CHRE API: Remove confusing chreLog() comment

Mentioning the 'g' format specifier under "precision", when we
don't support 'g', was confusing.  We remove the line to make
this clearer.

Bug: 32094714
Change-Id: I6c20c2c0f52729d395f98bb3e0b513842f1ce194
diff --git a/inc/chre_re.h b/inc/chre_re.h
index 332b5e6..31b0ed7 100644
--- a/inc/chre_re.h
+++ b/inc/chre_re.h
@@ -172,7 +172,6 @@
  *          leading zeros if needed to meet the minimum.
  *    - 'f' context: Number of digits to output after the decimal
  *          point (to the right of it).
- *    - 'g' context: Maximum number of digits to be output.
  *    - 's' context: Maximum number of characters to output.
  * Integral format specifiers: