dragon: Update prebuilt kernel to 7ee7695e56d5526ad1929f5096972276da8b2759

Build: trybot-smaug-paladin/R48-7566.1.0-b543

Changes include:
* 7ee7695 CHROMIUM: extcon: extcon-cros_ec - update sysfs depending on the device
* e7508b7 CHROMIUM: cros-ec: Update cros_ec_commands header to latest version
* 329cf3d ANDROID: usb: phy: update dynamically dual role sysfs nodes

Change-Id: Ibb047a07002092cd0849e739bdd0956e760ff76a
1 file changed
tree: c5b708aaaf7d1ef9b1cef246fec955701835a1dc
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  2. push-kernel.sh