Android O IOT Preview 5 (OIR1.170720.015)

fugu: update prebuilt kernel. (DO NOT MERGE)

This kernel is based on the 'android-x86_64-fugu-3.10-nougat-mr1'
branch from the public x86_64 repository, plus the following patches:

65668a7c9e74 fugu_defconfig: enable hwbinder domain.
3c127079e6fb android: binder: use copy_from_user_preempt_disabled
a21a5d535882 android: binder: support for file-descriptor arrays.
4e1333690132 android: binder: support for scatter-gather.
43941d67385a android: binder: add extra size to allocator.
9240f983897e android: binder: refactor binder_transact()
7e6e1642aa76 android: binder: support multiple /dev instances.
191f840072d9 android: binder: deal with contexts in debugfs.
773d3ccf0ea2 android: binder: support multiple context managers.
5dcdb576fe42 android: binder: split flat_binder_object.

Test: boots
Bug: 31228745
Change-Id: Iaf458d5cdb8899ec741a262f633ffdccb1fe59b2
1 file changed
tree: c7dc11bbdb40c091cf668939b2ab79a52563ec65
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