init.ranchu.rc: Add goldfish-logcat and goldfish-setup services

Both services were written for the classic emulator, but are still
applicable to qemu-android:

1. goldfish-logcat allows the user to start logcat at boot time and
   redirect its output to a QEMU device. This feature was actually not
   usable in the classic x86/x86_64 emulator, which limits the number of
   serial ports to 2, and thus cannot spare a third one for logcat. It
   can now be re-enabled in qemu-android for x86/x86_64, which supports
   up to 4 serial ports.

2. goldfish-setup sets up networking and adds support for WiFi-only mode
   and turning off boot animation. On qemu-android, it automatically
   disables the RIL daemon, which is apt because telephony emulation has
   not been implemented yet. Moreover, this helps eliminate the annoying
   ril-daemon-keeps-getting-killed-and-restarted issue, reproducible by
   running a recent system image built from AOSP master on qemu-android.

This CL depends on the following modifications to the emulator's SELinux

Change-Id: I2bce35279247d4f4a2e637e939c6afe9390fa033
Signed-off-by: Yu Ning <>
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