fstab: allow unlocked devices to boot with AVB test key

Set `avb_keys=no_such_key` for dynamic kernel partitions to allow booting
unlocked devices with a custom kernel. This allows a few things:

1) Dogfooders can flash a custom kernel without wiping their device.
   This can help developers track down hard-to-reproduce bugs without
   rolling out a patch to the whole dogfooder population.
2) Developers can uprev their device's kernel without wiping their
   device or packaging the kernel with an Android platform build.

Note: we are using "no_such_key" to ensure an AVB keys file doesn't
accidentally get created.

Test: Flash CI build. Then flash custom kernel on top.
Bug: 274825778
Change-Id: I11edf6e50411a05c6723f7523f3672a9a8116d7a
Merged-In: I11edf6e50411a05c6723f7523f3672a9a8116d7a
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