_slot_lock instead of raw bit_spin_lock op
9956749a9a6e BACKPORT: zram: partial IO refactoring
5a1f3f4275c7 BACKPORT: zram: handle multiple pages attached bio's bvec
a612a2fc1494 UPSTREAM: zram: fix operator precedence to get offset
72692005f580 BACKPORT: zram: extend zero pages to same element pages
599a92fdd33d BACKPORT: zram: remove waitqueue for IO done
2ac12d9f2b31 UPSTREAM: zram: remove obsolete sysfs attrs
17ce08110bb7 UPSTREAM: zram: support BDI_CAP_STABLE_WRITES
767df69376b9 UPSTREAM: zram: revalidate disk under init_lock
354502bc5e57 BACKPORT: mm: support anonymous stable page
f17cacc9c736 UPSTREAM: zram: use __GFP_MOVABLE for memory allocation
163e3f59ed24 UPSTREAM: zram: drop gfp_t from zcomp_strm_alloc()
3c395950e421 UPSTREAM: zram: add more compression algorithms
6849209303f8 UPSTREAM: zram: delete custom lzo/lz4
727cface4651 UPSTREAM: zram: cosmetic: cleanup documentation
f44a2bb4f7a1 UPSTREAM: zram: use crypto api to check alg availability
bf76af5746e1 BACKPORT: zram: switch to crypto compress API
2104ebe09ac5 UPSTREAM: zram: rename zstrm find-release functions
d3080aadc19d UPSTREAM: zram: introduce per-device debug_stat sysfs node
4b4591e992aa UPSTREAM: zram: remove max_comp_streams internals
5f0fa02cc517 UPSTREAM: zram: user per-cpu compression streams
bece429b7204 BACKPORT: zsmalloc: require GFP in zs_malloc()
6982182465b2 UPSTREAM: zram/zcomp: do not zero out zcomp private pages
dc5f588d8b73 UPSTREAM: zram: pass gfp from zcomp frontend to backend
3a2ec581f8e1 UPSTREAM: socket: close race condition between sock_close() and sockfs_setattr()
37af2ff398ac ANDROID: Refresh x86_64_cuttlefish_defconfig
e917467d9786 Merge 4.4.151 into android-4.4
5541782ce2bb Merge 4.4.150 into android-4.4
f76bdbdd516d Merge 4.4.149 into android-4.4
f057ff937754 Merge 4.4.148 into android-4.4
a5fc66599b61 Merge 4.4.147 into android-4.4
139622602304 Merge 4.4.146 into android-4.4
2241aa98c9aa kernel/sys.c: fix merge error with 4.4.144
05670d3d98f9 Merge 4.4.145 into android-4.4
4b2d6badbc40 Merge 4.4.144 into android-4.4
7bbfac190345 Merge 4.4.143 into android-4.4
8ec9fd8936b2 Merge 4.4.142 into android-4.4
8ddb600e033f Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/upstream-f2fs-stable-linux-4.4.y' into android-4.4
b826c97998ef Merge commit '73450231ffff' into android-4.4
9664bdeff388 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Check stacked filesystem depth
7a77ef209cfb Fix backport of "tcp: detect malicious patterns in tcp_collapse_ofo_queue()"
792e682a471d tcp: detect malicious patterns in tcp_collapse_ofo_queue()
9fa2a49a4ac4 tcp: avoid collapses in tcp_prune_queue() if possible
56b516c5e343 x86_64_cuttlefish_defconfig: Enable android-verity
f402eb9ad587 x86_64_cuttlefish_defconfig: enable verity cert
1b37d68f4c82 ANDROID: Fix massive cpufreq_times memory leaks
e95033171949 ANDROID: Reduce use of #ifdef CONFIG_CPU_FREQ_TIMES
bda6b6e49b19 UPSTREAM: binder: replace "%p" with "%pK"
8dd84f190eec UPSTREAM: binder: free memory on error
c88a3ec1ee64 UPSTREAM: binder: fix proc->files use-after-free
96523f2450dc UPSTREAM: Revert "FROMLIST: binder: fix proc->files use-after-free"
e734b26701c1 UPSTREAM: ANDROID: binder: change down_write to down_read
157ecdc80375 UPSTREAM: ANDROID: binder: correct the cmd print for BINDER_WORK_RETURN_ERROR
613e7993d78f UPSTREAM: ANDROID: binder: remove 32-bit binder interface.
02d82286734d UPSTREAM: ANDROID: binder: re-order some conditions
44343a7b30db UPSTREAM: android: binder: use VM_ALLOC to get vm area
8cfa4a392450 UPSTREAM: android: binder: Use true and false for boolean values
086c9e40bfac UPSTREAM: android: binder: Use octal permissions
dab911911501 UPSTREAM: android: binder: Prefer __func__ to using hardcoded function name
8429d9832a2c UPSTREAM: ANDROID: binder: make binder_alloc_new_buf_locked static and indent its arguments
8bdaa17ffa3f UPSTREAM: android: binder: Check for errors in binder_alloc_shrinker_init().
b1bad9e2324d Merge 4.4.141 into android-4.4
ed9bdc8a8fc5 cpufreq: Kconfig: Remove CPU_FREQ_DEFAULT_GOV_SCHED
789274d6967d Merge 4.4.140 into android-4.4
6944da0a68ca treewide: Use array_size in f2fs_kvzalloc()
f15443db99c3 treewide: Use array_size() in f2fs_kzalloc()
3ea03ea4bd09 treewide: Use array_size() in f2fs_kmalloc()
c41203299a52 overflow.h: Add allocation size calculation helpers
d400752f547f f2fs: fix to clear FI_VOLATILE_FILE correctly
853e7339b634 f2fs: let sync node IO interrupt async one
6a4540cf1984 f2fs: don't change wbc->sync_mode
588ecdfd7d02 f2fs: fix to update mtime correctly
1ae5aadab191 fs: f2fs: insert space around that ':' and ', '
39ee53e22320 fs: f2fs: add missing blank lines after declarations
d5b4710fcf38 fs: f2fs: changed variable type of offset "unsigned" to "loff_t"
c35da89531b3 f2fs: clean up symbol namespace
fcf37e16f3cb f2fs: make set_de_type() static
5d1633aa1071 f2fs: make __f2fs_write_data_pages() static
cc8093af7c42 f2fs: fix to avoid accessing cross the boundary
b7f559467095 f2fs: fix to let caller retry allocating block address
e48fcd857657 disable loading f2fs module on PAGE_SIZE > 4KB
02afc275a5bd f2fs: fix error path of move_data_page
0291bd36d076 f2fs: don't drop dentry pages after fs shutdown
a1259450b6db f2fs: fix to avoid race during access gc_thread pointer
d2e0f2f786a6 f2fs: clean up with clear_radix_tree_dirty_tag
c74034518fdc f2fs: fix to don't trigger writeback during recovery
e72a2cca82d8 f2fs: clear discard_wake earlier
b25a1872e9a5 f2fs: let discard thread wait a little longer if dev is busy
b125dfb20d18 f2fs: avoid stucking GC due to atomic write
405909e7f532 f2fs: introduce sbi->gc_mode to determine the policy
1f62e4702a34 f2fs: keep migration IO order in LFS mode
c4408c238722 f2fs: fix to wait page writeback during revoking atomic write
9db5be4af890 f2fs: Fix deadlock in shutdown ioctl
ed74404955cd f2fs: detect synchronous writeback more earlier
91e7d9d2ddbf mm: remove nr_pages argument from pagevec_lookup_{,range}_tag()
feb94dc82928 ceph: use pagevec_lookup_range_nr_tag()
f3aa4a25b8b0 mm: add variant of pagevec_lookup_range_tag() taking number of pages
8914877e374a mm: use pagevec_lookup_range_tag() in write_cache_pages()
26778b87a006 mm: use pagevec_lookup_range_tag() in __filemap_fdatawait_range()
94f1b99298bd nilfs2: use pagevec_lookup_range_tag()
160355d69f46 gfs2: use pagevec_lookup_range_tag()
564108e83a74 f2fs: use find_get_pages_tag() for looking up single page
6cf6fb8645ff f2fs: simplify page iteration loops
a05d8a6a2bde f2fs: use pagevec_lookup_range_tag()
18a4848ffded ext4: use pagevec_lookup_range_tag()
1c7be24f65cd ceph: use pagevec_lookup_range_tag()
e25fadabb5c7 btrfs: use pagevec_lookup_range_tag()
bf9510b162c4 mm: implement find_get_pages_range_tag()
461247b21fde f2fs: clean up with is_valid_blkaddr()
a5d0ccbc189a f2fs: fix to initialize min_mtime with ULLONG_MAX
9bb4d22cf5de f2fs: fix to let checkpoint guarantee atomic page persistence
cdcf2b3e2559 f2fs: fix to initialize i_current_depth according to inode type
331ae0c25b44 Revert "f2fs: add ovp valid_blocks check for bg gc victim to fg_gc"
2494cc7c0bcd f2fs: don't drop any page on f2fs_cp_error() case
0037c639e63d f2fs: fix spelling mistake: "extenstion" -> "extension"
2bba5b8eb867 f2fs: enhance sanity_check_raw_super() to avoid potential overflows
9bb86b63dc0f f2fs: treat volatile file's data as hot one
2cf64590361e f2fs: introduce release_discard_addr() for cleanup
03279ce90b46 f2fs: fix potential overflow
f46eddc4da48 f2fs: rename dio_rwsem to i_gc_rwsem
bb015824532c f2fs: move mnt_want_write_file after range check
8bb9a8da75d1 f2fs: fix missing clear FI_NO_PREALLOC in some error case
cb38cc4e1d02 f2fs: enforce fsync_mode=strict for renamed directory
26bf4e8a96aa f2fs: sanity check for total valid node blocks
78f8b0f46fa2 f2fs: sanity check on sit entry
ab758ada220f f2fs: avoid bug_on on corrupted inode
1a5d1966c0ca f2fs: give message and set need_fsck given broken node id
b025f6dfc018 f2fs: clean up commit_inmem_pages()
7aff5c69da4c f2fs: do not check F2FS_INLINE_DOTS in recover
23d00b02878e f2fs: remove duplicated dquot_initialize and fix error handling
937f4ef79e25 f2fs: stop issue discard if something wrong with f2fs
a6d74bb282ad f2fs: fix return value in f2fs_ioc_commit_atomic_write
258489ec5220 f2fs: allocate hot_data for atomic write more strictly
aa857e0f3b09 f2fs: check if inmem_pages list is empty correctly
9d77ded0a71d f2fs: fix race in between GC and atomic open
0d17eb90b56a f2fs: change le32 to le16 of f2fs_inode->i_extra_size
ea2813111f1f f2fs: check cur_valid_map_mir & raw_sit block count when flush sit entries
9190cadf38db f2fs: correct return value of f2fs_trim_fs
17f85d070886 f2fs: fix to show missing bits in FS_IOC_GETFLAGS
3e90db63fcfc f2fs: remove unneeded F2FS_PROJINHERIT_FL
298032d4d4a6 f2fs: don't use GFP_ZERO for page caches
fdf61219dc25 f2fs: issue all big range discards in umount process
cd79eb2b5e45 f2fs: remove redundant block plug
ec034d0f14ca f2fs: remove unmatched zero_user_segment when convert inline dentry
71aaced0e1ee f2fs: introduce private inode status mapping
7ba55570970c Merge 4.4.139 into android-4.4
e7724207f71e fscrypt: log the crypto algorithm implementations
4cbda579cd3d crypto: api - Add crypto_type_has_alg helper
b24dcaae8753 crypto: skcipher - Add low-level skcipher interface
a9146e423547 crypto: skcipher - Add helper to retrieve driver name
a0ca4bdf4744 crypto: skcipher - Add default key size helper
eb13e0b69296 fscrypt: add Speck128/256 support
27a0e77380a3 fscrypt: only derive the needed portion of the key
f68a71fa8f77 fscrypt: separate key lookup from key derivation
52359cf4fd6d fscrypt: use a common logging function
ff8e7c745e2b fscrypt: remove internal key size constants
7149dd4d39b5 fscrypt: remove unnecessary check for non-logon key type
56446c91422e fscrypt: make fscrypt_operations.max_namelen an integer
f572a22ef9a5 fscrypt: drop empty name check from fname_decrypt()
0077eff1d2e3 fscrypt: drop max_namelen check from fname_decrypt()
3f7af9d27fd6 fscrypt: don't special-case EOPNOTSUPP from fscrypt_get_encryption_info()
52c51f7b7bde fscrypt: don't clear flags on crypto transform
89b7fb82982f fscrypt: remove stale comment from fscrypt_d_revalidate()
d56de4e926ad fscrypt: remove error messages for skcipher_request_alloc() failure
f68d3b84aef1 fscrypt: remove unnecessary NULL check when allocating skcipher
fb10231825e9 fscrypt: clean up after fscrypt_prepare_lookup() conversions
39b144490606 fscrypt: use unbound workqueue for decryption
cf21a9ac5ee4 ANDROID: Add kconfig to make dm-verity check_at_most_once default enabled
226f96b03dc2 ANDROID: sdcardfs: fix potential crash when reserved_mb is not zero
07c01385fb82 Merge 4.4.138 into android-4.4
a2e2217bd824 Merge 4.4.137 into android-4.4
e4798d7f13c7 ANDROID: Update arm64 ranchu64_defconfig
fb7e31963455 Merge 4.4.136 into android-4.4
98b6097d0f14 FROMLIST: f2fs: run fstrim asynchronously if runtime discard is on
7e3a6fc48335 goldfish: pipe: ANDROID: address must be written as __pa(x), not x
73450231ffff f2fs: run fstrim asynchronously if runtime discard is on
6cdd987da8a5 goldfish: pipe: ANDROID: add missing check for memory allocated
33467f9a0952 goldfish: pipe: ANDROID: remove redundant blank lines
f13f3745ee42 Update arch/x86/configs/x86_64_ranchu_defconfig
e75204cc0ad5 ANDROID: x86_64_cuttlefish_defconfig: Enable F2FS
cb8f55426697 ANDROID: Update x86_64_cuttlefish_defconfig
b68f27c36219 FROMLIST: f2fs: early updates queued for v4.18-rc1
c9d74f2522c4 Merge 4.4.135 into android-4.4
cb3afe1f1187 Revert "vti4: Don't override MTU passed on link creation via IFLA_MTU"
85d2070f60c6 f2fs: turn down IO priority of discard from background
4738f527db84 f2fs: don't split checkpoint in fstrim
31e2713935ea f2fs: issue discard commands proactively in high fs utilization
70676ef73646 f2fs: add fsync_mode=nobarrier for non-atomic files
bb53d06b5f21 f2fs: let fstrim issue discard commands in lower priority
6e37ae0e7ab6 Merge 4.4.134 into android-4.4
54f36eadd123 UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Consider RT/IRQ pressure in capacity_spare_wake
3f51ea2db97d Merge 4.4.133 into android-4.4
4b08356a76b8 BACKPORT, FROMLIST: fscrypt: add Speck128/256 support
1d92c594e7b3 cgroup: Disable IRQs while holding css_set_lock
f552de2d035a Revert "cgroup: Disable IRQs while holding css_set_lock"
a47d369cafa2 cgroup: Disable IRQs while holding css_set_lock
9ff3cfc1ec34 ANDROID: proc: fix undefined behavior in proc_uid_base_readdir
c3c51ea38a92 x86: vdso: Fix leaky vdso linker with CC=clang.
ecf86ddd92cf ANDROID: build: cuttlefish: Upgrade clang to newer version.
237f695f140f ANDROID: build: cuttlefish: Upgrade clang to newer version.
d0f23b8c9ef7 ANDROID: build: cuttlefish: Fix path to clang.
1a2b3e7807da UPSTREAM: dm bufio: avoid sleeping while holding the dm_bufio lock
4f75c34feee6 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Don't d_drop in d_revalidate
46155cc7bd1b Merge 4.4.132 into android-4.4
aa3863d27614 goldfish: pipe: ANDROID: mark local functions static
1e1da81a2733 Revert "goldfish: pipe: ANDROID: Allocate memory with GFP_KERNEL."
6a92abb29cc6 UPSTREAM: ANDROID: binder: prevent transactions into own process.
3702e76fb6e9 goldfish: pipe: ANDROID: Add DMA support
033c952f2e7d UPSTREAM: f2fs: clear PageError on writepage - part 2
086f384e23b5 UPSTREAM: f2fs: avoid fsync() failure caused by EAGAIN in writepage()
fcce57111718 ANDROID: build.config: enforce trace_printk check
6ec0e3f3a946 ANDROID: x86_64_cuttlefish_defconfig: Disable KPTI
31f312b49b72 UPSTREAM: mac80211: ibss: Fix channel type enum in ieee80211_sta_join_ibss()
3817f7d606af UPSTREAM: mac80211: Fix clang warning about constant operand in logical operation
cb9daa6fb78f UPSTREAM: nl80211: Fix enum type of variable in nl80211_put_sta_rate()
720dfa9a4c3b UPSTREAM: sysfs: remove signedness from sysfs_get_dirent
520a94861824 f2fs: avoid fsync() failure caused by EAGAIN in writepage()
4ecc6a3658d8 UPSTREAM: tracing: Use cpumask_available() to check if cpumask variable may be used
33594740c282 BACKPORT: clocksource: Use GENMASK_ULL in definition of CLOCKSOURCE_MASK
ac7f6028a7e3 UPSTREAM: netpoll: Fix device name check in netpoll_setup()
4fca5a0c008a FROMLIST: staging: Fix sparse warnings in vsoc driver.
935b28af56e3 FROMLIST: staging: vsoc: Fix a i386-randconfig warning.
c4fd9a102b05 FROMLIST: staging: vsoc: Create wc kernel mapping for region shm.
1fe7e9202e52 Revert "goldfish: pipe: ANDROID: remove a redundant target"
834913c4b790 goldfish: pipe: ANDROID: Replace writel with gf_write_ptr
31569bb45018 goldfish: pipe: ANDROID: Use dev_ logging instead of pr_
cd38dbb03d71 goldfish: pipe: ANDROID: fix checkpatch warnings
6b1151702d39 goldfish: pipe: ANDROID: Update module license
d5d65269652b Merge 4.4.131 into android-4.4
ed11d8f2a0d0 goldfish: pipe: ANDROID: Allocate memory with GFP_KERNEL.
00b597e73dd2 goldfish: pipe: ANDROID: Do not crash
8b274c38978f goldfish: pipe: ANDROID: remove redundant casting
ed6207885d70 goldfish: pipe: ANDROID: Add 'pipe' to pipe functions
e008465076ab goldfish: pipe: ANDROID: fix whitespace
9846d12d4819 goldfish: pipe: ANDROID: rename global variables
d176c5775190 goldfish: pipe: ANDROID: remove a redundant target
9a7f2e964107 goldfish: pipe: ANDROID: add blank lines
c4fcb01762a4 goldfish: pipe: ANDROID: replace 'BUG_ON' with 'BUILD_BUG_ON'
0794d75be19c goldfish: pipe: ANDROID: use the 'BIT' macro for wakeup flags
ec6875b2de05 goldfish: pipe: ANDROID: fix logging format strings
12ef385f51fe Merge 4.4.130 into android-4.4
a44b418c3145 f2fs: clear PageError on writepage - part 2
23eaecc37dfb UPSTREAM: tracing: always define trace_{irq,preempt}_{enable_disable}
4c706fe2e4ae ANDROID: staging: ion: Obey kptr_restrict
02dbf92c9fbe ANDROID: sdcardfs: Set s_root to NULL after putting
1f0ab36725c4 ANDROID: sdcardfs: d_make_root calls iput
86e6cbb5c6ae ANDROID: sdcardfs: Check for private data earlier
b1c4836e573b Merge 4.4.129 into android-4.4
e69d0248ef3b f2fs: check cap_resource only for data blocks
35346d5c24f3 Revert "f2fs: introduce f2fs_set_page_dirty_nobuffer"
b5390be7d000 f2fs: clear PageError on writepage
f819874f58cf f2fs: check cap_resource only for data blocks
3e7a14117575 Revert "f2fs: introduce f2fs_set_page_dirty_nobuffer"
bd23e3af1765 UPSTREAM: timer: Export destroy_hrtimer_on_stack()
ed3b23f4d993 BACKPORT: dm verity: add 'check_at_most_once' option to only validate hashes once
070da80085a4 f2fs: clear PageError on writepage
a9c753efb3b7 f2fs: call unlock_new_inode() before d_instantiate()
0f4e0fa71f18 f2fs: refactor read path to allow multiple postprocessing steps
f478c9bfbb71 fscrypt: allow synchronous bio decryption
dafecc032ea1 f2fs: call unlock_new_inode() before d_instantiate()
c18b4f60c8df f2fs: refactor read path to allow multiple postprocessing steps
13890bed2032 fscrypt: allow synchronous bio decryption
89904ccfe22e Merge 4.4.128 into android-4.4
25d6aefb7ce9 ANDROID: Add build server config for cuttlefish.
12f9b37fcd1b ANDROID: Add defconfig for cuttlefish.
6a38f9839e75 FROMLIST: staging: Android: Add 'vsoc' driver for cuttlefish.
