CHRE API: Clarify chreAbort()'s immediate effect

There was some confusion about whether the CHRE should stop a
nanoapp immediately upon this call, or wait until control is
returned to the CHRE.  We clarify this to avoid future

Bug: 32016202
Change-Id: Ibc3dc4900fb473e15c573176461ae15dbf4d9bcb
diff --git a/inc/chre_re.h b/inc/chre_re.h
index cea5ecb..332b5e6 100644
--- a/inc/chre_re.h
+++ b/inc/chre_re.h
@@ -281,6 +281,8 @@
  * @param abortCode  A value indicating the reason for aborting.  (Note that
  *    in this version of the API, there is no way for anyone to access this
  *    code, but future APIs may expose it.)
+ * @returns Never.  This method does not return, as the CHRE stops nanoapp
+ *    execution immediately.
 void chreAbort(uint32_t abortCode);