grouper: update prebuilt kernel

5c6426d mmc: card: Bypass discard for Hynix and Kingston
4acc227 mmc: core: new discard feature support at Samsung eMMC v4.41+.
3de11fe Sensors: Some minor updates for sensors iio structure.
a113725 Sensors: Checking compass compensation from factory calibrated
40ae87f Proximity: Fix improper object detect status checking.
16cbbbe asoc: codec: Reduce audio codec warmup time
4c88690 arm: XMM: Waiting the ap wake pin to falling is needed before
got falling.
08f02f8 Sensors: [PATCH 1/3] Invensense 5.1.2 IIO driver release.

Change-Id: Id6f94c4f6f22c116a797947a987fb7cc31c2653d
diff --git a/kernel b/kernel
index e0804fc..7dda78c 100644
--- a/kernel
+++ b/kernel
Binary files differ