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* Copyright (C) 2011 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include <utils/RefBase.h>
#include "EmulatedBaseCamera.h"
#include "QemuClient.h"
namespace android {
struct EmulatedCameraHotplugThread;
* Contains declaration of a class EmulatedCameraFactory that manages cameras
* available for the emulation. A global instance of this class is statically
* instantiated and initialized when camera emulation HAL is loaded.
/* Class EmulatedCameraFactoryManages cameras available for the emulation.
* When the global static instance of this class is created on the module load,
* it enumerates cameras available for the emulation by connecting to the
* emulator's 'camera' service. For every camera found out there it creates an
* instance of an appropriate class, and stores it an in array of emulated
* cameras. In addition to the cameras reported by the emulator, a fake camera
* emulator is always created, so there is always at least one camera that is
* available.
* Instance of this class is also used as the entry point for the camera HAL API,
* including:
* - hw_module_methods_t::open entry point
* - camera_module_t::get_number_of_cameras entry point
* - camera_module_t::get_camera_info entry point
class EmulatedCameraFactory {
/* Constructs EmulatedCameraFactory instance.
* In this constructor the factory will create and initialize a list of
* emulated cameras. All errors that occur on this constructor are reported
* via mConstructedOK data member of this class.
/* Destructs EmulatedCameraFactory instance. */
* Camera HAL API handlers.
/* Opens (connects to) a camera device.
* This method is called in response to hw_module_methods_t::open callback.
int cameraDeviceOpen(int camera_id, hw_device_t** device);
/* Gets emulated camera information.
* This method is called in response to camera_module_t::get_camera_info callback.
int getCameraInfo(int camera_id, struct camera_info *info);
/* Sets emulated camera callbacks.
* This method is called in response to camera_module_t::set_callbacks callback.
int setCallbacks(const camera_module_callbacks_t *callbacks);
* Camera HAL API callbacks.
/* camera_module_t::get_number_of_cameras callback entry point. */
static int get_number_of_cameras(void);
/* camera_module_t::get_camera_info callback entry point. */
static int get_camera_info(int camera_id, struct camera_info *info);
/* camera_module_t::set_callbacks callback entry point. */
static int set_callbacks(const camera_module_callbacks_t *callbacks);
/* hw_module_methods_t::open callback entry point. */
static int device_open(const hw_module_t* module,
const char* name,
hw_device_t** device);
* Public API.
/* Gets fake camera orientation. */
int getFakeCameraOrientation() {
/* TODO: Have a boot property that controls that. */
return 90;
/* Gets qemu camera orientation. */
int getQemuCameraOrientation() {
/* TODO: Have a boot property that controls that. */
return 270;
/* Gets number of emulated cameras.
int getEmulatedCameraNum() const {
return mEmulatedCameraNum;
/* Checks whether or not the constructor has succeeded.
bool isConstructedOK() const {
return mConstructedOK;
void onStatusChanged(int cameraId, int newStatus);
* Private API
/* Populates emulated cameras array with cameras that are available via
* 'camera' service in the emulator. For each such camera and instance of
* the EmulatedCameraQemud will be created and added to the mEmulatedCameras
* array.
void createQemuCameras();
/* Checks if fake camera emulation is on for the camera facing back. */
bool isBackFakeCameraEmulationOn();
/* Gets camera device version number to use for back camera emulation */
int getBackCameraHalVersion();
/* Checks if fake camera emulation is on for the camera facing front. */
bool isFrontFakeCameraEmulationOn();
/* Gets camera device version number to use for front camera emulation */
int getFrontCameraHalVersion();
* Data members.
/* Connection to the camera service in the emulator. */
FactoryQemuClient mQemuClient;
/* Array of cameras available for the emulation. */
EmulatedBaseCamera** mEmulatedCameras;
/* Number of emulated cameras (including the fake ones). */
int mEmulatedCameraNum;
/* Number of emulated fake cameras. */
int mFakeCameraNum;
/* Flags whether or not constructor has succeeded. */
bool mConstructedOK;
/* Camera callbacks (for status changing) */
const camera_module_callbacks_t* mCallbacks;
/* Hotplug thread (to call onStatusChanged) */
sp<EmulatedCameraHotplugThread> mHotplugThread;
/* Contains device open entry point, as required by HAL API. */
static struct hw_module_methods_t mCameraModuleMethods;
}; /* namespace android */
/* References the global EmulatedCameraFactory instance. */
extern android::EmulatedCameraFactory gEmulatedCameraFactory;