4f175e7cd92d Revert "proc: make oom adjustment files user read-only"
e5882583019d Revert "fixup! proc: make oom adjustment files user read-only"
c6743a3ae71b ANDROID: proc: add null check in proc_uid_init
24a2d9039378 f2fs/fscrypt: updates to v4.17-rc1
c758d68c8678 Reduce amount of casting in drivers/tty/goldfish.c.
d6bbe8be6bda Merge 4.4.127 into android-4.4
42bf67fc543b f2fs: remain written times to update inode during fsync
6cb5aa02bfbd f2fs: make assignment of t->dentry_bitmap more readable
a8d07f1f9c62 f2fs: truncate preallocated blocks in error case
86444d600692 f2fs: fix a wrong condition in f2fs_skip_inode_update
db2188a68704 f2fs: reserve bits for fs-verity
ee2e74b3f00e f2fs: Add a segment type check in inplace write
0192e0a4502f f2fs: no need to initialize zero value for GFP_F2FS_ZERO
49338842e9b2 f2fs: don't track new nat entry in nat set
d6a69d5e6568 f2fs: clean up with F2FS_BLK_ALIGN
2c8834a7a2c9 f2fs: check blkaddr more accuratly before issue a bio
6ab573a9d96f f2fs: Set GF_NOFS in read_cache_page_gfp while doing f2fs_quota_read
7419dcb8be02 f2fs: introduce a new mount option test_dummy_encryption
9321e22c038c f2fs: introduce F2FS_FEATURE_LOST_FOUND feature
8a5719615847 f2fs: release locks before return in f2fs_ioc_gc_range()
739ace131cdf f2fs: align memory boundary for bitops
4c55abe4f8d2 f2fs: remove unneeded set_cold_node()
30654507e0a2 f2fs: add nowait aio support
d909e9410634 f2fs: wrap all options with f2fs_sb_info.mount_opt
5738be52b3e8 f2fs: Don't overwrite all types of node to keep node chain
0bdeb167c843 f2fs: introduce mount option for fsync mode
6bc490f0eedc f2fs: fix to restore old mount option in ->remount_fs
0c9c3e034410 f2fs: wrap sb_rdonly with f2fs_readonly
6c6611223a79 f2fs: avoid selinux denial on CAP_SYS_RESOURCE
076a6f32fe5d f2fs: support hot file extension
58edcdbca67a f2fs: fix to avoid race in between atomic write and background GC
1e0aeb0af9ed f2fs: do gc in greedy mode for whole range if gc_urgent mode is set
10b2d001d6ac f2fs: issue discard aggressively in the gc_urgent mode
a5052f32b940 f2fs: set readdir_ra by default
1aa536a624cc f2fs: add auto tuning for small devices
0ffdffc8f106 f2fs: add mount option for segment allocation policy
b79829891249 f2fs: don't stop GC if GC is contended
766d2321697f f2fs: expose extension_list sysfs entry
98b329de5026 f2fs: fix to set KEEP_SIZE bit in f2fs_zero_range
4d409fa3346b f2fs: introduce sb_lock to make encrypt pwsalt update exclusive
1f6bac14c100 f2fs: remove redundant initialization of pointer 'p'
946aefc7545d f2fs: flush cp pack except cp pack 2 page at first
e5081a52ac09 f2fs: clean up f2fs_sb_has_xxx functions
a292477154b5 f2fs: remove redundant check of page type when submit bio
190e64a819df f2fs: fix to handle looped node chain during recovery
889d98087652 f2fs: handle quota for orphan inodes
92b12bb1a23e f2fs: support passing down write hints to block layer with F2FS policy
22fa74c2b097 f2fs: support passing down write hints given by users to block layer
180900373ec1 f2fs: fix to clear CP_TRIMMED_FLAG
0671fae134bb f2fs: support large nat bitmap
eceb943d5d59 f2fs: fix to check extent cache in f2fs_drop_extent_tree
2e2a339c9853 f2fs: restrict inline_xattr_size configuration
41dda1164137 f2fs: fix heap mode to reset it back
39575737bb62 f2fs: fix potential corruption in area before F2FS_SUPER_OFFSET
7e0e7995ee97 fscrypt: fix build with pre-4.6 gcc versions
31d3279a4fca fscrypt: fix up fscrypt_fname_encrypted_size() for internal use
82bec888567b fscrypt: define fscrypt_fname_alloc_buffer() to be for presented names
168a90782888 fscrypt: calculate NUL-padding length in one place only
042ae9f4cfbf fscrypt: move fscrypt_symlink_data to fscrypt_private.h
f9550c24c20e fscrypt: remove fscrypt_fname_usr_to_disk()
7ac4756a2474 f2fs: switch to fscrypt_get_symlink()
6b76f58e24bd f2fs: switch to fscrypt ->symlink() helper functions
fd457d2c4e04 fscrypt: new helper function - fscrypt_get_symlink()
a1cdacb7ae0d fscrypt: new helper functions for ->symlink()
7f43602f4d10 fscrypt: trim down fscrypt.h includes
d9cadc11bdcf fscrypt: move fscrypt_is_dot_dotdot() to fs/crypto/fname.c
e6fe930580cb fscrypt: move fscrypt_valid_enc_modes() to fscrypt_private.h
efefa434f47e fscrypt: move fscrypt_operations declaration to fscrypt_supp.h
7ed178bc8ae9 fscrypt: split fscrypt_dummy_context_enabled() into supp/notsupp versions
3f16e09dadfb fscrypt: move fscrypt_ctx declaration to fscrypt_supp.h
8216a0b51a3b fscrypt: move fscrypt_info_cachep declaration to fscrypt_private.h
dfe0b3b1b67f fscrypt: move fscrypt_control_page() to supp/notsupp headers
3a2c79177822 fscrypt: move fscrypt_has_encryption_key() to supp/notsupp headers
64bc01b0025e Replace #define with enum for better compilation errors.
f48927a014a5 Add missing include to drivers/tty/goldfish.c
89332ea087c3 Fix whitespace in drivers/tty/goldfish.c
86f9f957c504 ANDROID: fuse: Add null terminator to path in canonical path to avoid issue
13172f49e65a ANDROID: sdcardfs: Fix sdcardfs to stop creating cases-sensitive duplicate entries.
e8cafbb53744 ANDROID: add missing include to pdev_bus
71b3c043fe2d ANDROID: pdev_bus: replace writel with gf_write_ptr
dac472216c72 ANDROID: Cleanup type casting in goldfish.h
014fa364f80b ANDROID: Include missing headers in goldfish.h
f89b70f28f55 ANDROID: cpufreq: times: skip printing invalid frequencies
207b579e3db6 ANDROID: xt_qtaguid: Remove unnecessary null checks to device's name
ffb6bfb30097 ANDROID: xt_qtaguid: Remove unnecessary null checks to ifa_label
a89da170dbe4 ANDROID: cpufreq: times: allocate enough space for a uid_entry
4deb13e291d9 Merge 4.4.126 into android-4.4
4175c4528efe Revert "genirq: Use irqd_get_trigger_type to compare the trigger type for shared IRQs"
38033e9f3745 UPSTREAM: drm: virtio-gpu: set atomic flag
c5707dc8d273 UPSTREAM: drm: virtio-gpu: transfer dumb buffers to host on plane update
9f7a117985f0 UPSTREAM: drm: virtio-gpu: ensure plane is flushed to host on atomic update
d9e0aa6379fb UPSTREAM: drm: virtio-gpu: get the fb from the plane state for atomic updates
38f41ec1cb31 Merge 4.4.125 into android-4.4
49632c6d9873 ANDROID: cpufreq: times: fix proc_time_in_state_show
262c43ff0146 dtc: turn off dtc unit address warnings by default
851fb4da321c Merge 4.4.124 into android-4.4
37343fde0c4a BACKPORT, FROMLIST: crypto: arm64/speck - add NEON-accelerated implementation of Speck-XTS
79e7124a51cd Merge 4.4.123 into android-4.4
4b5b4ff4a687 ANDROID: cpufreq: times: avoid prematurely freeing uid_entry
eacdfbad3ba8 ANDROID: Use standard logging functions in goldfish_pipe
a1f595ac462f ANDROID: Fix whitespace in goldfish
9a42d514a637 staging: android: ashmem: Fix possible deadlock in ashmem_ioctl
b6c49d2852dd llist: clang: introduce member_address_is_nonnull()
230683f5daf6 Merge 4.4.122 into android-4.4
5759471c5c24 ANDROID: ranchu: 32 bit framebuffer support
39f8160f1772 ANDROID: Address checkpatch warnings in goldfishfb
25aa0cb369ec ANDROID: Address checkpatch.pl warnings in goldfish_pipe
51744275f535 ANDROID: sdcardfs: fix lock issue on 32 bit/SMP architectures
64913aa9605d ANDROID: goldfish: Fix typo in goldfish_cmd_locked() call
2898d1ea4167 ANDROID: Address checkpatch.pl warnings in goldfish_pipe_v2
1a6afad3777b FROMLIST: f2fs: don't put dentry page in pagecache into highmem
39ed8376d611 f2fs: don't put dentry page in pagecache into highmem
2b1843d7d061 Merge 4.4.121 into android-4.4
f0f1365fa1a3 ANDROID: Delete the goldfish_nand driver.
3f5605ddb043 ANDROID: Add input support for Android Wear.
098ee1cfeaf3 ANDROID: proc: fix config & includes for /proc/uid
c4a320621a85 FROMLIST: ARM: amba: Don't read past the end of sysfs "driver_override" buffer
86ad18f55c90 UPSTREAM: ANDROID: binder: remove WARN() for redundant txn error
18edb0c8f3cb ANDROID: cpufreq: times: Add missing includes
ea0dbcb473aa ANDROID: cpufreq: Add time_in_state to /proc/uid directories
552095deb565 ANDROID: proc: Add /proc/uid directory
229c03238f0c ANDROID: cpufreq: times: track per-uid time in state
fba21f6831a2 ANDROID: cpufreq: track per-task time in state
d63fdf61a4dc Merge 4.4.120 into android-4.4
855ea747806b ANDROID: keychord: Check for write data size
024f962d4b24 Revert "binder: add missing binder_unlock()"
e2c1313a4794 Merge 4.4.119 into android-4.4
239a415f39e0 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Set num in extension_details during make_item
5f7f76a551e7 Merge 4.4.118 into android-4.4
2240ca0fc8b7 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Hold i_mutex for i_size_write
de4b647c0124 BACKPORT, FROMGIT: crypto: speck - add test vectors for Speck64-XTS
b37c1244dd07 BACKPORT, FROMGIT: crypto: speck - add test vectors for Speck128-XTS
f54e3ccbe8a2 BACKPORT, FROMGIT: crypto: arm/speck - add NEON-accelerated implementation of Speck-XTS
e86420efb2df FROMGIT: crypto: speck - export common helpers
1decfa0b7db0 BACKPORT, FROMGIT: crypto: speck - add support for the Speck block cipher
718f4ad191ef UPSTREAM: ANDROID: binder: synchronize_rcu() when using POLLFREE.
56ee1e817908 f2fs: updates on v4.16-rc1
4ec365657674 Merge 4.4.117 into android-4.4
8c1e0d6585a7 BACKPORT: tee: shm: Potential NULL dereference calling tee_shm_register()
ed384bc36264 BACKPORT: tee: shm: don't put_page on null shm->pages
18fee2106b39 BACKPORT: tee: shm: make function __tee_shm_alloc static
7d6b8f23177a BACKPORT: tee: optee: check type of registered shared memory
1b8bb30b0787 BACKPORT: tee: add start argument to shm_register callback
5b6bf566d7ee BACKPORT: tee: optee: fix header dependencies
78d437dbb108 BACKPORT: tee: shm: inline tee_shm_get_id()
17c7c494f718 BACKPORT: tee: use reference counting for tee_context
9af8e19afc93 BACKPORT: tee: optee: enable dynamic SHM support
cee71b9f6b17 BACKPORT: tee: optee: add optee-specific shared pool implementation
57e74116de17 BACKPORT: tee: optee: store OP-TEE capabilities in private data
8e7265bf47e5 BACKPORT: tee: optee: add registered buffers handling into RPC calls
765318c240e1 BACKPORT: tee: optee: add registered shared parameters handling
05f0a3bccaee BACKPORT: tee: optee: add shared buffer registration functions
7a86865317b0 BACKPORT: tee: optee: add page list manipulation functions
ba1bc285991c BACKPORT: tee: optee: Update protocol definitions
a06ac65fa54f BACKPORT: tee: shm: add page accessor functions
ba5928ca5c23 BACKPORT: tee: shm: add accessors for buffer size and page offset
9b5e064b883b BACKPORT: tee: add register user memory
15bf9b9422ec BACKPORT: tee: flexible shared memory pool creation
7d14aee395ff BACKPORT: optee: support asynchronous supplicant requests
fb96bdaa3aa3 BACKPORT: tee: add tee_param_is_memref() for driver use
014c9019a2f6 f2fs: fix build error with multiply defined inode_nohighmem()
20ddb25b3ebf Merge 4.4.116 into android-4.4
55a366596215 BACKPORT: xfrm: Fix return value check of copy_sec_ctx.
5e56f242721e time: Fix ktime_get_raw() incorrect base accumulation
78d59f1aea62 sched/fair: prevent possible infinite loop in sched_group_energy
0e9bcc1e0a16 UPSTREAM: MIPS: Fix build of compressed image
5f9b3abb911f f2fs: support inode creation time
9fb0de175172 f2fs: rebuild sit page from sit info in mem
1062a0c01829 f2fs: stop issuing discard if fs is readonly
fa043fae9030 f2fs: clean up duplicated assignment in init_discard_policy
b007190234d6 f2fs: use GFP_F2FS_ZERO for cleanup
35b11839a1ae f2fs: allow to recover node blocks given updated checkpoint
e56500860be0 f2fs: recover some i_inline flags
64aa9569a1bf f2fs: correct removexattr behavior for null valued extended attribute
70b3a923daff f2fs: drop page cache after fs shutdown
8069a0e983d9 f2fs: stop gc/discard thread after fs shutdown
bb924f777717 f2fs: hanlde error case in f2fs_ioc_shutdown
700b53f21ee8 f2fs: split need_inplace_update
f31d52811c1f f2fs: fix to update last_disk_size correctly
eeb0118b8340 f2fs: kill F2FS_INLINE_XATTR_ADDRS for cleanup
c1b74c967092 f2fs: clean up error path of fill_super
d5efd57e013b f2fs: avoid hungtask when GC encrypted block if io_bits is set
c4027d08430b f2fs: allow quota to use reserved blocks
18d267c273a9 f2fs: fix to drop all inmem pages correctly
4dca47531eb0 f2fs: speed up defragment on sparse file
999f806a7c9e f2fs: support F2FS_IOC_PRECACHE_EXTENTS
84960fca96c4 f2fs: add an ioctl to disable GC for specific file
292c8e1cfd4d f2fs: prevent newly created inode from being dirtied incorrectly
58b1f5b0fcf1 f2fs: support FIEMAP_FLAG_XATTR
6afa9a94d09b f2fs: fix to cover f2fs_inline_data_fiemap with inode_lock
10f4a4140b61 f2fs: check node page again in write end io
b203c58dfd55 f2fs: fix to caclulate required free section correctly
d49132d45cb0 f2fs: handle newly created page when revoking inmem pages
2ce6b9d8167e f2fs: add resgid and resuid to reserve root blocks
f53dcf6799ab f2fs: implement cgroup writeback support
1338f376d5a3 f2fs: remove unused pend_list_tag
d4f19f6266ab f2fs: avoid high cpu usage in discard thread
b78e9302e2e3 f2fs: make local functions static
62438ba87b79 f2fs: add reserved blocks for root user
06a366757ff7 f2fs: check segment type in __f2fs_replace_block
4c6bc4be375a f2fs: update inode info to inode page for new file
591b33638733 f2fs: show precise # of blocks that user/root can use
b242d7edc537 f2fs: clean up unneeded declaration
87b8168e9ef0 f2fs: continue to do direct IO if we only preallocate partial blocks
2b4d859bd9d8 f2fs: enable quota at remount from r to w
54bf13a0adcd f2fs: skip stop_checkpoint for user data writes
25ef3006ba23 f2fs: fix missing error number for xattr operation
cff2c7fe417b f2fs: recover directory operations by fsync
e2bb618a0a6b f2fs: return error during fill_super
8a2c11d8658d f2fs: fix an error case of missing update inode page
cd38d5ada5a4 f2fs: fix potential hangtask in f2fs_trace_pid
e81cafbeba4b f2fs: no need return value in restore summary process
04d44000d633 f2fs: use unlikely for release case
925d0933d8f0 f2fs: don't return value in truncate_data_blocks_range
f7986c416d1b f2fs: clean up f2fs_map_blocks
e4f5e26cdadf f2fs: clean up hash codes
1f994d47080c f2fs: fix error handling in fill_super
e7db649b5fb1 f2fs: spread f2fs_k{m,z}alloc
5d4e487b9929 f2fs: inject fault to kvmalloc
8b33886c37cd f2fs: inject fault to kzalloc
d94680798786 f2fs: remove a redundant conditional expression
3bc01114a338 f2fs: apply write hints to select the type of segment for direct write
c80f01959114 f2fs: switch to fscrypt_prepare_setattr()
bb8b850365ff f2fs: switch to fscrypt_prepare_lookup()
9ab470eaf8a8 f2fs: switch to fscrypt_prepare_rename()
aeaac517a12d f2fs: switch to fscrypt_prepare_link()
101c6a96ad1c f2fs: switch to fscrypt_file_open()
6d025237a1f8 f2fs: remove repeated f2fs_bug_on
b01e03d724de f2fs: remove an excess variable
e1f9be2f7c82 f2fs: fix lock dependency in between dio_rwsem & i_mmap_sem
e5c7c8601030 f2fs: remove unused parameter
f130dbb98a68 f2fs: still write data if preallocate only partial blocks
47ee9b259811 f2fs: introduce sysfs readdir_ra to readahead inode block in readdir
55e2f89181ce f2fs: fix concurrent problem for updating free bitmap
e1398f6554b4 f2fs: remove unneeded memory footprint accounting
2d69561135f2 f2fs: no need to read nat block if nat_block_bitmap is set
4dd2d0733809 f2fs: reserve nid resource for quota sysfile
6b8924e4899f ANDROID: qtaguid: Fix the UAF probelm with tag_ref_tree
810bdaf1dd74 UPSTREAM: ANDROID: binder: remove waitqueue when thread exits.
037d2374ce3e UPSTREAM: arm64/efi: Make strnlen() available to the EFI namespace
756df204117b UPSTREAM: ARM: boot: Add an implementation of strnlen for libfdt
938ae27ff3dd ANDROID: MIPS: Add ranchu[32r5|32r6|64]_defconfig
8c74f4c80eb5 FROMLIST: tty: goldfish: Enable 'earlycon' only if built-in
0bc65cbcc335 FROMLIST: MIPS: ranchu: Add Ranchu as a new generic-based board
d4d732cfa4af FROMLIST: MIPS: Add noexec=on|off kernel parameter
5bf8bba0f178 FROMLIST: MIPS: CPC: Map registers using DT in mips_cpc_default_phys_base()
22904b58933d FROMLIST: dt-bindings: Document mti,mips-cpc binding
fcc1a32d69d5 FROMLIST: MIPS: math-emu: Mark fall throughs in switch statements with a comment
4ca35deb836b FROMLIST: MIPS: math-emu: Avoid multiple assignment
7ac185315bf0 FROMLIST: MIPS: math-emu: Avoid an assignment within if statement condition
0d0e0871fd4f FROMLIST: MIPS: math-emu: Declare function srl128() as static
c18976613cf0 FROMLIST: MIPS: math-emu: Avoid definition duplication for macro DPXMULT()
e59efd01149a FROMLIST: MIPS: math-emu: Remove an unnecessary header inclusion
90b7079af2cd UPSTREAM: scripts/dtc: Update to upstream version 0931cea3ba20
68b6a5ccf304 UPSTREAM: scripts/dtc: dt_to_config - kernel config options for a devicetree
4d8ea865394e UPSTREAM: scripts/dtc: Update to upstream version 53bf130b1cdd
8b8ef6794bdb UPSTREAM: scripts/dtc: Update to upstream commit b06e55c88b9b
ecb533a0af09 UPSTREAM: scripts/dtc: dtx_diff - add info to error message
a6f6fe171a59 UPSTREAM: dtc: create tool to diff device trees
414511978e11 UPSTREAM: config: android-base: disable CONFIG_NFSD and CONFIG_NFS_FS
b4ad83cea26d UPSTREAM: config: android-base: add CGROUP_BPF
54479d4f2415 UPSTREAM: config: android-base: add CONFIG_MODULES option
f03dda414b4a UPSTREAM: config: android-base: add CONFIG_IKCONFIG option
4814880b1bbe UPSTREAM: config: android-base: disable CONFIG_USELIB and CONFIG_FHANDLE
48303629e526 UPSTREAM: config: android-base: enable hardened usercopy and kernel ASLR
247bb900b1d9 UPSTREAM: config: android: enable CONFIG_SECCOMP
d31dd9f2a24d UPSTREAM: config: android: set SELinux as default security mode
258e47526454 UPSTREAM: config: android: move device mapper options to recommended
8ae29f24b92c UPSTREAM: config/android: Remove CONFIG_IPV6_PRIVACY
7bad331b2528 UPSTREAM: config: add android config fragments
39678d21f51c BACKPORT: MIPS: generic: Add a MAINTAINERS entry
0e3eb81e608a BACKPORT: irqchip/irq-goldfish-pic: Add Goldfish PIC driver
4d143413ce84 UPSTREAM: dt-bindings/goldfish-pic: Add device tree binding for Goldfish PIC driver
315428718fd2 UPSTREAM: MIPS: Allow storing pgd in C0_CONTEXT for MIPSr6
b1f4d404b412 UPSTREAM: MIPS: CPS: Handle spurious VP starts more gracefully
346a79c3cc3d UPSTREAM: MIPS: CPS: Handle cores not powering down more gracefully
bf48b18d3758 UPSTREAM: MIPS: CPS: Prevent multi-core with dcache aliasing
5ec00040d8b6 UPSTREAM: MIPS: CM: WARN on attempt to lock invalid VP, not BUG
fb77eb94a33d UPSTREAM: MIPS: CM: Avoid per-core locking with CM3 & higher
b4af2637b68c UPSTREAM: MIPS: smp-cps: Avoid BUG() when offlining pre-r6 CPUs
63a30ac54ee7 UPSTREAM: MIPS: smp-cps: Add support for CPU hotplug of MIPSr6 processors
0466b2e7a4d7 UPSTREAM: MIPS: generic: Bump default NR_CPUS to 16
2710d8db2830 UPSTREAM: MIPS: pm-cps: Change FSB workaround to CPU blacklist
4eb22eaa8a3e UPSTREAM: MIPS: Fix early CM probing
79a0335b1267 UPSTREAM: MIPS: smp-cps: Stop printing EJTAG exceptions to UART
7e307c7f65fa UPSTREAM: MIPS: smp-cps: Add nothreads kernel parameter
f7eed353c580 UPSTREAM: MIPS: smp-cps: Support MIPSr6 Virtual Processors
5857ebce0d05 UPSTREAM: MIPS: smp-cps: Skip core setup if coherent
e71f7c351f4f UPSTREAM: MIPS: smp-cps: Pull boot config retrieval out of mips_cps_boot_vpes
d71fec6285d8 UPSTREAM: MIPS: smp-cps: Pull cache init into a function
85e9df5b2a83 UPSTREAM: MIPS: smp-cps: Ensure our VP ident calculation is correct
11afd7041257 UPSTREAM: irqchip: mips-gic: Provide VP ID accessor
70dd808bc779 UPSTREAM: irqchip: mips-gic: Use HW IDs for VPE_OTHER_ADDR
17aa10a65c9b UPSTREAM: MIPS: CM: Fix mips_cm_max_vp_width for UP kernels
9eab7bcece0f UPSTREAM: MIPS: CM: Add CM GCR_BEV_BASE accessors
2ea248c38c52 UPSTREAM: MIPS: CPC: Add start, stop and running CM3 CPC registers
55454ca1bd24 UPSTREAM: MIPS: pm-cps: Avoid offset overflow on MIPSr6
518b875ac8eb UPSTREAM: MIPS: traps: Make sure secondary cores have a sane ebase register
9684a8cd1c07 UPSTREAM: MIPS: Detect MIPSr6 Virtual Processor support
0dcb34db9f48 UPSTREAM: Documentation: Add device tree binding for Goldfish FB driver
851d630a4e30 UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: Use preferred flavor of unsigned integer declarations
7970be560ee7 UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: <MADDF|MSUBF>.D: Fix accuracy (64-bit case)
171e64fc7e69 UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: <MADDF|MSUBF>.S: Fix accuracy (32-bit case)
960cfd07111c UPSTREAM: MIPS: Update Goldfish RTC driver maintainer email address
848a96c7c180 UPSTREAM: MIPS: Update RINT emulation maintainer email address
1faba225e9bf UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: do not use bools for arithmetic
e33cff3589a7 UPSTREAM: rtc: goldfish: Add RTC driver for Android emulator
150e79518f30 BACKPORT: dt-bindings: Add device tree binding for Goldfish RTC driver
3d36fb9f2a72 UPSTREAM: tty: goldfish: Implement support for kernel 'earlycon' parameter
77ed324e0372 UPSTREAM: tty: goldfish: Use streaming DMA for r/w operations on Ranchu platforms
67fdb99cce96 UPSTREAM: tty: goldfish: Refactor constants to better reflect their nature
80a1b3334ae4 UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: Add FP emu debugfs stats for individual instructions
ba44d882f518 UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: Add FP emu debugfs clear functionality
b4c0bacf7fb7 UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: Add FP emu debugfs statistics for branches
49ab66eb1e57 BACKPORT: MIPS: math-emu: CLASS.D: Zero bits 32-63 of the result
fdb44c1063e8 BACKPORT: MIPS: math-emu: RINT.<D|S>: Fix several problems by reimplementation
93716dce827b UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: CMP.Sxxx.<D|S>: Prevent occurrences of SIGILL crashes
75edb6197d50 UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: <MADDF|MSUBF>.<D|S>: Clean up "maddf_flags" enumeration
91e26d5b2df5 UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: <MADDF|MSUBF>.<D|S>: Fix some cases of zero inputs
a2e223208c43 UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: <MADDF|MSUBF>.<D|S>: Fix some cases of infinite inputs
9d434b683579 UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: <MADDF|MSUBF>.<D|S>: Fix NaN propagation
872946b047f1 UPSTREAM: tty: goldfish: Fix a parameter of a call to free_irq
5381edf8435d UPSTREAM: MIPS: VDSO: Fix clobber lists in fallback code paths
2150cb63454b UPSTREAM: MIPS: VDSO: Fix a mismatch between comment and preprocessor constant
491fef353846 UPSTREAM: MIPS: VDSO: Add implementation of gettimeofday() fallback
3ab7b67564de UPSTREAM: MIPS: VDSO: Add implementation of clock_gettime() fallback
7ff79d8a3d81 UPSTREAM: MIPS: VDSO: Fix conversions in do_monotonic()/do_monotonic_coarse()
a78332d6d8bb UPSTREAM: MIPS: unaligned: Add DSP lwx & lhx missaligned access support
40a5b6cb8310 UPSTREAM: MIPS: build: Fix "-modd-spreg" switch usage when compiling for mips32r6
678610b55ab6 UPSTREAM: MIPS: cmdline: Add support for 'memmap' parameter
91fe2ac4d28f UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: Handle zero accumulator case in MADDF and MSUBF separately
df5314d4c24b UPSTREAM: MIPS: Support per-device DMA coherence
5e7488820cf9 UPSTREAM: MIPS: dma-default: Don't check hw_coherentio if device is non-coherent
ad0828f49b4e UPSTREAM: MIPS: Sanitise coherentio semantics
bdb66e07860f UPSTREAM: MIPS: CPC: Provide default mips_cpc_default_phys_base to ignore CPC
9c0e042c61a2 UPSTREAM: MIPS: generic: Introduce generic DT-based board support
62725e3e7dc3 UPSTREAM: MIPS: Support generating Flattened Image Trees (.itb)
54c1aa3ea2d1 UPSTREAM: MIPS: Allow emulation for unaligned [LS]DXC1 instructions
da8a6c79d7a1 UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: Fix BC1EQZ and BC1NEZ condition handling
4e734c6f3424 UPSTREAM: MIPS: r2-on-r6-emu: Clear BLTZALL and BGEZALL debugfs counters
4fed79c571c3 UPSTREAM: MIPS: r2-on-r6-emu: Fix BLEZL and BGTZL identification
0075089fffec UPSTREAM: MIPS: remove aliasing alignment if HW has antialising support
f9b39ce8d443 BACKPORT: MIPS: store the appended dtb address in a variable
fb0c12e677a3 UPSTREAM: MIPS: Fix FCSR Cause bit handling for correct SIGFPE issue
1c7d67bedb0d UPSTREAM: MIPS: kernel: Audit and remove any unnecessary uses of module.h
98561f492883 UPSTREAM: MIPS: c-r4k: Fix sigtramp SMP call to use kmap
aff62c8fadd7 UPSTREAM: MIPS: c-r4k: Fix protected_writeback_scache_line for EVA
66e81bda6027 UPSTREAM: MIPS: Spelling fix lets -> let's
d552d767e47c UPSTREAM: MIPS: R6: Fix typo
a8955d815ec7 UPSTREAM: MIPS: traps: Correct the SIGTRAP debug ABI in `do_watch' and `do_trap_or_bp'
23080a1ef201 UPSTREAM: MIPS: inst.h: Rename cbcond{0,1}_op to pop{1,3}0_op
b1529b8d20af UPSTREAM: MIPS: inst.h: Rename b{eq,ne}zcji[al]c_op to pop{6,7}6_op
f67d2acc2524 UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: Fix m{add,sub}.s shifts
d3154ef7038b UPSTREAM: MIPS: inst: Declare fsel_op for sel.fmt instruction
478f521caf2a UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: Fix code indentation
fb2a789d164e UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: Fix bit-width in ieee754dp_{mul, maddf, msubf} comments
663009749ffd UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: Add z argument macros
8c50090eaeb3 UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: Unify ieee754dp_m{add,sub}f
e6ba7699581f UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: Unify ieee754sp_m{add,sub}f
476f2f0a48ca UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: Emulate MIPSr6 sel.fmt instruction
b61e67de1ac4 UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: Fix BC1{EQ,NE}Z emulation
9a89fca3bbe2 UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: Always propagate sNaN payload in quieting
0c23219c3a7c UPSTREAM: MIPS: Fix misspellings in comments.
