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/* Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef CRAS_DSP_INI_H_
#define CRAS_DSP_INI_H_
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#include "iniparser.h"
#include "array.h"
#include "cras_expr.h"
enum port_direction {
enum port_type {
#define INVALID_FLOW_ID -1
struct port {
enum port_direction direction;
enum port_type type;
/* This is only used if there is a flow connects to this port,
-1 otherwise (i.e. the port has a constant input/output) */
int flow_id;
/* This is only used if type is PORT_CONTROL */
float init_value;
DECLARE_ARRAY_TYPE(struct port, port_array)
struct plugin {
const char *title;
const char *library; /* file name like "" */
const char *label; /* label like "Eq" */
const char *purpose; /* like "playback" or "capture" */
struct cras_expr_expression *disable_expr; /* the disable expression of
this plugin */
port_array ports;
struct flow {
enum port_type type; /* the type of the ports this flow connects to */
const char *name;
struct plugin *from;
struct plugin *to;
int from_port;
int to_port;
DECLARE_ARRAY_TYPE(struct plugin, plugin_array)
DECLARE_ARRAY_TYPE(struct flow, flow_array)
struct ini {
dictionary *dict;
plugin_array plugins;
flow_array flows;
/* Reads the ini file into the ini structure */
struct ini *cras_dsp_ini_create(const char *ini_filename);
/* Frees the dsp structure. */
void cras_dsp_ini_free(struct ini *ini);
#ifdef __cplusplus
} /* extern "C" */
#endif /* CRAS_DSP_INI_H_ */