dragon: Update prebuilt kernel to be3bdcb73b5bd2d8d4b8e6de382ddfbf955a3e98

Kernel reset to MXB48K (673a0c7)

Build: trybot-smaug-paladin/R49-7731.1.0-b661

Changes include:
* be3bdcb CHROMIUM: ARM64: dragon: remove SysV IPC from kernel
* d08387b CHROMIUM: ARM64: dragon: Renormalize defconfig
* 9ba757c UPSTREAM: Initialize msg/shm IPC objects before doing pc_addid()

Change-Id: I5f3d1e93766240ea7704b0a1469e2c0440799607
diff --git a/Image.fit b/Image.fit
index 5a384fe..be876ec 100644
--- a/Image.fit
+++ b/Image.fit
Binary files differ