bb61ba21369b UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: Add IEEE Std 754-2008 NaN encoding emulation
71b31a91e393 UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: Add IEEE Std 754-2008 ABS.fmt and NEG.fmt emulation
b38614bbdfce UPSTREAM: MIPS: non-exec stack & heap when non-exec PT_GNU_STACK is present
39dd84faa5ea UPSTREAM: MIPS: Add IEEE Std 754 conformance mode selection
5dd3c3a431ab UPSTREAM: MIPS: Determine the presence of IEEE Std 754-2008 features
d73ca92398df UPSTREAM: MIPS: Define the legacy-NaN and 2008-NaN features
43517cec9fba UPSTREAM: MIPS: ELF: Interpret the NAN2008 file header flag
380f74966e73 UPSTREAM: ELF: Also pass any interpreter's file header to `arch_check_elf'
18e152e05107 UPSTREAM: MIPS: Use a union to access the ELF file header
30bee7f9387b UPSTREAM: MIPS: Fix delay slot emulation count in debugfs
af22cc785fe4 BACKPORT: exit_thread: accept a task parameter to be exited
c16fb87374fd UPSTREAM: mn10300: let exit_fpu accept a task
c9cd1837ca21 UPSTREAM: MIPS: Use per-mm page to execute branch delay slot instructions
cc261c372935 BACKPORT: s390: get rid of exit_thread()
3ebefa784088 BACKPORT: exit_thread: remove empty bodies
5ea4150e1772 UPSTREAM: MIPS: Make flush_thread
1e9d84070a8c UPSTREAM: MIPS: Properly disable FPU in start_thread()
cb7c7f371ea5 UPSTREAM: MIPS: Select CONFIG_HANDLE_DOMAIN_IRQ and make it work.
afcd2b897895 UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: Fix typo
883f4325f636 UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: dsemul: Remove an unused bit in ADDIUPC emulation
c56de7416556 UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: dsemul: Reduce `get_isa16_mode' clutter
caeae55e45a6 UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: dsemul: Correct description of the emulation frame
a589481cd803 UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: Correct the emulation of microMIPS ADDIUPC instruction
e415d7547a28 UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: Make microMIPS branch delay slot emulation work
0aa09660cfef UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: dsemul: Fix ill formatting of microMIPS part
eeb8a2dda826 UPSTREAM: MIPS: math-emu: Correctly handle NOP emulation
aa856bd83c43 Merge 4.4.115 into android-4.4
4e74e983ab6e ANDROID: sdcardfs: Protect set_top
0989de294d18 ANDROID: fsnotify: Notify lower fs of open
6b508c8d77e1 Revert "ANDROID: sdcardfs: notify lower file of opens"
4325c9c3359b ANDROID: sdcardfs: Use lower getattr times/size
a81d32264721 ANDROID: sched/rt: schedtune: Add boost retention to RT
fe09418d6f88 Merge 4.4.114 into android-4.4
962d1f3fe2f4 ANDROID: sched: EAS: check energy_aware() before calling select_energy_cpu_brute() in up-migrate path
202e079275c6 UPSTREAM: eventpoll.h: add missing epoll event masks
e70c132b2dac ANDROID: xattr: Pass EOPNOTSUPP to permission2
ef588ef53d3e Merge 4.4.113 into android-4.4
3fc4284df70b ANDROID: sdcardfs: Move default_normal to superblock
d96d95dd1d8b blkdev: Refactoring block io latency histogram codes
52c02cf1b2a2 FROMLIST: arm64: kpti: Fix the interaction between ASID switching and software PAN
da94c13a990c FROMLIST: arm64: Move post_ttbr_update_workaround to C code
c30184d9b661 FROMLIST: arm64: mm: Rename post_ttbr0_update_workaround
ca0ebb4ee237 sched: EAS: Initialize push_task as NULL to avoid direct reference on out_unlock path
5f6325b148d0 Merge 4.4.112 into android-4.4
c2f631bf4969 fscrypt: updates on 4.15-rc4
1849cd3d301d ANDROID: uid_sys_stats: fix the comment
7902639f8133 BACKPORT: optee: fix invalid of_node_put() in optee_driver_init()
f7d164341533 BACKPORT: tee: optee: sync with new naming of interrupts
310eb1682d8a BACKPORT: tee: indicate privileged dev in gen_caps
648c5f26631a BACKPORT: tee: optee: interruptible RPC sleep
848ca983486f BACKPORT: tee: optee: add const to tee_driver_ops and tee_desc structures
ab64937ab167 BACKPORT: tee: tee_shm: Constify dma_buf_ops structures.
185c2d72a1f6 BACKPORT: tee: add forward declaration for struct device
62275d495b42 BACKPORT: tee: optee: fix uninitialized symbol 'parg'
5a7ccb43604c BACKPORT: tee.txt: standardize document format
5c60ee2f61bf BACKPORT: tee: add ARM_SMCCC dependency
3301b5569f27 BACKPORT: selinux: nlmsgtab: add SOCK_DESTROY to the netlink mapping tables
f8518889ffe8 Merge 4.4.111 into android-4.4
ba1ade71012d fscrypt: resolve some cherry-pick bugs
618a5108ea9c clocksource: arch_timer: make virtual counter access configurable
ed776960efde arm64: issue isb when trapping CNTVCT_EL0 access
b0dc52ea0834 BACKPORT: arm64: Add CNTFRQ_EL0 trap handler
bd3c67ac4fe8 BACKPORT: arm64: Add CNTVCT_EL0 trap handler
64afad041d00 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Fix missing break on default_normal
eb4909b080c4 ANDROID: usb: f_fs: Prevent gadget unbind if it is already unbound
dac143966992 arm64: Kconfig: Reword UNMAP_KERNEL_AT_EL0 kconfig entry
c65273a83da7 arm64: use RET instruction for exiting the trampoline
8a345128f74e FROMLIST: arm64: kaslr: Put kernel vectors address in separate data page
c62a3d7a8de5 FROMLIST: arm64: mm: Introduce TTBR_ASID_MASK for getting at the ASID in the TTBR
d891a62401ae FROMLIST: arm64: Kconfig: Add CONFIG_UNMAP_KERNEL_AT_EL0
472e95061e6a FROMLIST: arm64: entry: Add fake CPU feature for unmapping the kernel at EL0
59eae0dbcf6c FROMLIST: arm64: tls: Avoid unconditional zeroing of tpidrro_el0 for native tasks
c6e2ad951f73 FROMLIST: arm64: erratum: Work around Falkor erratum #E1003 in trampoline code
75f5a2df1df3 FROMLIST: arm64: entry: Hook up entry trampoline to exception vectors
3dcb84674478 FROMLIST: arm64: entry: Explicitly pass exception level to kernel_ventry macro
39685f556c0c FROMLIST: arm64: mm: Map entry trampoline into trampoline and kernel page tables
6fdb633b0b4f FROMLIST: arm64: entry: Add exception trampoline page for exceptions from EL0
47b558b42991 FROMLIST: arm64: mm: Invalidate both kernel and user ASIDs when performing TLBI
9497136713f6 FROMLIST: arm64: mm: Add arm64_kernel_unmapped_at_el0 helper
290ef683657c FROMLIST: arm64: mm: Allocate ASIDs in pairs
d99c809e7f5d FROMLIST: arm64: mm: Fix and re-enable ARM64_SW_TTBR0_PAN
76546093d430 FROMLIST: arm64: mm: Move ASID from TTBR0 to TTBR1
0d78166ea4cb FROMLIST: arm64: mm: Temporarily disable ARM64_SW_TTBR0_PAN
44f905b3a22f FROMLIST: arm64: mm: Use non-global mappings for kernel space
7f436e6b4ec6 UPSTREAM: arm64: factor out entry stack manipulation
56089a8a56dd UPSTREAM: arm64: tlbflush.h: add __tlbi() macro
5cc8c2ec619e Merge 4.4.110 into android-4.4
9e32f17d241b fscrypt: move to generic async completion
4ecacbed6e1c crypto: introduce crypto wait for async op
42d89da82b25 fscrypt: lock mutex before checking for bounce page pool
2286508d17c2 fscrypt: new helper function - fscrypt_prepare_setattr()
5cbdd42ad248 fscrypt: new helper function - fscrypt_prepare_lookup()
a31feba5c18f fscrypt: new helper function - fscrypt_prepare_rename()
95efafb6239d fscrypt: new helper function - fscrypt_prepare_link()
2b4b4f98dddf fscrypt: new helper function - fscrypt_file_open()
8c815f381cd6 fscrypt: new helper function - fscrypt_require_key()
272e43502577 fscrypt: remove unneeded empty fscrypt_operations structs
1034eeec516a fscrypt: remove ->is_encrypted()
32c0d3ae9d66 fscrypt: switch from ->is_encrypted() to IS_ENCRYPTED()
a4781dd1f175 fs, fscrypt: add an S_ENCRYPTED inode flag
ff0a3dbc9392 fscrypt: clean up include file mess
bc4a61c60bea fscrypt: fix dereference of NULL user_key_payload
a53dc7e00559 fscrypt: make ->dummy_context() return bool
a51b84097d21 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Add default_normal option
77b02dccafaf ANDROID: sdcardfs: notify lower file of opens
8cbe01c651bb Merge 4.4.109 into android-4.4
55b3b8c2b574 Merge 4.4.108 into android-4.4
610c835673f3 ANDROID: binder: Remove obsolete proc waitqueue.
79f138ac8c95 Merge 4.4.107 into android-4.4
170051828437 UPSTREAM: arm64: setup: introduce kaslr_offset()
4ae5c2ae5a50 UPSTREAM: kcov: fix comparison callback signature
540baa17a89e UPSTREAM: kcov: support comparison operands collection
48eb2bc60c25 UPSTREAM: kcov: remove pointless current != NULL check
b67f35bcaea1 UPSTREAM: kcov: support compat processes
937f71940a63 UPSTREAM: kcov: simplify interrupt check
049e3f205780 UPSTREAM: kcov: make kcov work properly with KASLR enabled
f414a9442ffd UPSTREAM: kcov: add more missing includes
2b86624bff9d UPSTREAM: kcov: add missing #include <linux/sched.h>
d1c5c9c2c635 UPSTREAM: kcov: properly check if we are in an interrupt
f82dbb707f3d UPSTREAM: kcov: don't profile branches in kcov
94fe28dd4dd3 UPSTREAM: kcov: don't trace the code coverage code
9b83f370dc66 BACKPORT: kernel: add kcov code coverage
2fea0397a8e7 Merge 4.4.106 into android-4.4
dcfa5fe36a67 BACKPORT: irq: Make the irqentry text section unconditional
5249dcc4ebe8 UPSTREAM: arch, ftrace: for KASAN put hard/soft IRQ entries into separate sections
5bd8877ad806 UPSTREAM: x86, kasan, ftrace: Put APIC interrupt handlers into .irqentry.text
862910bf9bd4 UPSTREAM: kasan: make get_wild_bug_type() static
35da9fc54786 UPSTREAM: kasan: separate report parts by empty lines
8140f5663c0f UPSTREAM: kasan: improve double-free report format
35ea56c325fe UPSTREAM: kasan: print page description after stacks
500a7ed23b1e UPSTREAM: kasan: improve slab object description
a1dcc361b55e UPSTREAM: kasan: change report header
51f4ed70d2de UPSTREAM: kasan: simplify address description logic
f50afce05644 UPSTREAM: kasan: change allocation and freeing stack traces headers
9f1b3e85c4c2 UPSTREAM: kasan: unify report headers
454c0bcdfb83 UPSTREAM: kasan: introduce helper functions for determining bug type
e8a4efd04173 BACKPORT: kasan: report only the first error by default
ef1e5532cdae UPSTREAM: kasan: fix races in quarantine_remove_cache()
97bf1066e3a5 UPSTREAM: kasan: resched in quarantine_remove_cache()
16a34d5679f2 BACKPORT: kasan, sched/headers: Uninline kasan_enable/disable_current()
c0e5ed2db404 BACKPORT: kasan: drain quarantine of memcg slab objects
9e84d95fd7dc UPSTREAM: kasan: eliminate long stalls during quarantine reduction
418991b870f7 UPSTREAM: kasan: support panic_on_warn
915047a1dea4 UPSTREAM: x86/suspend: fix false positive KASAN warning on suspend/resume
1d16d8b51ecd UPSTREAM: kasan: support use-after-scope detection
7efecacc26bf UPSTREAM: kasan/tests: add tests for user memory access functions
dd0785505790 UPSTREAM: mm, kasan: add a ksize() test
b2bd0e0b3d4c UPSTREAM: kasan: test fix: warn if the UAF could not be detected in kmalloc_uaf2
adb03f57aa73 UPSTREAM: kasan: modify kmalloc_large_oob_right(), add kmalloc_pagealloc_oob_right()
b8bff7a41314 UPSTREAM: lib/stackdepot: export save/fetch stack for drivers
d390896bf9ee UPSTREAM: lib/stackdepot.c: bump stackdepot capacity from 16MB to 128MB
2cb9e02424f4 BACKPORT: kprobes: Unpoison stack in jprobe_return() for KASAN
bfe4adad697b UPSTREAM: kasan: remove the unnecessary WARN_ONCE from quarantine.c
a9674f4e536c UPSTREAM: kasan: avoid overflowing quarantine size on low memory systems
2771cfaf2347 UPSTREAM: kasan: improve double-free reports
1a44264ae868 BACKPORT: mm: coalesce split strings
508ad7fe8983 BACKPORT: mm/kasan: get rid of ->state in struct kasan_alloc_meta
1f93a556dfaf UPSTREAM: mm/kasan: get rid of ->alloc_size in struct kasan_alloc_meta
30d8b5b40294 UPSTREAM: mm: kasan: remove unused 'reserved' field from struct kasan_alloc_meta
101a6c23d8ec UPSTREAM: mm/kasan, slub: don't disable interrupts when object leaves quarantine
f3bc37a7814d UPSTREAM: mm/kasan: don't reduce quarantine in atomic contexts
13134b919bd0 UPSTREAM: mm/kasan: fix corruptions and false positive reports
76696721b36a UPSTREAM: lib/stackdepot.c: use __GFP_NOWARN for stack allocations
85f8b4243008 BACKPORT: mm, kasan: switch SLUB to stackdepot, enable memory quarantine for SLUB
850627ab0ffc UPSTREAM: kasan/quarantine: fix bugs on qlist_move_cache()
3240b4d6636e UPSTREAM: mm: mempool: kasan: don't poot mempool objects in quarantine
7a85d045077f UPSTREAM: kasan: change memory hot-add error messages to info messages
ec4cb91ee557 BACKPORT: mm/kasan: add API to check memory regions
d8688d3bac41 UPSTREAM: mm/kasan: print name of mem[set,cpy,move]() caller in report
8009eecae3b2 UPSTREAM: mm: kasan: initial memory quarantine implementation
205c0c95f9f6 UPSTREAM: lib/stackdepot: avoid to return 0 handle
5156a49621ae UPSTREAM: lib/stackdepot.c: allow the stack trace hash to be zero
e9741edda65b UPSTREAM: mm, kasan: fix compilation for CONFIG_SLAB
7336ab7b7c0a BACKPORT: mm, kasan: stackdepot implementation. Enable stackdepot for SLAB
a9683c505ba8 BACKPORT: mm, kasan: add GFP flags to KASAN API
5451a4a87d53 UPSTREAM: mm, kasan: SLAB support
09c23a802440 UPSTREAM: mm/slab: align cache size first before determination of OFF_SLAB candidate
118cb473e153 UPSTREAM: mm/slab: use more appropriate condition check for debug_pagealloc
511f370eed03 UPSTREAM: mm/slab: factor out debugging initialization in cache_init_objs()
106caadcea04 UPSTREAM: mm/slab: remove object status buffer for DEBUG_SLAB_LEAK
63fd82260452 UPSTREAM: mm/slab: alternative implementation for DEBUG_SLAB_LEAK
5b5a89ff484f UPSTREAM: mm/slab: clean up DEBUG_PAGEALLOC processing code
44d2bfbf144e UPSTREAM: mm/slab: activate debug_pagealloc in SLAB when it is actually enabled
b5797f6112c7 sched: EAS/WALT: Don't take into account of running task's util
e303a832d93e BACKPORT: schedutil: Reset cached freq if it is not in sync with next_freq
36205b7fa963 UPSTREAM: kasan: add functions to clear stack poison
8a5396242ea0 Merge 4.4.105 into android-4.4
ed884ebd80a9 ANDROID: initramfs: call free_initrd() when skipping init
8bc4213be484 Merge 4.4.104 into android-4.4
9329ea145a6e Documentation: tee subsystem and op-tee driver
09da41c575ea tee: add OP-TEE driver
048370cd16c1 tee: generic TEE subsystem
9aad2ea1a413 dt/bindings: add bindings for optee
c51866baa4fb kernel.h: add u64_to_user_ptr()
11b4c995ebcb ARM: 8481/2: drivers: psci: replace psci firmware calls
a794759d492e ARM: 8480/2: arm64: add implementation for arm-smccc
e9f7e56e9460 ARM: 8479/2: add implementation for arm-smccc
6d7ed3d3cf81 ARM: 8478/2: arm/arm64: add arm-smccc
84baff98495f UPSTREAM: net: xfrm: allow clearing socket xfrm policies.
