Set crosvm as the default VMM for cuttlefish
am: f275d9206a

Change-Id: Ic9e3eaad22c59c5a4157a382de2cd0806b706ed3
diff --git a/host/commands/launch/ b/host/commands/launch/
index 0991d8a..5ccf255 100644
--- a/host/commands/launch/
+++ b/host/commands/launch/
@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@
 DEFINE_string(instance_dir, "", // default handled on ParseCommandLine
               "A directory to put all instance specific files");
-    vm_manager, vm_manager::QemuManager::name(),
+    vm_manager, vm_manager::CrosvmManager::name(),
     "What virtual machine manager to use, one of {qemu_cli, crosvm}");
 DEFINE_string(system_image_dir, vsoc::DefaultGuestImagePath(""),
               "Location of the system partition images.");