Update the bug_map for the denials from shell during PTS

These denials should be caused by running PTS.
They should not affect the user experience.
Use the bug_map to track them.

Bug: 175106535
Test: PtsSELinuxTestCases
Change-Id: I2ae60e66d66d65ea788aa31a1b32552620abb4fb
diff --git a/vendor/google/bug_map b/vendor/google/bug_map
index 2abe699..572b334 100644
--- a/vendor/google/bug_map
+++ b/vendor/google/bug_map
@@ -15,6 +15,9 @@
 priv_app vendor_default_prop file b/79617173
 ramdump ramdump capability b/129500067
 sensors unlabeled file b/142784012
+shell debugfs file b/175106535
+shell device_config_runtime_native_boot_prop file b/175106535
+shell sysfs file b/175106535
 shell sysfs_usb_c dir b/126568362
 system_app vendor_default_prop file b/79617173
 system_server vendor_default_prop file b/79617173