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# Example domain for a Brillo service.
# You can use 'brillo_service' as your service's domain directly,
# or use it as a base for your service's own domain.
type brillo_service, domain;
type brillo_service_exec, exec_type, file_type;
# To use 'brillo_service' as the domain for your service,
# label the service's executable as 'brillo_service_exec' in the 'file_contexts'
# file in this directory.
# brillo_domain() below ensures that executables labelled 'brillo_service_exec'
# will be put in the 'brillo_service' domain at runtime.
# Allow domain transition from init, and access to D-Bus and Binder.
# See 'te_macros' in this directory for details.
# Allow network access (e.g. opening sockets).
# Allow crash_reporter access to core dump files.