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  1. Android.bp
  2. client.cpp
  3. client.h
  4. device.h
  5. device_pool.cpp
  6. device_pool.h
  7. messages.cpp
  8. messages.h
  10. server.cpp
  11. server.h
  12. vhci_instrument.cpp
  13. vhci_instrument.h

USB/IP server library

This folder contains set of classes and structures that constitute basic USB/IP server.

Protocol used in this library is defined as part of Linux kernel documentation.



Structure describing individual device accessible over USB/IP protocol.


DevicePool holds a set of Devices that can be enumerated and accessed by clients of this Server.


Purpose of this class is to start a new listening socket and accept incoming USB/IP connections & requests.


Client class represents individual USB/IP connection. Client enables remote USB/IP client to enumerate and access devices registered in DevicePool.

USB/IP Messages

This file contains structures and enum values defined by the USB/IP protocol. All definitions found there have been collected from Linux kernel documentation .