dragon: Update prebuilt kernel to 6d7da4a83b9d1b3e75cceedf93b78d3642832275

Build: trybot-smaug-paladin/R48-7566.1.0-b616

Changes include:
* 6d7da4a CHROMIUM: ARM64: dragon: Turn off lockdep
* dc29393 UPSTREAM: mmc: mmc: Improve reliability of mmc_select_hs200()
* a341477 HACK: mmc: core: Add mmc_switch_status()
* 9c9e49f UPSTREAM: mmc: core: Separate out the mmc_switch status check so it can be re-used
* 40d937d CHROMIUM: tegra/drm: Turn off regcache for IMX208
* 21f4ced CHROMIUM: of: add lb-threshold-vol property for max77620
* e58ede6 CHROMIUM: memory: tegra210: fix flag definitions
* 489695e CHROMIUM: dvfs: tegra210: correct voltage ladders in rail stats
* 8947c5e CHROMIUM: tegra/sysedp: update battery power in time
* eb8bc687 CHROMIUM: mfd: max77620: power off system if hit low battery
* 8b7372f CHROMIUM: mfd: max77620: fix low battery interrupt
* 9e71d41 CHROMIUM: drm/tegra: Correct the color format setting
* 1275c0d CHROMIUM: arm64: dts: tegra210: fix the IRQ hierarchy
* f56ffca UPSTREAM: irqchip/tegra: Propagate IRQ type setting to parent
* 8148b94 BACKPORT: genirq: Introduce irq_chip_set_type_parent() helper
* 44971e0 UPSTREAM: irqchip: tegra: Set the proper base address in irq chip data
* ab5290a Revert "CHROMIUM: irqchip: tegra: fix wrong irq base address"
* c7fa584 CHROMIUM: drm/nouveau: Use hardware instead of cpu wait
* 7046c0a CHROMIUM: drm/nouveau: Avoid kernel mutex locking mesg
* 1126384 CHROMIUM: drm/nouveau: fix unbalanced fence refcount
* a79ebbd staging: android: limit rate of sync_dump()
* fee6a08 Revert "drm/nouveau: pmu: Change the init value of elpg_disable_depth to 1"
* 9f3fc84 CHROMIUM: arm64: dts: tegra210: add emmc consumer for sysedp
* c2dc7bb CHROMIUM: arm64: dts: tegra210: add wifi consumer for sysedp
* 9a14dac CHROMIUM: soc/tegra/sysedp: add always-on property
* 917e2fb CHROMIUM: of: add always-on property for sysedp consumer
* cb81a2b UPSTREAM: mm/compaction: fix wrong order check in compact_finished()
* 58262eda UPSTREAM: mm: more aggressive page stealing for UNMOVABLE allocations
* e7501aa UPSTREAM: mm: always steal split buddies in fallback allocations
* 310d6eb UPSTREAM: mm: when stealing freepages, also take pages created by splitting buddy page
* 9ecc092 UPSTREAM: mm, compaction: pass classzone_idx and alloc_flags to watermark checking

Change-Id: If401c1e92af53c03f19a4555b83f04d1229fe9d9
diff --git a/Image.fit b/Image.fit
index fcb123a..3f93787 100644
--- a/Image.fit
+++ b/Image.fit
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