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* Copyright (C) 2016 Google, Inc.
* This software is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public
* License version 2, as published by the Free Software Foundation, and
* may be copied, distributed, and modified under those terms.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
#include "goldfish_dma.h"
#include "qemu_pipe.h"
#include <cutils/log.h>
#include <log/log.h>
#include <errno.h>
#ifdef __ANDROID__
#include <linux/ioctl.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <sys/cdefs.h>
#include <sys/ioctl.h>
#include <sys/mman.h>
#include <fcntl.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
/* There is an ioctl associated with goldfish dma driver.
* Make it conflict with ioctls that are not likely to be used
* in the emulator.
* 'G' 00-3F drivers/misc/sgi-gru/grulib.h conflict!
* 'G' 00-0F linux/gigaset_dev.h conflict!
#define GOLDFISH_DMA_IOC_LOCK _IOWR(GOLDFISH_DMA_IOC_MAGIC, 0, struct goldfish_dma_ioctl_info)
#define GOLDFISH_DMA_IOC_UNLOCK _IOWR(GOLDFISH_DMA_IOC_MAGIC, 1, struct goldfish_dma_ioctl_info)
#define GOLDFISH_DMA_IOC_GETOFF _IOWR(GOLDFISH_DMA_IOC_MAGIC, 2, struct goldfish_dma_ioctl_info)
#define GOLDFISH_DMA_IOC_CREATE_REGION _IOWR(GOLDFISH_DMA_IOC_MAGIC, 3, struct goldfish_dma_ioctl_info)
struct goldfish_dma_ioctl_info {
uint64_t phys_begin;
uint64_t size;
int goldfish_dma_create_region(uint32_t sz, struct goldfish_dma_context* res) {
res->fd = qemu_pipe_open("opengles");
res->mapped_addr = 0;
res->size = 0;
if (res->fd > 0) {
// now alloc
struct goldfish_dma_ioctl_info info;
info.size = sz;
int alloc_res = ioctl(res->fd, GOLDFISH_DMA_IOC_CREATE_REGION, &info);
if (alloc_res) {
ALOGE("%s: failed to allocate DMA region. errno=%d",
__FUNCTION__, errno);
res->fd = -1;
return alloc_res;
res->size = sz;
ALOGV("%s: successfully allocated goldfish DMA region with size %u cxt=%p fd=%d",
__FUNCTION__, sz, res, res->fd);
return 0;
} else {
ALOGE("%s: could not obtain fd to device! fd %d errno=%d\n",
__FUNCTION__, res->fd, errno);
return ENODEV;
void* goldfish_dma_map(struct goldfish_dma_context* cxt) {
ALOGV("%s: on fd %d errno=%d", __FUNCTION__, cxt->fd, errno);
void *mapped = mmap(0, cxt->size, PROT_WRITE, MAP_SHARED, cxt->fd, 0);
ALOGV("%s: cxt=%p mapped=%p size=%u errno=%d",
__FUNCTION__, cxt, mapped, cxt->size, errno);
if (mapped == MAP_FAILED) {
mapped = NULL;
cxt->mapped_addr = reinterpret_cast<uint64_t>(mapped);
return mapped;
int goldfish_dma_unmap(struct goldfish_dma_context* cxt) {
ALOGV("%s: cxt=%p mapped=0x%" PRIu64, __FUNCTION__, cxt, cxt->mapped_addr);
munmap(reinterpret_cast<void *>(cxt->mapped_addr), cxt->size);
cxt->mapped_addr = 0;
cxt->size = 0;
return 0;
void goldfish_dma_write(struct goldfish_dma_context* cxt,
const void* to_write,
uint32_t sz) {
ALOGV("%s: cxt=%p mapped=0x%" PRIu64 " to_write=%p size=%u",
__FUNCTION__, cxt, cxt->mapped_addr, to_write, sz);
memcpy(reinterpret_cast<void *>(cxt->mapped_addr), to_write, sz);
void goldfish_dma_free(goldfish_dma_context* cxt) {
uint64_t goldfish_dma_guest_paddr(const struct goldfish_dma_context* cxt) {
struct goldfish_dma_ioctl_info info;
ioctl(cxt->fd, GOLDFISH_DMA_IOC_GETOFF, &info);
return info.phys_begin;