9fbf3d737412 Merge 4.4.103 into android-4.4
1d35c0438678 BACKPORT: time: Clean up CLOCK_MONOTONIC_RAW time handling
28850c79d071 BACKPORT: time: Fix CLOCK_MONOTONIC_RAW sub-nanosecond accounting
67a8ab4adc2d UPSTREAM: arm64: vdso: fix clock_getres for 4GiB-aligned res
353c16247d72 f2fs: updates on 4.15-rc1
663d2e5444a6 UPSTREAM: android: binder: fix type mismatch warning
f6ef57faf95d Merge 4.4.102 into android-4.4
f0b9d2d0acea Merge 4.4.101 into android-4.4
482cc74cf79f Merge 4.4.100 into android-4.4
875988cc0f1e BACKPORT: arm64: Use __pa_symbol for empty_zero_page
427c567580d9 BACKPORT: arm64: Use __pa_symbol for kernel symbols
b11250d2aded UPSTREAM: mm: Introduce lm_alias
7eab308a49db Merge 4.4.99 into android-4.4
56a07b070510 f2fs: deny accessing encryption policy if encryption is off
c394842e26e5 f2fs: inject fault in inc_valid_node_count
926292251022 f2fs: fix to clear FI_NO_PREALLOC
e6cfc5de2d05 f2fs: expose quota information in debugfs
c4cd2efe835b f2fs: separate nat entry mem alloc from nat_tree_lock
48c72b4c8c50 f2fs: validate before set/clear free nat bitmap
baf9275a4bbd f2fs: avoid opened loop codes in __add_ino_entry
47af6c72d944 f2fs: apply write hints to select the type of segments for buffered write
ac9819160586 f2fs: introduce scan_curseg_cache for cleanup
ca28e9670e80 f2fs: optimize the way of traversing free_nid_bitmap
460688b59e8b f2fs: keep scanning until enough free nids are acquired
0186182c0c4d f2fs: trace checkpoint reason in fsync()
5d4b6efcfd09 f2fs: keep isize once block is reserved cross EOF
3c8f767e1374 f2fs: avoid race in between GC and block exchange
4423778adf0e f2fs: save a multiplication for last_nid calculation
3e3b40557525 f2fs: fix summary info corruption
44889e487981 f2fs: remove dead code in update_meta_page
55c7b9595bb9 f2fs: remove unneeded semicolon
8b92814117d5 f2fs: don't bother with inode->i_version
42c7c71824fc f2fs: check curseg space before foreground GC
c5470498e59b f2fs: use rw_semaphore to protect SIT cache
82750d346ab7 f2fs: support quota sys files
26dfec49b25a f2fs: add quota_ino feature infra
ddb8e2ae9811 f2fs: optimize __update_nat_bits
f46ae958c701 f2fs: modify for accurate fggc node io stat
c713fdb5a23c Revert "f2fs: handle dirty segments inside refresh_sit_entry"
873ec505cb07 f2fs: add a function to move nid
ae66786296b4 f2fs: export SSR allocation threshold
90c28a18d2a4 f2fs: give correct trimmed blocks in fstrim
5612922fb0ac f2fs: support bio allocation error injection
583b7a274c27 f2fs: support get_page error injection
09a073cc8c56 f2fs: add missing sysfs description
e945474a9c1b f2fs: support soft block reservation
b7b2e629b6f6 f2fs: handle error case when adding xattr entry
7368e30495c5 f2fs: support flexible inline xattr size
ada4061e191b f2fs: show current cp state
5b8ff1301a61 f2fs: add missing quota_initialize
46d4a691f035 f2fs: show # of dirty segments via sysfs
fc13f9d7ce1e f2fs: stop all the operations by cp_error flag
91bea0c391b3 f2fs: remove several redundant assignments
807486c79534 f2fs: avoid using timespec
03b1cb0bb4a2 f2fs: fix to correct no_fggc_candidate
5c15033ceaea Revert "f2fs: return wrong error number on f2fs_quota_write"
5f5f59322240 f2fs: remove obsolete pointer for truncate_xattr_node
032a6906825a f2fs: retry ENOMEM for quota_read|write
171b638fc49b f2fs: limit # of inmemory pages
83ed7a615f0a f2fs: update ctx->pos correctly when hitting hole in directory
4d6e68be2534 f2fs: relocate readahead codes in readdir()
c8be47b54018 f2fs: allow readdir() to be interrupted
2b903fe94cd0 f2fs: trace f2fs_readdir
bb0db666d4bc f2fs: trace f2fs_lookup
40d6250f046a f2fs: skip searching non-exist range in truncate_hole
8e84f379df61 f2fs: expose some sectors to user in inline data or dentry case
cb98f70dea02 f2fs: avoid stale fi->gdirty_list pointer
5562a3c53963 f2fs/crypto: drop crypto key at evict_inode only
85853e7e38d7 f2fs: fix to avoid race when accessing last_disk_size
0c47a892d555 f2fs: Fix bool initialization/comparison
68e801abc520 f2fs: give up CP_TRIMMED_FLAG if it drops discards
df74eacb2075 f2fs: trace f2fs_remove_discard
bd502c6e3e7a f2fs: reduce cmd_lock coverage in __issue_discard_cmd
a34ab5ca4f94 f2fs: split discard policy
1e65afd14d32 f2fs: wrap discard policy
684447dad138 f2fs: support issuing/waiting discard in range
27eaad09380f f2fs: fix to flush multiple device in checkpoint
08bb9d68d51b f2fs: enhance multiple device flush
9c2526ac2ecb f2fs: fix to show ino management cache size correctly
814b463d262f f2fs: drop FI_UPDATE_WRITE tag after f2fs_issue_flush
f555b0a117d3 f2fs: obsolete ALLOC_NID_LIST list
75d3164ae128 f2fs: convert inline data for direct I/O & FI_NO_PREALLOC
4de0ceb6b7ef f2fs: allow readpages with NULL file pointer
322a45d17212 f2fs: show flush list status in sysfs
6d625a93b4a8 f2fs: introduce read_xattr_block
8ea6e1c327c5 f2fs: introduce read_inline_xattr
dbce11e9ee5b Revert "f2fs: reuse nids more aggressively"
131bc9f6b7f9 Revert "f2fs: node segment is prior to data segment selected victim"
19ef30ef23a4 FROMLIST: binder: fix proc->files use-after-free
03d4af827168 Merge 4.4.98 into android-4.4
6b6637fd4678 ANDROID: binder: clarify deferred thread work.
04af12976bc6 FROMLIST: arm64: Avoid aligning normal memory pointers in __memcpy_{to,from}io
46d256da87ef Merge 4.4.97 into android-4.4
faa82dcc9d4d BACKPORT: xfrm: Clear sk_dst_cache when applying per-socket policy.
3822fe484cef Revert "ANDROID: sched/rt: schedtune: Add boost retention to RT"
df147c9e336c cpufreq: Drop schedfreq governor
d194ba5d712f ANDROID: sched/rt: schedtune: Add boost retention to RT
cd04e987d1da ANDROID: sched/rt: add schedtune accounting
e080c59bfb7c ANDROID: Revert "arm64: move ELF_ET_DYN_BASE to 4GB / 4MB"
05aa89aa8402 ANDROID: Revert "arm: move ELF_ET_DYN_BASE to 4MB"
47c87b265437 sched: EAS: Fix the calculation of group util in group_idle_state()
7d5a251c66be sched: EAS: update trg_cpu to backup_cpu if no energy saving for target_cpu
1cb87c38cb81 sched: EAS: Fix the condition to distinguish energy before/after
aed4c54ad104 Merge 4.4.96 into android-4.4
9e293db0522f sched: EAS: upmigrate misfit current task
dc626b28ee7c sched: avoid pushing tasks to an offline CPU
2da014c0d8de sched: Extend active balance to accept 'push_task' argument
3a353d6cea7d Revert "sched/core: Warn if ENERGY_AWARE is enabled but data is missing"
c2f18159a2f3 Revert "sched/core: fix have_sched_energy_data build warning"
47caff4cd18c FROMLIST: kbuild: clang: fix build failures with sparse check
fc7a7876ca62 Revert "Revert "UPSTREAM: efi/libstub/arm64: Set -fpie when building the EFI stub""
506964fd02a8 BACKPORT: efi/libstub: Unify command line param parsing
ceee5bdd4705 Merge 4.4.95 into android-4.4
8f012745e7f6 BACKPORT: arm64: relocatable: suppress R_AARCH64_ABS64 relocations in vmlinux
a899b9085c8d sched/core: fix have_sched_energy_data build warning
a21299785a50 sched/core: Warn if ENERGY_AWARE is enabled but data is missing
e79f447a9762 sched: walt: Correct WALT window size initialization
38ddcff85af0 FROMLIST: sched/fair: Use wake_q length as a hint for wake_wide
43bd960dfe72 sched: WALT: account cumulative window demand
effc721b3c9b sched/fair: remove useless variable in find_best_target
e3ba92c160d3 sched/tune: access schedtune_initialized under CGROUP_SCHEDTUNE
3c71cbb896fe sched/fair: consider task utilization in group_max_util()
5f8b3a757d65 sched/fair: consider task utilization in group_norm_util()
ca42e804464b sched/fair: enforce EAS mode
4edc5b0e387a sched/fair: ignore backup CPU when not valid
2aada289d7be sched/fair: trace energy_diff for non boosted tasks
2f30db8df407 UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Sync task util before slow-path wakeup
5a8663664915 UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Fix usage of find_idlest_group() when the local group is idlest
411654764590 UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Fix usage of find_idlest_group() when no groups are allowed
9c825cf6165c BACKPORT: sched/fair: Fix find_idlest_group when local group is not allowed
529def2ffe53 UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Remove unnecessary comparison with -1
0f743ce7458c BACKPORT: sched/fair: Move select_task_rq_fair slow-path into its own function
795a6867cfe1 UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Force balancing on nohz balance if local group has capacity
fd4a95dab858 UPSTREAM: sched/core: Add missing update_rq_clock() call in set_user_nice()
bab39eb87925 UPSTREAM: sched/core: Add missing update_rq_clock() call for task_hot()
bea1b621d952 UPSTREAM: sched/core: Add missing update_rq_clock() in detach_task_cfs_rq()
4863faf5e4df UPSTREAM: sched/core: Add missing update_rq_clock() in post_init_entity_util_avg()
c14c9b6e3e48 UPSTREAM: sched/core: Fix find_idlest_group() for fork
97cb74f48599 BACKPORT: sched/fair: Fix PELT integrity for new tasks
138a670d97ca BACKPORT: sched/cgroup: Fix cpu_cgroup_fork() handling
6b02ab68ec78 UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Fix and optimize the fork() path
792510d9b392 BACKPORT: sched/fair: Make it possible to account fair load avg consistently
fac311be26e5 cpufreq/sched: Consider max cpu capacity when choosing frequencies
c8bc3e3a3ede ANDROID: binder: show high watermark of alloc->pages.
95317055df21 ANDROID: binder: Add thread->process_todo flag.
cc005cde424b UPSTREAM: arm64: compat: Remove leftover variable declaration
4f8767d1ca30 ANDROID: sched/fair: Select correct capacity state for energy_diff
89805266af78 Revert "UPSTREAM: efi/libstub/arm64: Set -fpie when building the EFI stub"
774481506a83 cpufreq: schedutil: clamp util to CPU maximum capacity
a7e1d33c7a11 FROMLIST: android: binder: Fix null ptr dereference in debug msg
c9391ba6ee79 FROMLIST: android: binder: Change binder_shrinker to static
d34d2c97ae56 cpufreq/sched: Use cpu max freq rather than policy max
89074de67a6d Merge 4.4.94 into android-4.4
18b484845c57 trace: sched: Fix util_avg_walt in sched_load_avg_cpu trace
724091f67f61 sched/fair: remove erroneous RCU_LOCKDEP_WARN from start_cpu()
ed9e74966829 sched: EAS/WALT: finish accounting prior to task_tick
40c3aaa56a68 cpufreq: sched: update capacity request upon tick always
7ab48e4c8d9e sched/fair: prevent meaningless active migration
be832f69a95e sched: walt: Leverage existing helper APIs to apply invariance
d6fbbe5e665e Merge 4.4.93 into android-4.4
02049f8843cb Merge branch 'android-4.4-llvm' into android-4.4
20ea95166e62 ANDROID: HACK: arm64: use -mno-implicit-float instead of -mgeneral-regs-only
ec888d46d899 sched: Update task->on_rq when tasks are moving between runqueues
8526e9f06400 FROMLIST: f2fs: expose some sectors to user in inline data or dentry case
3947a0306605 crypto: Work around deallocated stack frame reference gcc bug on sparc.
fbbe0f6b7fc1 UPSTREAM: f2fs: fix potential panic during fstrim
5d3e940b3a35 ANDROID: fscrypt: remove unnecessary fscrypto.h
d5347b1e666d f2fs: fix potential panic during fstrim
79fd4ce980df ANDROID: binder: fix node sched policy calculation
73a2b70bdf78 Merge 4.4.92 into android-4.4
35091a1d8b61 ANDROID: binder: init desired_prio.sched_policy before use it
c6a272aa6dbd BACKPORT: net: xfrm: support setting an output mark.
511953dbd56f UPSTREAM: xfrm: Only add l3mdev oif to dst lookups
93ea173930ba UPSTREAM: net: l3mdev: Add master device lookup by index
f0907aa15ed9 ANDROID: Kbuild, LLVMLinux: allow overriding clang target triple
e9186826bb13 CHROMIUM: arm64: Disable asm-operand-width warning for clang
2376d9b464c5 CHROMIUM: kbuild: clang: Disable the 'duplicate-decl-specifier' warning
8e248849793b UPSTREAM: x86/build: Use cc-option to validate stack alignment parameter
a61090a6d556 UPSTREAM: x86/build: Fix stack alignment for CLang
2f2860a504a3 UPSTREAM: efi/libstub/arm64: Set -fpie when building the EFI stub
00b6078ea64b BACKPORT: efi/libstub/arm64: Force 'hidden' visibility for section markers
75eb3438b285 UPSTREAM: compiler, clang: always inline when CONFIG_OPTIMIZE_INLINING is disabled
e221e075ddd4 UPSTREAM: x86/boot: #undef memcpy() et al in string.c
b9c115c89fcc UPSTREAM: crypto: arm64/sha - avoid non-standard inline asm tricks
ea2f9b02ed2f UPSTREAM: kbuild: clang: Disable 'address-of-packed-member' warning
6613aeae39d6 UPSTREAM: x86/build: Specify stack alignment for clang
203bd5f98038 UPSTREAM: x86/build: Use __cc-option for boot code compiler options
423ba0fede66 BACKPORT: kbuild: Add __cc-option macro
3afdf761c528 UPSTREAM: x86/hweight: Don't clobber %rdi
fd5df2a435a5 BACKPORT: x86/hweight: Get rid of the special calling convention
cafc5bc76374 BACKPORT: x86/mm/kaslr: Use the _ASM_MUL macro for multiplication to work around Clang incompatibility
2a3a3862527d UPSTREAM: crypto, x86: aesni - fix token pasting for clang
3717411e828d UPSTREAM: x86/kbuild: Use cc-option to enable -falign-{jumps/loops}
f2ea3999ecf1 UPSTREAM: compiler, clang: properly override 'inline' for clang
79ec10f9925a UPSTREAM: compiler, clang: suppress warning for unused static inline functions
f01b0c528e75 UPSTREAM: Kbuild: provide a __UNIQUE_ID for clang
b8a6c2329c3e UPSTREAM: modules: mark __inittest/__exittest as __maybe_unused
588ae6ad5f5f BACKPORT: kbuild: Add support to generate LLVM assembly files
660253112170 UPSTREAM: kbuild: use -Oz instead of -Os when using clang
8c4e0602b862 BACKPORT: kbuild, LLVMLinux: Add -Werror to cc-option to support clang
4b44c97fed05 UPSTREAM: kbuild: drop -Wno-unknown-warning-option from clang options
03e66b365eda UPSTREAM: kbuild: fix asm-offset generation to work with clang
54d8c1508175 UPSTREAM: kbuild: consolidate redundant sed script ASM offset generation
a3337e2374f1 UPSTREAM: kbuild: Consolidate header generation from ASM offset information
8a89d5fc7cce UPSTREAM: kbuild: clang: add -no-integrated-as to KBUILD_[AC]FLAGS
3ef0a0c8590b UPSTREAM: kbuild: Add better clang cross build support
867697792d19 Merge 4.4.91 into android-4.4
e5486e9c8991 FROMLIST: tracing: Add support for preempt and irq enable/disable events
139ac8ac89e5 FROMLIST: tracing: Prepare to add preempt and irq trace events
a9583442093f Merge 4.4.90 into android-4.4
3cc621033b68 ANDROID: binder: fix transaction leak.
e5e42eca05ad ANDROID: binder: Add tracing for binder priority inheritance.
13f002354db1 f2fs: catch up to v4.14-rc1
b0fa18e1caa5 UPSTREAM: cpufreq: schedutil: use now as reference when aggregating shared policy requests
69fbcb521aae ANDROID: add script to fetch android kernel config fragments
d78a12988cc5 f2fs: reorganize stat information
eee3f1f5105a f2fs: clean up flush/discard command namings
fb2e2f44afe5 f2fs: check in-memory sit version bitmap
5c53448ff2e9 f2fs: check in-memory nat version bitmap
dd5804b2146e f2fs: check in-memory block bitmap
dc8b8cea1e70 f2fs: introduce FI_ATOMIC_COMMIT
7129702a487a f2fs: clean up with list_{first, last}_entry
556f5ba34972 f2fs: return fs_trim if there is no candidate
d051ccbd1bfc f2fs: avoid needless checkpoint in f2fs_trim_fs
132263ddad34 f2fs: relax async discard commands more
66e2310bf980 f2fs: drop exist_data for inline_data when truncated to 0
dde5a6f8fd97 f2fs: don't allow encrypted operations without keys
97a43c7059c1 f2fs: show the max number of atomic operations
7b214391b292 f2fs: get io size bit from mount option
b3fcb7006406 f2fs: support IO alignment for DATA and NODE writes
8ef4f0ca7b4d f2fs: add submit_bio tracepoint
d4e5223d8183 f2fs: reassign new segment for mode=lfs
c70e14cdaf37 f2fs: fix a missing discard prefree segments
574da1196066 f2fs: use rb_entry_safe
ff9199293b05 f2fs: add a case of no need to read a page in write begin
75487d02a75b f2fs: fix a problem of using memory after free
a1c90b43fc83 f2fs: remove unneeded condition
1b05b5e17318 f2fs: don't cache nat entry if out of memory
2ed473dc9155 f2fs: remove unused values in recover_fsync_data
401c465b81a7 f2fs: support async discard based on v4.9
dc45fd9e2834 f2fs: resolve op and op_flags confilcts
6b1f845ef346 f2fs: remove wrong backported codes
642da1dadeb8 FROMLIST: binder: fix use-after-free in binder_transaction()
a886cc1d3a50 UPSTREAM: ipv6: fib: Unlink replaced routes from their nodes
d68ba9f11615 Merge 4.4.89 into android-4.4
02dcb93a1d17 f2fs: fix a missing size change in f2fs_setattr
be4b8492172a f2fs: fix to access nullified flush_cmd_control pointer
80ea4ddbb01c f2fs: free meta pages if sanity check for ckpt is failed
5b80a5e2bef9 f2fs: detect wrong layout
d1c2c3571847 f2fs: call sync_fs when f2fs is idle
036ed1b8ebbb Revert "f2fs: use percpu_counter for # of dirty pages in inode"
9a82dd23e414 f2fs: return AOP_WRITEPAGE_ACTIVATE for writepage
9f495d826bf3 f2fs: do not activate auto_recovery for fallocated i_size
55342cce6155 f2fs: fix 32-bit build
a680707a3f41 f2fs: fix incorrect free inode count in ->statfs
23eb5177568d f2fs: drop duplicate header timer.h
7ce8cbc7faa9 f2fs: fix wrong AUTO_RECOVER condition
7ab9a6acd086 f2fs: do not recover i_size if it's valid
8f5fcb8034c9 f2fs: fix fdatasync
031017c6f992 f2fs: fix to account total free nid correctly
beaab6afb4c8 f2fs: fix an infinite loop when flush nodes in cp
9e266223b33d f2fs: don't wait writeback for datas during checkpoint
df3f20f12b9f f2fs: fix wrong written_valid_blocks counting
79ba046b115e f2fs: avoid BG_GC in f2fs_balance_fs
8b2c7581e85f f2fs: fix redundant block allocation
bd8e41540a70 f2fs: use err for f2fs_preallocate_blocks
07f010798cc2 f2fs: support multiple devices
f9baf967bddd f2fs: allow dio read for LFS mode
00e5a211f9c0 f2fs: revert segment allocation for direct IO
5065008a77ef f2fs: return directly if block has been removed from the victim
e035bdfc8b8a Revert "f2fs: do not recover from previous remained wrong dnodes"
67609b128649 f2fs: remove checkpoint in f2fs_freeze
0ec5bcd0fe77 f2fs: assign segments correctly for direct_io
b2942d459ad6 f2fs: fix wrong i_atime recovery
c82c6b15a1b0 f2fs: record inode updating status correctly
e96476298b97 f2fs: Trace reset zone events
0573aa06787e f2fs: Reset sequential zones on zoned block devices
018fc18e2809 f2fs: Cache zoned block devices zone type
d9d8c376e492 f2fs: Do not allow adaptive mode for host-managed zoned block devices
4b1d4ef0b7dd f2fs: Always enable discard for zoned blocks devices
ecc252e7a4d7 f2fs: Suppress discard warning message for zoned block devices
1529b8f943a1 f2fs: Check zoned block feature for host-managed zoned block devices
22bbc1efdb5e f2fs: Use generic zoned block device terminology
97df49a0c31a f2fs: Add missing break in switch-case
a91b9fe27368 f2fs: avoid infinite loop in the EIO case on recover_orphan_inodes
7d2eab1921a1 f2fs: report error of f2fs_fill_dentries
d4ec990d2596 fs/crypto: catch up 4.9-rc6
b3441f8c71f2 f2fs: hide a maybe-uninitialized warning
3f137dda709e f2fs: remove percpu_count due to performance regression
a15f017e8a27 f2fs: make clean inodes when flushing inode page
0ef31c7bfa50 f2fs: keep dirty inodes selectively for checkpoint
dafac77e8d20 f2fs: Replace CURRENT_TIME_SEC with current_time() for inode timestamps
04030d21a7b1 f2fs: use BIO_MAX_PAGES for bio allocation
c01ce254c71f f2fs: declare static function for __build_free_nids
92c9dec34295 f2fs: call f2fs_balance_fs for setattr
beb74f7757f8 f2fs: count dirty inodes to flush node pages during checkpoint
9f99694bb7e0 f2fs: avoid casted negative value as shrink count
e07f457ef777 f2fs: don't interrupt free nids building during nid allocation
6a248819a280 f2fs: clean up free nid list operations
e18c2624506f f2fs: split free nid list
8db338877d72 f2fs: clear nlink if fail to add_link
fbeee49e0605 f2fs: fix sparse warnings
c675400f4a11 f2fs: fix error handling in fsync_node_pages
1158df42b2c6 f2fs: fix to update largest extent under lock
9e3d0bf6d371 f2fs: be aware of extent beyond EOF in fiemap
332f40b43f2f f2fs: don't miss any f2fs_balance_fs cases
4c7eae1fef0c f2fs: add missing f2fs_balance_fs in f2fs_zero_range
75bb19d8b747 f2fs: give a chance to detach from dirty list
ab38818bdd9a f2fs: fix to release discard entries during checkpoint
311aa690ef7b f2fs: exclude free nids building and allocation
6b266c3a9951 f2fs: fix to determine start_cp_addr by sbi->cur_cp_pack
ab6f3626a82d f2fs: fix overflow due to condition check order
91d38ba8414b posix_acl: Clear SGID bit when setting file permissions
ae81ccb3bdcd f2fs: fix wrong sum_page pointer in f2fs_gc
c1286ff41c2f f2fs: backport from (4c1fad64 - Merge tag 'for-f2fs-4.9' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jaegeuk/f2fs)
650b6a5c4185 Revert "ANDROID: sched/tune: Initialize raw_spin_lock in boosted_groups"
c7fd9e2b4a68 f2fs: hurry up to issue discard after io interruption
603dde39653d f2fs: fix to show correct discard_granularity in sysfs
11dcf7834966 f2fs: detect dirty inode in evict_inode
95b475cd6856 f2fs: clear radix tree dirty tag of pages whose dirty flag is cleared
29f775fa640d f2fs: speed up gc_urgent mode with SSR
ef75b9afda21 f2fs: better to wait for fstrim completion
b70c5bf429ed f2fs: avoid race in between read xattr & write xattr
fc9c6007a268 f2fs: make get_lock_data_page to handle encrypted inode
e2cd416ffa32 f2fs: use generic terms used for encrypted block management
4445c7cfbdcc f2fs: introduce f2fs_encrypted_file for clean-up
9f467e94d08d Revert "f2fs: add a new function get_ssr_cost"
f24eafa64394 f2fs: constify super_operations
ccb0b5d09d8c f2fs: fix to wake up all sleeping flusher
3b8bbd990ce5 f2fs: avoid race in between atomic_read & atomic_inc
bc0c8fe8b11e f2fs: remove unneeded parameter of change_curseg
6337ccbeee42 f2fs: update i_flags correctly
85825456837e f2fs: don't check inode's checksum if it was dirtied or writebacked
c953aed66507 f2fs: don't need to update inode checksum for recovery
077e22bf7a87 f2fs: trigger fdatasync for non-atomic_write file
0520ca37ef89 f2fs: fix to avoid race in between aio and gc
1e5c4e7c8dc4 f2fs: wake up discard_thread iff there is a candidate
5469cedba679 f2fs: return error when accessing insane flie offset
e1a34a551888 f2fs: trigger normal fsync for non-atomic_write file
9071bb1c094f f2fs: clear FI_HOT_DATA correctly
440c08fb62d2 f2fs: fix out-of-order execution in f2fs_issue_flush
8f8b9cda3925 f2fs: issue discard commands if gc_urgent is set
4ff6d9bf5af4 f2fs: introduce discard_granularity sysfs entry
a50bb55fd335 f2fs: remove unused function overprovision_sections
8a8cce5b1f17 f2fs: check hot_data for roll-forward recovery
6ae3dde9ed3c f2fs: add tracepoint for f2fs_gc
f542a0378dc8 f2fs: retry to revoke atomic commit in -ENOMEM case
2b476db7b17c f2fs: let fill_super handle roll-forward errors
99dae6bc11ad f2fs: merge equivalent flags F2FS_GET_BLOCK_[READ|DIO]
9e6ece8a4112 f2fs: support journalled quota
3ba499e5fa94 f2fs: fix potential overflow when adjusting GC cycle
3f42e75b2df8 f2fs: avoid unneeded sync on quota file
bdf6e5ea9299 f2fs: introduce gc_urgent mode for background GC
2d982d49c320 f2fs: use IPU for cold files
c9881425b5b1 f2fs: fix the size value in __check_sit_bitmap
d39f75a59346 f2fs: add app/fs io stat
98407fc7a07f f2fs: do not change the valid_block value if cur_valid_map was wrongly set or cleared
f18ec06e5020 f2fs: update cur_valid_map_mir together with cur_valid_map
5ca0d2134d72 f2fs: use printk_ratelimited for f2fs_msg
4eaf3d7698b8 f2fs: expose features to sysfs entry
12832f18b49d f2fs: support inode checksum
63b0ac86e6de f2fs: return wrong error number on f2fs_quota_write
48ac27052b63 f2fs: provide f2fs_balance_fs to __write_node_page
9fcb9eca7376 f2fs: introduce f2fs_statfs_project
4f71d28e090f f2fs: don't need to wait for node writes for atomic write
8af6d9311d8b f2fs: avoid naming confusion of sysfs init
fbe3ba58535f f2fs: support project quota
186801baf7a2 f2fs: record quota during dot{,dot} recovery
40f4330d958b f2fs: enhance on-disk inode structure scalability
242ed6f4bbea f2fs: make max inline size changeable
68a6e4b9740c f2fs: add ioctl to expose current features
e088277a813b f2fs: make background threads of f2fs being aware of freezing
79e86c92c62c f2fs: don't give partially written atomic data from process crash
6bf7fc571468 f2fs: give a try to do atomic write in -ENOMEM case
ada848409822 f2fs: preserve i_mode if __f2fs_set_acl() fails
d143729d715d f2fs: alloc new nids for xattr block in recovery
f19a8a046a17 f2fs: spread struct f2fs_dentry_ptr for inline path
92fd02d1052e f2fs: remove unused input parameter
047200481e7f BACKPORT: partial: mm, oom_reaper: do not mmput synchronously from the oom reaper context
9b9d7cf19106 FROMLIST: android: binder: Don't get mm from task
e6fa28a9a9c0 FROMLIST: android: binder: Remove unused vma argument
849c7764d808 FROMLIST: android: binder: Drop lru lock in isolate callback
9cfefbcfaab8 ANDROID: configs: remove config fragments
2876169271fc drivers: cpufreq_interactive: handle error for module load fail
2e26e045de93 UPSTREAM: Fix build break in fork.c when THREAD_SIZE < PAGE_SIZE
29d0b657c322 Merge 4.4.88 into android-4.4
3ecb1c95c892 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Add missing break
eb6a6f7a16aa ANDROID: Sdcardfs: Move gid derivation under flag
e698796fd288 ANDROID: mnt: Fix freeing of mount data
101ef8fff5eb drivers: cpufreq: checks to avoid kernel crash in cpufreq_interactive
1e07bd20e422 ANDROID: Use sk_uid to replace uid get from socket file
5ce41fd1a024 ANDROID: nf: xt_qtaguid: fix handling for cases where tunnels are used.
