marlin: update prebuilt kernel

5a25773 net: inet: diag: expose the socket mark to privileged processes.
3142698 net: diag: make udp_diag_destroy work for mapped addresses.
7242190 net: diag: support SOCK_DESTROY for UDP sockets
8d6c4a7 net: diag: allow socket bytecode filters to match socket marks
5746839 net: diag: slightly refactor the inet_diag_bc_audit error checks.
138f844 net: diag: Add support to filter on device index
b43dd38 Merge branch 'android-msm-marlin-3.18-security-next' into android-msm-marlin-3.18
e7fb62b Revert "scripts: gcc-wrapper: Use wrapper to check compiler warnings"
83af063 BACKPORT: usb: gadget: f_fs: Fix use-after-free
bb1c12a input: touchscreen: Synaptics: prevent sysfs races
7f5319a msm: crypto: Fix integer over flow check in qcrypto driver
142fe8b UPSTREAM: perf: Fix race in swevent hash
5e4d314 msm: vidc: use %pK instead of %p which respects kptr_restrict sysctl.
1970abb msm: kgsl: Change %p to %pK in debug messages
fa08cfe arm64/configs: marlin: remove unused filesystem configs
10173d6 cgroup: prefer %pK to %p
38322cf FROMLIST: pstore: drop pmsg bounce buffer
44dd55c UPSTREAM: ext4: fix potential use after free in __ext4_journal_stop
08ebc65 ASoc: wcd9335: Ignore mbhc get impedance error
376cc0f BACKPORT: netfilter: nfnetlink: correctly validate length of batch messages
38971ff UPSTREAM: sg: Fix double-free when drives detach during SG_IO
79912df soc: qcom: smp2p: Fix kernel address leak
88007b8 msm: msm_bus: fix stack overflow bug
ab0d73f UPSTREAM: proc: prevent accessing /proc/<PID>/environ until it's ready
71407cd misc: qcom: qdsp6v2: initialize wma_config_32
25d95f5 msm: camera: cpp: Validate frame message before manipulating it.
0e3ee83 ASoC: msm: Add Buffer overflow check
f8dfe0d Revert "Asoc:msm:Added Buffer overflow check"
7126e6f misc: qcom: qdsp6v2: initialize config_32
eff421d UPSTREAM: af_unix: Guard against other == sk in unix_dgram_sendmsg
a97f6a9 UPSTREAM: block: fix use-after-free in seq file
248fd22 msm: camera: Restructure data handling to be more robust
67587f5 msm: sensor: Avoid potential stack overflow
afb684c qcedev: Validate Source and Destination addresses
57a3f2e ion: Disable ION_HEAP_TYPE_SYSTEM_CONTIG
98a3f74 ASoC: msm: initialize the params array before using it
d7f2678 arm64/configs: marlin: remove tuner support
3504a0f UPSTREAM: [media] xc2028: unlock on error in xc2028_set_config()
a68ed97 UPSTREAM: assoc_array: don't call compare_object() on a node
e48b628 UPSTREAM: HID: core: prevent out-of-bound readings
0f3e25b UPSTREAM: ALSA: usb-audio: Fix double-free in error paths after snd_usb_add_audio_stream() call
e712fda BACKPORT: ALSA: usb-audio: Minor code cleanup in create_fixed_stream_quirk()
04c7850 UPSTREAM: tty: Prevent ldisc drivers from re-using stale tty fields
c719fe3 UPSTREAM: [media] xc2028: avoid use after free
8a987bc UPSTREAM: tcp: fix use after free in tcp_xmit_retransmit_queue()
5847e36 perf:arm64: fix pmu percpu irq handling at hotplug.
b507444 soc: qcom: export signature of subsystem crash
2db3c13 UPSTREAM: block: fix use-after-free in sys_ioprio_get()

Linux version 3.18.31-g5a25773 (
  (gcc version 4.9.x 20150123 (prerelease) (GCC) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT
  Tue Sep 20 09:59:34 UTC 2016 (master)

Bug: 28751152
Bug: 29119002
Bug: 29750774
Bug: 30034511
Bug: 30074605
Bug: 30076504
Bug: 30143904
Bug: 30149174
Bug: 30228438
Bug: 30311977
Bug: 30312054
Bug: 30400942
Bug: 30481330
Bug: 30513364
Bug: 30515053
Bug: 30559423
Bug: 30593266
Bug: 30741851
Bug: 30902162
Bug: 30942273
Bug: 30946097
Bug: 30946378
Bug: 30947055
Bug: 30950866
Bug: 30951112
Bug: 30951261
Bug: 30951599
Bug: 30951939
Bug: 30952077
Bug: 30952474
Bug: 30952477
Bug: 30971326
Bug: 31057326
Bug: 31183296
Bug: 31252388
Bug: 31337637

Change-Id: Id7efc1c6f76de4e7e95292b3f7e7ffdcb2794664
Source-Branch: android-msm-marlin-3.18
Signed-off-by: Patrick Tjin <>
diff --git a/Image.gz-dtb b/Image.gz-dtb
index 3254482..e6e351c 100644
--- a/Image.gz-dtb
+++ b/Image.gz-dtb
Binary files differ
diff --git a/Image.gz-dtb.kasan b/Image.gz-dtb.kasan
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..7a9bec5
--- /dev/null
+++ b/Image.gz-dtb.kasan
Binary files differ