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on fs
mount_all /fstab.ranchu
on early-init
mount debugfs debugfs /sys/kernel/debug
on init
# See storage config details at
mkdir /storage/sdcard 0555 root root
export EXTERNAL_STORAGE /storage/sdcard
# Support legacy paths
#symlink /storage/sdcard /sdcard
#symlink /storage/sdcard /mnt/sdcard
symlink /dev/goldfish_pipe /dev/android_pipe
symlink /dev/goldfish_pipe /dev/qemu_pipe
on boot
setprop net.eth0.dns1
setprop net.gprs.local-ip
setprop no
setprop generic
setprop ro.product.device generic
setprop goldfish
# fake some battery state
setprop status.battery.state Slow
setprop status.battery.level 5
setprop status.battery.level_raw 50
setprop status.battery.level_scale 9
# Disable GPU support
setprop ro.kernel.qemu 1
setprop ro.kernel.qemu.gles 0
symlink /system/lib64/hw/ /system/lib64/hw/
# disable RenderScript
setprop config.disable_renderscript 1
# disable some daemons the emulator doesn't want
stop dund
stop akmd
# start essential services
# These were written for the classic emulator, but are applicable to ranchu
start goldfish-logcat
start goldfish-setup
# enable Google-specific location features,
# like NetworkLocationProvider and LocationCollector
setprop 1
service goldfish-setup /system/etc/
user root
group root
# -Q is a special logcat option that forces the
# program to check wether it runs on the emulator
# if it does, it redirects its output to the device
# named by the androidboot.console kernel option
# if not, is simply exits immediately
service goldfish-logcat /system/bin/logcat -Q