f238ef77588e Revert "ANDROID: Use sk_uid to replace uid get from socket file"
3479acf11d42 ANDROID: fiq_debugger: Fix minor bug in code
a8935c98cf97 Merge 4.4.87 into android-4.4
1bab88a22447 ANDROID: cpufreq-dt: Set sane defaults for schedutil rate limits
3482bbea6b3e BACKPORT: cpufreq: schedutil: Use policy-dependent transition delays
b13d0fb33906 FROMLIST: binder: fix an ret value override
ab10c4d8d6f5 FROMLIST: binder: fix memory corruption in binder_transaction binder
cff17411c160 Merge 4.4.86 into android-4.4
0caf1df0c520 sched: WALT: fix window mis-alignment
3989a247e274 sched: EAS: kill incorrect nohz idle cpu kick
11b618a0b2fc sched: EAS: fix incorrect energy delta calculation due to rounding error
94e5c965075b sched: EAS/WALT: take into account of waking task's load
f94958ffa75d cpufreq: sched: WALT: don't apply capacity margin twice
c8b8c92bbc89 sched: WALT: fix potential overflow
2d7da09705d6 sched: EAS: schedfreq: fix CPU util over estimation
ee4cebd75ed7 sched: EAS/WALT: use cr_avg instead of prev_runnable_sum
48f67ea85de4 sched: WALT: fix broken cumulative runnable average accounting
26b37261ea25 sched: deadline: WALT: account cumulative runnable avg
798dfdd839e4 FROMLIST: android: binder: Add page usage in binder stats
850d57dceae0 FROMLIST: android: binder: Add shrinker tracepoints
f73e8e762516 FROMLIST: android: binder: Add global lru shrinker to binder
7a6d4b157e1c FROMLIST: android: binder: Move buffer out of area shared with user space
3de14ff34cd4 FROMLIST: android: binder: Add allocator selftest
0e05bd2dc0e7 FROMLIST: android: binder: Refactor prev and next buffer into a helper function
9c4d6ba99818 android: android-base.config: enable IP6_NF_MATCH_RPFILTER
7842de4545c7 UPSTREAM: cpufreq: schedutil: Use unsigned int for iowait boost
1ed33cf95476 UPSTREAM: cpufreq: schedutil: Make iowait boost more energy efficient
610af855d9a5 Merge 4.4.85 into android-4.4
2e8f1517cf68 Merge 4.4.84 into android-4.4
efc949fedd30 ANDROID: NFC: st21nfca: Fix memory OOB and leak issues in connectivity events handler
14a42657da62 ANDROID: check dir value of xfrm_userpolicy_id
3f4427d43b3b ANDROID: NFC: Fix possible memory corruption when handling SHDLC I-Frame commands
723c3e0fec28 ANDROID: nfc: fdp: Fix possible buffer overflow in WCS4000 NFC driver
eb4610b97943 ANDROID: NFC: st21nfca: Fix out of bounds kernel access when handling ATR_REQ
8e7cf0b11e31 UPSTREAM: usb: dwc3: gadget: don't send extra ZLP
9e6afd4e3684 BACKPORT: usb: dwc3: gadget: handle request->zero
967ca3024565 ANDROID: usb: gadget: assign no-op request complete callbacks
1f3f566d9b41 ANDROID: usb: gadget: configfs: fix null ptr in android_disconnect
ad0af9b183c7 ANDROID: uid_sys_stats: Fix implicit declaration of get_cmdline()
c5c3d46ccc5d uid_sys_stats: log task io with a debug flag
f869132f15a5 Merge 4.4.83 into android-4.4
623f33f213de ANDROID: Use sk_uid to replace uid get from socket file
39a15ad2d7b9 UPSTREAM: arm64: smp: Prevent raw_smp_processor_id() recursion
b32ed10511d4 UPSTREAM: arm64: restore get_current() optimisation
107c1d57f89d ANDROID: arm64: Fix a copy-paste error in prior init_thread_info build fix
4b8fc9f2bcfe Merge 4.4.82 into android-4.4
286f536cbfe0 UPSTREAM: locking: avoid passing around 'thread_info' in mutex debugging code
e991aa38ea38 ANDROID: arm64: fix undeclared 'init_thread_info' error
c932c1b77304 UPSTREAM: kdb: use task_cpu() instead of task_thread_info()->cpu
dfff30bca962 Merge 4.4.81 into android-4.4
60366263e6ae ANDROID: keychord: Fix for a memory leak in keychord.
462acca2816e ANDROID: keychord: Fix races in keychord_write.
dd5826152c53 Use %zu to print resid (size_t).
eac37ad2df7e ANDROID: keychord: Fix a slab out-of-bounds read.
6f227409a179 ANDROID: binder: don't queue async transactions to thread.
c825eca5ec45 ANDROID: binder: don't enqueue death notifications to thread todo.
4d666b500c2d ANDROID: binder: call poll_wait() unconditionally.
b1c79e32b7a8 android: configs: move quota-related configs to recommended
4ca3c2cf00be BACKPORT: arm64: split thread_info from task stack
1cdfc007f328 UPSTREAM: arm64: assembler: introduce ldr_this_cpu
f7f69dfb0277 UPSTREAM: arm64: make cpu number a percpu variable
d8cd9de39f1d UPSTREAM: arm64: smp: prepare for smp_processor_id() rework
48dd80cb1343 BACKPORT: arm64: move sp_el0 and tpidr_el1 into cpu_suspend_ctx
0f9f93379658 UPSTREAM: arm64: prep stack walkers for THREAD_INFO_IN_TASK
f00a4a09f4c3 UPSTREAM: arm64: unexport walk_stackframe
62c30ed34e4f UPSTREAM: arm64: traps: simplify die() and __die()
725d3aa59993 UPSTREAM: arm64: factor out current_stack_pointer
d6d869da8de5 BACKPORT: arm64: asm-offsets: remove unused definitions
b4674788d072 UPSTREAM: arm64: thread_info remove stale items
f2b8210f0a7c UPSTREAM: thread_info: include <current.h> for THREAD_INFO_IN_TASK
264c551c4c77 UPSTREAM: thread_info: factor out restart_block
a960dbced9c6 UPSTREAM: kthread: Pin the stack via try_get_task_stack()/put_task_stack() in to_live_kthread() function
99cf9fa9a006 UPSTREAM: sched/core: Add try_get_task_stack() and put_task_stack()
8bc69d462ad3 UPSTREAM: sched/core: Allow putting thread_info into task_struct
242f841e5485 UPSTREAM: printk: when dumping regs, show the stack, not thread_info
f707c0f98f32 UPSTREAM: fix up initial thread stack pointer vs thread_info confusion
50d3f7d55a4f UPSTREAM: Clarify naming of thread info/stack allocators
b315101a358f ANDROID: sdcardfs: override credential for ioctl to lower fs
9f764bbe06d6 Merge 4.4.80 into android-4.4
7eeebce62c21 ANDROID: binder: Don't BUG_ON(!spin_is_locked()).
78ba0ad585b8 Merge 4.4.79 into android-4.4
2e13f308a985 sched/fair: Add a backup_cpu to find_best_target
6cb8fcccb26e sched/fair: Try to estimate possible idle states.
d96e40472807 sched/fair: Sync task util before EAS wakeup
e76348ec5f7f Revert "sched/fair: ensure utilization signals are synchronized before use"
ebc28671a5a3 sched/fair: kick nohz idle balance for misfit task
7b63e1ff5213 sched/fair: Update signals of nohz cpus if we are going idle
bf6cd4d156b7 events: add tracepoint for find_best_target
5680f23f20c7 sched/fair: streamline find_best_target heuristics
3715386152f1 UPSTREAM: af_key: Fix sadb_x_ipsecrequest parsing
ca2ecff8649e ANDROID: lowmemorykiller: Add tgid to kill message
362e08d2572f Revert "proc: smaps: Allow smaps access for CAP_SYS_RESOURCE"
59ff2e15be11 Merge 4.4.78 into android-4.4
745ad3de2fba f2fs: avoid cpu lockup
492a6047e7b5 ANDROID: android-verity: mark dev as rw for linear target
d01a860b54f7 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Remove unnecessary lock
76b376eac7a2 ANDROID: binder: don't check prio permissions on restore.
89ce9d97e661 Add BINDER_GET_NODE_DEBUG_INFO ioctl
2ee9941b0bbc UPSTREAM: cpufreq: schedutil: Trace frequency only if it has changed
537d19226a8c UPSTREAM: cpufreq: schedutil: Avoid reducing frequency of busy CPUs prematurely
a8a200d83b1f UPSTREAM: cpufreq: schedutil: Refactor sugov_next_freq_shared()
7378c38a80fc UPSTREAM: cpufreq: schedutil: Fix per-CPU structure initialization in sugov_start()
cbaccedead5c UPSTREAM: cpufreq: schedutil: Pass sg_policy to get_next_freq()
0646dd35928e UPSTREAM: cpufreq: schedutil: move cached_raw_freq to struct sugov_policy
69fc75780d15 UPSTREAM: cpufreq: schedutil: Rectify comment in sugov_irq_work() function
d9e7d036e789 UPSTREAM: cpufreq: schedutil: irq-work and mutex are only used in slow path
ceed1eb2b409 UPSTREAM: cpufreq: schedutil: enable fast switch earlier
bab9c2fbe48e UPSTREAM: cpufreq: schedutil: Avoid indented labels
cc3d2b7361cf Merge 4.4.77 into android-4.4
39140a0f385c ANDROID: binder: add RT inheritance flag to node.
7230f99185e5 ANDROID: binder: improve priority inheritance.
adb685439e76 ANDROID: binder: add min sched_policy to node.
d30e6a877a84 ANDROID: binder: add support for RT prio inheritance.
5347bf52735e ANDROID: binder: push new transactions to waiting threads.
c9cd6356f963 ANDROID: binder: remove proc waitqueue
7c7c34c88c64 f2fs: include seq_file.h for sysfs.c
39480d9be699 f2fs: Don't clear SGID when inheriting ACLs
8e85002136aa f2fs: remove extra inode_unlock() in error path
73a2900701ba fscrypt: add support for AES-128-CBC
f6ba8b4893da fscrypt: inline fscrypt_free_filename()
972aaba68e97 f2fs: make more close to v4.13-rc1
9df0a9280fcb f2fs: support plain user/group quota
f2cade6d8a7e f2fs: avoid deadlock caused by lock order of page and lock_op
a2bd44aca5f9 f2fs: use spin_{,un}lock_irq{save,restore}
e4a2b45da36b f2fs: relax migratepage for atomic written page
4f7f22b7c85a f2fs: don't count inode block in in-memory inode.i_blocks
0b359879b966 Revert "f2fs: fix to clean previous mount option when remount_fs"
deb4cef3cba9 f2fs: do not set LOST_PINO for renamed dir
76b23d900666 f2fs: do not set LOST_PINO for newly created dir
0b1e7ba9ee12 f2fs: skip ->writepages for {mete,node}_inode during recovery
3099c953ccfd f2fs: introduce __check_sit_bitmap
243d3acf5b18 f2fs: stop gc/discard thread in prior during umount
ea9b9467fabf f2fs: introduce reserved_blocks in sysfs
99ad6f555ab7 f2fs: avoid redundant f2fs_flush after remount
38435dd20c4c f2fs: report # of free inodes more precisely
40edf0c8ad01 f2fs: add ioctl to do gc with target block address
17ca8933b382 f2fs: don't need to check encrypted inode for partial truncation
b3cba4ddf814 f2fs: measure inode.i_blocks as generic filesystem
8a4c67330110 f2fs: set CP_TRIMMED_FLAG correctly
4e968ec7cb9d f2fs: require key for truncate(2) of encrypted file
06fc88a60d56 f2fs: move sysfs code from super.c to fs/f2fs/sysfs.c
1fb6bf71cd86 f2fs: clean up sysfs codes
b9ee759fbcae f2fs: fix wrong error number of fill_super
47871a830a29 f2fs: fix to show injection rate in ->show_options
fb3596542235 f2fs: Fix a return value in case of error in 'f2fs_fill_super'
e1640316b9d8 f2fs: use proper variable name
82aed6f9d75f f2fs: fix to avoid panic when encountering corrupt node
958022601a8c f2fs: don't track newly allocated nat entry in list
f3fb4448d8f0 f2fs: add f2fs_bug_on in __remove_discard_cmd
4798bcc80851 f2fs: introduce __wait_one_discard_bio
11de19dfa757 f2fs: dax: fix races between page faults and truncating pages
9ddde7dfd1c9 f2fs: simplify the way of calulating next nat address
1479b6ffeb2e f2fs: sanity check size of nat and sit cache
83f42def8ae0 f2fs: fix a panic caused by NULL flush_cmd_control
0a3354135a30 f2fs: remove the unnecessary cast for PTR_ERR
97c0717bd043 f2fs: remove false-positive bug_on
46281c4ef526 f2fs: Do not issue small discards in LFS mode
6dbf9cbf28ab f2fs: don't bother checking for encryption key in ->write_iter()
f4afd85fc421 f2fs: don't bother checking for encryption key in ->mmap()
b3df3669b73c f2fs: wait discard IO completion without cmd_lock held
aa9d75d2f522 f2fs: wake up all waiters in f2fs_submit_discard_endio
732de6bf9e32 f2fs: show more info if fail to issue discard
843d3364d799 f2fs: introduce io_list for serialize data/node IOs
f152939829d1 f2fs: split wio_mutex
b89cdaf6b930 f2fs: combine huge num of discard rb tree consistence checks
e2b2bed0961e f2fs: fix a bug caused by NULL extent tree
842ce444fd86 f2fs: try to freeze in gc and discard threads
800a48334fcd f2fs: add a new function get_ssr_cost
a34df1bce787 f2fs: declare load_free_nid_bitmap static
5d6951b8e115 f2fs: avoid f2fs_lock_op for IPU writes
a3b6a409692b f2fs: split bio cache
e61d6504368d f2fs: use fio instead of multiple parameters
4a6ac1475b49 f2fs: remove unnecessary read cases in merged IO flow
74683b0ea020 f2fs: use f2fs_submit_page_bio for ra_meta_pages
71a2058ae62a f2fs: make sure f2fs_gc returns consistent errno
34c2b318e3ce f2fs: load inode's flag from disk
cc4611491956 f2fs: sanity check checkpoint segno and blkoff
8881f118f526 FROMLIST: binder: remove global binder lock
6c8ad5b3f036 FROMLIST: binder: fix death race conditions
da957e45dd21 FROMLIST: binder: protect against stale pointers in print_binder_transaction
6fcb2b9ac4ae FROMLIST: binder: protect binder_ref with outer lock
814ce251cb48 FROMLIST: binder: use inner lock to protect thread accounting
89b657e0d7de FROMLIST: binder: protect transaction_stack with inner lock.
e495123304a5 FROMLIST: binder: protect proc->threads with inner_lock
46655970b967 FROMLIST: binder: protect proc->nodes with inner lock
14c312e92623 FROMLIST: binder: add spinlock to protect binder_node
57628830c307 FROMLIST: binder: add spinlocks to protect todo lists
f73f378b52e8 FROMLIST: binder: use inner lock to sync work dq and node counts
b0f59d6d045c FROMLIST: binder: introduce locking helper functions
96dd75d99174 FROMLIST: binder: use node->tmp_refs to ensure node safety
f7d874123e4d FROMLIST: binder: refactor binder ref inc/dec for thread safety
e482ec39d635 FROMLIST: binder: make sure accesses to proc/thread are safe
f80cbc72e1b8 FROMLIST: binder: make sure target_node has strong ref
3a822b33c84b FROMLIST: binder: guarantee txn complete / errors delivered in-order
162735381739 FROMLIST: binder: refactor binder_pop_transaction
0f32aeb35f8b FROMLIST: binder: use atomic for transaction_log index
42e1ca789418 FROMLIST: binder: add more debug info when allocation fails.
db51658467e0 FROMLIST: binder: protect against two threads freeing buffer
ce9b7747d6a1 FROMLIST: binder: remove dead code in binder_get_ref_for_node
afda44d0aa52 FROMLIST: binder: don't modify thread->looper from other threads
6ea602711571 FROMLIST: binder: avoid race conditions when enqueuing txn
9b9340c58afa FROMLIST: binder: refactor queue management in binder_thread_read
0a0fdc1fdc20 FROMLIST: binder: add log information for binder transaction failures
be4dde1f05cd FROMLIST: binder: make binder_last_id an atomic
f716ecfc028f FROMLIST: binder: change binder_stats to atomics
3490fdcb7703 FROMLIST: binder: add protection for non-perf cases
a19f3efc4f54 FROMLIST: binder: remove binder_debug_no_lock mechanism
2324f70c5aab FROMLIST: binder: move binder_alloc to separate file
467545d84240 FROMLIST: binder: separate out binder_alloc functions
b582e88aa5c6 FROMLIST: binder: remove unneeded cleanup code
19a3948b3c02 FROMLIST: binder: separate binder allocator structure from binder proc
0cebb407b2f4 FROMLIST: binder: Use wake up hint for synchronous transactions.
ec49bb00cd72 Revert "android: binder: move global binder state into context struct."
