coral: update kernel-and-modules prebuilt

Linux version 4.14.176-ga15d50c2bfbd-ab6495521 (android-
    build@abfarm468) (Android (6207600 based on r377782b) clang
    version 10.0.4 (
    project 0cb1afdb060d6619a9837ab6866cf4adf2336416)) #1 SMP PREEMPT
    Thu May 14 17:16:49 UTC 2020

build: (5 changes)
  f0adb3c4 Ensure TRIM_NONLISTED_KMI is supported
  58859e74 build_abi: pass in kernel args to build_kernel()
  3b4412de Merge changes I028cad6c,Ie82351de
  b2ffe116 rerun kernel build after whitelist update
  2152a01b Update --usage output

external/googletest: (2 changes)
  eee81f32 Snap for 6492800 from 8b6ec9573f86967ed942aa28a0e4f775d001c3bb to rvc-release
  8b6ec957 Set min_sdk_version to be part of mainline modules

kernel/tests: (4 changes)
  5793ff85 net-test: namespace support library
  6ca3e443 net-test: truly wide open ping_group_range
  32de2052 net-test: - fix a lint warning
  35d51e1a net-test: - consistent use of single quotes

private/msm-google: (7 changes)
  a15d50c2 ANDROID: Incremental fs: wake up log pollers less often
  6fc6d9df msm_geni_serial: fix console rx polling for KDB/KGDB
  06b21e2a ANDROID: Incremental fs: Fix scheduling while atomic error
  dc0511a1 net: Cleanup AU035 conflicts
  ed2f9dec wifi - Move UNSTRIPPED_MODULES="wlan.ko" to build.config.common
  63cb129c ANDROID: Incremental fs: Avoid continually recalculating hashes
  da35a779 arm64/dts:floral: add CPU dai for proxy afe port

private/msm-google/techpack/audio: (3 changes)
  c6ad48af asoc: add new path for in call recording
  d88fdc3d asoc: sm8150: add proxy ports for call screening in machine driver
  b4819c81 asoc: add code change for pseudo playback and capture BE DAIs.

Bug: 140384450
Bug: 146062941
Bug: 148277666
Bug: 151443358
Bug: 152368391
Bug: 153327094
Bug: 155996534
Bug: 156325204
Bug: 156413528
Pick-Prebuilt: 310385929
Build-Id: 6495521
Processing-Config: kernel_headers
Signed-off-by: Paul Lawrence <>
Change-Id: I380252af5ebc767b256c157dafa57a7d51b7a4e2
566 files changed