dragon: Update prebuilt kernel to f164ceae80bbee2e67767eb0801dd43c93916fe6

Build: trybot-smaug-paladin/R50-7897.1.0-b840

Changes include:
* f164cea CHROMIUM: ARM64: tegra: Lower TOUCH_CLK/AUD_MCLK drive strength
* d522551 CHROMIUM: drivers: bcb: Do not write to BCB if cmd len is 0
* 84aeec8 BACKPORT: unix: avoid use-after-free in ep_remove_wait_queue

Change-Id: I4ba41634196d5b4d6b032e8447d6143e8662c627
diff --git a/Image.fit b/Image.fit
index a32ab1b..015b66c 100644
--- a/Image.fit
+++ b/Image.fit
Binary files differ