d368c6faa19b sched: walt: fix window misalignment when HZ=300
97841e574afb ANDROID: android-base.cfg: remove CONFIG_CGROUP_DEBUG
92cc35433ddd ANDROID: sdcardfs: use mount_nodev and fix a issue in sdcardfs_kill_sb
6190400da049 f2fs, block_dump: give WRITE direction to submit_bio
64a73ff728d3 Merge 4.4.76 into android-4.4
ebca043d15b0 UPSTREAM: selinux: enable genfscon labeling for tracefs
8c91412c3200 Merge 4.4.75 into android-4.4
25152dbcc1e5 UPSTREAM: drivers/perf: arm-pmu: fix RCU usage on pmu resume from low-power
fbea122e3ff5 UPSTREAM: drivers/perf: arm_pmu: implement CPU_PM notifier
16759392d588 ANDROID: squashfs: Fix endianness issue
575a44c7cc5e ANDROID: squashfs: Fix signed division issue
77ddb5092987 Merge 4.4.74 into android-4.4
5672779e72b6 Merge 4.4.73 into android-4.4
fa60377966b7 UPSTREAM: usb: gadget: f_fs: avoid out of bounds access on comp_desc
6bb6b3e686cc UPSTREAM: bpf: don't let ldimm64 leak map addresses on unprivileged
1200efcca9b5 BACKPORT: ext4: fix data exposure after a crash
d769a181e9f0 ANDROID: sdcardfs: remove dead function open_flags_to_access_mode()
44b35c3df974 ANDROID: android-base.cfg: split out arm64-specific configs
d3135a2e6614 usb: gadget: f_fs: Fix possibe deadlock
e76c0faf1125 Merge 4.4.72 into android-4.4
23874bf0d9ec ANDROID: uid_sys_stats: check previous uid_entry before call find_or_register_uid
4fd2931f7446 ANDROID: sdcardfs: d_splice_alias can return error values
6fc0573f6daf Merge 4.4.71 into android-4.4
5c31a5e9a365 android: base-cfg: disable CONFIG_NFS_FS and CONFIG_NFSD
fce0ecf04a7e schedstats/eas: guard properly to avoid breaking non-smp schedstats users
57e54f412025 BACKPORT: f2fs: sanity check size of nat and sit cache
8cbdbb9a6aa5 FROMLIST: f2fs: sanity check checkpoint segno and blkoff
c47d00b57b26 sched/tune: don't use schedtune before it is ready
9e3c04bef72b sched/fair: use SCHED_CAPACITY_SCALE for energy normalization
7b8577d94ccf sched/{fair,tune}: use reciprocal_value to compute boost margin
41d9288e3eac sched/tune: Initialize raw_spin_lock in boosted_groups
3757f957419c sched/tune: report when SchedTune has not been initialized
f9b83b3e6e72 sched/tune: fix sched_energy_diff tracepoint
2e829cf17fd2 sched/tune: increase group count to 5
4c031f0e6fbc cpufreq/schedutil: use boosted_cpu_util for PELT to match WALT
fc969e3bfa7a sched/fair: Fix sched_group_energy() to support per-cpu capacity states
fef0112a6398 sched/fair: discount task contribution to find CPU with lowest utilization
83f462daa328 sched/fair: ensure utilization signals are synchronized before use
8865f07600fa sched/fair: remove task util from own cpu when placing waking task
8ac52cbaf41b trace:sched: Make util_avg in load_avg trace reflect PELT/WALT as used
4b85765a3dd9 sched/fair: Add eas (& cas) specific rq, sd and task stats
aa8882923a3f sched/core: Fix PELT jump to max OPP upon util increase
55af3848151f sched: EAS & 'single cpu per cluster'/cpu hotplug interoperability
e62a1ca36b90 UPSTREAM: sched/core: Fix group_entity's share update
baaa21b59be2 UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Fix calc_cfs_shares() fixed point arithmetics width confusion
20bbd92679ce UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Fix incorrect task group ->load_avg
640c909c3470 UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Fix effective_load() to consistently use smoothed load
89e4d18a6712 UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Propagate asynchrous detach
e87566541198 UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Propagate load during synchronous attach/detach
8370e07d82c9 UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Fix hierarchical order in rq->leaf_cfs_rq_list
723dab78719f BACKPORT: sched/fair: Factorize PELT update
18d09a45eceb UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Factorize attach/detach entity
f9bef52c8505 UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Improve PELT stuff some more
dc1386b6f787 UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Apply more PELT fixes
3fd734a8f9b6 UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Fix post_init_entity_util_avg() serialization
9de438d27c43 BACKPORT: sched/fair: Initiate a new task's util avg to a bounded value
4e18c8a10de0 sched/fair: Simplify idle_idx handling in select_idle_sibling()
b31ae71ef75e sched/fair: refactor find_best_target() for simplicity
d3f5e8c3e9ac sched/fair: Change cpu iteration order in find_best_target()
633b98b65190 sched/core: Add first cpu w/ max/min orig capacity to root domain
3e44a647c057 sched/core: Remove remnants of commit fd5c98da1a42
242695407af7 sched: Remove sysctl_sched_is_big_little
9e92e8a24fa5 sched/fair: Code !is_big_little path into select_energy_cpu_brute()
f6f931489311 EAS: sched/fair: Re-integrate 'honor sync wakeups' into wakeup path
81bd5ed39383 Fixup!: sched/fair.c: Set SchedTune specific struct energy_env.task
3935105f5775 sched/fair: Energy-aware wake-up task placement
02cbde61f4d8 sched/fair: Add energy_diff dead-zone margin
3b6ba235bcf3 sched/fair: Decommission energy_aware_wake_cpu()
168228463cac sched/fair: Do not force want_affine eq. true if EAS is enabled
65cad23dcdf7 arm64: Set SD_ASYM_CPUCAPACITY sched_domain flag on DIE level
c6cc7ca91513 UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Fix incorrect comment for capacity_margin
adc7f08b2fb6 UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Avoid pulling tasks from non-overloaded higher capacity groups
60cc9f4e1e9f UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Add per-CPU min capacity to sched_group_capacity
f3f132b8e550 UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Consider spare capacity in find_idlest_group()
68c27298cde4 UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Compute task/cpu utilization at wake-up correctly
abfff9decebf UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Let asymmetric CPU configurations balance at wake-up
5173a85e22f9 UPSTREAM: sched/core: Enable SD_BALANCE_WAKE for asymmetric capacity systems
e51c05769490 UPSTREAM: sched/core: Pass child domain into sd_init()
68a3b157d92c UPSTREAM: sched/core: Introduce SD_ASYM_CPUCAPACITY sched_domain topology flag
3e9cdd5ae95a UPSTREAM: sched/core: Remove unnecessary NULL-pointer check
bc7c939b3a3a UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Optimize find_idlest_cpu() when there is no choice
3bb3d7e7d958 BACKPORT: sched/fair: Make the use of prev_cpu consistent in the wakeup path
986aa1d498f4 UPSTREAM: sched/core: Fix power to capacity renaming in comment
cb88574a6866 Partial Revert: "WIP: sched: Add cpu capacity awareness to wakeup balancing"
bd6ff3505f2f Revert "WIP: sched: Consider spare cpu capacity at task wake-up"
5c015afebd4d FROM-LIST: cpufreq: schedutil: Redefine the rate_limit_us tunable
51b20b214f0e cpufreq: schedutil: add up/down frequency transition rate limits
3c5c4e972472 trace/sched: add rq utilization signal for WALT
f71d9f01c6fc sched/cpufreq: make schedutil use WALT signal
e5da6c11b205 sched: cpufreq: use rt_avg as estimate of required RT CPU capacity
e2aa75a4c781 cpufreq: schedutil: move slow path from workqueue to SCHED_FIFO task
78213729a7d1 BACKPORT: kthread: allow to cancel kthread work
ca7b7d3c9995 sched/cpufreq: fix tunables for schedfreq governor
6bc6115c16ca BACKPORT: cpufreq: schedutil: New governor based on scheduler utilization data
f02702dcf231 sched: backport cpufreq hooks from 4.9-rc4
5df19f969e48 ANDROID: Kconfig: add depends for UID_SYS_STATS
df6e5af086d3 ANDROID: hid: uhid: implement refcount for open and close
7d16e880c625 Revert "ext4: require encryption feature for EXT4_IOC_SET_ENCRYPTION_POLICY"
d73d07673edb ANDROID: mnt: Fix next_descendent
9bc462220dab Merge 4.4.70 into android-4.4
200f49cf4a70 ANDROID: uid_sys_stats: defer io stats calulation for dead tasks
f0893c7ddba2 ANDROID: AVB: Fix linter errors.
815c6db10b07 ANDROID: AVB: Fix invalidate_vbmeta_submit().
a533221d29ec ANDROID: sdcardfs: Check for NULL in revalidate
b2fc10e7240a Merge 4.4.69 into android-4.4
e5272d4c20b3 ANDROID: AVB: Only invalidate vbmeta when told to do so.
9516c5d5de8e ANDROID: sdcardfs: Move top to its own struct
2ba2ada07d6f ANDROID: lowmemorykiller: account for unevictable pages
9a83b8157a75 ANDROID: usb: gadget: fix NULL pointer issue in mtp_read()
73661512d284 ANDROID: usb: f_mtp: return error code if transfer error in receive_file_work function
285c13770aeb Merge 4.4.68 into android-4.4
a347e1c4ddc5 ANDROID: android-base.cfg: remove spurious CONFIG_MODULES line
d3cb1ad1837e ANDROID: memory_state_time: fix undefined behavior with missing DT properties
1b9d700c89bd ANDROID: rfkill: fix unused function warning
a8cc97d8cf4a ANDROID: make PF_KEY SHA256 use RFC-compliant truncation.
21ade372581b ANDROID: sdcardfs: fix sdcardfs_destroy_inode for the inode RCU approach
bc86c1de1ded ANDROID: android-base.cfg: remove NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_QUOTA2_LOG
907e828e010b ANDROID: sdcardfs: Don't iput if we didn't igrab
b5428181f94b ANDROID: Add untag hacks to inet_release function
a156aa844435 fscrypt: correct collision claim for digested names
a1425ed23988 f2fs: switch to using fscrypt_match_name()
8c66df6c7a8b fscrypt: introduce helper function for filename matching
48c7f9c819ac fscrypt: fix context consistency check when key(s) unavailable
171695f2abca fscrypt: Move key structure and constants to uapi
c24873a65151 fscrypt: remove fscrypt_symlink_data_len()
31469fc2488f fscrypt: remove unnecessary checks for NULL operations
0addb61dc70f fscrypt: eliminate ->prepare_context() operation
e9dbf926ed23 fscrypt: remove broken support for detecting keyring key revocation
73c0288f1c9c fscrypt: avoid collisions when presenting long encrypted filenames
64f3b27a09c3 f2fs: check entire encrypted bigname when finding a dentry
b53229d776af f2fs: sync f2fs_lookup() with ext4_lookup()
60a9766f27c7 f2fs: fix a mount fail for wrong next_scan_nid
02ac47078890 f2fs: relocate inode_{,un}lock in F2FS_IOC_SETFLAGS
d15370b84bd1 f2fs: show available_nids in f2fs/status
19023fdfb163 f2fs: flush dirty nats periodically
a725708ca434 f2fs: introduce CP_TRIMMED_FLAG to avoid unneeded discard
30d60edd7bec f2fs: allow cpc->reason to indicate more than one reason
87c98567046f f2fs: release cp and dnode lock before IPU
0756d8f7982e f2fs: shrink size of struct discard_cmd
7ec84ed608e4 f2fs: don't hold cmd_lock during waiting discard command
5abcd71d0fd8 f2fs: nullify fio->encrypted_page for each writes
95d6aa32c3c2 f2fs: sanity check segment count
0905adc8c720 f2fs: introduce valid_ipu_blkaddr to clean up
cf1770e0fa43 f2fs: lookup extent cache first under IPU scenario
b465728ac362 f2fs: reconstruct code to write a data page
6cd09438a331 f2fs: introduce __wait_discard_cmd
72b8a76169d7 f2fs: introduce __issue_discard_cmd
9170805a6362 f2fs: enable small discard by default
e7a9ce2e7cc6 f2fs: delay awaking discard thread
9933f6e186a3 f2fs: seperate read nat page from nat_tree_lock
38f30f047da2 f2fs: fix multiple f2fs_add_link() having same name for inline dentry
352c91d0d482 f2fs: skip encrypted inode in ASYNC IPU policy
0cfd113b8460 f2fs: fix out-of free segments
11538a935f96 f2fs: improve definition of statistic macros
e9b7e2e3bbc3 f2fs: assign allocation hint for warm/cold data
b16a719c967a f2fs: fix _IOW usage
1b73445838ad f2fs: add ioctl to flush data from faster device to cold area
ac2de6c6cbd6 f2fs: introduce async IPU policy
b88a1ae0f2d2 f2fs: add undiscard blocks stat
e818486a9ada f2fs: unlock cp_rwsem early for IPU writes
73d23680deb6 f2fs: introduce __check_rb_tree_consistence
048fe2a0a947 f2fs: trace __submit_discard_cmd
0e9f98f97b68 f2fs: in prior to issue big discard
2814d83ec772 f2fs: clean up discard_cmd_control structure
062eb908b287 f2fs: use rb-tree to track pending discard commands
9febed8ff933 f2fs: avoid dirty node pages in check_only recovery
8aa17546af24 f2fs: fix not to set fsync/dentry mark
933686cf727b f2fs: allocate hot_data for atomic writes
24f3c7e19565 f2fs: give time to flush dirty pages for checkpoint
be687c56d1f6 f2fs: fix fs corruption due to zero inode page
fa3a914e8bf8 f2fs: shrink blk plug region
6e4fee6a144e f2fs: extract rb-tree operation infrastructure
68033a5ab66f f2fs: avoid frequent checkpoint during f2fs_gc
d1c1a744c455 f2fs: clean up some macros in terms of GET_SEGNO
af381ca699eb f2fs: clean up get_valid_blocks with consistent parameter
20e7964704de f2fs: use segment number for get_valid_blocks
1c72805ab237 f2fs: guard macro variables with braces
f886a1df9e79 f2fs: fix comment on f2fs_flush_merged_bios() after 86531d6b
e09409d5c38d f2fs: prevent waiter encountering incorrect discard states
745d92243483 f2fs: introduce f2fs_wait_discard_bios
4adc71ee11d7 f2fs: split discard_cmd_list
e5c2a70c4a8b Revert "f2fs: put allocate_segment after refresh_sit_entry"
34cc766bfbd1 f2fs: split make_dentry_ptr() into block and inline versions
074a551c90b9 f2fs: submit bio of in-place-update pages
bdc8c12ddd55 f2fs: remove the redundant variable definition
654cbabc87dc f2fs: avoid IO split due to mixed WB_SYNC_ALL and WB_SYNC_NONE
669457e6c2af f2fs: write small sized IO to hot log
77deaff0083f f2fs: use bitmap in discard_entry
79bd5ed6e318 f2fs: clean up destroy_discard_cmd_control
54c1e9049e25 f2fs: count discard command entry
0d5b6b22f109 f2fs: show issued flush/discard count
361ee401443b f2fs: relax node version check for victim data in gc
f546e14f0351 f2fs: start SSR much eariler to avoid FG_GC
5bac5ad719c9 f2fs: allocate node and hot data in the beginning of partition
0137923fb501 f2fs: fix wrong max cost initialization
aa9de43b3bc6 f2fs: allow write page cache when writting cp
fbe4cc0f76dc f2fs: don't reserve additional space in xattr block
b92a30224597 f2fs: clean up xattr operation
afc8c720de86 f2fs: don't track volatile file in dirty inode list
df1b8e6f245a f2fs: show the max number of volatile operations
743ef11f591d f2fs: fix race condition in between free nid allocator/initializer
ca28c969a4b2 f2fs: use set_page_private marcro in f2fs_trace_pid
506e7056e23e f2fs: fix recording invalid last_victim
ac60235af91e f2fs: more reasonable mem_size calculating of ino_entry
fecfdd67f86e f2fs: calculate the f2fs_stat_info into base_mem
cc248f964ee8 f2fs: avoid stat_inc_atomic_write for non-atomic file
96d73c33c4a3 f2fs: sanity check of crc_offset from raw checkpoint
27eff7f2f11c f2fs: cleanup the disk level filename updating
89f28f5e5251 f2fs: cover update_free_nid_bitmap with nid_list_lock
8f3d1ba54be0 f2fs: fix bad prefetchw of NULL page
186a33ffeb49 f2fs: clear FI_DATA_EXIST flag in truncate_inline_inode
0ec599668d9a f2fs: move mnt_want_write_file after arguments checking
74492a8e110c f2fs: check new size by inode_newsize_ok in f2fs_insert_range
00a248a675d5 f2fs: avoid copy date to user-space if move file range fail
0812585ae021 f2fs: drop duplicate new_size assign in f2fs_zero_range
cb7b3c2fe5e9 f2fs: adjust the way of calculating nat block
ce8679a179a8 f2fs: add fault injection on f2fs_truncate
ba5e838808d9 f2fs: check range before defragment
23128a06f3b4 f2fs: use parameter max_items instead of PIDVEC_SIZE
02f88520d6f3 f2fs: add a punch discard command function
28fa89b32d44 f2fs: allocate a bio for discarding when actually issuing it
633f62b7dcf9 f2fs: skip writeback meta pages if cp_mutex acquire failed
9f5bdf3b0ab3 f2fs: show more precise message on orphan recovery failure
1ef38ece5cfe f2fs: remove dead macro PGOFS_OF_NEXT_DNODE
bfd70a38c163 f2fs: drop duplicate radix tree lookup of nat_entry_set
363f8e93f52d f2fs: make sure trace all f2fs_issue_flush
3d60b5db3990 f2fs: don't allow volatile writes for non-regular file
dd6b2029c25b f2fs: don't allow atomic writes for not regular files
26012ec09c68 f2fs: fix stale ATOMIC_WRITTEN_PAGE private pointer
b39d14bd84c3 f2fs: build stat_info before orphan inode recovery
ef250a614506 f2fs: fix the fault of calculating blkstart twice
78e31d26ec81 f2fs: fix the fault of checking F2FS_LINK_MAX for rename inode
8f326468d5b9 f2fs: don't allow to get pino when filename is encrypted
3100307fdbdd f2fs: fix wrong error injection for evict_inode
bf5320b6fbd9 f2fs: le32_to_cpu for ckpt->cp_pack_total_block_count
a9fc7327a2cb f2fs: le16_to_cpu for xattr->e_value_size
ffcf47f5345b f2fs: don't need to invalidate wrong node page
983979fd88cf f2fs: fix an error return value in truncate_partial_data_page
e10680dfc72f f2fs: combine nat_bits and free_nid_bitmap cache
7abdfbd622db f2fs: skip scanning free nid bitmap of full NAT blocks
9796ea8fa00e Merge 4.4.67 into android-4.4
cc756e682c1a ANDROID: android-base.cfg: remove USB_OTG_WAKELOCK
40d8db5ddf18 ANDROID: android-base.cfg: remove defunct options
3c72862e8f64 ANDROID: arm64: suspend: Restore the UAO state
4f8785184972 ANDROID: usb: gadget: f_audio_source: disable the CPU C-states upon playback
69a14c17de7e ANDROID: usb: gadget: f_mtp: Set 0xFFFFFFFF in mtp header ContainerLength field
24ac44dc5c56 Merge 4.4.66 into android-4.4
1f48a715af37 net: pppolac/pppopns: Add back the msg_flags
e4528dd775e8 Merge 4.4.65 into android-4.4
90d78776c4a0 ANDROID: uid_sys_stats: fix access of task_uid(task)
3f0531e57753 BACKPORT: f2fs: sanity check log_blocks_per_seg
e9cf0f69b764 Merge 4.4.64 into android-4.4
b878b2601093 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Call lower fs's revalidate
33fddbee41d5 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Avoid setting GIDs outside of valid ranges
46d925efcc72 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Copy meta-data from lower inode
b4840d3bba89 Revert "Revert "Android: sdcardfs: Don't do d_add for lower fs""
0f3b6e26eb2e ANDROID: sdcardfs: Use filesystem specific hash
8d6f006d608c ANDROID: AVB error handler to invalidate vbmeta partition.
6a6a7657c231 ANDROID: Update init/do_mounts_dm.c to the latest ChromiumOS version.
d77312aeb21d Revert "[RFC]cgroup: Change from CAP_SYS_NICE to CAP_SYS_RESOURCE for cgroup migration permissions"
b834e9297745 Revert "USB: gadget: u_ether: Fix data stall issue in RNDIS tethering mode"
29fa724a0964 Merge 4.4.63 into android-4.4
ebff0104446a ANDROID: uid_sys_stats: reduce update_io_stats overhead
c0fb2f9e5814 UPSTREAM: char: lack of bool string made CONFIG_DEVPORT always on
738e1a1a4682 UPSTREAM: char: Drop bogus dependency of DEVPORT on !M68K
53491d941217 Revert "Android: sdcardfs: Don't do d_add for lower fs"
0ed8679d0dbb ANDROID: usb: gadget: fix MTP enumeration issue under super speed mode
d04f4c7320ba Android: sdcardfs: Don't complain in fixup_lower_ownership
e92f72194da2 Android: sdcardfs: Don't do d_add for lower fs
6f28e6ebccba ANDROID: sdcardfs: ->iget fixes
d657201d48f0 Android: sdcardfs: Change cache GID value
356d8075469a BACKPORT: [UPSTREAM] ext2: convert to mbcache2
e29de4e87171 BACKPORT [UPSTREAM] ext4: convert to mbcache2
9e242ec92f95 BACKPORT: [UPSTREAM] mbcache2: reimplement mbcache
f431972e7df8 Merge 4.4.62 into android-4.4
2a8af3ae8d93 UPSTREAM: net: socket: Make unnecessarily global sockfs_setattr() static
a973601dcbc9 UPSTREAM: net: ipv4: Don't crash if passing a null sk to ip_do_redirect.
8affe1f70379 UPSTREAM: net/packet: fix overflow in check for priv area size
e3b87b234b32 Merge 4.4.61 into android-4.4
e497cb596f4c Merge 4.4.60 into android-4.4
84b6001987a0 Revert "Revert "Revert "CHROMIUM: android: binder: Fix potential scheduling-while-atomic"""
2295052f9de4 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Directly pass lower file for mmap
8eb24ae4dcd3 UPSTREAM: checkpatch: special audit for revert commit line
a2d978c2adcb UPSTREAM: PM / sleep: make PM notifiers called symmetrically
6a3b9c4984f9 Revert "Revert "CHROMIUM: android: binder: Fix potential scheduling-while-atomic""
c71ad0f6b384 BACKPORT: arm64: dts: juno: fix cluster sleep state entry latency on all SoC versions
6c8d409129bb staging: android: ashmem: lseek failed due to no FMODE_LSEEK.
24c96f783613 ANDROID: sdcardfs: update module info
fb12388ce446 ANDROID: sdcardfs: use d_splice_alias
9a1e24adfd17 ANDROID: sdcardfs: add read_iter/write_iter opeations
c4e9b94bcb00 ANDROID: sdcardfs: fix ->llseek to update upper and lower offset
b2fc288c811e ANDROID: sdcardfs: copy lower inode attributes in ->ioctl
5156f3e9f222 ANDROID: sdcardfs: remove unnecessary call to do_munmap
3a75d7a94709 Merge 4.4.59 into android-4.4
e246a2f11fcc UPSTREAM: ipv6 addrconf: implement RFC7559 router solicitation backoff
31f9ce371384 android: base-cfg: enable CONFIG_INET_DIAG_DESTROY
10610ac9af3a ANDROID: android-base.cfg: add CONFIG_MODULES option
8588d88f1a37 ANDROID: android-base.cfg: add CONFIG_IKCONFIG option
21afcf6ff8c7 ANDROID: android-base.cfg: properly sort the file
025b221d5309 ANDROID: binder: add hwbinder,vndbinder to BINDER_DEVICES.
635194062b5e ANDROID: sort android-recommended.cfg
b6cf5c77e06e UPSTREAM: config/android: Remove CONFIG_IPV6_PRIVACY
312b1f89aadb UPSTREAM: config: android: set SELinux as default security mode
55c20761453e config: android: move device mapper options to recommended
a08cafa7e09c ANDROID: ARM64: Allow to choose appended kernel image
0c61bc75ee66 UPSTREAM: arm64: vdso: constify vm_special_mapping used for aarch32 vectors page
30e1bf349c52 UPSTREAM: arm64: vdso: add __init section marker to alloc_vectors_page
b4b7a2466892 UPSTREAM: ARM: 8597/1: VDSO: put RO and RO after init objects into proper sections
c2e0fb355018 UPSTREAM: arm64: Add support for CLOCK_MONOTONIC_RAW in clock_gettime() vDSO
9d2622be9a41 UPSTREAM: arm64: Refactor vDSO time functions
fb47dee8008c UPSTREAM: arm64: fix vdso-offsets.h dependency
f186947ce6fb UPSTREAM: kbuild: drop FORCE from PHONY targets
510b819279cb UPSTREAM: mm: add PHYS_PFN, use it in __phys_to_pfn()
e1feee065928 UPSTREAM: ARM: 8476/1: VDSO: use PTR_ERR_OR_ZERO for vma check
29950430ce19 Merge 4.4.48 into android-4.4
373a68ca9324 Merge 4.4.57 to android-4.4
ff9fa56a43ea ANDROID: sdcardfs: Fix style issues in macros
2b37dac9abaa ANDROID: sdcardfs: Use seq_puts over seq_printf
a9a3f48222db ANDROID: sdcardfs: Use to kstrout
b7dbda19b8ce ANDROID: sdcardfs: Use pr_[...] instead of printk
1ed9910bedd6 ANDROID: sdcardfs: remove unneeded null check
9eb0b8ba1c92 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Fix style issues with comments
dfdaa9584471 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Fix formatting
93a520cc3cc2 ANDROID: sdcardfs: correct order of descriptors
f0faedd6b468 fix the deadlock in xt_qtaguid when enable DDEBUG
e953f89b8563 net: ipv6: Add sysctl for minimum prefix len acceptable in RIOs.
