marlin: update kernel prebuilt

f236b924eef5 nf_conntrack: Null pointer check added prior deleting sip node
a52396c782de Merge branch 'android-msm-marlin-3.18-security-next' into android-msm-marlin-3.18
928bf4c101e8 qcacld-2.0: Modify addition of proper length to payload
a4102336dfaa qcacld-2.0: Fix information leak issue during memcpy
d592ac35b0ee msm: ipa: Fix to handle NULL pointer dereference
bc6d069fdc88 arm64: cputype: Add missing MIDR values for Cortex-A72 and Cortex-A75
4b532ed831b2 arm64: Add BTAC/LinkStack sanitizations for Kryo
99db809d28b8 arm64: Implement branch predictor hardening for Falkor
57d5741eddcc arm64: cpu_errata: Add Kryo to Falkor 1003 errata
1fc04374acc2 arm64: Implement branch predictor hardening for affected Cortex-A CPUs
dde04deca968 drivers/firmware: Expose psci_get_version through psci_ops structure
118e7e0a13be arm64: cpu_errata: Allow an erratum to be match for all revisions of a core
116af8e87eeb arm64: Add skeleton to harden the branch predictor against aliasing attacks
c1a59ea9c2d2 arm64: cpufeature: Pass capability structure to ->enable callback
09ec05ace0cd arm64: errata: Calling enable functions for CPU errata too
de15da29831e net: ipc_router: Fix buffer overflow during memcpy
f0896368ae80 qcacld-2.0: Fix OOB write in wma_passpoint_match_event_handler
2895d3721aff qcacld-2.0: Fix UAF in WLAN HDD
a3a130c45817 PM / devfreq: memlat: Remove kfree() on probe fails
7cf39fd94687 NFC: llcp: Limit size of SDP URI
b4a4504f5775 FROMLIST: diag: Synchronize msg mask read and write on a peripheral
0847da4e3023 ANDROID: HID: debug: check length in hid_debug_events_read() before copy_to_user()
0a7c30d52a9e qcacld-2.0: Fix buffer overflow in ol_rx_in_order_indication_handler
0cf041b2af05 ASoC: msm: qdspv2: initialize variables before use
45381214024b ASoC: msm: qdspv2: add spin lock to protect ac
6568e2639e34 msm: ADSPRPC: Assign memory to VMID_SSC_Q6
44003f41dec9 voice_svc: Avoid double free in voice_svc driver
d121a707155c qcacld-2.0: Resolve possible OOB while posting SET PASSPOINT WMA event
20457601e303 qcacld-2.0: Fix UAF in the function wlan_hdd_execute_remain_on_channel
e43dd5247672 BACKPORT: l2tp: prevent creation of sessions on terminated tunnels
7a420e2f9705 BACKPORT: l2tp: initialise session's refcount before making it reachable
768347b35285 BACKPORT: l2tp: fix duplicate session creation
ebc602ecc21c BACKPORT: l2tp: fix race in l2tp_recv_common()
3553010155de Merge branch 'android-msm-marlin-3.18' into android-msm-marlin-3.18-security-next
248fe681ed61 msm: mdss: Fix for wrong length in copy_to_user
971db75c2bfc msm: mdss: check buffer size before writing to user buffer
161ff70992b8 diag: Protect the decrement of number of diag clients
5a186c48d1ae drivers: qcom: lpm-stats: Fix undefined access error
fe5ab2bd8314 crypto: ice: Fix NULL pointer exception in ice.
94970db92c2d msm: camera: Fix for Possible information leak issue
d44c90526962 ASoC: msm-lsm-client: use kzalloc instead of kmalloc
cfe3642b4f65 FROMLIST: binder: fix proc->files use-after-free
6308db721874 msm: ipa: rmnet: Make code changes with respect to CR#2046006
5ff97404989d Merge branch 'android-msm-marlin-3.18' into android-msm-marlin-3.18-security-next

Linux version 3.18.100-gf236b92 (android-build@abfarm418) (gcc version
    4.9.x 20150123 (prerelease) (GCC) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Jul 23
    05:34:25 UTC 2018

Bug: 36367253
Bug: 38159931
Bug: 63528466
Bug: 65423852
Bug: 69164715
Bug: 71361580
Bug: 73083945
Bug: 73884889
Bug: 73885536
Bug: 73888283
Bug: 73889358
Bug: 77528410
Bug: 78238455
Bug: 79421260
Bug: 79421261
Bug: 79422277
Bug: 79422409
Bug: 79422410
Bug: 109741734
Bug: 109741735
Bug: 109741750
Bug: 109741777
Bug: 109741853
Bug: 109741886
Bug: 109741911
Bug: 109741922
Bug: 110817575
Bug: 110909816
Bug: 111529827
Change-Id: I08f1b974ad40a35abdca5b93158fabb76d398d8a
Source-Branch: android-msm-marlin-3.18
Signed-off-by: Thierry Strudel <>
(cherry picked from commit ed3f03c3923f7540dfd62f054c1c3e645e405025)
diff --git a/Image.lz4-dtb b/Image.lz4-dtb
index d7d8d3b..98db302 100644
--- a/Image.lz4-dtb
+++ b/Image.lz4-dtb
Binary files differ