Fix memtrack

domain: grant search access to debugfs_kgsl

Commit a5cd24489 changed the label on /sys/kernel/debug/kgsl
removing domain's access.

Test: Device builds and boots. No search denials for domain accessing
debugfs. "adb shell dumpsys meminfo" works. Returns (truncated):

Applications Memory Usage (in Kilobytes):
Uptime: 281884 Realtime: 281884

Total PSS by process:
    101,168K: EGL mtrack

Bug: 34926273
Change-Id: If6cf0da9f6f77552c6a095dd65c34c196853aa7c
(cherry picked from commit 3ee47625c8e3d266deef1845d7eab9bc858020d6)
diff --git a/sepolicy/domain.te b/sepolicy/domain.te
index dd051d3..2bd1329 100644
--- a/sepolicy/domain.te
+++ b/sepolicy/domain.te
@@ -2,3 +2,4 @@
 dontaudit domain self:capability sys_module;
 allow domain debugfs_ion:dir search;
+allow domain debugfs_kgsl:dir search;