Remove /sdcard hack for shell users.

Using a /storage/sdcard0 symlink and a tmpfs staging area was used
to enable "/sdcard" paths for both zygote processes and the shell
user, but it breaks on devices with both emulated and physical
external storage.

Specifically, vold can't mount a physical sdcard onto the primary
storage symlink, and zygote can't re-bind-mount when secondary
storage is remounted after dropping privileges.

Bug: 7094858, 7064600
Change-Id: I988519af8024538d12ed2337b48d2df48dd2d2bc
diff --git a/init.grouper.rc b/init.grouper.rc
index 8f79245..0f7d24e 100644
--- a/init.grouper.rc
+++ b/init.grouper.rc
@@ -6,12 +6,12 @@
 on init
     # See storage config details at
     mkdir /mnt/shell/sdcard0 0700 shell shell
+    mkdir /storage/sdcard0 0000 root root
     export EXTERNAL_STORAGE /storage/sdcard0
     export MULTIUSER_EXTERNAL_STORAGE /mnt/shell/sdcard0
     # Support legacy paths
-    symlink /mnt/shell/sdcard0/0 /storage/sdcard0
     symlink /storage/sdcard0 /sdcard
     symlink /storage/sdcard0 /mnt/sdcard