22ff4ae765ff Linux 4.4.56 am: 0136bca4e0
c3b48399e06a futex: Add missing error handling to FUTEX_REQUEUE_PI am: 99d403faba
2b31ed1f9285 futex: Fix potential use-after-free in FUTEX_REQUEUE_PI am: 44854c191e
fff305870895 x86/perf: Fix CR4.PCE propagation to use active_mm instead of mm am: 62f57041fb
3c2c3fce0d6f x86/kasan: Fix boot with KASAN=y and PROFILE_ANNOTATED_BRANCHES=y am: 8e0ec20539
2bc9e957b28f fscrypto: lock inode while setting encryption policy am: 3a19419c50
9d0a150ea4c6 fscrypt: fix renaming and linking special files am: fd74e8d258
0fa013e933cd net sched actions: decrement module reference count after table flush. am: c10ffe988f
a171079171c2 dccp: fix memory leak during tear-down of unsuccessful connection request am: 676fe97852
daa1fae0fb67 dccp/tcp: fix routing redirect race am: 4ab956b561
857b945b132c bridge: drop netfilter fake rtable unconditionally am: 56f9b9502f
2a862f56b131 ipv6: avoid write to a possibly cloned skb am: aed728c38c
e8f6f65c8ea5 ipv6: make ECMP route replacement less greedy am: 5f8bc3856e
02e2cf1d4d1d mpls: Send route delete notifications when router module is unloaded am: b57955ea30
2e755cde9f58 act_connmark: avoid crashing on malformed nlattrs with null parms am: 710fbeb3f5
16b8db46a101 uapi: fix linux/packet_diag.h userspace compilation error am: 6c72458ab4
0bf865e8b081 vrf: Fix use-after-free in vrf_xmit am: e671f1cc58
f0a80cb8a7f2 dccp: fix use-after-free in dccp_feat_activate_values am: d0ebde92fb
9cf061bb472f net: fix socket refcounting in skb_complete_tx_timestamp() am: ec4d8692b7
50aba0e7c576 net: fix socket refcounting in skb_complete_wifi_ack() am: 9e7683301b
95bec76ac28e tcp: fix various issues for sockets morphing to listen state am: 2681a7853a
3c8e4a165aa0 dccp: Unlock sock before calling sk_free() am: 9216632bf4
3f5e69773466 net: net_enable_timestamp() can be called from irq contexts am: a70c328597
0582590dbe51 net: don't call strlen() on the user buffer in packet_bind_spkt() am: f331d6445a
bde4ebb5f94f l2tp: avoid use-after-free caused by l2tp_ip_backlog_recv am: 2cd0afc64e
0a4171764d90 ipv4: mask tos for input route am: 354f79125f
c298010eeda7 vti6: return GRE_KEY for vti6 am: f1b3aae1f1
4c8e89b3fd10 vxlan: correctly validate VXLAN ID against VXLAN_N_VID am: 51a219a137
560f3eaad0fc netlink: remove mmapped netlink support am: 0c0be310ba
659da09c3d7a ANDROID: mmc: core: export emmc revision
bc5b6dd5dfd8 BACKPORT: mmc: core: Export device lifetime information through sysfs
b631d8c06f64 ANDROID: android-verity: do not compile as independent module
77e4e5b8af91 resolve merge conflicts of 1c5265be54d3 to android-4.4
83193f99f1be dm: flush queued bios when process blocks to avoid deadlock am: cd8ad4d9eb
14671ac72170 nfit, libnvdimm: fix interleave set cookie calculation am: 66dd58f56e
4a44b75d1eea s390/kdump: Use "LINUX" ELF note name instead of "CORE" am: a084aeef56
d73e47204a11 KVM: s390: Fix guest migration for huge guests resulting in panic am: b0e85701a7
03c7b939b1fe mvsas: fix misleading indentation am: 61fbad6a28
5aac664c0c39 serial: samsung: Continue to work if DMA request fails am: 72ca0ab306
5b6244690a71 USB: serial: io_ti: fix information leak in completion handler am: 72bb2b96b8
946f6288ff0c USB: serial: io_ti: fix NULL-deref in interrupt callback am: e71c7bad68
f6753981f47e USB: iowarrior: fix NULL-deref in write am: 6498086195
bf259081a4bf USB: iowarrior: fix NULL-deref at probe am: 179295c38d
c98a41cdb8d6 USB: serial: omninet: fix reference leaks at open am: 54f11a9662
a94cfa2ac43f USB: serial: safe_serial: fix information leak in completion handler am: 3cdc946387
33451f0582d1 usb: host: xhci-plat: Fix timeout on removal of hot pluggable xhci controllers am: cf09c7d60c
7badd91967d7 usb: host: xhci-dbg: HCIVERSION should be a binary number am: 40c5634ffe
5bfd45cfa0e3 usb: gadget: function: f_fs: pass companion descriptor along am: 4a1a3bb70f
49e48368a64b usb: dwc3: gadget: make Set Endpoint Configuration macros safe am: 10af248565
2b7b5c5f3653 usb: gadget: dummy_hcd: clear usb_gadget region before registration am: f47b97f2cd
699ec839c0ea powerpc: Emulation support for load/store instructions on LE am: 2ca39d1300
752883928d9d tracing: Add #undef to fix compile error am: 074893495b
de761c12a4af MIPS: Netlogic: Fix CP0_EBASE redefinition warnings am: 1276510585
507638623f3c MIPS: DEC: Avoid la pseudo-instruction in delay slots am: 2e4aff2405
9d92396f8a99 mm: memcontrol: avoid unused function warning am: 5fad174344
5caa0a5ddd80 cpmac: remove hopeless #warning am: 5e45d834f7
285819747b8a MIPS: ralink: Remove unused rt*_wdt_reset functions am: 32883383f5
82caf1be314b MIPS: ralink: Cosmetic change to prom_init(). am: 4b91e7a2a9
872639574432 mtd: pmcmsp: use kstrndup instead of kmalloc+strncpy am: 3dc8f1e3a8
9e383c0ed972 MIPS: Update lemote2f_defconfig for CPU_FREQ_STAT change am: d2a8d746ae
07658ad370f9 MIPS: ip22: Fix ip28 build for modern gcc am: c018595d83
1e9d4597be2a MIPS: Update ip27_defconfig for SCSI_DH change am: 7a6a965f35
d4a1ce079081 MIPS: ip27: Disable qlge driver in defconfig am: 8ed0fdcc0c
5d2e961aa394 MIPS: Update defconfigs for NF_CT_PROTO_DCCP/UDPLITE change am: adc48c710b
bf38bfd7700f crypto: improve gcc optimization flags for serpent and wp512 am: e041ad0664
ee51e01a82f1 USB: serial: digi_acceleport: fix OOB-event processing am: a8cb5c02a2
64272b3c3184 USB: serial: digi_acceleport: fix OOB data sanity check am: 4d95645f3d
a5e2a1ddbc50 ANDROID: sched: fix duplicate sched_group_energy const specifiers
2474d8bad003 config: disable CONFIG_USELIB and CONFIG_FHANDLE
152a401d2693 ANDROID: power: align wakeup_sources format
870382b806a4 ANDROID: dm: android-verity: allow disable dm-verity for Treble VTS
850beefa4226 Linux 4.4.54 am: 804a935963
3d3960859874 drivers: hv: Turn off write permission on the hypercall page am: 4cdfa660c8
c29b2d6c1cc0 fat: fix using uninitialized fields of fat_inode/fsinfo_inode am: 8353f338de
80eb54008126 libceph: use BUG() instead of BUG_ON(1) am: 13ef90e1bb
e2079fac446e drm/i915/dsi: Do not clear DPOUNIT_CLOCK_GATE_DISABLE from vlv_init_display_clock_gating am: 7952b6490b
06196a12e5fa fakelb: fix schedule while atomic am: 77fec8bc7a
de7ac7e30b8d drm/atomic: fix an error code in mode_fixup() am: bb5b96344e
8b3e7e31c6e2 drm/ttm: Make sure BOs being swapped out are cacheable am: 59fc34fc69
e2d4a36ac7be drm/edid: Add EDID_QUIRK_FORCE_8BPC quirk for Rotel RSX-1058 am: 36fd36b900
e1773044009c drm/ast: Fix AST2400 POST failure without BMC FW or VBIOS am: b9cfd5517b
1330b28fd7f2 drm/ast: Call open_key before enable_mmio in POST code am: 93eab4f525
e9bd0b324b80 drm/ast: Fix test for VGA enabled am: 8b78765238
031c424254ab drm/amdgpu: add more cases to DCE11 possible crtc mask setup am: 0d80ac62b6
ee80f8e02265 mac80211: flush delayed work when entering suspend am: 8650af261d
609d86bb1b14 xtensa: move parse_tag_fdt out of #ifdef CONFIG_BLK_DEV_INITRD am: 21096328c9
27eb9f28e3e3 pwm: pca9685: Fix period change with same duty cycle am: 6ef213d621
27bd8e883cf4 nlm: Ensure callback code also checks that the files match am: e1c924e85a
f2775d8e464a target: Fix NULL dereference during LUN lookup + active I/O shutdown am: ca739e3fd7
256257f5af63 ceph: remove req from unsafe list when unregistering it am: 05a9143edb
713f4b78ef0c ktest: Fix child exit code processing am: 485171b1ee
3eee5d1ecc21 IB/srp: Fix race conditions related to task management am: 696255449b
396d34e76130 IB/srp: Avoid that duplicate responses trigger a kernel bug am: 944690cdb5
8d4558285ab4 IB/IPoIB: Add destination address when re-queue packet am: bb4a21dcb6
b576323b87c6 IB/ipoib: Fix deadlock between rmmod and set_mode am: 10beca5374
cd237bd504bf mnt: Tuck mounts under others instead of creating shadow/side mounts. am: 839d42687d
9df6fc2c3c23 net: mvpp2: fix DMA address calculation in mvpp2_txq_inc_put() am: b57ffb2a84
e389acfa3936 s390: use correct input data address for setup_randomness am: 376a12eb7f
3d9e15ab2d4d s390: make setup_randomness work am: 296f7bd7f1
83d128b227bb s390: TASK_SIZE for kernel threads am: 9cf431dbd8
db2f9fb43c44 s390/dcssblk: fix device size calculation in dcssblk_direct_access() am: 792bd1fb5b
ec279dedbeab s390/qdio: clear DSCI prior to scanning multiple input queues am: ec50c80c78
0412734732d5 Bluetooth: Add another AR3012 04ca:3018 device am: 00cfdbf5ab
b0c04f1fbe9b KVM: VMX: use correct vmcs_read/write for guest segment selector/base am: cae929bd8d
27dd3fdbc774 KVM: s390: Disable dirty log retrieval for UCONTROL guests am: 0a3df0418d
37480b0d7e18 serial: 8250_pci: Add MKS Tenta SCOM-0800 and SCOM-0801 cards am: 4b34572e98
e67441c33e37 tty: n_hdlc: get rid of racy n_hdlc.tbuf am: 999853d941
877dc8bce6c1 TTY: n_hdlc, fix lockdep false positive am: 59c4d7838e
75a7736c2ad9 uid_sys_stats: change to use rt_mutex
4b20ed9406bc ANDROID: vfs: user permission2 in notify_change2
d0b44039aa84 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Fix gid issue
003515b560db ANDROID: sdcardfs: Use tabs instead of spaces in multiuser.h
f1e5d0086840 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Remove uninformative prints
1a736af098a3 ANDROID: sdcardfs: move path_put outside of spinlock
8dbb44c8aa4a ANDROID: sdcardfs: Use case insensitive hash function
1e2f5dbfa3ab ANDROID: sdcardfs: declare MODULE_ALIAS_FS
f84495e490a5 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Get the blocksize from the lower fs
a5504f851af9 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Use d_invalidate instead of drop_recurisve
2c917ce67144 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Switch to internal case insensitive compare
371536f070bf ANDROID: sdcardfs: Use spin_lock_nested
650cf58edf00 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Replace get/put with d_lock
6693b9450021 ANDROID: sdcardfs: rate limit warning print
3009d5325611 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Fix case insensitive lookup
3f7fac35ec62 ANDROID: uid_sys_stats: account for fsync syscalls
a4f5f251e951 ANDROID: sched: add a counter to track fsync
5c866b0f8a2f ANDROID: uid_sys_stats: fix negative write bytes.
5a420edf10dc ANDROID: uid_sys_stats: allow writing same state
6a61b529b4a9 ANDROID: uid_sys_stats: rename uid_cputime.c to uid_sys_stats.c
bce3e4dd9d49 ANDROID: uid_cputime: add per-uid IO usage accounting
a2849d45025c DTB: Add EAS compatible Juno Energy model to 'juno.dts'
174a03a0bdc2 arm64: dts: juno: Add idle-states to device tree
6f4a2453a14b ANDROID: Replace spaces by '_' for some android filesystem tracepoints.
f52e71a12e80 usb: gadget: f_accessory: Fix for UsbAccessory clean unbind.
210bb28de0e6 Linux 4.4.53 am: 49616e7150
7a261de18bdf scsi: lpfc: Correct WQ creation for pagesize am: 9cee694650
982f933a98bb MIPS: IP22: Fix build error due to binutils 2.25 uselessnes. am: 1d316060ca
70d964e55e47 MIPS: IP22: Reformat inline assembler code to modern standards. am: 4dd29050e4
d32b060094be powerpc/xmon: Fix data-breakpoint am: 15959b728d
8ac43efa58a2 dmaengine: ipu: Make sure the interrupt routine checks all interrupts. am: afee78f03e
36f519a6bdb0 bcma: use (get|put)_device when probing/removing device driver am: 79a7ff1443
3ff14c70fe58 md linear: fix a race between linear_add() and linear_congested() am: 5a1f03f1ee
25c567c7682c rtc: sun6i: Switch to the external oscillator am: 037cd23726
c3482409de57 rtc: sun6i: Add some locking am: ee360e99da
ec8e7f39b472 NFSv4: fix getacl ERANGE for some ACL buffer sizes am: a0378b5bfc
27a9c6c0f307 NFSv4: fix getacl head length estimation am: 5d23e89065
58c1c0b37188 NFSv4: Fix memory and state leak in _nfs4_open_and_get_state am: 52fb4bdcea
a17ad00bf636 nfsd: special case truncates some more am: 3ee4f442e5
b833c4dc2f62 nfsd: minor nfsd_setattr cleanup am: 6030493a34
fe1c5bc55a7e rtlwifi: rtl8192c-common: Fix "BUG: KASAN: am: 781e6a0838
5e706a9321d1 rtlwifi: Fix alignment issues am: 6e10c33cb8
057f4303d1f5 gfs2: Add missing rcu locking for glock lookup am: 70a09029b7
dbfdd61d3aa7 rdma_cm: fail iwarp accepts w/o connection params am: 44dd30e04c
ce400d3858ce RDMA/core: Fix incorrect structure packing for booleans am: 88326fe95f
787b979877dd Drivers: hv: util: Backup: Fix a rescind processing issue am: f414af249f
ead260ec7f1f Drivers: hv: util: Fcopy: Fix a rescind processing issue am: 9b45ab2853
28ab7fa0416d Drivers: hv: util: kvp: Fix a rescind processing issue am: abaeda7f70
01a674e930a8 hv: init percpu_list in hv_synic_alloc() am: 862d2b7d21
ce15984d9184 hv: allocate synic pages for all present CPUs am: 374907e8d1
c4bac4300ff6 usb: gadget: udc: fsl: Add missing complete function. am: 80190fcc48
f8f2f4c516ec usb: host: xhci: plat: check hcc_params after add hcd am: 61e9e9bcfd
8615dbe45276 usb: musb: da8xx: Remove CPPI 3.0 quirk and methods am: 900466a746
d0e0065696e7 w1: ds2490: USB transfer buffers need to be DMAable am: 89eb5ed153
9bd63bea5015 w1: don't leak refcount on slave attach failure in w1_attach_slave_device() am: 1df66c4524
618692bd8a2f can: usb_8dev: Fix memory leak of priv->cmd_msg_buffer am: 20bc8a897e
24764f437ab4 iio: pressure: mpl3115: do not rely on structure field ordering am: 3584716db1
d6ba22f15d31 iio: pressure: mpl115: do not rely on structure field ordering am: 2ab6b8c717
60abac81e645 arm/arm64: KVM: Enforce unconditional flush to PoC when mapping to stage-2 am: e83a28c521
a9dc0b8fa022 fuse: add missing FR_FORCE am: d4a8db66b9
797cb7c99492 crypto: testmgr - Pad aes_ccm_enc_tv_template vector am: 434ed4aff1
8613965abee8 ath9k: use correct OTP register offsets for the AR9340 and AR9550 am: 7666ef1a36
cb77d6f063dd ath9k: fix race condition in enabling/disabling IRQs am: 1aeced70f7
88e67124a4be ath5k: drop bogus warning on drv_set_key with unsupported cipher am: dc7bbf895e
89acafdf0dee target: Fix multi-session dynamic se_node_acl double free OOPs am: 6af0acc0b6
fb5c00195774 target: Obtain se_node_acl->acl_kref during get_initiator_node_acl am: 4a3c526ced
62461a21d002 samples/seccomp: fix 64-bit comparison macros am: da259399e4
666ec57cb1f9 ext4: return EROFS if device is r/o and journal replay is needed am: 6ad4196f19
d3b42f102b3b ext4: preserve the needs_recovery flag when the journal is aborted am: 9a79248c08
8f1c5b47f4b2 ext4: fix inline data error paths am: 6ec4583e9b
8b2bd3ddf4ec ext4: fix data corruption in data=journal mode am: 9d636818db
3e0e74cef542 ext4: trim allocation requests to group size am: 8774c73cf6
5dc0688be0f9 ext4: do not polute the extents cache while shifting extents am: a3068b3e80
9c0e44491bae ext4: Include forgotten start block on fallocate insert range am: 3daefdae5f
b267b4c1f840 loop: fix LO_FLAGS_PARTSCAN hang am: cd3db55c64
4e15ddc81173 block/loop: fix race between I/O and set_status am: 356d71df73
438bedf5bf1b jbd2: don't leak modified metadata buffers on an aborted journal am: 973f40f368
cd5e303ecd1b Fix: Disable sys_membarrier when nohz_full is enabled am: c0ef1f537a
fbf3cf0c8300 sd: get disk reference in sd_check_events() am: ea240cfed9
2e4caeeccf88 scsi: use 'scsi_device_from_queue()' for scsi_dh am: 33950b56d2
51c24a59301a scsi: aacraid: Reorder Adapter status check am: 2dc9a859eb
ebf84b4166b6 scsi: storvsc: properly set residual data length on errors am: 18dbfcae65
15c7c846885b scsi: storvsc: properly handle SRB_ERROR when sense message is present am: 80bccab34a
1c933caeb8d0 scsi: storvsc: use tagged SRB requests if supported by the device am: 5cdc8193ac
ed15ac577e55 dm stats: fix a leaked s->histogram_boundaries array am: 6a284310d5
48d4f39d94bc dm cache: fix corruption seen when using cache > 2TB am: fdea1f9721
75e269887234 ipc/shm: Fix shmat mmap nil-page protection am: f0ae01568e
656fedaf743a mm: do not access page->mapping directly on page_endio am: c5c893e7c4
5cc4831e1b18 mm: vmpressure: fix sending wrong events on underflow am: 66f43a5768
32125704fefb mm/page_alloc: fix nodes for reclaim in fast path am: 612e4679b8
6082e028f3b6 iommu/vt-d: Tylersburg isoch identity map check is done too late. am: 31dac0e870
9f53657d446a iommu/vt-d: Fix some macros that are incorrectly specified in intel-iommu am: 07852563db
d461b88a36d4 regulator: Fix regulator_summary for deviceless consumers am: 5cc0cd0e3a
5d8fa8946fbf staging: rtl: fix possible NULL pointer dereference am: 272d60bfce
6d2b913f5f4a ALSA: hda - Fix micmute hotkey problem for a lenovo AIO machine am: 8c8f42c9a4
1d0a0ca70499 ALSA: hda - Add subwoofer support for Dell Inspiron 17 7000 Gaming am: cd585d3ba5
cc787f23a29b ALSA: seq: Fix link corruption by event error handling am: 003aa34372
10481abe187c ALSA: ctxfi: Fallback DMA mask to 32bit am: 70dbc00f7e
5b01070e454f ALSA: timer: Reject user params with too small ticks am: 9879f9d01a
b8ad06607a6c ALSA: hda - fix Lewisburg audio issue am: b9bf1f0657
de7da8e6cd8a ALSA: hda/realtek - Cannot adjust speaker's volume on a Dell AIO am: 1f4f37076d
6a56b6d97511 ARM: dts: at91: Enable DMA on sama5d2_xplained console am: 6b1d7b6f54
264e78debede ARM: dts: at91: Enable DMA on sama5d4_xplained console am: be83ed085f
ec78efab74e3 ARM: at91: define LPDDR types am: b401418c6c
99065c3e467e media: fix dm1105.c build error am: f3a0b20040
91c8ba257ec3 uvcvideo: Fix a wrong macro am: b0bde9f6a0
2d93d7bb63e7 am437x-vpfe: always assign bpp variable am: 5988e73201
3a674057ace0 MIPS: Handle microMIPS jumps in the same way as MIPS32/MIPS64 jumps am: ab7546e491
378772df9519 MIPS: Calculate microMIPS ra properly when unwinding the stack am: cc387ae089
dfba5f8f76c3 MIPS: Fix is_jump_ins() handling of 16b microMIPS instructions am: d75d675a05
6e3b0aea46d3 MIPS: Fix get_frame_info() handling of microMIPS function size am: 72a0cfae59
e7503003f0fd MIPS: Prevent unaligned accesses during stack unwinding am: 2998bf60d3
c6e7fd7d72ee MIPS: Clear ISA bit correctly in get_frame_info() am: 0d45490221
b3ec549b786c MIPS: Lantiq: Keep ethernet enabled during boot am: f1be0f5814
c1fecd0722e7 MIPS: OCTEON: Fix copy_from_user fault handling for large buffers am: 093292b8f8
0c2e951f6e5b MIPS: BCM47XX: Fix button inversion for Asus WL-500W am: b32e43cf3f
cd13ff96da09 MIPS: Fix special case in 64 bit IP checksumming. am: 5636da7aba
249dd69807be samples: move mic/mpssd example code from Documentation am: faf6aa4b12
7ae846e99ba2 f2fs: use __set{__clear}_bit_le
f0135c1551e0 f2fs: update_free_nid_bitmap() can be static
48da6d86af95 f2fs: __update_nat_bits() can be static
d95038cf6b1e f2fs: le16_to_cpu for xattr->e_value_size
4b056f06acfa f2fs: don't overwrite node block by SSR
9b86801f59e4 f2fs: don't need to invalidate wrong node page
9fa38a0c6456 f2fs: fix an error return value in truncate_partial_data_page
b5bb7b2de94d fscrypt: catch up to v4.11-rc1
9cc3fbc9ea18 f2fs: avoid to flush nat journal entries
7375ae65fa6d f2fs: avoid to issue redundant discard commands
95bfba756e53 f2fs: fix a plint compile warning
c1c90b7d9dc1 f2fs: add f2fs_drop_inode tracepoint
5086fe4c101b f2fs: Fix zoned block device support
e323e9ef9f41 f2fs: remove redundant set_page_dirty()
f6493d7dd1cd f2fs: fix to enlarge size of write_io_dummy mempool
9113aae794eb f2fs: fix memory leak of write_io_dummy mempool during umount
6ac7367ebfee f2fs: fix to update F2FS_{CP_}WB_DATA count correctly
b1305bba60c0 f2fs: use MAX_FREE_NIDS for the free nids target
179e2535c7b7 f2fs: introduce free nid bitmap
4db9ebac249f f2fs: new helper cur_cp_crc() getting crc in f2fs_checkpoint
20adb5b3fe0b f2fs: update the comment of default nr_pages to skipping
aa2a9a1c479b f2fs: drop the duplicate pval in f2fs_getxattr
2ed4b498d823 f2fs: Don't update the xattr data that same as the exist
e042b87adaa7 f2fs: kill __is_extent_same
1b30dde97f84 f2fs: avoid bggc->fggc when enough free segments are avaliable after cp
377816fec3f3 f2fs: select target segment with closer temperature in SSR mode
3a40c74cce8b f2fs: show simple call stack in fault injection message
2ea010a9c826 fscrypt: catch fscrypto_get_policy in v4.10-rc6
7d77c7a3525b f2fs: use __clear_bit_le
1ad1cd4f7149 f2fs: no need lock_op in f2fs_write_inline_data
273924c37731 f2fs: add bitmaps for empty or full NAT blocks
2ef086ad2991 f2fs: replace rw semaphore extent_tree_lock with mutex lock
8cfbfea08204 f2fs: avoid m_flags overlay when allocating more data blocks
7234370dc65c f2fs: remove unsafe bitmap checking
c12a69d920f1 f2fs: init local extent_info to avoid stale stack info in tp
c074e1b7c11c f2fs: remove unnecessary condition check for write_checkpoint in f2fs_gc
cb9ca08d121a f2fs: do SSR for node segments more aggresively
70dd5a4c5aa2 f2fs: check discard alignment only for SEQWRITE zones
97a61adb90fb f2fs: wait for discard completion after submission
94d3f18b4f78 f2fs: much larger batched trim_fs job
91ef1346c8a3 f2fs: avoid very large discard command
3f2523b22214 f2fs: find data segments across all the types
62d8564f71ec f2fs: do SSR in higher priority
e3e27c59487b f2fs: do SSR for data when there is enough free space
316bed49a618 f2fs: node segment is prior to data segment selected victim
1466b660bebe f2fs: put allocate_segment after refresh_sit_entry
c1288c8f35c7 f2fs: add ovp valid_blocks check for bg gc victim to fg_gc
e24eb1fceda8 f2fs: do not wait for writeback in write_begin
4c05cfb0081f f2fs: replace __get_victim by dirty_segments in FG_GC
e5e16d8af5cb f2fs: fix multiple f2fs_add_link() calls having same name
ff3bf2f20792 f2fs: show actual device info in tracepoints
5331a1d87fc5 f2fs: use SSR for warm node as well
675dd8213b70 f2fs: enable inline_xattr by default
79887aed3770 f2fs: introduce noinline_xattr mount option
34a65412384c f2fs: avoid reading NAT page by get_node_info
69a0a6912f78 f2fs: remove build_free_nids() during checkpoint
a71c22fcd5c8 f2fs: change recovery policy of xattr node block
56cba038b622 f2fs: super: constify fscrypt_operations structure
194fbd2a5710 f2fs: show checkpoint version at mount time
1b1f1ea0e7f7 f2fs: remove preflush for nobarrier case
5b7c84083345 f2fs: check last page index in cached bio to decide submission
4e50b7053c19 f2fs: check io submission more precisely
d6bbb3276728 android: binder: move global binder state into context struct.
