fix build

Read access to selinuxfs was neverallowed to app domains in
system/sepolicy commit 14e2e9261fec015ab6fa66f2bc67439f13c45b8d.
However, a dragon app_domain uses device_domain_deprecated.te, which is
triggering the neverallow assertion and breaking the build.

Remove selinuxfs read from device_domain_deprecated to fix the build.


neverallow check failed at
from system/sepolicy/private/app.te:440
(neverallow base_typeattr_148 selinuxfs (file (ioctl read write create setattr lock relabelfrom append unlink link rename open)))
allow at out/target/product/dragon/obj/ETC/sepolicy.recovery_intermediates/nonplat_policy_nvr.recovery.cil:5151
(allow device_domain_deprecated selinuxfs_10000_0 (file (ioctl read getattr lock open)))

Failed to generate binary
Failed to build policydb

Change-Id: I56b892fc8109c669b07a952671389a64d19cab75
Test: code compiles.
Bug: 27756382
Bug: 28760354
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