Allow pixelstats_vendor to call getsockopt on uevent socket

We are making a change to uevent_open_socket() in libcutils related to
setting the receive buffer size of netlink uevent sockets.

After setting SO_RCVBUF, we immediately read it back using getsockopt()
to verify that the setsockopt() call was effective. Only if it was not
effective, we call setsockopt() with SO_RCVBUFFORCE.

getsockopt() previously caused SELinux denials like the following:

 avc: denied { getopt } for comm="pixelstats-vend" scontext=u:r:pixelstats_vendor:s0 tcontext=u:r:pixelstats_vendor:s0 tclass=netlink_kobject_uevent_socket permissive=0

Bug: 120477993
Change-Id: I4b14b0dc859b77108ccf841d8cdae3810aaf3328
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