mixer-paths: Iniitize the Mono ADC Boost

This path is used for hotwording.  Setting it to the same value as
Samus, 2, adds 24dB of input gain and makes hotwording much mroe

Change-Id: Ib0e0fd4fe94d2a51933c1ce1cf242100739e14b5
Signed-off-by: Dylan Reid <dgreid@chromium.org>
diff --git a/mixer_paths_0.xml b/mixer_paths_0.xml
index 5c7b5a9..c338d3a 100644
--- a/mixer_paths_0.xml
+++ b/mixer_paths_0.xml
@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@
   <ctl name="STO1 ADC Boost Volume" value="1"/>
   <ctl name="STO2 ADC Boost Volume" value="1"/>
   <ctl name="STO3 ADC Boost Volume" value="0"/>
+  <ctl name="Mono ADC Boost Volume" value="2"/>
   <ctl name="ADC1 Capture Volume" value="23"/>
   <ctl name="ADC2 Capture Volume" value="23"/>
   <ctl name="ADC3 Capture Volume" value="23"/>