grouper: update prebuilt kernel

de68484 Mask tps6591x's GPIO4 falling-edge detection interrupt in
shutdown sequence.
60321b5 Camera: add TI PMIC support
240b335 arm: usb_phy: decide the vbus irq by pmu hw pin.
9251a95 grouper: misc: Add PCB_ID8 and redefine board revision for
954750a arm: grouper: pinmux: Configure a new pingroup GMI_CS2_N for
1b285da remove "vdd" from fixed_reg_en_3v3_sys_supply.
f6447cf Use the misc function to query PMIC ID.
12ff371 To avoid warm reboot fail.
7e7f016 For power tree of TI PMU, sync the board-grouper-power-ti.c to
7fe8a94 mfd: tps6591x: Avoid possible race condition
bb46609 mfd: tps6591x: Implement proper power off sequence.
23f4779 upgarde PMU driver to 16r4.
00f1038 Add TI's PMIC power tree.

Change-Id: I4d0cf4e1329fd83a2e9f6918dfc3fd145579c46c
1 file changed