[GyroCal/OTC-Gyro] Updates to Meet 2017 Gyro Drift Specs

This CL syncs (Google3) required algorithms changes to meet gyro drift
specs for gyro devices with very large temperature sensitivities.

Changes Included:
 - Linear extrapolation using the OTC temperature sensitivity model
   parameter to provide faster offset compensation with changing
 - Added weighting to the least-squares fit routine. Weighting is based on
   the age of the input model estimates. Heavier weighting is placed on
   younger estimates, emphasiszing a local fit of the temperature
   sensitivity function. As the model ages the weighting becomes more
   uniform, emphasizing a fit of the overall trend.
 - Safer GyroCal temperature tracking (keeps latest temperature when there
   are insufficient statistics to compute the mean temperature during

Tip of G3 CL: 163156270
Bug: 63366088
Test: Built and verified on hardware.

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