Adding Xtra Version Check

Tells Qualcomm GPS hardware to check that the
XTRA file version downloaded matches the version
expected - i.e. the more secure (signed) version 3

Test: On device, tested on nyc-mr1 same change, watched
Xtra download logs and confirmed GPS acted as if Xtra

Bug: 31470303
Change-Id: I959327e969c31157a35d622d49e2f7b7067bb0d7
(cherry picked from commit cfdf2a48d62dd02245735ebe5082102a77393466)
(cherry picked from commit 6e851aa4030121075cab1b4673f99521b935d794)
diff --git a/gps.conf b/gps.conf
index 3c714bf..05a20e4 100644
--- a/gps.conf
+++ b/gps.conf
@@ -1,15 +1,9 @@
-#Uncommenting these urls would only enable
-#the power up auto injection and force injection(test case).
 #Version check for XTRA
 #AUTO    = 1
 #XTRA2   = 2
 #XTRA3   = 3
 # Error Estimate
 # _SET = 1