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type small_hals, domain;
hal_server_domain(small_hals, hal_light)
hal_server_domain(small_hals, hal_memtrack)
hal_server_domain(small_hals, hal_vibrator)
type small_hals_exec, exec_type, vendor_file_type, file_type;
# Memtrack Permissions
allow small_hals debugfs_kgsl:file { open read getattr };
# Vibrator Permissions
r_dir_file(small_hals, sysfs_leds)
allow small_hals sysfs_leds:file w_file_perms;
allow small_hals sysfs_msm_subsys:file rw_file_perms;
# This is the same as a line above for light. We keep both so that it is
# easier to see what rules are needed for what HAL.
allow small_hals sysfs_msm_subsys:dir search;
# read-only permission to obtain the calibration data
r_dir_file(small_hals, persist_haptics_file)
allow small_hals mnt_vendor_file:dir search;
allow small_hals persist_file:dir search;