0fd0992d3504 android: binder: add padding to binder_fd_array_object.
359795138dc5 binder: use group leader instead of open thread
33af4c0c5faa nf: IDLETIMER: Use fullsock when querying uid
16f66bfe8821 nf: IDLETIMER: Fix use after free condition during work
837de638dc01 Merge branch 'upstream-linux-4.4.y' into android-4.4
f04805218728 ANDROID: dm: android-verity: fix table_make_digest() error handling
6e1c2455aa28 ANDROID: usb: gadget: function: Fix commenting style
6696986a932a cpufreq: interactive governor drops bits in time calculation
98c307e68c28 ANDROID: sdcardfs: support direct-IO (DIO) operations
166f168a48d6 ANDROID: sdcardfs: implement vm_ops->page_mkwrite
0166e6469f9d f2fs: fix trim_fs assignment
5e95180bf64c Revert "f2fs: remove batched discard in f2fs_trim_fs"
f048326ea40e Merge branch 'android-4.4.y' into android-4.4
6cd8a154387d f2fs: fix missing bio_alloc(1)
880c68e41dd2 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Don't bother deleting freelist
1914b2934b3e ANDROID: sdcardfs: Add missing path_put
232c28fe23b8 Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/android-4.4' into android-4.4.y
54640cfe4725 Merge tag 'v4.4.49' into android-4.4.y
56026a89e632 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Fix incorrect hash
8b75db9857a4 ANDROID: ext4 crypto: Disables zeroing on truncation when there's no key
a425a70b2627 ANDROID: ext4: add a non-reversible key derivation method
3e0dd6ec69be ANDROID: ext4: allow encrypting filenames using HEH algorithm
0223de3a24ef ANDROID: arm64/crypto: add ARMv8-CE optimized poly_hash algorithm
58b9edb065b0 ANDROID: crypto: heh - factor out poly_hash algorithm
698ffc03b701 ANDROID: crypto: heh - Add Hash-Encrypt-Hash (HEH) algorithm
ce2ace45d931 ANDROID: crypto: gf128mul - Add ble multiplication functions
3eaf06b785a6 ANDROID: crypto: gf128mul - Refactor gf128 overflow macros and tables
8ea7531e4764 UPSTREAM: crypto: gf128mul - Zero memory when freeing multiplication table
c8bb10b1eec8 ANDROID: crypto: shash - Add crypto_grab_shash() and crypto_spawn_shash_alg()
93867d9bc5c1 ANDROID: crypto: allow blkcipher walks over ablkcipher data
15227d3ccce3 UPSTREAM: arm/arm64: crypto: assure that ECB modes don't require an IV
d854b688907b ANDROID: Refactor fs readpage/write tracepoints.
11fac3aed57f ANDROID: export security_path_chown
5edfa05a10a7 Merge tag 'v4.4.48' into android-4.4.y
d9aa8ddc51cb Squashfs: optimize reading uncompressed data
5e9c466d6ec0 Squashfs: implement .readpages()
c9994560db8e Squashfs: replace buffer_head with BIO
417aca479b15 Squashfs: refactor page_actor
50dcddba6c11 Squashfs: remove the FILE_CACHE option
d50112645714 ANDROID: android-recommended.cfg: CONFIG_CPU_SW_DOMAIN_PAN=y
dc2ad0661d69 FROMLIST: 9p: fix a potential acl leak
49b60d4aa95a BACKPORT: posix_acl: Clear SGID bit when setting file permissions
33f44e9f9c08 f2fs: call internal __write_data_page directly
ed0eee678877 f2fs: avoid out-of-order execution of atomic writes
8f70c40113f4 f2fs: move write_node_page above fsync_node_pages
040eb7fd6c29 f2fs: move flush tracepoint
de0e3bc1a54a f2fs: show # of APPEND and UPDATE inodes
a94d94904cd3 f2fs: fix 446 coding style warnings in f2fs.h
c99f2de7780a f2fs: fix 3 coding style errors in f2fs.h
01940a21a97e f2fs: declare missing static function
f3ca0da5c793 f2fs: show the fault injection mount option
fb40e1231cbc f2fs: fix null pointer dereference when issuing flush in ->fsync
d27bebf86574 f2fs: fix to avoid overflow when left shifting page offset
21980a25e727 f2fs: enhance lookup xattr
b89d1d4dfd7d f2fs: fix a dead loop in f2fs_fiemap()
87d83ae92ee0 f2fs: do not preallocate blocks which has wrong buffer
334173cc4ca1 f2fs: show # of on-going flush and discard bios
587ad91ac9a8 f2fs: add a kernel thread to issue discard commands asynchronously
565f0225f95f f2fs: factor out discard command info into discard_cmd_control
c4cc29d19eaf f2fs: remove batched discard in f2fs_trim_fs
4844bb76e752 f2fs: reorganize stat information
0d7a55b0135b f2fs: clean up flush/discard command namings
e3d4c4b5f18c f2fs: check in-memory sit version bitmap
8a576d4d407b f2fs: check in-memory nat version bitmap
c50d5c09193e f2fs: check in-memory block bitmap
72d48dabe998 f2fs: introduce FI_ATOMIC_COMMIT
f948bcc51e13 f2fs: clean up with list_{first, last}_entry
99a5dca4d9c6 f2fs: return fs_trim if there is no candidate
711f0385dc67 f2fs: avoid needless checkpoint in f2fs_trim_fs
5521ead70476 f2fs: relax async discard commands more
7e43f19b5ecd f2fs: drop exist_data for inline_data when truncated to 0
3c299af84525 f2fs: don't allow encrypted operations without keys
75e402e690b9 f2fs: show the max number of atomic operations
168fef245e10 f2fs: get io size bit from mount option
22f1947949fd f2fs: support IO alignment for DATA and NODE writes
849981c99bd8 f2fs: add submit_bio tracepoint
c1e5d5278024 f2fs: reassign new segment for mode=lfs
0c61b0a37be7 f2fs: fix a missing discard prefree segments
670a455ef9e1 f2fs: use rb_entry_safe
4212c0f71a58 f2fs: add a case of no need to read a page in write begin
e82207d3ee89 f2fs: fix a problem of using memory after free
e891bf97aa8a f2fs: remove unneeded condition
8799db31b9b1 f2fs: don't cache nat entry if out of memory
0e4e431a23c3 f2fs: remove unused values in recover_fsync_data
373bb0247ae5 f2fs: support async discard based on v4.9
7146292938e4 f2fs: resolve op and op_flags confilcts
0213f79a4189 UPSTREAM: udp: properly support MSG_PEEK with truncated buffers
edc166a8714b UPSTREAM: arm64: Allow hw watchpoint of length 3,5,6 and 7
b48318f371e8 BACKPORT: arm64: hw_breakpoint: Handle inexact watchpoint addresses
7409857a0717 UPSTREAM: arm64: Allow hw watchpoint at varied offset from base address
91495bc622e9 BACKPORT: hw_breakpoint: Allow watchpoint of length 3,5,6 and 7
9ce149a4581a ANDROID: sdcardfs: Switch strcasecmp for internal call
7191add87cd9 ANDROID: sdcardfs: switch to full_name_hash and qstr
461da83e67af ANDROID: sdcardfs: Add GID Derivation to sdcardfs
d46684aa425d ANDROID: sdcardfs: Remove redundant operation
09c77d623006 ANDROID: sdcardfs: add support for user permission isolation
d9300a998d19 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Refactor configfs interface
3e4f5484dcd5 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Allow non-owners to touch
c8da41f0dc8d Merge tag 'v4.4.46' into android-4.4.y
df3087d4836d ANDROID: binder: fix format specifier for type binder_size_t
4c7fc336f6e3 ANDROID: fs: Export vfs_rmdir2
1cd3d347147b ANDROID: fs: Export free_fs_struct and set_fs_pwd
a07b34771ace BACKPORT: Input: xpad - validate USB endpoint count during probe
d240a0a14528 BACKPORT: Input: xpad - fix oops when attaching an unknown Xbox One gamepad
b5858221c1c4 ANDROID: mnt: remount should propagate to slaves of slaves
e33aa348eec6 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Switch ->d_inode to d_inode()
5cb564893592 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Fix locking issue with permision fix up
9eaefe628d1b ANDROID: sdcardfs: Change magic value
4d70f7311524 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Use per mount permissions
6b6e896b0bee ANDROID: sdcardfs: Add gid and mask to private mount data
f9cb61dcb00c ANDROID: sdcardfs: User new permission2 functions
1cbf8e31e3a7 ANDROID: vfs: Add setattr2 for filesystems with per mount permissions
21fc44e40ae3 ANDROID: vfs: Add permission2 for filesystems with per mount permissions
0ad2dd493c2f ANDROID: vfs: Allow filesystems to access their private mount data
6b42d02561d3 ANDROID: mnt: Add filesystem private data to mount points
f32ddec923dd ANDROID: sdcardfs: Move directory unlock before touch
cae2e7f25c48 ANDROID: sdcardfs: fix external storage exporting incorrect uid
640e5265032d ANDROID: sdcardfs: Added top to sdcardfs_inode_info
1fb590f2d5ad ANDROID: sdcardfs: Switch package list to RCU
96acdab2f4de ANDROID: sdcardfs: Fix locking for permission fix up
cc16efd13c30 ANDROID: sdcardfs: Check for other cases on path lookup
0ec03f845799 ANDROID: sdcardfs: override umask on mkdir and create
e9a82a4cbe64 Merge tag 'v4.4.45' into android-4.4.y
bd2cd20990bf Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/android-4.4' into android-4.4.y
f103e3b0d8e4 Merge tag 'v4.4.43' into android-4.4.y
82a6fedb6ea5 arm64: kernel: Fix build warning
1cb392e10307 DEBUG: sched/fair: Fix sched_load_avg_cpu events for task_groups
7f18f0963d81 DEBUG: sched/fair: Fix missing sched_load_avg_cpu events
f4e6542320b9 UPSTREAM: l2tp: fix racy SOCK_ZAPPED flag check in l2tp_ip{,6}_bind()
a11f71fcd94d UPSTREAM: packet: fix race condition in packet_set_ring
56ea977b0fc3 UPSTREAM: netlink: Fix dump skb leak/double free
d8a1d0c13cde f2fs: remove wrong backported codes
1475f79c87f0 UPSTREAM: net: avoid signed overflows for SO_{SND|RCV}BUFFORCE
3e61a942c7eb MIPS: Prevent "restoration" of MSA context in non-MSA kernels
cf0533acdaa9 Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/android-4.4' into android-4.4.y
712517177d3f Merge tag 'v4.4.40' into android-4.4.y
d5ed6f6f5f92 net: socket: don't set sk_uid to garbage value in ->setattr()
d5dce523ee59 ANDROID: configs: CONFIG_ARM64_SW_TTBR0_PAN=y
5937c0601163 UPSTREAM: arm64: Disable PAN on uaccess_enable()
7f89f7225caf UPSTREAM: arm64: Enable CONFIG_ARM64_SW_TTBR0_PAN
9fcab0c5b428 UPSTREAM: arm64: xen: Enable user access before a privcmd hvc call
17080bcf2c6e UPSTREAM: arm64: Handle faults caused by inadvertent user access with PAN enabled
02ef7a8c3c9d BACKPORT: arm64: Disable TTBR0_EL1 during normal kernel execution
b83fbf1e7725 BACKPORT: arm64: Introduce uaccess_{disable,enable} functionality based on TTBR0_EL1
4fe5f2cb9434 BACKPORT: arm64: Factor out TTBR0_EL1 post-update workaround into a specific asm macro
a858462e1f9f BACKPORT: arm64: Factor out PAN enabling/disabling into separate uaccess_* macros
50874355b1f5 UPSTREAM: arm64: alternative: add auto-nop infrastructure
12ac5b67a13d UPSTREAM: arm64: barriers: introduce nops and __nops macros for NOP sequences
c86266edfaa4 Revert "FROMLIST: arm64: Factor out PAN enabling/disabling into separate uaccess_* macros"
81688dbb3294 Revert "FROMLIST: arm64: Factor out TTBR0_EL1 post-update workaround into a specific asm macro"
b4ae8c8946b2 Revert "FROMLIST: arm64: Introduce uaccess_{disable,enable} functionality based on TTBR0_EL1"
77a4773a3b6e Revert "FROMLIST: arm64: Disable TTBR0_EL1 during normal kernel execution"
1f150a5e5a96 Revert "FROMLIST: arm64: Handle faults caused by inadvertent user access with PAN enabled"
c558527eedcd Revert "FROMLIST: arm64: xen: Enable user access before a privcmd hvc call"
9ce0ba91cecc Revert "FROMLIST: arm64: Enable CONFIG_ARM64_SW_TTBR0_PAN"
aceae9be74c7 Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/android-4.4' into android-4.4.y
9b133b620782 Merge tag 'v4.4.39' into android-4.4.y
ee2bcbd8edda ANDROID: sched/walt: fix build failure if FAIR_GROUP_SCHED=n
676b8efcce52 ANDROID: trace: net: use %pK for kernel pointers
0aac1fcfa327 ANDROID: android-base: Enable QUOTA related configs
341965cf103d net: ipv4: Don't crash if passing a null sk to ip_rt_update_pmtu.
344afd627cca net: inet: Support UID-based routing in IP protocols.
03441d56d878 net: core: add UID to flows, rules, and routes
eb964bdba79a net: core: Add a UID field to struct sock.
9789b697c6e4 Revert "net: core: Support UID-based routing."
a1c31d8ded43 f2fs: fix a missing size change in f2fs_setattr
b82fdb62ee3c Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/android-4.4' into android-4.4.y
8a2ec431d598 Merge tag 'v4.4.38' into android-4.4.y
61f26de8c058 UPSTREAM: efi/arm64: Don't apply MEMBLOCK_NOMAP to UEFI memory map mapping
18f41ad6976a UPSTREAM: arm64: mm: always take dirty state from new pte in ptep_set_access_flags
f82be531155c UPSTREAM: arm64: Implement pmdp_set_access_flags() for hardware AF/DBM
b571c4f0cf7e UPSTREAM: arm64: Fix typo in the pmdp_huge_get_and_clear() definition
fde8582a59f5 UPSTREAM: arm64: enable CONFIG_DEBUG_RODATA by default
5274ef05679f fs/super.c: fix race between freeze_super() and thaw_super()
2cf125d417ad scripts/tags.sh: catch 4.9-rc6
3313d27976a9 goldfish: enable CONFIG_INET_DIAG_DESTROY
f96ce4c98613 f2fs: fix to access nullified flush_cmd_control pointer
97b84c96505a Merge tag 'v4.4.37' into android-4.4.y
e487a24793bb sched/walt: kill {min,max}_capacity
3a29814dae23 sched: fix wrong truncation of walt_avg
4272b1a3c3f6 build: fix build config kernel_dir
ace74ccf82cf ANDROID: dm verity: add minimum prefetch size
25cfd071169c Merge tag 'v4.4.36' into android-4.4.y
640bdae24f27 f2fs: free meta pages if sanity check for ckpt is failed
96e6c6084b75 f2fs: detect wrong layout
a980f29780f3 f2fs: call sync_fs when f2fs is idle
769b4ad829b5 Revert "f2fs: use percpu_counter for # of dirty pages in inode"
fa40ddf73c5d Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/android-4.4' into android-4.4.y
f225dbdca912 Merge tag 'v4.4.35' into android-4.4.y
0c0f597086be f2fs: return AOP_WRITEPAGE_ACTIVATE for writepage
099d3df452ef f2fs: do not activate auto_recovery for fallocated i_size
b683e01e2544 f2fs: fix 32-bit build
fd464b55a493 f2fs: set ->owner for debugfs status file's file_operations
11fce24cbf64 f2fs: fix incorrect free inode count in ->statfs
10a2e5e7a2d4 f2fs: drop duplicate header timer.h
8df5d34aa0cd f2fs: fix wrong AUTO_RECOVER condition
aca5463a208f f2fs: do not recover i_size if it's valid
d1e1a3a4c815 f2fs: fix fdatasync
8351875692b0 f2fs: fix to account total free nid correctly
daa738ea01c5 f2fs: fix an infinite loop when flush nodes in cp
2ea2e28982f0 f2fs: don't wait writeback for datas during checkpoint
185a1b0664ee f2fs: fix wrong written_valid_blocks counting
3d89bca8b1fe f2fs: avoid BG_GC in f2fs_balance_fs
5f8b73185bd8 f2fs: fix redundant block allocation
0bcbcd3714e5 f2fs: use err for f2fs_preallocate_blocks
79d47107adb6 f2fs: support multiple devices
09d9b573e588 f2fs: allow dio read for LFS mode
17aa419b5339 f2fs: revert segment allocation for direct IO
908659afc056 f2fs: return directly if block has been removed from the victim
11895b320595 Revert "f2fs: do not recover from previous remained wrong dnodes"
5f59a8f59bdf f2fs: remove checkpoint in f2fs_freeze
4cd4b0465d22 f2fs: assign segments correctly for direct_io
16650422c860 f2fs: fix wrong i_atime recovery
d69efabf1997 f2fs: record inode updating status correctly
55fac8071160 f2fs: Trace reset zone events
ac0357e5d5e9 f2fs: Reset sequential zones on zoned block devices
060887886644 f2fs: Cache zoned block devices zone type
02bccb06333f f2fs: Do not allow adaptive mode for host-managed zoned block devices
789098ffddbf f2fs: Always enable discard for zoned blocks devices
40e505d0271b f2fs: Suppress discard warning message for zoned block devices
5b0f4f4c6a01 f2fs: Check zoned block feature for host-managed zoned block devices
6e89bc832cc2 f2fs: Use generic zoned block device terminology
26fcd8659ef3 f2fs: Add missing break in switch-case
20cf9476e3b8 f2fs: avoid infinite loop in the EIO case on recover_orphan_inodes
16c3c372dca7 f2fs: report error of f2fs_fill_dentries
e164e43eb20b fs/crypto: catch up 4.9-rc6
93ae1e63e475 f2fs: hide a maybe-uninitialized warning
1789a2ca8a3e f2fs: remove percpu_count due to performance regression
86f4d9f42e8a f2fs: make clean inodes when flushing inode page
20339a1214b2 f2fs: keep dirty inodes selectively for checkpoint
3139e5f850cd f2fs: Replace CURRENT_TIME_SEC with current_time() for inode timestamps
1d486e74cf84 f2fs: use BIO_MAX_PAGES for bio allocation
cab4de5c485a f2fs: declare static function for __build_free_nids
4ce479148143 f2fs: call f2fs_balance_fs for setattr
2c58f7dea88d f2fs: count dirty inodes to flush node pages during checkpoint
518a2cf9a065 f2fs: avoid casted negative value as shrink count
b1b14da24aab f2fs: don't interrupt free nids building during nid allocation
bae23863f810 f2fs: clean up free nid list operations
3499fdbee609 f2fs: split free nid list
a943c829bed9 f2fs: clear nlink if fail to add_link
5f3ec1f715c1 f2fs: fix sparse warnings
a6c3b7211039 f2fs: fix error handling in fsync_node_pages
70aa0e6cb1a3 f2fs: fix to update largest extent under lock
a24f28d74694 f2fs: be aware of extent beyond EOF in fiemap
fc843bf42b3a f2fs: don't miss any f2fs_balance_fs cases
48cceaae9acb f2fs: add missing f2fs_balance_fs in f2fs_zero_range
372f295d622c f2fs: give a chance to detach from dirty list
7a2d5d5f8150 f2fs: fix to release discard entries during checkpoint
75a192655e64 f2fs: exclude free nids building and allocation
25dcb75878cd build: add build server configs for goldfish
34a546cb043f f2fs: fix to determine start_cp_addr by sbi->cur_cp_pack
4d42545f4996 f2fs: fix overflow due to condition check order
2ca2001b3a36 posix_acl: Clear SGID bit when setting file permissions
f9c1bf30186d Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/android-4.4' into android-4.4.y
84dc474f3c33 Merge tag 'v4.4.34' into android-4.4.y
40ceb2c69964 usb: gadget: Fix compilation problem with tx_qlen field
324e88de4aba Merge tag 'v4.4.32' into android-4.4.y
93e3336909d8 Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/android-4.4' into android-4.4.y
5577070b6bed Merge tag 'v4.4.30' into android-4.4.y
c302df26cb5b Merge tag 'v4.4.28' into android-4.4.y
a979feb9e9f1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/android-4.4' into android-4.4.y
f8c1167680a1 Merge tag 'v4.4.27' into android-4.4.y
59fc70469aed Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/android-4.4' into android-4.4.y
b8fa4a3ee597 Merge tag 'v4.4.26' into android-4.4.y
a1561fae1b30 f2fs: fix wrong sum_page pointer in f2fs_gc
8da9e3f74761 f2fs: backport from (4c1fad64 - Merge tag 'for-f2fs-4.9' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jaegeuk/f2fs)
b2faab1e4d85 Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/android-4.4' into android-4.4.y
14de94f03d2c Merge tag 'v4.4.24' into android-4.4.y
fed8e608c338 Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/android-4.4' into android-4.4.y
09f6247a9cca Merge tag 'v4.4.23' into android-4.4.y
8760f8e3d980 Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/android-4.4' into android-4.4.y
734bcf32c234 Merge tag 'v4.4.22' into android-4.4.y
551569f25ec0 Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/android-4.4' into android-4.4.y
321249bb2f9c Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/android-4.4' into android-4.4.y-merge
a517d900c6b4 Merge tag 'v4.4.21' into android-4.4.y
441e10ac4ca3 Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/android-4.4' into android-4.4.y
2a3670c62203 Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/android-4.4' into android-4.4.y
cade80573cf8 Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/android-4.4' into android-4.4.y
5c0fc54c9b67 Merge tag 'v4.4.20' into android-4.4.y
18cb0eedcc22 Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/android-4.4' into android-4.4.y
ec5cb2fe853f Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/android-4.4' into android-4.4.y
aa349c0a9699 Merge tag 'v4.4.19' into android-4.4.y
8e4f993802d3 Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/android-4.4' into android-4.4.y
1f369b24e298 Merge tag 'v4.4.17' into android-4.4.y
b558f17a13b1 Merge tag 'v4.4.16' into android-4.4.y

Linux version 4.4.180-g62af034e001a (android-build@abfarm-us-
    west1-c-0010) (Android (5484270 based on r353983c) clang version
    9.0.3 (https://android.googlesource.com/toolchain/clang
    60cf23e54e46c807513f7a36d0a7b777920b5881) (based on LLVM
    9.0.3svn)) #1 SMP PREEMPT Tue Jul 16 04:56:06 UTC 2019

Bug: 11118565
Bug: 11687690
Bug: 16355602
Bug: 19198045
Bug: 20045882
Bug: 23525545
Bug: 27915347
Bug: 27992761
Bug: 28024488
Bug: 28275695
Bug: 28845874
Bug: 29521202
Bug: 30090733
Bug: 30210506
Bug: 30400942
Bug: 30903194
Bug: 30919905
Bug: 30954918
Bug: 31255977
Bug: 31374660
Bug: 31432001
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Bug: 31648368
Bug: 31796270
Bug: 32246564
Bug: 32458736
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Bug: 34542611
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Bug: 702147120
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